Customer Reviews: Learning Tower Kids Adjustable Height Kitchen Step Stool with Safety Rail - Wood Construction, Perfect for Toddlers or Any Little Helper - Quality Preschool Learning Furniture from Little Partners ...
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on December 16, 2006
This is worth the cost!!!!!!!! I hesitated to buy this because of the price. Finally, my mom decided to buy it for my b/g twins for Christmas. They are 19 months old. This is hands down the single best piece of equipment, furniture, or toy we have for them at this point. They absolutely love being able to watch mommy cook and when I need to occupy them for 10 or 15 minutes, I scoot it up to the kitchen sink and let them play in the water. They can both stand on it at the same time and it is a great lifesaver and ARM saver. Have you ever tried holding twins up to watch you do things in the kitchen? Impossible.

The 6 year old neighbor girl down the street comes over twice a week when her mother works. We adjust the platform and viola! She can help out in the kitchen too! This tells me we're going to get YEARS of use out of this. If my kids use it for the next five years, that means we paid roughly 30-40 dollars a year for it. That's 15 dollars per kid a year. Is that worth it? I think so. My guess is that it will resell quite well, so we'll make some of the money back.

As far as design goes... it's a very well made piece of equipment. The screws are counter sunk and the wood is very good quality. It's nice and heavy and there is no chance of it rocking or toppling. I can't say enough good things about it. The twins climb in and out pretty easily and they love it. I'd recommend this thing to anyone. If you can only afford one high cost item this year, I'd consider buying this.
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on June 24, 2011
It was easy to assemble, and it is made of real wood. This thing can support up to 500 lbs. HOWEVER, if you look at the picture, there are 4 opening that are huge, 17 inches long by 13 inches wide. For our 20-month old toddler, we had the platform all the way up. She sat down on the platform, expecting a back rest, and instead she fell off back first. Thankfully, we had it on the living room carpet to let her have a try, and NOT on a tiled kitchen. The fall, in the kitchen, would have been disastrous. By the way, we were both standing next to her when she fell backwards, so this is not one of those "we were away" or "not looking" situations. Now, my husband knows carpentry, and rather than return the product we will make custom made-back rest to three of the holes, since only one is needed for her to get up, and this is the whole that will face the kitchen counter. I am sure the product would work better with older kids, since the platform, as it goes down, naturally creates a protection gap. When using with an 18 to 24 month old child, we certainly recommend protection for 3 of these holes.
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on August 27, 2011
This product was recommended by a Montessori link, and that is why I gave it a try. For the most part, I love it! I get my son to help me cook, mix, wash dishes, and otherwise mingle in all kitchen-related tasks. He learns to help, feels important by contributing to the meal, and also becomes more adventurous in his tastes. He likes to try everything I am working on - and has tasted everything from raw bell peppers, flour, freshly chopped onions (he was not happy about that). It is a lifesaver for all moms trying hard to put a meal on the table with a little one underfoot.

I must complain about the design, however, because it is a serious one: it has four big openings on each side where the whole child can fit (and fall). My boy is 21 months now, in 90th percentile for height and weight, and has fallen twice (he kneeled to pick up something, lost balance, and fell backwards). I was right there, and was able to break his fall, but had I been a few feet away, he would have plopped his head on the tile floor. The second time, he slipped on a piece of tomato he had dropped on the tower floor. I was perfectly aware of the possibility of falling through these openings when I first got the product, so I always kept a foot behind the tower just in case this would happen.

One way we solved this problem was by buying the easel that fits in one of the big openings Little Partners Art Easel - Natural. Then we push the tower against the kitchen cabinets, which takes care of the other big opening. The smaller side openings are less of a concern, but still you need to supervise closely. The easel is a great purchase, especially since it is magnetic. I believe Costco sells the tower and the easel bundled together.

Bottom line, I highly recommend this product with the caveat that you either need to buy the easel, or somehow rig some sort of a barrier around the tower to prevent falling. Little Partners needs to fix this problem. Perhaps for older children this is not an issue, but I see here that many reviewers have gotten it for smaller toddlers.

Now that my kid is 2.5 years old, the safety issues mentioned above are not a problem. He can climb inside and get out on his own and can even push the tower to the spot he is trying to get (a bit of a problem if unsupervised). However, I am much more convinced that this is not for young toddlers. I am much more satisfied with the tower now. He likes it a lot too.
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on July 8, 2010
-So much fun! We've only had it for two days and my 21 month old is constantly climbing into it. She loves being up high and seeing what's going on. So far we've made muffins, used the counter to eat breakfast off of, and bathed her newborn baby brother on the island together. The first day she spent about 3 hours in it!
-Your kid isn't under foot when you're trying to get stuff done in the kitchen, especially dangerous things like opening the oven door and unloading breakable/sharp items from the dishwasher.
-Because my daughter likes hanging out in it and can see, she's not fussing while I'm trying to work in the kitchen. She used to follow me around with her arms in the air crying "up. up. up." and now she just climbs into the tower. Of course it's great to include your kid in whatever activity you're doing since it is the "learning" tower, but sometimes you just need to get the job done and this allows you to do so. I can accomplish so much now while she's happily playing in it.
-Good, sturdy, material
-The child won't outgrow it for many years
-Looks nice in the kitchen

-My daughter can push it around the kitchen and therefore reach surfaces I'd rather her stay away from. We're going to try putting felt or rubber on the bottom and see if that helps.
-Takes a little practice learning how to get in and out of. My daughter has gotten out on her own a few times, but usually yells for help. She does great getting in, but one time when we had the platform lower she did a face plant and busted her lip. She bends forward onto the platform and just throws her whole body onto it. I'm sure she'll have it figured out in a couple days though.
-Other reviews state that the feet stick out and can be a tripping hazard. According to the manufacturer's website those feet are optional. We left them off and it seems plenty sturdy.
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on September 16, 2015
I was really excited to buy this Learning Tower. It's pricey but I figured it would be worth it to get a high quality item. I was very disappointed when our Learning Tower arrived; we had chosen the red one and the paint job was poor. Several pieces were stuck together and the paint came off when we pulled them apart (see pictures). Our brand new Learning Tower looked used and beat up right out of the box. My daughter was so excited to get it that we went ahead and let her use it. I contacted Little Partners to see if they could send us replacement pieces, or at least some matching paint so we could fix it up. No response. I was surprised, since Little Partners had actually emailed me before we received the package to see if we were satisfied. A month later, I sent a follow up email, this time somebody wrote back that they would send us replacement parts. A month later, nothing has arrived. I sent another follow up email but no response. Functionally, it works, but not surprisingly, the paint chipping has rapidly gotten worse. I would not recommend this to anybody because at this price point, you really should have more responsive customer service. If you want to buy one, consider getting a natural colored stool, or just buying used since it may look used to begin with.
review image review image
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on March 6, 2015
We love this. My daughter can now participate in the kitchen while I make dinner. She loves being in the learning tower and right next to us when we are in the kitchen. She even has snack time in the tower because she has such a good time when she is using it.
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on November 16, 2008
We bought this item for our son after a friend of ours got one for their little kid. It is awesome! Now, I don't have to worry about putting things into or taking things out of a hot oven because I can place my son in it and do my business in the kitchen without having him underfoot. Also, it allows him to reach the counter, so he can "help" by playing with his kitchen bowls while I do the real thing. He's still too young to help with mixing and such. When the time comes, though, he'll be able to stand at counter level and see how I do things. The added bonus is that the platform on which he stands is adjustable, so it can be dropped as he grows taller. Also, The Learning Tower comes with a shade that can be draped over the top to form a type of puppet theatre. I highly recommend this if you have a very curious little one that likes to be in the kitchen with you. It's great.
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on January 14, 2014
The tower is very nice and does its job. BUT the paint smell is impossible! I wish i would ordered the natural finish and not a color.
It is winter time and my house has all the windows closed. The smell cant go anywhere, I even got a migraine.
I wouldnt recommend any color, get the natural finish.
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on September 29, 2012
After spending a lot of time researching similar products, I finally settled on the Learning Tower for my 2-year old daughter. There's nothing really wrong with this product per se. It was easy to assemble, is sturdy, attractive and well-constructed. However, I wouldn't buy it again and I wouldn't recommend others buy it either. Why? Because a $20 step stool will do the same job. Before purchasing this, I was using a step stool for my daughter to help me in the kitchen, and it worked well enough. But I liked the idea that the Learning Tower would completely surround her while she was helping out. I also liked that it was heavy, so I wouldn't have to worry about it slipping. For a one-to-two year old, these are legitimate concerns. But my 25 month old is pretty well-coordinated and I'm no longer concerned that she may slip or fall off the step stool. Even if she does, it's a short fall and I doubt she'd get seriously hurt.

Within a week of receiving it, we were back to using our old step stool and the Learning Tower was pushed up against a wall out of the way. The Learning Tower is heavy, which is both an advantage and disadvantage. It's advantageous in that you won't have to worry about it slipping around while your child is standing on it. However, it's too heavy for my daughter to push around to different locations by herself. If she's helping me prepare something on the counter and then wants to wash her hands at the sink, I have to slide the whole thing over for her. It's heavy and big, so I feel like it's always in the way. In order for it to be functional for my daughter, it has to be pushed up against the kitchen counter, which effectively blocks access to whatever is stored in the cabinets below. If I need a cutting board or colander, I can move it to the left. But then that blocks me from getting silverware, oven mitts, cooking utensils and kitchen towels. If I move it to another location, it blocks me from getting at my pots and pans. If I move it to another location, it blocks my dishwasher. I don't have a small kitchen, but I do use all my cabinets, so I find it annoying to have to be constantly moving this big heavy piece of furniture around while I'm trying to prepare a meal. If I could leave it one spot at the counter, I would probably use it more. Nevertheless, my step stool does the same job, so I wouldn't pay $200 for the Learning Tower again.
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on January 5, 2013
We LOVE our Learning Tower, and use it many times every day, but, as other reviewers have noted, the huge openings are a SERIOUS DANGER. Our daughter (age 2) fell out the back of it while bending down to get something that fell on the platform. I was just a few feet away, but she was on the floor before I could even move. Her head and back hit the hard floor at the same time, so we feel lucky she was not seriously injured. We immediately closed off the holes with cardboard from a big box (one big piece of cardboard that wraps around on the inside), which has worked fine (we just lift her in and out of it), though cardboard is obviously hard to clean, so we'll have to replace it frequently, which may get annoying. Having said all that, we really love having the Learning Tower and use it several times a day most days. Our daughter eats breakfast and snacks in it, "helps" me cook and sometimes plays in it (e.g., with playdough). Bottom line: I would not recommend the Learning Tower for a child under 3 without closing off the holes, but if you're willing to go to the trouble of closing them off, I think it's a really useful thing to have.
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