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on October 3, 2011
At the time of writing this review, I have been using the router for approximately two weeks.

In summary, the X2000 router is a great piece of equipment for homeowners with DSL or cable internet.

I personally have been using AT&T DSL for about two years now. I live in a rural area where AT&T DSL is the only reasonably priced broadband internet available. I fought and fought with my old DSL modem (a Siemens 4100) as it would drop the connection a couple of times a day, necessitating a manual reset of the modem. I lived with this thinking that the cause of the connection dropping was my rural location - my speed tests showed quite a bit of latency and other indicators that my connection with the DSL switch was sub-par. My connection was also very slow - rarely would I see download speeds in excess of 50KBps per second and typical download speeds were about 30KBps. Again, I lived with this because AT&T DSL is the only broadband service available in my area that doesn't cost $100 per month or better. "Living with my problems" was quite silly - this simple upgrade costing less than $100 has fixed most of my problems.

After one particularly bad day where I had to reset my modem six times in the period of about two hours, I broke down and bought this router from one of my local electronics stores.

Install was a breeze - it took approximately fifteen minutes from unpacking to surfing the internet. Simply insert the provided CD into your wi-fi enabled laptop and follow the onscreen instructions. You'll need your AT&T user name and password (this is not the 6 character AT&T network password!). Upon entering your AT&T user name and password, the router will ask you for a WiFi password and reset itself. Upon powering the router back up, you will be connected to the internet. It's really that easy.

As usual, there are also a lot of network customization options available under the hood of this linksys router. I've been using linksys for about 10 years, and was very happy to see that despite the ease which linksys has provided with this most current generation of wireless routers, they still allow advanced users to customize connections to their heart's content.

While I truly appreciate the ease of setup and the ability to customize network settings, the best part of this router is that I have not had to reset it since I finished setup. I have not once dropped a connection. My latency times have also improved drastically - from about 80ms to about 25ms. I also have full use of my admittedly slow connection speed now - I frequently see download speeds of around 70Kbps which is what I would expect from a 768Kbps down connection. The only downside is that the range of the router is rather narrow for a 802.11n rated router. If I move much more than 30 feet or so from the router, my 300Mbps connection downgrades rather rapidly. However, as this is primarily designed as a router for home users, I do not see this limitation as a design flaw but rather an inherent part of being a router designed for in-home use as opposed to being designed as an enterprise quality router.

To AT&T: Please stop providing crappy modems.

To linksys: Bravo! This is a fantastic piece of equipment.
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on September 30, 2011
I am dealing with network stuff for years, including DSL modems, wi-fi and so on. So I am kinda used to the troubles and the pain that you have to experience making everything to work when you replace a modem or router. But I was surpized (actually stunned!) that all the effort to replace the crappy ATT DSL modem/wifi with the new X2000 was... zero!
All that I did was:
1. put the CD
2. connect the router to the power and DSL
2. press next, next and provide your DSL username and password
3. may be next again :) and choose password for the wireless and save
and that's it :

I was worried that replacing the ATT modem will be a problem (it took me good amount of time to configure that one) but the X2000 found all the settings needed and just worked. Amazing!
Testing the speed is not showing any difference for now, but I will keep an eye on it. I am using lots of streaming and data transfer so I'll see and post here ONLY if there are problems.

FYI I am using AT&T DSL in CA, Bay Area

UPDATE: No issues so far after a week of daily usage including streaming and connections from about 10 devices.
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on February 18, 2013
I work professionally in IT consulting and have seen many wireless deployments. After helping a client setup a new x2000 I had it with Linksys. I find unacceptable that this device by default operates in AP isolation.
This means that the devices connected wirelessly to the router cannot see the rest of the LAN. They can only go out to the internet.
Linksys forums have the face to disclose that there is an 'advanced' wireless setup page that they seem to have 'forgotten' to put in the administration UI in order to disable AP isolation.
Even after you figure out how to do the above, the device reverts to IP isolation in random intervals and needs to be rebooted over and over.
Don't even think about buying this very incomplete and sloppy deployed product.
Obviously my customer's unit is already on its way back to the store. what a waste of time is Linksys creating.
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on August 20, 2012
We have ATT DSL service. When our previously highly reliable 2WIRE modem/router gave up the ghost, I went to Best Buy and purchased the Linksys X2000 v. 2 as an emergency replacement. I used the automated Cisco software to configure the unit. This avoids having to manually select a large number of options in the rather complicated setup software that is accessed using a web browser to directly connect to the X2000. My Firmware Version is v2.0.01.

When the X2000 is working, it seems to do the job quite well. However, every so often the router would lose WiFi connectivity. Either the connection would be dropped or the connection would remain but all traffic was blocked. Frustrating! Attempting to reconnect manually from a desktop or laptop wouldn't work. It was necessary to power off and reboot the X2000 to restore WiFi connectivity. Most of the time all of devices (computers, cell phones, etc.) lost connectivity simultaneously although occasionally it seemed that only certain devices were affected. Note that there didn't seem to be a problem with internet connectivity; this was a WiFi problem.

I eventually called Cisco technical support. The good news is that it was relatively easy to reach a technician by online chat or via the telephone. (The telephone is recommended because a reboot of the X2000 will cause a loss of the chat if you are using the X2000 for connection to the internet.) However, the technician didn't seem to have a good understanding of the technology but rather appeared to be following a script. Therefore, the route to the solution took much longer than it otherwise would have if the technician understood what was going on. Here is what was suggested to fix the problem:

(1) In "Setup" (use URL; logon: username - admin; password - the password used in the initial setup), the first suggestion was to fix the "Standard Channel" in Wireless/Basic Wireless Settings to Channel 11 from Auto. (I assume that this is because Channel 11 is a little used channel.) This did not solve my problem and eventually it was suggested to change to Channel 9. So far, Channel 9 seems to be OK. However, I doubt that this was the solution to my freezing problem as channel interference should slow transmission but not cause a lockup that requires a reboot.

(2) The automated setup chose "WPA2/WPA Mixed Mode" for Wireless Security. Tech support suggested "WPA2 Personal." This seems to work. (I believe that this is the highest security.

(3) Under "Applications & Gaming" in the QoS tab, tech support suggested "Disabled" for "WMM Support." I am not sure what this is for but it may be to permit continuous streaming of data as opposed to bursty internet access. I don't need streaming for internet TV, so having this off is OK. This may have been the solution to my problem.

Note that WMM = Wi-Fi Multimedia. I have no idea why disabling this seems to have solved my problem. However, in researching, I note that WMM prioritizes data packets to give voice (VOIP) and video priority. It also features a "Power Save" certification to help small devices conserve battery life. Perhaps this was causing something to lock up.

I hope my experience will be helpful to you. I was unable to find a record on the internet or on the Cisco forum of anyone who experienced a similar problem so I am writing this review to get the word out.

Other than the dropped WiFi, the Linksys X2000 seems to be an inexpensive DSL modem/router solution that works well. I get an adequate strength WiFi signal from anywhere in my house and the internet connectivity seems speedy.

ADDENDUM (September 5, 2012): Unfortunately, despite all the fixes, we are still experiencing occasional dropped WiFi. When this happens it is necessary to reboot the Linksys X2000 in order to regain connectivity. I called Cisco technical support yesterday and they said they would send a replacement unit. So far it hasn't been received. I'll update the review if the new unit corrects the problem.
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on March 30, 2013
Since purchasing this router to service our two computers, the internet kept shutting down on my computer, forcing me to reboot the router... We called Cisco who went into my computer and said I had a CSSC virus which he would gladly fix for $169...Noooo, I don't think so. We have had Trend Micro Titanium security installed for the past 2 years...After several tedious security checks it was found that we had NO viruses or threats on the computer in question. We changed out the router to a previously functioning one that we had kept for emergencies and voila! No more dropped internet connections. I am not a techy type person. When a tool doesn't work (and I have since found out that this is a common issue with this router) and you go to the company for help and they lie to you about a supposed virus to try to sell you a very expensive fix, I say don't buy the product in the first place!
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on November 5, 2011
Upgraded from a D-Link 2750U modem and this really boosted the signals especially through the walls. Set up was easy and up in less than 3 mins. Design is amazing and is very sleek and pleasant white light display for Wifi etc.
Should have had Network Storage facility it would have a unbeatable router. Worth every penny.
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on August 31, 2012
I am a computer nerd and network administrator, and have been for 25-30 years. What I do at work, is not what I want to do at home - tinker on a computer or tinker on the network. I picked the Cisco Linksys because Cisco is THE God Of Networking, and Linksys is the god of home networks... the best of both worlds, right? Configuration, if I want, and ease of use when I don't... Eh. Not so much.

There is a firmware glitch that insists on using the Wi-Fi Protected Setup whether you have selected MANUAL or WFPS mode... :-|

I have set my home network to not use the WFPS, but it INSISTS. I flashed the firmware from which it was delivered with, because Cisco suggested it to "fix a GUI password issue." Still no dice.

The WFPS is looking for a password found on a sticker on the bottom of your router/modem. But when you put that key IN the required box, it still presents you with the never-ending detection pop-over that you cannot cancel -- it takes it two minutes to fail, and then when you click OK, it begins the detection process again!

Irritating as all!

About the 25th time I (pick from these): selected WFPS; reset the router; selected MANUAL setup; reset the router; selected WFPS; factory-reset the router; selected MANUAL mode; updated the firmware; reset the router; selected MANUAL mode... ugh. Something in it decided I was adamant about it, and has given up. It hasn't asked me today about the WFPS.

Beyond that glitch - it seems to work like a champ.

Using ATT DSL makes selecting a modem/router a little more of a limited choice, so I was hopeful that this will resolve the daily or multiple-daily dropped connections that ATT has blamed on my past four modem/routers (NetGear, Linksys, Zoom brands)...

Its only been 1.5 days, so I will update this in a while to let you know if this has finally resolved the issue. This issue plagues many of us.

ATT wants us to only purchase their overpriced and limited-depth routers. This will be my FOURTH time to prove that incorrect. Each of those brands work fabulously for a year or so before they begin exhibiting the symptoms of the mysterious "dropsies."

I still think when ATT does a network scan and realizes that someone has purchased something NOT-2Wire, that they sabotage the signal to try to force you to purchase their crapola. ;) But that is just my conspiracy theory.
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on April 15, 2014
First of all I have 2 of these and the first unit (refurbished) gave me constant headaches. I have an extensive background in technology including networks and could not get the unit to run more than a couple of days without requiring a reboot due to the ADSL losing sync. I liked the feature set so decided to try another unit and have not had one problem since. The device works and provides a decent set of features more than sufficient for the average user. I did look into whether or not this model could accommodate third-party firmware (e.g. DD-WRT), however, learned it could not. The firmware of the first unit was one revision behind the latest available. I attempted to update it but still had issues. This unit was 2 revisions behind (v.2.0.00) so I decided not to do any updates and see how it worked. No problems so I'm going to keep the firmware as-is so I don't inadvertently introduce any problems with operation. Note this version of firmware doesn't have the tiered logging capabilities built into the later versions, however, I was only using logging to troubleshoot the other modem so this hasn't been an issue for me. I'm also not sure if you can downgrade the firmware since it is not available on the manufacturer's website.

I'm using a slightly advanced configuration from what an average user might setup so have done the complete product setup via the web GUI rather than the install wizard CD. Either should work fine, however, access to advanced features does require doing a manual setup. The web admin GUI is standard Linksys and easy to setup, however, does require several reboots when making multiple configuration changes. Once the reboot is finished, each feature worked as expected and have not had any hiccups to speak of.

The only downside I have is with regard to the network ports. First of all, there are only 3 ports available for wired connections. Usually 4 is the minimum. Secondly, the ports are 10/100 (Ethernet/Fast Ethernet) whereas gigabit ports would be better.
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on August 2, 2013
Purchased May 2013 to replace an ATT 2 wire modem. Had misgivings about this product since there almost as many one star as five star reviews for it. Set up was easy and it initially worked well. Then dropped connections began, becoming more frequent over time. I finally gave up on it last night and went back to the old 2 wire. Believe the one star reviews for this product.
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on August 18, 2012
I bought this router to replace an Actiontec GT784WN as I was having problems connecting thru a VPN. I finally did get it to work some of the time by changing the settings to low security, but would have to restart the connection process of couple of times to finally get it to work. But when going to another computer, I would have to reboot the router and repeat the process. Also, you would never know when the router would decide to kick you out. After much reading on the internet,and speaking to my work IT department, I discovered that VPN problems are common with actiontec, even after the firmware update I installed. So if you have to use VPN, would not reccommend the actiontec model, but it did seem to be good otherwise for routine residential internet use.
Having purchased this router, VPN pass-thru works, with no problems, setup was very easy, you do not connect this thru an ethernet cable for setup, setup is all wireless. I have century link (formerly qwest) DSL, and this product has no problems with this DSL. You will need your DSL username and password, otherwise all settings were automatically placed by the x2000, including VPI and VCI. If using century link, click on qwest when prompted for your service provider. I was concerned as there is no external antenna, I placed the unit in the same location as the actiontec, which is about the center of my house, and have 3/5 bars at the most remote areas, this is the same range as the actiontec model, house is about 2600 sq foot, single level. So I am very satisfied with this router at this time. Since I have just set this up, I cannot comment on any heating problems and failures, but with three computers running, one with gaming, it is luke warm to touch. Incidently, its has many more options available, such as a guest password, and the ability to easily set up ports for gamers with its menu.
I am updating this after owning the router for the past month. About 2 weeks after owning the router it began to intermittantly lose the wi fi connection, and it was neccessary to reboot the router to reconnect. During these lost wi fi times, I noticed the x2000 was becoming extremely hot. I thought this might have been a range issue as if it were losing the connection, it might be getting hot as it was searching and attempting to connect. So I purchased a range extender to see if this would correct the problem. Unfortunately it did not, so it appears that something in the hardware causes the router to overheat, and the overheating then causes the connection to be lost. The router became so hot that the bottom of the router became discolored. Since I was afraid the plastic could actually melt and catch fire, I have disconnected it and replaced it with the previous Actiontec GT784WN, I have been able to get the VPN to work on this by disabling the NAT and using low security, as I had mentioned previously. So I have to lower this rating to one star and would not recommend this wireless modem router. I can still use the cisco extender and seems to be working well.
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