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on October 21, 2009
From all the reviews I've read before purchasing this game I was a little skeptical that it wouldn't be for me. I was wrong. Matter fact I purchased it for my 5 year old boy first, just to keep him away from some of my other games while I'm at work. And you know what? This game stays in the PS3 all day. Not only that, when I get home from work the first thing he wants to do is play Little BIG planet. Its fun for me and him. I was hoping for simplified controls like a Mario plat former with just a jump button. But he's figured out how to use the Dual Shock 3 just as good as me. With the main buttons, X to jump and R1 to grab things, it couldn't be any easier. He also knows how to change their clothes and apply stickers and so on. This game is simple, plain and easy. The only problem he may have is figuring out that the game has some physics involved. Running faster to get further jumps, holding the jump button longer, how to jump on springs like objects to get higher takes a little timing that I even have trouble with. This game has plenty of levels, I play maybe an hour a day since I bought it and still have not finished everything. You can also make your own levels, download levels that others have created online, and play with people online. This game has infinite replay if you get into the community. Also, If you want to teach a child how to be greedy with items than this game is for you. I forgot to say that this game is fun for me too. Glad purchased it and you'll be too. One if the few must own exclusives for the PS3, this is coming from a 360 lover.
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on March 27, 2010
I bought this game because it looked like something my wife and I could enjoy together. The first game we'd gotten for the PS3, Ratchet and Clank: A Crack in Time, hadn't really appealed to her. And I wanted to get something we'd both like.

At its core, LittleBigPlanet is just another platforming game in the long line going back to the early Mario Bros. games. The gameplay is good, but nothing radically different from earlier platforming games. But there are several things that take LBP from good to great:

i) The detailed artwork and music - The visuals and music on the story levels are fantastic. Each level has a recognizable look and feel that is designed to evoke a particular mood. The music is catchy and adds another level to the game.

ii) Sackboy personalization - As silly as it sounds, the ability to change the sackboy's outfit, skin, and accessories makes the game a lot more fun. This ability, combined with the fact that additional personalization options open up throughout the game, means that you can spend a surprising amount of time dressing up (and re-dressing up) your sackboy.

iii) The community levels - I have been absolutely amazed at some of the levels that so-called amateurs put together. While some of the community levels are poorly conceived, there are incredible gems out there. Many of these levels are just as good as the story levels. If I had the time (and the skill) it would be a lot of fun to build my own level and share with the community.

This is a great game and I highly recommend it. We've gotten hours and hours worth of fun out of it.
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on November 20, 2009
We got a PS3 at the price drop, lots of us did! It was easy to find blu-rays for me and the wife, I got a nice role playing game for myself, and out boys were easy to shop for as well. Lots of first person shooters to choose from of course. But what to do about out 7 year old daughter? There is a dirth of family or female oriented games for the PS3. Enter LittleBigPlanet.

Not that it is a girl's game, it is a people's game. Our daughter does indeed love it, she dresses up her sackgirl and enjoys new levels for the fun and fashion choices. Sometimes, she just tries out and displays different looks. Not my cup of tea, but then that is the point. It is really the only PS3 game she regularly plays.

The rest of us enjoy it too. I usually game a bit after the kids have gone to sleep, and I play LBP much more than I ever imagined. My wife, who rarely plays video games, will play this one. The game is utterly charming. It is a good game without the wonderful, whimsical world, but the world, the animations, the music even, create a game experience that is wholesome, warm, and inviting.

This is a different experience in gaming. I suggest you get the game of the year edition so you start out with more levels and more costumes. Your children, or even your inner child, will thank you.

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on April 8, 2010
A perfect fun game for everyone!! The best part is us parents can play with our kids of all ages and actually have a good time in doing so!
The best part IMO is that my 2 children, a boy and girl, that argue like cats and dogs, actually get along when helping each other through the levels. This game encourages co-operation!!!!! Both kids share in the goodies along the way.

Being on the online community also adds more levels and more variety!

This is a true 'family game'. Somebody finally did it right!
I recommend this version, full of more fun, for all families.
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on August 31, 2010
It doesn't matter what type of games you play, shooters, RPGs, platformers, puzzle, etc. you will appreciate aspects of LittleBigPlanet and will enjoy what it has to offer as there is no denying this an impressive take on the traditional platformer.

GRAPHICS: Beautiful, the textures are gorgeous and the game runs as smooth as it possibly could, online or off, 4 players or 1. The best graphics I've seen in a side-scrolling platformer. The detail is great though you may not notice things like reflections in the score bubbles at first glance. Technically sound and visually impressive.

GAMEPLAY: Your mom could play this game. There are only two buttons, jump and grab, and you move left to right (or right to left). It is complicated a bit by the 2.5D setting, meaning there are 3 levels of "depth" to the layout, but you get used to it quickly. There is technically nothing "new" added to the platform genre, ie moving platforms, large jumps, and springs that shoot you up in the air, but the level design is so innovative and smart and there will be plenty of times you'll think "Wow that is really cool, they could never do that in Mario." Of course all this pales to the best feature of the gameplay, PHYSICS, which is what gives you that "Mario needs to catch up" feeling. The physics are rock solid, just a hair above realistic to let you do some fun things but when you're swinging from grapple to grapple attached to a bungee cord and your sackboy is holding on for dear life punping his legs to getthat extra inch before you jump, it always feels right. Utilizing objects in the environment is perfect and they move with realistic weight. A light tap of the X button yields a small jump while pressng harder yields a much higher jump.
The only hit to gameplay is that with 3 or 4 players the camera can struggle to keep up with the action, but while this may cause some (very) minor annoyances, it prompts groups to work together, stay close, and leave no man (or woman) behind.

CUSTOMIZATION: For a platformer, the game has an unprecedented amount of customization. Each level is packed with goodies that allow you to alter the appearance of sack boy (or girl), from the simple: changing his color or add polka dots, to the complex: adding a george washington style wig with pilgrim pants and a spear for him to carry (in case the natives attack...). Add to that the customization of your "Pod," which is like your home base, and no one will ever have two setups that are the same. You can add hundreds of decorations and even choose music from your hard drive to play while you wait in between levels. Throw in a level creator that is so detailed you could technically recreate anything that the game developers created, and the overall level of customization is unparalleled in the genre. Keep in mind though, that creating a detailed level will take a lot of time, the tool is very comprehensive but you wont be creating a level in minutes.

CO-OP: Cooperative play is where the game shines, it was built for this and is the single reason Nintendo created New Super Mario Bros. Wii to compete. Online play is a snap and people can jump in and out of your games with ease, up to 4 people on a level at once. Inviting players is easy and co-op works just as strongly offline. Certain parts of levels are only accessible with 2 or more players so there is always incentive to have a friend or 2 or 3 along for the ride.

REPLAY VALUE: The only real knock I agree with on the game is that the story mode is short. I can't disagree, but keep in mind there is a lot of content in each level, it scores you against your friends as well as the world online and will let you know how many items you missed on the level giving you plenty of reason to play through multiple times to get that 100% completed. You WILL want to achieve some of these things. Also, as of now there are tons of detailed user created levels to keep you busy, when the game first released the online community was lacking but as updates have come and users have gotten used to the level creator there are some impressive ones out there, I suggest searching by hghest rated to get solid levels. GOTY edition comes with a few downloadable packs, about 20 total additional levels and a ton of extra stickers, decorations, costumes, and clothes to increase the aforementioned customization.

This game is for EVERYONE. Men take heed, your girlfriend who has never touched a videogame and scoffs at you when you choose to play over spending time with her will be intrigued as soon as you turn this title on. The cuteness of the characters alone will make her ask "what is this?" Women, take note, this is an easy to pick up and play game you can finally share with that Call of Duty shooting, Halo alien fighting boyfriend of yours. There are only 2 buttons, so if that 43-button PS3 controller looks too intimidating compared to the 2 button NES controller you played Super Mario on when you were a kid, rest easy, you only need two buttons to jump and grab, that simple. This is one of the best titles for PS3, hands down, the critics know it, the players know it, now stop reading and go find out for yourself.
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on January 26, 2013
I bought this new, excited because of the good reviews.
Disappointment and frustration are what I feel. The design is overly cute to a fault. At first it seems charming and idiosyncratic but soon becomes frustating and repetitive.

Let me start with the least of my issues, the look and feel/design. Everything looks like a toy and there are alot of wacky sound effects but after hearing the same monkey howl 20 times and having to hit a button to dismiss the same non-essential narrative caption because you can't bounce just exactly right off a flexible platform in the middle of a level, you might get annoyed like I did.

That brings us to the fatal flaw of this game, the mushy controls and physics. I like platforming games, I grew up in the 80s with the first Mario Brothers stuff. With LBP, I have decided to sell my copy after getting through only the first three levels.

In those first 3 levels, it is explained that there are three levels of depth in this horizontally scrolling platformer. This mechanic is not intuitive at all, and you will find yourself jumping into spike pits due to it.

The fourth single player level features a springboard mechanic that I tried and tried to work through many, many times. After dying 4 or so times, the game reset me to the beginning of the level, where I had to endure the same animations and play over and over and over.

Apparently alot of people have had no problem with the mechanics and timing here. Kudos to them. I just don't have the skills/patience to get through that challenge, and the game is not motivating me with graphics or story enough to care- it feels like a design flaw (too difficult, maybe on accident, maybe intentional) to me. It's not intuitive what I should be doing nor are there enough cues to clue me in to the timing of actions. This was a control-throwing level of frustration for me.

Rayman Origins offers more appealing graphics / design for me, there are time limits to levels which make playing feel more intense, and the mechanics and physics are rock solid. Rayman was a hard game for an older, casual gamer like me that offered it's own frustrations, but the main storyline levels are a pleasure to get through and the graphics are beautiful compared to the pixelated LBP SP3 look.
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on April 8, 2010
I bought a PS3 more or less just for this game. It can be little frustrating moving in three dimensions in a side-scrolling platformer, but other than that it is a great time for all. The game is simple, the levels are fun (especially some of the user generated content), and the music is great. I would recommend this to any one who loves video games.
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VINE VOICEon March 14, 2011
After hearing tons of amazing reviews on LBP and having recently purchased a PS3 I felt obligated to play this game. It's a love it or hate it game for most and the general consensus of reviews had been positive. So from all the "must buy" and "revolutionary" statements about the game I needed to see it for myself.

Gameplay 6 of 10

Were I to compare this to any other game in history it would have to be Super Mario World from the SNES. It is quite simply put a platform game. There are various mechanisms used and some advancement in how you go about getting from place to place, but essentially your goal is to reach the end of a level intact. The style is unfortunately the most off-putting portion of the game for me. It's not even that the game looks like a five year old designed it. It's that the general feel of the game is so simplistic, so geared toward average or casual gamers. I suppose I am still on the fringe because I can't relate to this game at all. Despite the fact that some older or hardcore type gamers find it interesting, it was clearly designed with a toddler in mind.

You play as a "Sackboy" who is on an adventure to somewhere through this Little Big Planet made of sackcloth, cardboard and all manner of toy box items. It is very imaginative and some will definitely consider it cute. What bothers me most about the gameplay are the limited movement options. You can run, jump and grab onto things. That's it. There is literally nothing else your sackboy can do. Jumping takes you maybe the height of sackboy off the ground at best.
Levels average out to be around 15-20 minutes each by the end of the game, depending on how difficulty and your skill level. The planet is shaped like Earth, with all our continents and countries have 4-6 levels each. So far I'd been in Central America, Japan and Europe I believe. This mostly determines the artistic style of the level and a few of the gadgets you'll use.

What you are trying to do is pick up these bubbles throughout each level. Some contain nothing (like coins from Mario) and others contain stickers and objects for decorations. And you try to get the high score for that level which you can compare with your friends and what not. These stickers can be used to decorate your box or user created levels as well as programmed levels. I did not bother with the level creator, because I wasn't that impressed with the main game and I'm not very imaginative myself.

Difficulty 8 of 10 (10 being hardest)
As many have explained, this game could not be conquered by a mere child. And I agree with the sentiment. The reason is not just because it's challenging. And this killed most of the fun for me. After playing for a few days I found myself losing interest rather quickly as the mechanics have a lot to be desired. For example when you grab onto things you have to let go to jump and opposed to jumping as you let go. Also, when you press the jump button it not's actually programmed to jump the same every time. It is the worst part of the mechanics. There is no sprint, no double jump and really no special ability at all. These are all almost obligatory in a platforming game. And in a sense, by making it more simplistic they made the game harder to complete as well. This seems counter-intuitive.

Graphics 9 of 10
The visuals in LBP are really impressive in many ways. It appears that someone dumped a toy box out and put the pieces in this game. But the shading and light and reflections really bring the brilliance of the colors to life. Graphics are definitely the crowning achievement for LBP in my opinion. They still look good compared to current games; maybe not mind blowing but very good nonetheless.

Level Design 7 of 10
I'd say the levels are definitely inventive and provide a continuous change of scenery. It can be fun for a while. And I'm sure there are some hardcore gamers that even liked this game. But once again, the game really takes a step or two back in complexity. The levels are essentially 2D with a few inches of depth, like hiding spots for the stickers. What I believe this game was really designed to do is hide a basic 2D platform game under the guise of a supposedly revolutionary 3D game which appeals to a large audience because the learning curve is so flat.

Incentives and Fun Factor 5 of 10
This is ultimately the reason I decided to get rid of this game. It offers no reason for me to replay it and the fun becomes boredom by the end. At best it is mildly entertaining to press the action button over and over. At worst it will frustrate the living daylights out of you. Stickers and decorating my cardboard box are the incentive? I'm sorry but that is easily the lamest idea of extras I've ever heard of. Outfits are really the only redeeming factor in the incentive dept. which are various in type and number. Such things as an Elizabethan outfit or the Solid Snake outfit are fun to wear but still have that persona of a toy box.

I can see how people are drawn to this game, but if you strip away the graphics and the level creator what are you really left with? In essence, this is IMHO Super Mario Brothers 3. In fact, it's less complex than even that. What needs to be considered is the reason why it's rated so high. One needs to really take into account the type of people reviewing this with critical acclaim. I challenge you as a potential buyer to go through the reviews and find three reviews that are a.) longer than a single paragraph (or sentence!) b.) says anything about the controls c.) from a person that has reviewed a single other game. I believe the main problem is that when a new genre is created or an old one is re-imagined people automatically tout it as amazing because they want a break from FPS games. But if you take a closer look, it's really not that impressive. There are far better platform games - Ratchet and Clank for example. I would recommend that if the artistic quality intrigues you then you should definitely rent it. But otherwise, this is a casual gamer's dream game.
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I love the attitude of cooperation this endears in its players. Some levels can be completed on one's own, but many of the levels require at least one other player to cooperate with grabbing, dragging, jumping and other maneuvers. This can be a strategy game, but it's also skill. It's charming to see the little prizes one can win and what one can do with them, and the fact that authors can create new levels is nothing short of kewl! As I don't have a playing partner at home, I often find the random person online to play with... knowing nothing about them, but soon finding out what we can teach each other. It's hours upon hours of adorable fun!
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on February 9, 2015
First off, you should know that my husband and I are casual video gamers so we are VERY selective about the games we purchase and play. In general, we like games that do not take themselves too seriously, have clear goals or steps to follow, include puzzles that require some thought but are not overly-challenging, can be played in front of children without worry of the content, and are more enjoyable than stressful to play. We also prefer games with the multi-player option so my husband and I can play together and work on teamwork/communication. At first we felt Little Big Planet met all of those criteria and played a few levels before purchasing the game, however we got so frustrated partway through the game that we never finished it.

What we loved about the game was its creativity, unique game play, tons of silly/fun elements like stickers to outfits, multiple lives for each portion of the level, and very very enjoyable to replay. In fact, my husband and I have never laughed so much in a game... or had so much fun outside of playing levels. Some days all was did was simply create new characters.

The game goes from enjoyment and reasonably challenging levels to EXTREMELY frustrating and unreasonable levels. The Mines (11 levels into the game) was the first level that really gave us trouble. Every time we played the level we died in some new way and when playing as a team we never were able to pass the level... parts of the level would render slightly different each time or areas just were not designed to have two players play it at once. In my opinion, if the programmers just cut out the running from a burning boulder at the very end of the level... we could have beaten the Mines in a far sooner time frame while it still being a reasonably challenging level. Eventually, I had to play the Mines level by myself over 25 times to beat it without dying and earn the prizes.... Also, the side mini-game that came with the Mines called Roller Run was very difficult to figure out, let alone master, and I still have not been able to beat the medium or hard levels. My husband only beat all three Roller Run levels after extreme frustration and stress. At that point, my husband and I had hoped the Mines and Roller Run were the only levels in the game that were needlessly difficult to beat and stressful.... and for a time we were having fun again with the game. But then... we reached Sensei's Lost Castle (16 levels into the game). No matter how hard we tried, we died climbing those roller wheels up and down the walls with fire on both sides to kill us. Each time we restarted the level is took us a great deal of effort to return to that point in the level and most often we died before reaching that point... so after only like 1 in 8 attempts would we arrive deep enough into the level to die on the roller wall withe fire yet again. We were unable to beat this level at all and move forward, so we took a break and returned to the Endurance Dojo (the previous level) in the attempt to complete it without dying (to earn prizes.) However, we were not able to beat this level without dying and that was after quite a number of tries. With the impossibility of earning all the prizes in level 15 (even though we were able to do so in all of the previous levels) and the impossibility of even passing the halfway mark in level 16 (the end was never in sight like with the Mines).... my husband and I realized the game no longer had any fun for us and we decided to pause from playing it entirely. At later dates, we tried to come back and finish the game, but each time we became so frustrated at level 16, that even when my husband finally beat it months ago.... we have never returned to the game. Instead we have played LEGO Lord of the Rings and LEGO Marvel.... and are replaying older video games that we enjoy.

Overall, I give this game a 3/5 and do not feel it is worth buying. If a game is clearly aimed at children it should be completable by children and their parents. If a game is too frustrating and destroys the joy of playing the game... then the game is pointless and a waste of your money.

In my opinion, programmers need to create children's games that are dobable for the whole family, because a happy family enjoying the video game together will buy sequels and add-ons to keep the fun going. This game failed on all of that.... Therefore the LEGO games like Star Wars and Lord of the Rings will far surpass Little Big Planet in longevity and fan base.
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