Customer Reviews: Little Mommy Laugh and Love Baby Doll
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VINE VOICEon August 22, 2013
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Initially my three little daughters were thrilled to get this new dolly, and of course bickered over who got to carry her in the front pack. They thought her babbling was cute and giggled at her burps. They played with her for a couple of days steadily, and sporadically for a couple days after that.

They have not touched her since.

It's obvious to see why, of course. This doll is so filled with technological wonders she is hard and boxy in the middle, not cuddly, and not shaped like a real soft, chubby baby. You can't take her to bed, or with you in the stroller, or under your arm to the store, because she's boxy and loud and awkward. She does about 4 things, but once those things aren't novel anymore, you can't dress her in your other dolls' clothes, or sit her in a little chair, or do much of anything with her. So, naturally, she languishes on the floor.

This has been my experience again and again and again with these "interactive" toys. Folks, there's nothing more interactive than your own imagination, or, even better, yours combined with that of a sibling or friend. Pen and paper, blocks and cups, water and don't have to be a hippie to see there's a much greater value there than in a $50 doll that is doomed to be forgotten after less than a week.
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VINE VOICEon August 2, 2013
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Our 2 1/2 year old granddaughter is at a perfect age for baby dolls (yes, the recommended minimum age is 3.) Today, I took a morning off work to help out her parents and do Gramma duty with just the two of us so... perfect opportunity to test this toy.

1. The talking/baby noises feature is brilliant. The grandgirl loves it and figured them out quickly. Squeeze her hand and she speaks several phrases or makes baby-babbling noises. Put her binky or her bottle (or a little girl finger) in her mouth and she makes sucking noises and moves her head. Brush something against her foot and she giggles and declares that it tickles. Pat her "back" a few times (there's a broad, flat trigger between her shoulders)and she burps or passes gas and excuses herself. Her voice is high pitched, but clear and not at all too loud.

2. The accessories are cute. The "wipes" container is not a success for little bitties - too much fussing to make it work and the pieces are highly "losable" - although an older child might have better luck. The "powder" is cute and I loved watching her powder the baby in all the places her Mama and Daddy powder her. Baby also has a "magic" spoon gimmick that's cute but not impressive. There is also what I think is supposed to be a container of baby food (although not sure why its lid has holes in it.) Her baby carrier is cute; doesn't stay on well.

3. Reasonably good play value. It engaged the grandgirl off and on for a good part of a four-hour visit. In addition to playing with the various features of the doll itself, she also walked the doll and her ever-present soft "Heidi" doll in Gran's toy stroller and tucked them into the wooden cradle made by her great-grandfather for her mother. She played "hold the dolls and spin in a circle until you're dizzy then fall down and fling the dolls across the room and giggle" for a while. She also had a baby doll tea party and sat the baby on the potty she herself doesn't particularly care to use. (Baby doesn't have a name yet.)

1. The packaging is typically nightmarish, requiring a good 10 minutes, a knife, scissors, brute strength and a small nuclear weapon to free the doll and her accessories from the(admittedly cute) box from Hell.

2. The directions are only OK. Check and reset the switch on her back. It has settings for On, Off and Demo. If it's not in full ON, all her features won't work. You may also need to swap out her "demo" batteries. Don't assume the doll doesn't work - just check the switch and whip out those AAs. You'll need a very small Phillips head screwdriver to open the battery compartment, and small fingers to get to it at all because the opening in her onesie is so small and it doesn't come off.

3. Her onesie doesn't come off; it is sewn on and it's not at all clear to me why they did this. This creates two - no, three - definite star-losing issues.
- - a. Her clothes cannot be changed so her little "Mom" can't undress or dress her. This matters in "playing dolls" and it was clear to me that an older child would not like this feature at all. As the grandgirl gets older - if her interest continues - I may just cut the darned onesie off the doll so other things can be put on her.
- - b. If her onesie gets dirty, it will stay dirty.
- - c. It makes changing the battery darned difficult because the opening in the back of the onesie is smaller than the battery cover and compartment.
- - d. Once you undo the velcro-ish fastening at her crotch to put on her diaper, it pretty much isn't going to stay closed after that.

4. Forget the headband and bow in her hair. Just take it off and pitch it. It won't last 20 minutes and the net will get majorly tangled up in her hair.

5. She's not particularly "cuddly." Mostly, she's made of hard parts - head and limbs are not smooth, hard plastic, but they aren't "soft" either. Her torso contains the working parts that make her speak and move her head, which are covered in fabric.

6. Her coloring is garish. I don't know why doll manufacturers do that, but she looks a bit like a baby street-walker on meth.

7. She only had a four-hour initial workout with a 2 1/2 year old, but she seems only marginally sturdy. We'll see.

In all, I would not recommend paying $50 for this doll. The talking feature is very cute, but I'm not sure that's enough to justify the price, considering the immediately obvious drawbacks.

Edit August 29, 2013: I've had the doll for a month and the granddaughter has been over 7 times during that time, 3 of them for several hours by herself. Each time, she has made a bee-line for "Baby." She loves the sounds the doll makes and she plays with it for extended periods, talks to it, imitates it, gets it involved in other play and generally seems to love it. Because she struggled to carry all the little accessories with her wherever she went, I gave her an old purse as a "diaper bag." She is quite the little mama - except, of course, when she uses "Baby" as a soccer ball, tossing toy or to play "Baby fell down."

Her continued interest in the doll has caused me to up my star rating to 4.

I still have my doubts about durability if this doll lived at HER house. Since "Baby" only gets played with when the grand is at our house, it gets considerably less wear and tear than it would if it was at their house.

Update, December 4, 2013: She continues to play with the doll when she visits. It has a name now - "Baby." She's firm about that. Baby's accessories are kept in a "diaper bag" (old purse) and playing "mommy" is still a favorite activity when the grandgirl visits. The onesie is still on and she doesn't appear to mind, although it bugs me that the velcro closure is so very poor. It doesn't seem to matter to her though. I've upped the durability rating to 4 stars, however, because Baby really is holding up very well.

If you have a 2yo, with Christmas coming, I am going to change my mind about recommending this toy. With the price down to $37 (as this is written) I'd buy this if I didn't already own it.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
1 star - Non Operable Interactive Features

Three out of four of the "interactive" doll features did not work. Nothing happened when tickling feet or pushing button on back to burp/hiccup, and the sucks bottle/pacifier did not work. The hand mechanism did work, she giggles, talks and bounces. We changed the three AA batteries and flipped the "try me" switch to "on" but still no luck getting features to work.

The doll is cute, nice detail on face, and any little girl would love all the accessories such as rattle, bottle, food/spoon, diaper with powder and wipes container, good sizes for little hands. The doll's hard plastic carrier with attached straps makes it easy for child to insert doll into it. The box it comes in is very cute too, although a child may have difficulty undoing all the hardware on back of box holding all the pieces to the box. Wish we could give it a better rating but so many of the interactive features just don't work.
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on January 21, 2014
My 2013 Christmas gift was a hit. My niece got several gifts this year, actually a lot and when she opened this one, WOW! Just the way she held close to it and forgot all about the other gifts. I'm glad this gift was a hit. My niece is 4 years old.
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on January 19, 2015
Best doll baby ever maybe!!! Child acts out mommy stuff like this is her own baby some how. :) this doll has made her happy about having it that I can say as well. this is not a one shot toy if your child likes & can roll play a baby dolls mother a little sometimes... "This will help them learn to care for others & see loving & caring can be a good fun feeling for them to & maybe even you when your old in the diapers your kids will wanna help you more...
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on February 19, 2015
My kids think this thing is really cool...when it works....which is about 40% of the time. I don't know what's wrong with it. Even when the battery is fresh (and name-brand, thank you very much) it just *sometimes* does what it is supposed to. There's a burp sensor that works about half the time. There is a something-stuck-in-my-mouth sensor that works about 20% of the time, and only with the paci but almost never with the enclosed bottle. There is also a ticklish foot. It works more like 75% of the time, so, BRAVO on that one!

The "carrier" the doll comes in is weird too. It's hard to figure out how to strap it on, and when you do it right, the baby still sort of hangs out and falls out . It's never really on at the right angle, and I'd love to meet the kid that can manage to strap it on correctly and wear it around in the intended fashion.

This doll also says phrases, but they are the same 3 or 4 over and over and get old really fast.

I usually don't get an attitude about my kids' toys, but this one has pushed me over the edge.
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on January 8, 2014
All one of my grandaughters wanted for Christmas was this baby doll. I foundf it here at Amazon for a lot less then all other places had it and ordered it for her. Thanks Santa another happy little girl on Christmas Morning!
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VINE VOICEon July 23, 2013
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Little Mommy Laugh and Love Baby Doll is a sweet baby girl that measures about 13 inches tall. She is make of firm but soft plastic and has blue eyes and blond hair. You squeeze her right hand and she says all kinds of phrases in a cute baby voice, while her upper body & arms bounce up and down, just like a real baby!

She has ticklish feet and sucks on her bottle & pacifier, which are included accessories. She burps and hiccups, too!
She comes already fitted with 3 AA batteries, and has a pink baby carrier, magic bottle, spoon & bowl set, a ring with pacifiers and more.

She's very cute with an adorable little voice. She's recommended for kids over the age of 3, and I think she'd be a great gift for a little girl 3 or 4 years old, either for a birthday, holiday, or to accompany a real baby sibling; to give your little girl something special she can help out with, and allow her to play mommy too!

Compared to other dolls in her price range, I recommend her. She's sturdy and cute and will be well received by any little one who loves to play mommy!
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on June 7, 2016
This baby is so adorable! My daughter and I spend half the day playing with her. Her sounds are not scary, or odd, she sounds very cute and not annoying at all. She comes with some really cool accessories as well. My daughter loves these, she really keeps active with this baby doll! She takes her everywhere, it doesn't matter where we are going, she is now part of the family, lol. I definitely recommend buying her for any little girl, they will all love her! The best part is, this doll won't annoy you mommy and daddy's out there!
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on September 19, 2013
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
My three year old is baby doll obsessed, we can't go to a single store without her wanting to "pet/hug" all the toy baby dolls.... so of course every new one is a "mama I NEEEEED it". I personally prefer my girls have one or two nice quality classic baby dolls, no batteries, soft and cuddly, and then accessories to go with them... this worked well with my older daughter when she was a toddler but not for my youngest, she adores all of the hard, noisy, interactive dolls. She was thrilled with this "baby" and I liked that it at least looked a bit different with longer hair, like an older baby/toddler (of course I'm not sure why she'd still need a pacifier then or mushy baby food but suspension of disbelief and all my 3yr old doesn't question these things or care). Of course like her toy sisters, bath baby, potty baby, dora gymnastics doll.... she's hard. There is nothing really snuggly or warm & fuzzy about this doll.... you won't be tucking her in with your little girl at night (you may be making sure she's turned off so your cat doesn't trigger her at night and thus scare the crap out of you... true story) but your little girl will likely enjoy playing with her, at least until the novelty wears off. Then she'll sit forgotten in a toy box for a few weeks until she is dug out and suddenly new again. If your girl is like mine and needs lots of different baby dolls I'd say add this one to the mix, she's cute and different from many others... but if you're a one or two doll sort of family, pass and go for a classic instead.
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