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328 of 347 people found the following review helpful
Before my purchase, I was worried about weight and being able to manage the different configurations alone. Here are my findings. First of all, I resisted buying the previous version Little Giant because a relative has one and can't manage the weight alone. When I saw the ad for the Xtreme which is about half the weight of the other I was instantly on the phone. I hate my old ladders. They are light weight but feel so flimsy I'd gotten to not wanting to use them at all. They may be light, but I'm not anymore and I just didn't feel safe on them. The alternative was waiting for my son to come change the overhead light in my tall garage ceiling or outside house lights while I stumbled around in the dark, or some other such project. I've always done such things myself and although I'm willing to scale back (will be 70 next year), I am not ready to give up :).

Although the ladder is heavier than standard aluminum ones, it's not much heavier than a bag of dog food and I can manage it. I can't whip it into different positions like the infomercial people, but after watching the DVD a couple of times to understand the process, I can do it alone, including all the way tall. I was worried about getting my fingers pinched, but it functions like a well-oiled machine and a little care has been enough to keep my parts safe. It doesn't take much strength to switch its positions and it's very obvious when the adjustments snap into place (I still double check to be sure). I can carry it up the stairs into the house and back, and around the property.

One thing I appreciate is that because it is so sturdy, it doesn't need to be babied and I don't. I've purchased several accessories and am waiting for my next batch to arrive. So far all have been useful and have enhanced the ladder's usefulness for me. I feel safe and secure using it and now only need this one ladder for all my different needs. Highly recommended.

Update 8/2015: I'm 72 now and more aware of the weight of this ladder, but can still carry it. What I can't do well anymore is get up the steps (bad knees) so mostly my son and grandson do my chores that require a ladder. My son borrowed the ladder to paint his house which required getting past some substantial shrubbery and said he wouldn't have been able to do it without the ladder's ability to be set at an angle. My grandson was very ladder shy, but after using this ladder to clean my gutters and feeling safe and secure, says he's over that now (although he says he'll only use my ladder, not the shakier one at his house :). I still have to get out the DVD from time to time to be reminded of how to set up the ladder beyond the most obvious uses if I haven't used it in a while, but the useful tips provided really help an older person manage it.
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136 of 145 people found the following review helpful
on January 13, 2013
I bought both the Little Giant RevolutionXE Model 22 and Werner MT-22. Here's the good, the bad, and the ugly:

*Expensive - I wouldn't have bought it even at $200. I would have go with Werner MT-22 for $114. You must be patient waiting for them to go on sale though.
*Little Giant Revolution XE Model 22 weighs more than advertised spec. It's just a bit over 40 pounds instead of 38 pounds. This is due to upgraded ALL METAL Quad-Lock hinges and Rock locks. With wheels and trestle brackets, it went over 40 pounds. For Werner MT-22, its advertised spec weight is 47 pounds, but it's actual weight is 45ish.
*The thin strips that are welded diagonally to the lowest/widest rungs and the legs make indentation to both sides of the legs. I personally think that these weaken the strength of the legs. I had other small ladder with similar thin strips welded to the legs and made an indentation. And guess what, that was where it broke and injured my wife. Fortunately, it was just bunch of bruises injury and her ribs and hip were not fractured. My wife is small and pettite.
*Made in China.

*Quad-Lock hinges are all metal instead of orange plastic. They do give you a sense of safety.
*Rock locks are a must when it comes to extending the ladder to its full length. They are also made of all metal instead of orange plastic. If you are small guy or not fit, you got to have this. I am a small guy but very fit. And I have real hard time extending Werner MT-22 to its full length. But with Rock locks from Little Giant, it made me want to return Werner MT-22.
*RevolutionXE aluminum is 20% lighter. Trust me, no matter what brands you go with, you want the lightest if you are small guy, specially for 22' models when extending to its full length. I know the guys or ladies you've seen on TV made it look so light and easy. But I just think that the ladders they used are not the same one you are getting.
*The rungs are welded to the legs. For Werner MT-22, they are double-riveted. Although both are very sturdy, I personally think that the welding is going to outlast the rivets. So, for as long as it gives me a sense of safety, I am in.
*The wheels are a must if you are a small guy or not very fit. These ladders do feel heavier and awkward when carrying without the wheels. I have no problem carry 50 pound dumb bell with one hand.
*The co-molded non-slip rubber feet are definitely well built when comparing to Werner MT-22. I do feel that they will outlast Werner's.
*The tristle brackets essentially make it into 2 solid step ladders. With Werner, I would not use the other half as step ladder. It wobbles a bit but it works fine for scaffolding.

The Little Giant Revolution XE 22 model does have many advantages to similar model from Werner. However, there's huge price difference. At any day at normal price, you can get Werner MT-22 for $206 at just about any local stores that carry it. If you want Little Giant Revolution XE 22 model, you are looking at $339. Both are very sturdy built. If you are a big guy and well built, they weight difference may not be justified the price difference. But if you are small guy like me and you don't need this in a hurry, wait for it to go on sale. Then, it's definitely worth the price difference. I got mine for $179 for Little Giant Revolution XE Model 22 while the Werner MT-22 was only $114. Since I am a small guy, the weight difference, the Rock locks, and other advantages Little Giant has, it was well justified for the price difference.
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179 of 194 people found the following review helpful
on July 7, 2012
The pictures here on Amazon are not current. I have added my own pics (see above) to show you what's new! This ladder has actually been improved. The Rock Locks, MAG4 hinges are now made of metal.

NOTE - This review can only speak for the Little Giant 12017 RevolutionXE 300-Pound Duty Rating Multi-Use Ladder, 17-Foot. I cannot confirm if these improvements are on the other RevolutionXE models but would assume they are since it is the same product line, only size is the difference.

#1 - The orange plastic has gone bye bye! That alone makes it worth purchasing but wait...there's more!
#2 - This newer version also comes with wheels on the end to make it easy to move around the work area and the wheels are better placed.
#3 - Definitely lighter than previous versions! Much easier to use inside the house or on job site!
#4 - If you loved the scaffolding feature or are interested in it, you will be glad to know this has been improved! The older versions had you remove the outer ladder, then just lean those two separate pieces into an 'A' position and slightly lock them into place (NO! It did not really lock safely into that position!), then you would place your scaffold plank between that and the inner ladder. The inner ladder would safely lock into the A position. On the whole, this was not very safe and many people complained about that! Well, Little Giant must have been listening because they have included TRESTLE BRACKETS. These brackets allow the inner ladder to now lock safely into the A position!

This ladder comes with a color pamphlet explaining the basic uses and positions. Little Giant has also included a very well done DVD that will teach you how to use this ladder, step by step, walking you through the various positions and offering safety tips too.

This ladder is lighter than all previous models, coming in at around 35 pounds, yet, it is just as sturdy and solidly built! Little Giant continues to make an impressive, high quality product! This is not my first Little Giant 'A type' ladder. I have owned 4 different versions over the past 8 years. The RevolutionXE seems to be the best so far. I really did not think they could make it better, but they did.

I have included pictures to show the new items and improvements. Make sure you get this newer model if you order one! My advice is to wait for this to go on sale. Here at Amazon it sells for $299 but the price does drop! I got mine for around $230 (no tax, free shipping)!!! If you are not in a rush, wait for a sale!
review image review image review image review image
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167 of 189 people found the following review helpful
on December 14, 2012
The company logo, model number, and everything else might say Little Giant Type 1A Revolution XE which is true, but realize this is not entirely the exact same product. This version is exclusively built for Amazon by an outsourced manufacturer in China. The price without a Lightnight Special price is the exact same that Little Giant charges on their site with free shipping, but that version is assembled in the USA.
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37 of 39 people found the following review helpful
on September 30, 2014
I ordered the 22' ladder directly from Little Giant and used it ONE TIME. When reducing the ladder to the storing position, I noticed some difficulty securing the Lock tab and could see the rod was bent. I compared it to the 3 other rods on the ladder and they did not have this bend (making it difficult to secure into the rung slot. Either it came shipped that way or got bent somehow by my 205 lb weight. The ladder was not transported nor fell and was only used by myself. I contact Little Giant and they pretend to be customer focused but all they offer is to inspect the ladder section but I have to pay the packaging, shipping (both ways) and even insurance. I start adding things up and I may be out-of-pocket $100 or more (it's a gigantic sized package of significant weight). I did some research and find replacement Lock Tabs (apparently a very fragile part of this ladder) on Ebay (which are probably knock-offs) and the replacement looks easy enough and I'm willing to do it. They write back and basically refuse to send me the part leaving me with the $100 packaging/shipping/insuring option. I am sorry I ever bought from this company cause they are fakers hiding behind their "lifetime" warranty (yea if the customer is willing to fork out 50% of the original costs just to replace a defective $10 part on a one day old ladder). They have no local service centers other than their factory in UT. I am currently fighting with them and may (out of principle) ship the POS back to them for a full refund. But that burns me up as it will be an incredible hassle and will still cost me $100+ cause it's enormous and heavy. I foolishly didn't save the original box because I didn't think there was a chance I'd have any problems with a ladder. Go figure, the first use and it's a $10 piece of scrap. If you're considering this ladder (or really any Little Giant product), do yourself a BIG favor and avoid dealing with this company. I would've been so much better off buying a Werner unit at a box store as they (although not perfect) treat their customers with some respect (unlike Little Giant). I'll update this post if LG happens to step-up their customer service (not betting on it).

Update 10/3/14: Round and Round with LG and the end result is I have to pay them $12.24 for a replacement Lock Tab that may or may not have been bent on delivery. What a crazy way to do business. So glad I didn't also buy the $100 accessory package. When ordering the 22', I was thinking that I may later buy a smaller unit to replace my 4', 6' and 8' Werner fiberglass step ladders. These ladders are inconvenient to store but are indestructible (my 6' is probably 25 years old). Not a chance now that I have seen the LG quality and their product backing. Once repaired, my LG is heading for Craigslist where I'll consider myself lucky to recover $0.50 on the dollar.
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73 of 83 people found the following review helpful
on December 18, 2012
Like many people, I have wanted a Little Giant ladder for many years. I recently purchased the model 22 Revolution XE. The ladder arrived a couple of days ago and I have already used it several times. Everything that the other positive reviewers have to say about this ladder is true, so feel free to read their positive comments about the versatility of this ladder, as I agree with most of those comments. The "rock locks" (as Little Giant calls them) are made of metal now, not plastic, and feel very well built and are easy to use. I am a young man (for now, anyway) and I am using the ladder for my home use, and I find it easy to move around and adjust. All in all, it is a great ladder.

The main reason I only give the ladder four stars instead of five (edit: lowered to three stars, see below) is because when my ladder arrived, I was a bit disappointed to find that Little Giant is apparently now making at least some of their ladders in China, because that is where mine was made. I did not know this when I bought the ladder. For years, Little Giant advertised that their ladders were proudly made in USA. I did a little research online and it looks like LG quietly moved most or all of their manufacturing to China sometime in the last few years. I also see that company founder Hal Wing passed away earlier this year. That is too bad.

LG has charged a price premium on their products and for many years companies like Werner have had their versions (some might say "rip offs") of the Little Giant ladder for sale at lower prices. I assumed part of this was because those companies products were made in China, while LG ladders were made in USA. I guess that is no longer the case, and it is a bit disappointing.

Regardless, this is a very nice ladder. If you wish to support the company that pioneered this design, you will be pleased with a Little Giant. Additionally, the "rock locks" on the newer models such as this "Revolution XE" are very nice and easy to use. As far as I know, other brands haven't yet copied this lock design and I feel that the rock locks are evidence that Little Giant is still an innovative company that is continuously working to improve the design of their ladders. I am glad I bought it and I am happy with it. However, if you were interested in a "Made in USA" product like I was, and you dont care about the state of the art in hinge and lock design featured on the Revolution XE (again, it is a great design and works better than other brands), then you might as well consider the Werner or other Chinese made versions instead, since buying Little Giant no longer means buying a made in USA product.

edit: I will also add that their online marketing materials are currently quite deceptive. After writing the above review, I called and spoke to a very nice Little Giant customer service person on the phone and she confirmed that some of their products are made in China. I told her that this needed to be disclosed on their website, and she let me know that their website, (with an "s") does disclose this fact. I had been looking at (no "s"). Apparently that is their official distributor's website, not their own website. Very confusing, because both websites look the same and their distibutor's website says nothing (that I could find) about their products being made in China. At the bottom of it simply says "proudly designed engineered assembled in the USA" without referring to any of the products being made in China.

Anyway, on their "real" website, buried at the bottom of the product specifications page for the model 26 (not the model 22, which is the ladder I bought), the following disclaimer is printed: "*Due to a lack of domestic suppliers able to meet our strict requirements on the special alloy that is essential to this taller ladder, the Revolution XE M26 is not manufactured in the USA at this time." Again, this disclaimer currently only appears on the product specification page for the model 26, not the model 22.

The whole situation is very confusing for customers. Perhaps in the near future they will revise their website, and also their distibutor's website, to clearly disclose which products are made in USA and which are made in China. As a result of what I feel are deceptive marketing and disclosure practices, I am lowering the product's score to three stars instead of four.

If you don't care about any of this, the ladder is very nice.

Buyer beware!
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19 of 19 people found the following review helpful
on February 8, 2015
First let me say that I love my 22 foot little giant ladder. I do not love the customer service. I received my Little Giant Ladder as a Christmas/birthday gift and was quite excited! I used it as an A-Frame ladder a couple of times to change some light bulbs on some indoor fixtures and had a great experience. It was sturdy and easy to use and lightweight for the size.

It was not until I used it as an extension ladder that I discovered one of the aircraft grade aluminum rungs was bent on the underside of the rung in a position that was hidden during normal A-Frame use. What is strange is that the box it was shipped in was in near perfect condition so it seems it may have been damaged before it was shipped to me.

I have contacted their customer service back in mid-January (about 4 weeks before this review) and after speaking to a nice representative have sent them pictures of the defect. I have followed back up with them multiple times but keep on getting messages like "I will get back to you as soonest possible, I apologize for the delay" with no real substance. I just want to know if my new favorite ladder is safe to use or not.


I finally received a replacement inner section of my ladder on 2/28. This time a did a full inspection. Unfortunately, the quad-lock hinge does not re-engage without me pounding on it with my hand. This is the part that locks the ladder in A-frame or extension mode so it is important that this is engaged fully. I have posted another picture showing both ladders. The original unit with the bent rung is on the right and the replacement with the broker quad-lock hinge is on the left. You may also notice that the replacement is not anodized like the original.

I think there are serious quality control issues with little giant ladders and would not recommend them unless you can fully inspect it in person before receiving it.
review image review image
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34 of 39 people found the following review helpful
on August 14, 2013
I'm a pipefitting contractor, and since we work off ladders daily i've always been a fan of Little Giants.
All our older Little Giants 1A ladders have held up quite well. We bought the new Xtreme Little Giant in January of this year, and something has changed with this company. The ladder has literally fallen apart from day 1. It's gotten to point now that i'm tired of fixing it and it sits in my shop worth onlyu the price of scrap aluminum.

Best bet- search craigslist for the older versions of these ladders- the new ones suck
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37 of 43 people found the following review helpful
on May 22, 2012
The first ladder came with one of the two hinges being defective. The hinge was not fully locking. There were cosmetic issues with the product as well. replaced the ladder for me. Unfortunately, the replacement came in a torn box and the driver never took it off the truck and took it back. Finally, the third ladder came intact without any damage or defects. However, it did show nicks, small dents, and other random abrasions. My past experience with this brand has been similar where the ladders show various types of cosmetic flaws along with minor to major damage from the factory. That out of the way, the ladder itself functions extremely well. When compared to other ladders of similar type, the quality of materials is very high. The bottom line is that if you can go past the quality control issues that plague this brand, you will be very satisfied with the performance of this ladder. This ladder is relatively expensive. However, there is a definite difference in both the quality and the performance of this product compared to similar ladders on the market.
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36 of 42 people found the following review helpful
on May 23, 2011
The ceiling above my stairway had been peeling for some time, but until I bought this ladder, I had no good way to get to it. I considered several articulating ladders (particularly the Werner) before I settled on the Little Giant, but I've never looked back. This product is carefully thought out, well made and does what it claims to do better than the others I saw. My ceiling is now freshly painted and I moved on to a bedroom ceiling, splitting the ladder into two trestles and using a long board between them for scaffolding. Worked perfectly and made the job a pleasure (if that's possible). Once I'd swallowed the hook on the ladder (17 foot Revolution XE), I ordered nearly all the accessories (step, tool tray, fuel tank, leg leveler extensions and stand-off) and have been just as pleased with them. Yes, it was all ridiculously expensive, but I rationalize that I saved hundreds of dollars doing the jobs myself so it all works out. I like the 17 foot size and was glad I didn't settle on the 13, which I waffled over for some time. The 17 is just more versatile. It is a little heavy, as others have noted, but it earns its keep. Having used it, though, I am definitely glad I didn't go for one of the longer versions, as they would be too heavy for me to handle comfortably. And for my homeowner use, the heavy duty version would definitely have been overkill, just making the ladder heavier and for no good reason as it is already rock solid. Overall, one of the most satisfactory tools I've bought in my tool obsessed life.
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