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on November 20, 2013
I've used these litter boxes before and as long as the work they great. My issue with this one is not the produce itself but the way and condition it was shipped by Amazon. The box was opened on both ends and there is no instruction manual or warranty card in it.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I've used LitterMaid's line of automatic litter boxes for about ten years, starting with the original model. With five cats, they have proven to be an invaluable tool to help keep up with the litter box and to keep my home from smelling like a litter box. I've used several models over the years and the basic functions are the same with each iteration of the LitterMaid litter box:
- The boxes have motion detectors inside that are triggered when your cat uses the litter box. The box is programmed to rake the length of the litter box approximately ten minutes after the cat exits, scooping the cat's waste into a disposable plastic bin after giving it time to clump.
- The boxes can be used with AC current or on battery power.
- The boxes are durable.

The LitterMaid Elite Mega Automatic Self-Cleaning Litter Box is no different than the models that have come before regarding the features above. However, this unit has some additional features that my previous LitterMaid models did not:
- The rake that scoops the waste is removable, providing for easier cleaning. Previous boxes had the rake attached to the top section where the motor was housed, making it trickier to clean as you could not submerge this section of the old units. Being able to remove the rake means you can clean it so much easier and faster.
- The Elite unit has a timer function that allows you to keep the box from running when you are asleep if the noise bothers you. For me, I've grown accustomed to the noise, so I tune it out pretty well, but this is a nice feature.

As I said before, I've had several different models of the LitterMaid litter boxes over the years, and I've never encountered any difficulty in assembling any of them - until I got the LitterMaid Elite Mega Automatic Self-Cleaning Litter Box. If you follow the assembly instructions in the manual in order, you won't be able to put it together properly. The instructions say to add the receptacle supports in step 1, but I was not able to insert the top housing correctly if the receptacle supports were already in place. Once I removed the receptacle supports, I was able to insert the top housing correctly and was then able to add the receptacle supports again without issue. I tried for over an hour to add these parts in the order the manual specifies, but it just wouldn't work that way.

After I got past that issue, the rest of the assembly was as easy as pie. One thing to be cautious of is that it is very important to not overfill the box with litter. It has lines inside making it easy to fill it with the proper amount of litter. Over the years I have found it easiest to add a little less than I think it needs, then turn the box on and allow the rake to run through the litter once. When it does this, it settles the litter, and there is usually less than it looked like at first. Then you can add a little more until you get it to the fill line.

I've used this unit for a while now, and it has proven as dependable as the previous models were for me. All my cats use this box without issue. I know some cats don't like sharing a litter box with other cats, but I think that mine have shared this without issue because it is free of another's waste each time they use it.

With five cats, I have to empty the waste bin every other day. Disposal is very easy - you simply press the two `buttons' on the plastic lid to remove it from the box, then lift the disposable waste bin filled with your cat's deposits and take it to the garbage. Pop another waste bin and lid into place and it is ready for use again.

Of course, just because you don't have to scoop litter doesn't mean you should wash the box periodically. Even just changing the litter isn't good enough - you must empty it and completely clean it to remove bacteria and other things that may build up over time. I have found the best way to clean it is with a bucket of hot soapy water and paper towels. I take the unit outside, pull on some rubber gloves and completely wipe the entire unit down with the paper towels dipped in the hot soapy water (it is best to use a gentle cleaner like dishwashing detergent as a stronger scent may turn your cat off.) The parts without electrical motors are easy and quick to clean and can even be submerged, but you need to be a little careful around the motor, of course. With older models that has the rake attached to the motor section, this was much more difficult, but cleaning the Elite model goes much faster since you can remove the rake and clean it better.

You do need to be sure to only use clumping litter in the LitterMaid box. The manual recommends several brands that work well with it. I've always used either Fresh Step or Arm & Hammer and had great results with each.

I highly recommend the LitterMaid box. The only reason I am not giving it 5 stars is because of the issue with the assembly instructions. If Amazon allowed half stars, I really feel that the box deserves 4.5 stars.
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on February 2, 2010
I have one cat and use Arm & Hammer clumping cat litter in my LitterMaid. I bought the Elite Mega 2 yrs ago and from day one I've been happy with it. I've noticed some people complaining about it being flimsy but I've never had a problem with it. The plastic bin that collects the waste needs to be flexible in order to fit into the slots that hold it in place. If it isn't held in place the litter/waste would be dumped on the floor. Really, it's not flimsy, it's merely flexible plastic and I take that into account when I empty it.

The motor is NOT weak. The motor powers through the pile, and it sort of vibrates at times to get the litter to separate. I'm not sure how to explain it better than this, but it does the job. From time to time the cat creates a small mountain of litter and the littermaid isn't made to deal with mountains of litter. :~) When this happens, the motor makes loud clicking noises in an effort to vibrate the mound. After a few tries it stops and goes back to 'start'. You will have to scoop when this happens. I find it happens maybe once every 3 or 4 days.

Thankfully, the Elite Mega has a timer or sleep mode. You don't want that loud clicking at 2:00AM.

The littermaid needs regular maintenance just like any appliance. Once a month I have my children clean it out completely (chore time!) and we put in all new litter. We wash the metal tines, etc. We really like this, I'm very glad I bought it.
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on July 24, 2013
I love this litter box! One of my cats is really fussy and particular about the litter box and doesn't really like to even touch the litter so this one is perfect because he can stand on the lid of the waste receptacle and do his thing. My other cat could care less and does his thing no matter what, even if it got really dirty. They don't like the sound when it is turned on (they are older cats so if you got this when your cats are younger, it probably wouldn't matter) so I turn it on manually. I also bought a perma-lid and bag-it for the waste receptacle so that I wouldn't have to keep buying new ones and they work well with it.
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on November 7, 2010
I bought the "elite" model to replace an LM900 I had for about 18 months when a sensor blew and it stopped working. The LM900 I had before that lasted about 2.5 years and that model was difficult to find. It was in Amazon, but usually out of stock at the seller. A serious complaint is that parts are not available from Black & Decker or anyplace else. You can find a used box (gross) on EBAY and cannibalize it for parts, if you're mechanically or technically inclined. There is a good repair manual on EBAY but if you can't get the parts, you can't repair it. I bought the "elite" model, which was more expensive, thinking it would be an improvement. This is the worst automated litter box I've ever owned and I've had cats since 1979. An absolute disappointment! I'm the litter "maid" as it is so poorly designed, the rake isn't long enough to pick up waste in the bottom of the box and the rake pulls litter back with it when it retracts and stores it behind the rake when it stops. Definitely not worth the money. Do the product developers not test their product? This is the last Littermaid I'll ever own and believe me, it's life span here is calculated minute to minute. I just want to get what I pay for and expect something that actully works, has replacement parts available, and isn't outrageously priced!
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on January 12, 2011
Elite LitterMaid was a piece of junk.

Very unhappy with this product and LitterMaid should be ASHAMED of themselves for coming out with such a cheap plasticy, poorly designed product. Its a good idea, just not implemented well and for $160-$180, I think you'll be sending this back just like I did this morning.

Again, Dear Littermaid company, shame on you for such a lousy product, I hope someone comes out with one that is actually built for use and will last and puts you out of business. If you are an American owned company, where's the quality, the strive to make something great in the world? You obviously slept in the class that tought you how to take pride on your products and building them to last and at least work.

If I was working making $10 an hour after taxes and this cost $180, that's 18 hours I'd have to work, or two FULL days plus 2 hours to pay for this thing. Bull-arky. Do NOT buy this or anything from littermaid and spread the word - I feel sorry for anyone that has gotten this, put their hard earned money into it and then had to throw it away becuase of how horrible it is.

DO NOT BUY DO NOT BUY DO NOT BUY and Littermaid, hey, get your act together. Hissssssssssssssssssssssssssss.

Tony and PJ with our two wonderful kittens
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on April 23, 2011
After setting up and using the Littermaid Elite for myself, I'm surprised how many negative reviews there are. I agree that the instructions are not very detailed, but it doesn't take a genius to figure out how to assemble the whopping 3 main compents and then attach the waste bin and kitty ramp. As for the unit's actual function, it works perfectly so far. My cats took to it right away and one of them actually sits on the ramp and waits for it to run its clean cycle just to watch it move. The unit is a bit noisy, similar to a can opener, but not loud enough to cause any problems. The only problem I have noticed is that it sometimes pushes a bit of litter off the front corner near the waste bin if there is a clump being pushed to that side; the clump goes in the bin and just a bit of loose litter pushes over the side. This could have been easily prevented if a little extra plastic was molded in to cover the gap where this happens (or you can attach your own bit of plastic or cardboard for the same effect). Either way, the mess from this is still much less than the normal litter box, which had tons of little scattered around from the cats exiting. The ramp does a great job of cleaning off their feet and sitting the whole unit on top of a litter mat will take care of the rest. The only other issue I've found is mostly due to human error- you must make sure the level of litter in the box is within the suggested limits. To much and the unit gets bogged down, to little and the clumps could stick to the bottom and won't easily get whisked away into the waste bin. A quick check every day is all you need to keep things running smoothly and a complete cleaning from time to time wouldn't hurt. I'm guessing most people assume this is a "set it and forget it" type of product and that is where most of the complaints arise from. I would also recommend upgrading to the reuseable waste bin system. The standard bins work fine, but it seems silly to keep throwing the entire thing out when all you really need to do is empty it once or twice a week. Overall, I'm happy with the Littermaid Elite and glad I took the chance on it.
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on March 22, 2010
We live in a two bedroom apartment, with three cats. That's an exponential amount of poop.

We got this unit about 4 months ago. I wanted to make sure I gave it a thorough use before reviewing it.

First, this unit is pretty good. We empty it daily, and do a little bit of digging just in case. So far, so good. I must caution that you absolutely have to fill it correctly. When you kitties start digging to China, it throws the machine off, so proper litter level is key.

We also bought the accessory kitLitterMaid Ultimate Accessories Kit for Elite Mega Automatic Self-Cleaning Litter Box, which helps keep things under control.

Also, we didn't go the whole "replacement receptacle" route. PERMA-lid & BAG-it Combo Waste Receptacle Replacement System for Littermaid Litter Box We use this product, and some plastic bags from the grocery store. Over all, it has been cost effective, though we do have to occasionally vacuum out the receptacle of excess litter (but it's really no big deal).

I would like to note that some reviews call this unit "quiet." It's not anywhere near quite, so don't plan on sticking it somewhere that it's going to bother you.
review image review image review image review image review image review image
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on January 21, 2014
So, all those bad reviews on this product, believe them, every single one. Believe the one that says it wastes a ton of good litter by forcing it into the waste receptacle with the bad. Believe the one that says it gets constantly stuck. Not sure if there is one that says the parts simply don't fit together correctly so the top of the waste receptacle almost never closes, but believe that as well. I've used automated litter boxes almost since their inception. I used to have two cats and I went through several of the original LitterMaid Mega's. I didn't have any issues with them, but the last couple I got only lasted a year or so and after having two kids, I decided I was tired of the dusty clumping litter and really wanted to go with the crystal litter. So, for the past few years, I've done the Scoop Away Crystal litter. A year or so ago, my one remaining cat developed issues that result in him drinking and urinating around ten times as much as a normal cat. They can't really find anything wrong with him, so we live with it. With that much urine, the crystals just didn't do the trick anymore. We were changing them out every 5 days or so and that got really expensive. In addition, I'm pregnant and with my heightened sense of smell, the house always smelled like cat pee to me. So, I decided to go back to the trusted LitterMaid, knowing that the clumping litter would handle the urine better than the crystals. With my cat, I have to empty the receptacle every day. I'm okay with that. He pees A LOT. What I'm not okay with is the constant need to scrape, unclog, and otherwise clean out what's supposed to be an automatic litter box. Every single day, I end up scooping to some degree before taking out the receptacle because the rake simply doesn't work well. It either gets stuck, or doesn't go deep enough, or some other nonsense. I've tried every brand of litter I can think of, and while some make the problem much worse, none of them seem to make it any better. I seriously could have saved myself the money and just got a regular old litter box for what I got out of this one. And again, I know LitterMaid can do better because I've owned them in the past. Please, LitterMaid, go back to making quality products that actually work.

Update -Three months after purchase, this is by far the worst litter box I've ever used. Finally decided to throw it in the trash and just go to a regular litter box. I'll still have to scoop every day, but at least I don't have to scoop, and clean out the rake, and reset the rake and take out the waste receptacle EVERY DAY. It looks like Amazon is no longer selling this piece of junk. Good move on their part.
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VINE VOICEon December 17, 2008
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Ultimate Edition LitterMaid automatic litter box is definitely the right investment and became a must have for my 2 cats. Following the instructions, it was easy to assemble and set-up (about 10-15 minutes). The cats had no problem switching from the old cat litter box to the new one. It almost completely eliminates the odor (thanks to the Built-in Ionic Air Cleaner) and it is very easy to clean. It still requires some attention but cuts manual scooping to about 20% compared to regular litter boxes. The container (for all the excrements) fills up in about a week and it's easy to replace. I keep the litter box in the basement where I have enough space for it and I have set-up the sleep timer to minimize hearing the noise from moveable parts when the litter is operating. But the noise, which is equivalent to a printer, is a minor inconvenience comparing to all the other benefits. I definitely recommend this product for multiple cats. A must have!
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