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The reigning queen of insult comedy has got to be Lisa Lampanelli. Brassy, bold and oh-so-naughty, Lampanelli rose to prominence with memorable performances on many of Comedy Central's celebrity roasts. The self proclaimed "lovable Queen of Mean," she has been compared to Don Rickles and has a take-no-prisoners approach to comedy. With Lampanelli, there are no sacred cows--every topic is fodder for her humor. Political correctness goes out the window as she skewers everything from ethnic stereotypes to religion to vivid anatomical imagery. Even Lampanelli herself is a prime target for her own material, and I think it's this openness that makes her so likable and accessible even when she's being nasty!

So why the lengthy introduction? Well, if you know Lisa Lampanelli then you know what to expect from her new comedic concert performance "Tough Love." And she comes out of the gates swinging! With the orchestra pit stacked with a diverse cross section of the public, she launches into an insanely funny dissection about what makes each fan in this group particularly unique and valuable. We've certainly heard some of the jokes before, but she has such a vicious momentum that it all seems fresh and new.

After being convinced that the entire concert was going to slay, however, things taper down by the middle section. There is so much testicular humor, and it goes on for so long, that I was yearning for a complete change of topic. When we finally get there, she revisits her attack on the audience--but now it plays as a bit of a rehash. And in another big section, she roasts various celebrities that she thinks deserve the deluxe treatment. A nice idea, but her targets are so easy--commonplace pop culture icons/jokes--that, while there are some funny lines, it just seems a tad obvious.

Look, I love Lampanelli and she won't get a harsh word from me. I'll just say that after busting a gut for the first part of her performance, things started to feel a bit familiar. A solid set, overall, but not necessarily the stuff dreams are made of. KGHarris, 3/11.
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on April 2, 2011
I love Lisa Lampanelli and was so looking forward to another stand up from her. But for the first time I was disappointed. Some funny lines but a lot of it seemed tired, and way too much on her husbands big balls. I will check her out in the future, she is a very funny & quick.
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on May 3, 2011
I love this woman's work - she's incredibly warm and funny, and manages to really get us for the shock value - but I think the dramatic difference in delivery technique that stands between a roast and general stand-up is what manages to not only elude her, but also kill her performance.

The show tended to drag on, and the material wasn't fresh - it was rehashed and not very funny. How long is she going to talk about the size of her new husband's testicles?

She always insults the audience to laughs, but this time her insults were predictable and ho-hum... and many aspects of her approach to this show made it an overall lackluster performance. In fact, it wasn't until 50 minutes into the show, during which she actually did her own little roast that I actually found it hilarious. Ironically, she was reading from a script.

I hope she gets it together, or just realizes what her limitations are as a comedienne. I look forward to her next roast.
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on April 29, 2011
and for a shock comic like her, that's career death, she's married and happy so what does she have to complain about? Even the racial epithets seem so toned down, it's like she's Star Jones whispering to Marlee Matlin. I don't think anyone was offended, not even those who should have been. Her husband seems to have a lot more crowd appeal than she does but the same could be said of her dog, Mr Parker. I'm not sure a lot was gained by repeating lines which were in the act in the bonus features or by faking a roast for those who should be roasted but aren't. Her video is aptly named though, tough love is tough to love, even for LL fans but she has learned one thing that should help her, insert "Palin" in any joke and it gets laughs.
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on October 23, 2015
Hi love Tiugh" Love" By LisaLampanelli, as I do with every release she is put out. Tough love is her last release before she dropped over 100 pounds and is the funniest of her older DVDs /sets . I actually want to see this tour back in 2013 and it was even better live than watching the DVD on a 72 inch TV with Dolby surround sound . Lisa holds no bars end says it like it is but with a tongue-in-cheek way of being a smart ass end says she loves you at the same time when she shreds you a new one. " Toughlove " is filmed in Joliet Illinois. Is the second longest release she is put out besides Long live the queen her HBO special from 2009 . It is one of her best specials in my opinion end some of the best jokes were cut out due to Comedy Central's practices and standards making her edit out some of the best jokes for cable broadcast, however at the end of the credits censuses the uncensored release they play the jokes that were not used for the TV erring and they finally let you see what was not shown on TV plus alternate takes of certain scenes. I have to say Toughlove is truly her second funniest DVD release today behind back to the drawing board , then take it like a man , long live the queen , dirty girl end the queen of mean ( the queen of mean is her rarest and first official DVD and VHS release around 2002ish, quality of the video is not that great but the jokes are very hard-core end give you an insight to how she started out to where she is now. Which any diehard Lisa been should definitely look it up and buy it since it's still released on DVD and very cheap on VHS)
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on December 31, 2012
Awesome comedian - I've been a fan for years. Can't wait for the next dvd or seeing her in person. Lisa Lampanelli is a true comedian who makes fun of everyone. I would not recommend this to anyone who can't take racial jokes.
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on April 17, 2011
Not as good as her 2005 "Take It Like A Man" but still hilarious. Love her on all the comedy roasts she does, she always kills! She tried to incorporate the roast routine into the end of this show, podium and all. That part was just okay. She does best when she plays with the audience, which she does through most of this dvd. Great show, great buy.
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on April 30, 2015
Lisa is everyone's lovable Queen of Mean and she shows her "tough love" on this DVD as well. She takes on everybody like she's always done, and even roasts celebs like Sarah Palin, Jessica Simpson and the Kardashians at the end of this special. She always pushes the envelope and is hilarious while doing it.
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on December 2, 2012
If you know anything of LL, you'll know her over-the-top racist style. Extremely funny stuff! Keep the kids out of the room.
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on August 29, 2013
Wasn't as funny as I expected. I really like Lisa but this wasn't her best work. Got a little bored after a while
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