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on October 14, 2012
This tiny camera is a real electronic wonder. There are plenty of (video) reviews online but none here on Amazon so I thought I'd toss in my views while we get to know each other. Mine arrived last month.

I got the black case since it would be easier to use it for clandestine shooting. I also purchased the water-proof case online from the manufacturer of the camera (Liquid Image).

This model has very limited range wifi and a free app online you can get from the apple store from Foneric called 'Action Connect'. It is a 3rd party app that allows for remote control of the menu system in the camera and seeing the photos from the Ego camera on your iphone (ipad). I have read of some significant performance problems for this app and some limitations to wifi performance. Keep your remote control expectations low!

Operating the camera as a stand-alone can be tricky at times. When the camera is in stand-by mode (powered-on but not recording anything) you change modes by pressing (mode button) one of the two stiff tiny buttons on either side of the tiny LCD display on the top of the body. The huge LED on the front of the camera changes color or blinking to confirm what mode the camera is in. It's as big as the camera lens itself!

Beware, there is an enormous multicolor LED on the front of the camera which is on during use and blinking when the camera is shooting something. I cut a piece of black electrical tape to cover this lamp because I don't want everyone within 2000 feet see that I am filming something. This is another reason for purchasing the black case (covering the LED with black electrical tape).

The camera has two buttons; Mode/Power and Start/Stop. These tiny rubber covered buttons are on opposite sides of the tiny LCD display which shows mode and resolution. Your choices by button are: still mode (single shot or sequence of shots, operating as a still camera), motion (operating as a camcorder), resolution (720 or 1080). All the other settings are done with the app only. The display also shows the status of the wifi (operating or not).

There is a standard thread 1/4 inch (1/4x20) threaded hole for a normal tripod mount. There are four tiny lumps around the hole to act as feet to stand the camera without any other mechanical help.

There is a slot for a standard tiny wrist strap (not included).

There is a port with a stiff flexible rubber cover where the Micro SD card is inserted, and access to the mini HDMI and mini USB ports reside. The camera includes a USB to mini USB cable (very short) for transferring images from the camera to the computer. I've used it with a PC using windows 7 and another with Mac OS and the camera shows up as a storage device without any added software or drivers. Move from camera images with a simple drag and drop. I play the videos easily with Quicktime on either platform and the stills with whatever comes with that OS.

The battery is built-in and cannot be replaced by the user. The camera does get a bit hot during normal use.

To see files shot with this camera search youtube for 'LIC Ego'. The camera also comes with a basic adhesive mount and a clear plastic windshield. Laying on it's back the body is aprox 1.25 inches tall, 1.5 inches by 2.5 inches. It requires class-6 or higher Micro SD cards.

The video/still performance is comparable to a 3mp camera, not too different from the camera in my iphone. Low light performance is somewhat grainy and pixely. The default settings put the camera in 135 degree mode which is a very wide angle shot with significant fish-eye distortion around the perimeter of the images. It looks sort of cool and also minimizes camera shake.

Summary: This is not a high resolution camera but it will create nice looking videos and stills. It is similar in picture/video quality to the GoPro camera which also does not have a display for looking at images (slightly better low light performance than the GoPro). This camera is sort of shoot-and-pray that it is running and including the images you want (hence the 135 degree setting). The stills would not survive much zooming-in on your computer. This camera appears to be designed for active use on vacations and sports activity (ski, snow, underwater, beach, bike, road, etc). This is not a suitable camera for hi-res shots/video of your once in a life vacation. With some practice and reading the instructions it is easy to operate for those that can read the LCD display which is also about the size of a micro SD card. Audio recording can be shut off and other settings are accessed only with the free App.

Update: I took my camera to Chicago where it failed repeatedly. I have a friend with the exact same camera and had his fail too. I am speculating that this camera is extremely sensitive to temperature/humidity changes. I believe the problem is related to writing data to the SD card. The cam locks up but appears to be awake. It will not shut off but will change mode but will not write files. Do not rely on this camera if used outdoors to save the file and not lock-up during shooting. Always bring a paperclip to press the reset button. While locked-up the camera would still talk to the iphone app but would not shut off or save recordings. Everything I shot with it in Chicago was lost, luckily I brought other cameras. I contacted the company a week ago, with no help so far. This camera appears to be very sensitive to big changes in temperature, which may be at the heart of it's failures. When I used it within a single 10-15 degree range of temps it always works fine.
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on November 2, 2012
Here's my greatly amended opinion after several months with EGO. It's half the cost of a GoPro Hero Black Edition, and it's worth even less. The camera quits recording after a few minutes, and won't restart. I have to connect to a power source, charge for 2 hrs to be able to use it, and then watch it quit again. It's been buggy and unreliable. The only mount that's not crap is the one it comes with, and they don't sell it separately. My initial contact with customer service was great. Since then, they have refused to answer any email I've sent, never reply to their online support form, and no one answers when I call. With only a 90 day warranty, and by ignoring me for a couple of months, the EGO is now a paperweight.

I gave it one star because it did, briefly, hold so much promise. Oh well, moving on.
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on November 23, 2012
I'm using this primarily with the Pedco UltraClamp Accessory on my motorcycle [...]

The video quality is nice though it does have some trouble with going from bright to dark and vice versa. By trouble, I mean it's slow to adjust and you'll likely get some blown out areas, not really a big deal though.

The buttons are a little awkward. The LCD is a bit difficult to read. The LIC page recently added a bunch of how to videos, check them out. I'll be emailing shortly to see how you can/should format a memory card.

The app needs some work but it a nice way to check your shot before you start moving. And some additional mounting accessories would be great.

One of my favorite features? The LED on the front. Color tells you mode and blinks when busy.

Bottom line? I'd buy again and I'm happy with the camera.
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on August 1, 2014
I have had this camera for about a year and have been happy with it. The picture quality is very good. I have noticed that it takes the camera a while to adjust from very bright light to shadows, but not enough for it to be a problem. The sound is is fine but i mount it to my motorcycle so listening to an engine drone away gets old quickly anyway it would be nice to have a mute function if for no other reason to save memory on the card. The LED screen on the top is hard to read especially in shadows and low light. The camera has a little colored light on the front to indicate what mode you are in, but a bigger or back lit screen would be a better option. If you buy the optional Waterproof case the locking mechanism covers the screen completely. But for a affordable camera the picture quality is great the small size is a definite plus and gives you more options to mount than some other cameras that are much bigger. The Wifi ability is nice as well to view footage in the pits at the track w/o having to hook up a computer, but the wifi app drains my iPhone 5c battery pretty quick. Battery life seems good on the camera. I rarely use it for more than an hour or hour and a half at a time, and have never had an issue with power. It doesn't come with any video editing software if that is important to you. (I already had software on my computer so it wasn't an issue) When i first got the camera it was shutting down on its own after 20 mins or so after the firmware update i haven't had any issues. Over all it is a great little affordable camera. Other than the screen placement and quality and the reaction to changes in drastic lighting I have nothing but good things to say. (this is a link to a short video shot with Ego camera: i originally shot it in 720dpi but when i uploaded it to Youtube i think i lowered the resolution to save time)
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on November 20, 2012
I just purchased this camera a few days ago. It has many features I like, such as changing settings via WIFI on your phone, and the various resolutions. My biggest complaint is I bought this camera because of its battery life. The battery is supposed to last a couple of hours and from my first tests, this appears to be true. However, it can only record in 30 minute segments before it stops on its own, and then you have to manually restart it. What's the point of long battery life if you have to keep stopping what you're doing to restart the camera?

There are other annoyances, like you can't switch the field of view through WIFI unless you shut down the camera and restart. Sure you can select it, and the checkbox appears, but the field of view does not change. And of course, there's the common complaint of losing the WIFI connection once you start recording.

The good news is, according to Liquid Image tech support, a new firmware update is coming out "soon, in the next couple weeks, but I can't give you an exact date." This firmware update will allow continuous recording with no need to restart the camera -- but the new longer recording will be segmented into 30 minute chunks. I'd be very happy with this solution, but until the new firmware comes out, I can't exactly rave about this camera. I sure hope Liquid Image keeps its promise, or I'm stuck with an expensive curiosity.
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on November 23, 2015
Only got to use this camera for a limited time. So the software is really great and relatively user friendly however the camera quality and sound chip surprised me. Everything is on GoPro's level of quality; however, at a 4th of the price. This has been a great camera when used and it was worth every penny. It held up great on my motorcycle when I used it.
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on November 2, 2015
Product requires a firmware update for video to record past 28 minutes. Once firmware is updated, product will record continuously and breaks it down into <30 minute clips so it is easier to manage.
Requiring a firmware update to run both on the phone or the camera, drops a star on this product. Sound quality isn't the best, but the video quality is great and provides excellent visual. Quality could be better, but not enough so that it bothers me.
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on December 10, 2012
Bought this camera to stream to a Tmobile (Huwei) Prism andriod phone. Claimed to work with androids, but Google Play shows incompatibility & won't allow installing. Upon downloading from a 3rd party (provided by liquidimage support), I got it to work in limited fashion- can download images, but not view live video which was my original goal.

Pictures have very wide field of view, which is nice to capture what you intend (since there isn't a viewfinder), but gives a distorted world view. There is a zoom that improves that a bit. You can decide if this is a + or -.

Video is decent if a bit jerky, as are photos.
Compact & rubberized exterior. Fits nicely in a pocket with no hard edges. Seems robustly made.

I'll update this review if they get a working app.
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on May 19, 2014
Overall, I was skeptical about this brand, but they had proven themselves much earlier than GoPro with other products so I figured that they had a decent product. Plus, from some comparatives that I found, it looked like some video was slightly better. I put it on the roof of my BOSS302 for some track sessions with suction cup attachment and it stayed there just fine and produced great video. Overall great results so far!!! Now I just need to find some good video editing software as this doesn't come with any...
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on January 7, 2013
This is my first POV camera. I chose it for its water resistance and WiFi control via a phone, so that I could use it mounted on the front of my kayak, out of my reach and in danger of getting wet.
The picture quality seems excellent, both video and still.
The microphone does not seem much good: mine creates a background hiss in a quiet indoor environment and barely picks up my voice from 3 or 4 feet away.
Liquid Image is very coy about just how water-resistant the Ego is. My wristwatch states clearly that it is water resistant to 25 metres, but all Liquid Image will say is that water-resistant is not waterproof, and they did not reply to my email asking for specifics. So I don't know whether my camera is going to drown if I roll my kayak.
The WiFi control from the phone is not very useful because the WiFi shuts down as soon as the camera starts filming. You can start it filming, but you cannot stop or restart it. That's barely better than nothing.
The LCD display is so small as to be almost useless without direct illumination and a magnifying glass. It's easy to change settings through the WiFi connection, until you start filming.
If I had wanted a camera that needed an additional case to use for kayaking I would have chosen a GoPro because it is remotely controllable. If I had wanted a camera that is not remotely controllable I would have chosen a Contour because it is waterproof (water-resistant to 1 metre, which is as deep as I need). The Ego seems to be somewhere in between.
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