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on March 4, 2009
Finally a romantic comedy for Urban Contemporary Christian Women! Michelle represents many frustrated single women who want to walk the right road through a world that is full of wrong-minded men. Her and her gal pals are so familiar to the women I know. Lewis does a great job at giving each friend an identity and then linking their issues with a personality flaw.

Single and satisfied? Not Michelle, Angela and Lisa. These saved, successful, gorgeous women believe they're too old to wait on God to send their soul mates any longer. With the help of their more spiritual sister girlfriend, Vanessa, and the scrutiny of newly saved man-hater, Nicole, the ladies go on a hilarious adventure to "be found" by their husbands. But before they start their adventure they need a roadmap...a list of essential must-have mate characteristics, icing-on-the-cake's, and deal-breakers. Once they start their search they soon realize they still have to trust God to know what's best for them and that He loves them enough to send them everything on The List. (Urban Christian, 300pp)
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Author Sherri Lewis does it again! What a refreshing story about a group of successful, beautiful, and God-fearing women whose biological clocks are ticking faster than a speeding bullet. They have all decided to set a few goals - find a man/husband, make a list of must-have attributes in a man, and support one other through the process. They meet once a week to share their stories and progress. What a hilarious ride! The reader will experience the good, the bad and the ugly as they take a ride on the dating train with Michelle, Vanessa, Lisa, Angela and Nicole.

Meet Michelle, the main character and narrator of the book, and her group of eclectic friends - all them with different personalities - Vanessa, the sane member of the group who offers sound advice, Nicole, the out-spoken one; Lisa, the celibate one; and Angela, the quiet one, who is a 40-year old virgin. The reader will primarily follow Michelle and her friends as they attempt to find Mr. Right, and along the way, they will encounter a few Mr. Wrongs. The readers will also follow Michelle's journey as she navigates through everyday work-related issues and has to make decisions that will impact her future.

I laughed hysterically as I followed each character -- especially Michelle's dating nightmares. I could totally relate! In fact, many of us have dating nightmares we would like to forget. I could also relate to the sisterhood and bond shared between friends. What is so profound about this book is that although each character made a list - God was always in charge - with a list of his own! This is a wonderful book for book clubs! List pajama party anyone?

Review: 4.5 Beignets
Reviewed by: Sonya
Books and Beignets (BAB) Book Club
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on February 24, 2009
Author Sherri Lewis tapped into her comedic spirit with this novel. Light, realistic and funny; this insightful drama takes the reader into the world of five saved friends who all have different situations but one thing in common... they are man less.

Feeling that time is slipping by, along with maternal instincts kicking in for some of these sugar sharp beautiful ladies, they decide that God is just taking way too long to send them Mr. Right and decide to take matters into their own hands hence "The List"

One evening during an especially intense "finding a man" conversation, the ladies decided to formulate a "list" consisting of significant attributes that will define their special soul mate.
But once they set out in their daily lives and social circles to find Mr. Right, their encounters with the opposite sex become a series of humorous dates that only pushes them to have more faith in God and be patient because only God can guide them to take the right paths on their road map to love.

An excellent read for me! I totally enjoy this novel which had me laughing out loud and telling my co-workers and friends all about Michelle, Lisa, Angela, Vanessa and Nicole escapades.
A great job was done be Author Sherri Lewis with characters, background information and sub-plot.

This is the third novel by Ms Lewis I've read and ALL three books are some of the finest in Christian Fiction.
I will be revising my top ten favorite authors to reflect new authors I've read in the past two years and Sherri Lewis has definitely earn her place there!


ARC Book Club Inc.
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on March 2, 2009
This is a great book. It is so real and true to life, I really like Sherri's writing style. This book is considered "Urban Fiction" and I don't quite understand that - it is a great Christian fiction book, I think by labeling it Urban that there are a lot of Christian fiction lovers that will never know that it is out there. Why do I like it so much?
Great characters. Here we have a group of ladies that get together once a week to hang out and support each other. The only thing is that right now they are all in need of a good, Christian man and they don't know how to find him. Thus, they make a list of what they are looking for in a man so God can send the right man to them. Does God really know best or can we help things along? Michelle is about to find out...
Wonderful humor and situations.

The one thing about Urban fiction is that there are some references that I don't totally understand... "red-boned" vs. "brown-skinned", hair style references and a couple other things, but does that impact what I get out of the book? Not at all! There is some great stuff in this book about how to get to where you need to be personally and spiritually so you are ready when God brings you your man. It is also enjoyable and I liked it so much that I read it in one day and really wish there was a sequel! This one is worth searching out, especially if you are single :-)
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on February 28, 2009
The girlfriends have decided that it's time they became actively involved in finding the right husband. They are over 30, career-minded, single, divorced, or widowed but all following Christian values. So, how do they go about finding the men? The book tells the story from Michelle's point of view. It is her story, her experiences, her feelings, her emotions but with input from her girlfriends and insights into their lives,their journey, and their dating disasters as well. I really liked this book. It was a good read, kept my attention right to the end. I had difficulties with some of the wording. I wasn't sure if it was poor proof-reading or ethnic differences. I am not accustomed to southern African-American wording. That being said, the story flowed easily with just the right about of background without losing the story line. Her view of God was such a relief from the usual staid versions in some other books, comic without being irreverent. For example she describes a situation she is in, thinks about her reaction, and envisions God and Jesus watching her and rolling their eyes asking each other what in the world she thinks shes doing. I like that down-to-earth relationship. This is definitely a good book and should be read by those wanting a good read as well as those who want some super ideas on what to look for while looking for a Godly husband.
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VINE VOICEon March 13, 2009
The List by Sherri Lewis is the tale of best girlfriends, Michelle, Angela, Lisa, Vanessa and Nicole, on a search for "The One". All but one of the group has experienced what she believes to be intimate love and the loss that occurs as a result of the relationship ending.

This novel has a storyline that is sure to appeal to women waiting for their perfect mate. With true-to-life characters, and a rawness that is sure to speak volumes to some readers, the author does a good job with her character development and plot, inviting us into the world of these girlfriends, their struggles, as well as their triumphs, as they search for "The One." While reading this selection, supporting characters Jason, Isaiah and Rayshawn enabled me to experience a myriad of emotions ranging from empathy to disgust. The characters are relatable. Readers will probably know someone similar to or just like each one.

The overall message conveyed is not just for single women, but to all women - prepare yourself, choose well and be realistic. Whether single or married, any reader will contemplate their relationship after having read this book. Are you are were you ready? What is or what was on your "list"?

Reviewed by Tavares Carney
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on March 1, 2009
Sherri Lewis' latest novel, THE LIST, introduces readers to Michelle, Lisa, Angela, Vanessa and Nicole. Although each woman is independent and saved they share a common missing link, a man. They've all been waiting and waiting and now, they don't know why their prayers haven't been answered. They decide to increase their odds by using the internet to compile THE LIST.

NEEDED: Single, God fearing, hard working men.

The friends have made a pact to date a new man every week until the search for Mr. Right has been completed. Will they be successful?

Sharp, witty and a service undertone, THE LIST is a joyful book that I'm recommending for all!
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on July 10, 2010
I understand where the writer was trying to go, but unfortunately, she fell short. The characters were undeveloped, plot was weak and trite, writing was juvenile, and grammar wasn't good.

The writer put a lot of effort in telling us about Jason's two daughters, sucking of the thumb, falling asleep in church, drawings/misspelling Michelle's name, but NEVER said how old the daughters were?????
5 different characters talking at once is confusing. Writer didn't tie the different stories together well. The book was just all over the place.

Overall rating...1.5. I give author an "E" for effort.

I was going to buy, "Selling My Soul" but I will pass. Unfortunately, I don't recommend this book. (Sorry) :(
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on February 24, 2009
Statistics says that single, professional Africian American women have a very slim chance of finding a mate. Could the reason be that they do not know what they want? Or, is it that they set their standards so high, their ideal man does not exist? In Sherri Lewis' third novel, The List, Michelle, Angela and Lisa are tired of waiting on their Mr. Right to find them, so they decide to give God a little help.

Michelle, divorced for five years, is ready to start dating and get married so she can have that family she has been longing for. Lisa, celibate for nine years is waiting on her ideal Mr. Right to find her. Angela, a 41year-old virgin has been patiently waiting on the Lord to send her the right man. Their lack of prospective dates could stem from them limiting their search for eligible men from church or work. To increase their odds, the women try internet dating. But, before signing up, they first need to compile a list of characteristics the potential husband must possess. Their venture into internet dating sets the stage for hilarious experiences.

The List is Christian fiction and dating the Christian way is the main focus. Throughout the novel, Dr. Lewis offers the single reader many things to ponder about why God has not answered the ladies' prayers. Could it be they just are not ready? What are they doing while waiting? What are their finances like? Does she keep her home clean? Does she cook? And does she really know what she wants? hence the reason for a list. How can God bless you with the man you desire and you do not know the kind of man you want? I found the novel to be thought-provoking and it offered good advice to those in the dating game. I think fans of Christian fiction will enjoy this inspiring, yet funny novel.

Motown Review Bookclub
APOOO BookClub
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on July 11, 2009
If you're struggling to find the right man, and trying to go about it in a Godly way, this book may give you the tools you need to do some self-reflection, to help you think about what you're really looking for, and to focus your efforts in the name of God. It won't, however, teach you how to "make a list." The story does remind those who are searching for a soul mate to thinking deeply about what they are looking for.

However, if you've been searching for a very long time, you may find some parts of the cookie-cutter ending for Michelle and her virgin friend to be quite unrealistic -or, maybe you'll find it to be hopeful. The author almost implies that if only you live a Godly life, have faith, and try, then a Godly man will fall into your lap. That's simply not the case for many of us. Nevertheless, it's important to keep hope alive. Just recently, a woman at my church who is over 40 found the man of her dreams. She's been faithful to God and, even though a long time passed, in her words, "There's hope for all of us."

The author made many references to pop culture, natural living, and other popular themes. One reference that I didn't like was that a light-skinned long-relaxed-head ex-wife in the book was characterized as an evil golddigger, while Michelle whose hair was natural and was a brown-skinned Bohemian beauty was somehow the ideal woman. Is this really a big deal? For me, I found that some of the references to natural hair and living threw me off from the message. Maybe you should read the book and decide for yourself.... Overall, it was a very entertaining book and I enjoyed reading it. Sherri Lewis remains at the top of my list of favorite Urban Christian Fiction Authors.
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