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Platform: Sony PSPChange
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on December 21, 2009
I bought the PS3 last year mostly for the blue-ray player. Little did I know that this grandma would become a huge fan of LBP. I play with other SackBoys & Girls from all over the world. With over 1.6 million user created levels as of Dec 2009, the game has no end. But what to do when traveling? Now you can take LBP with you on your PSP.

This version does not have the depth and detail of the PS3 version, but the fun factor is still there. Great new levels, cool music, and portability rates 5 stars. Built on the smaller PSP platform, there is no multi-player function. You can still create your own levels and publish them to the web. You can download other player creations to your PSP and play them whenever & wherever you want (no need to be online). I found it much easier to create on the PSP than the PS3 as there are only 2 planes of play instead of 3 and you are only limited by your imagination.

I highly recommend LPB for the PSP and PS3. My grandkids have the WII, XBox and many games.. but it's LBP they want to play! So Santa is bringing it to them this Christmas. Now we will be able to explore new Sack Worlds and create our own levels together. They will also learn how to co-operate to make it through Sack Worlds, create their own costumes, decorate their pods (bedrooms), and play online with other Sack Kids. They will learn physics (and not even realize it).Bolts, winches, bombs, gas, elastics, string, stickers, stone, wood, glass are just a few items that are used to create levels (Video training included). This game is family fun at it's best and LBP for PSP just lets you take it on the road!
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on November 20, 2009
I picked up this game and was a little worried how it would compare to the PS3 version. Well, I can tell you this game is loads of fun and well worth the price. The levels are fairly large and the graphics are incredible. Plus you can make levels yourself and also download other's levels. The controls on this game are also spot-on. So far I feel this is one of the best game for the PSP. I was justing thinking about selling my PSP, not now.
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on November 19, 2009
I pre-ordered this game, and received it the 17th.

I beat it the next day.

However, the game never ends, as you are always re-playing the levels, accessing things you couldn't before. And then the reason why I bought it. Making levels!

Anything is possible, with switches, gears, pistons, and multiple materials.

Overall, 5/5.
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on December 16, 2009
I have wanted to play Little Big Planet ever since I saw the ads on TV for the PS3 version. However, I don't have a PS3 and couldn't justify spending so much money to play just one game. (Also, when I game it's either on my PC or PSP) So naturally I was thrilled to find out they had come out with a PSP version, but first I decided to play the demo. After that I knew I had to have this game in one version or another. (UMD or download) I'm not really good at this type of game at all, which is why I normally stick with RPGs, but about a week and a half ago I decided to put some time aside and download LBP from the Playstation Store (which took about 2 hours, btw). I was happily surprised at how much fun it is. The controls are really simple, which is great for someone that doesn't have the best coordination. The puzzles are a lot of fun to figure out once you get used to a certain "rhythm." The graphics are nice, even on an old PSP system. The costumes are ultra cute, and the game-play is not so tedious that it gets frustrating like a lot of games do. I can't comment on the custom level building as I am still playing through the story mode. Overall, I'm very happy I decided to buy LBP (PSP). I hope there will be a sequel. <3
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on December 1, 2009
this game is amazing in all aspects. It is fun, addicting, it can be easy if you simply want to make it through the levels (though not always too easy!) or hard if you wish to collect all of the items (which is also sometimes fairly simple). I got lucky and bought this game on a sale on black friday, but for the rest of you, the only downside to this game is the price. It is well worth it though because this game is truely never ending. Once you complete the levels that come with the game you can go on the internet and download thousands of levels that other psp users make. Each level downloads in about 3 seconds and are just as fun as the levels that come with the game. You can also create your own levels and play them online! This game is just fantastic and I highly reccomend it to anyone who wants to get a kick out of their PSP again. FIVE STARS!
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on January 4, 2010
In short, this game is finally a good reason to own a psp. I own Little Big Planet for the PS3 and it is actually the only game that I have not sold off out of boredom. I originally was worried that this game would be a horrible downscale of the mother version, but I am happy to be wrong. All the levels are new, lots of new skins and custom clothing. Same ability to create and download new content. In all, just think of this a a brand new game. Still looks great in comparison to the console version as well.

The game itself is very fun. It is basically the Sony version of Super Mario Brothers (but fun). Customize your character with colors, materials and clothing and solve platforming levels using physics and fun. Online content is great as well. True, a good 80% of it is bad or just rehashed good stuff, but 20% of thousands makes a good number of additional content. Still blown away buy the state machine calculators that people have made.

Nothing seems to have been lost in this version, though I'm not sure if multiplayer is available. All of your moves are there, grab things, ride things, ride on the back of things and grab a cannon to shoot at a dragon chasing you. All good stuff.

If you love the PS3 game, then this is no contest. Great game and worth every penny. If you are a person whom does not own the PS3 version, no worries, this plays like a stand alone game that will promise many hours of entertainment.
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on April 11, 2013
I got this game for free after the PlayStation Network was hacked a year or two ago and really love to play it. It is actually so good I would have payed full price for it if it was not available for free.

This game is totally unique and fun. You play though tons of puzzle type levels that have a decent story to them and then when you have beat it you can:

A: Go back and get a better score on whatever levels you pick.
B: Go to the Moon and make your own custom level then go play what other people have made by going to the Community Moon.

So this is a amazing game if you are tiredly the shooter games or if you just don't like shooters. Defiantly pick this game up if you are in the mood to think.
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on December 5, 2009
WHAT A GREAT GAME! Sony really dropped the ball by quietly releasing this game with not that much marketing. This could possibly save the PSP; it's that great. This is my favorite PSP game that I have played. Sorry Kratos even better that God of War Chains of Olympus. This made a GREAT jump from the PS3 to the PSP and does not lose that much in the graphics either. Its still the great fun game that you fell in love with on the PS3 last year. Please note that all the levels are new to this version and not a rehash of the PS3 game. There is no multi-player mode. The PSP screen would be way too small. I am about halfway done with the game and savoring every moment. I don't want to complete it because its so great. Its a good game to play for long periods or short periods if you just want to complete a level or two. BUY THIS GAME. If you are think about buying a PSP now there is a reason.
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on November 11, 2010
I'm one of those people who played this game prior to owning the PS3 version. Actually, the reason I bought the original PS3 game is because of this. Alongside Chains of Olympus and Peace Walker, this is an essential PSP game to own. Either of the 3 can be argued to be the absolute best on the platform. In any case, I wouldn't be bothered by anyone who said that this is the best game for the PSP. I already reviewed LittleBigPlanet for the PS3 and mentioned that this game does certain things better than that version. With the lack of multiplayer, this game was forced to be an excellent single player experience, and it is.

The controls are very tight. On the PS3, I found myself sliding around a tad too much after making a long jump to a narrow platform, so I usually fell off and died. LBP PSP eliminates that problem completely. Jumping is more precise.

While the levels don't have 3 fields of depth and tons of things going on in the background, the creative themes and puzzles throughout the levels overshadows that. Each creator curator has a certain theme and 3 or 4 levels to correspond to that theme (Alps, Middle Eastern, Hollywood). On the PS3, each level seemed completely random and only a few had recognizable themes. The music in this portable version meshed better with the levels than the PS3 version. Overall, the levels offer more of a challenge, and there are twice as many puzzles as the PS3 version. You aren't always just running and jumping like Mario.

As far as the graphics go, of course they aren't PS3 caliber. But, it looks and plays so much like the PS3 version it's scary. I know people praise Ghost of Sparta and Peace Walker for their graphics, but IMO LBP PSP is the real graphical showcase for the PSP.

One downside to the game are the load times. There are some loooooooooooooong load times before each level. I've found that they vary in length. Sometimes they are 30 seconds. Other times they are around the 1 minute mark. It makes me wonder why some of the game data couldn't be installed like Peace Walker.

In conclusion, this game is a must have. If you don't like the PS3 version, you may like this more surprisingly. I know that sounds crazy, but at first I didn't like the PS3 version because I thought this was so much better compared to LBP PS3's single player levels. It's still true that I enjoy more levels on here than the PS3 original. If you need to know more about LBP ask me in the comments or read my review of the original. Thanks for reading!
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on January 7, 2010
The PS3's LittleBigPlanet was a game about unbridled creativity. Anything was possible, so long as you had the patience to glue it all together. LBP's younger brother for the PSP shares its title but is too often about compromise. While the charm, intricate level design and adorable Sackboys have survived the transition, much of what made the original special has been sent to the scrapheap.

LBP is a classic case of "can we/should we." From a technical standpoint, the game is a marvel. Just in case you're not up to speed on the PS3 predecessor - something you need to rectify immediately - LBP is a sidescrolling platformer that allows users to create their own levels from scratch and upload them online. Everything is customizable, from motion-sensing switches to lighting effects to enemy movement patterns. The PSP edition retains this exhaustive level editor and bustling online community. You can download user-made levels on the go, and for that alone, the guys at Studio Cambridge should be patted on the back. I just wish these new worlds had some texture.

More than a year after its release, LBP for the PS3 still pops off the screen. Everything looks and "feels" like its real-life equivalent. Sponges, wood, fruits and other inanimate objects all have the right textures, making it seem as if they were cobbled together to form the ultimate block fort. In other words, the presentation is integral to the experience. I understand that this would be asking too much of the PSP LBP, but the bland presentation is still a letdown. Where once there was the grain of wood and the slick sheen of glass there is now just flat, dull colors. Decals and knickknacks help, but the vibrancy of the source material is lost.

It also hurts that you can't rope in some buddies to "help" you complete the game. Multiplayer has been cut from the game completely, and while you can still share scores online, the world feels a little sparse without a few companions around to obnoxiously pull you into spiky pits.

Luckily, while Studio Cambridge's levels lack visual punch and team spirit, they're nearly as inventive as the original PS3 batch. They're inspired by world cultures ranging from the Australian Outback to a Hollywood set, and there are enough clever gimmicks packed into each to keep things interesting. Some levels feature a few too many fetch quests - dragging oil barrels in a desert oasis comes to mind - but you're guaranteed to find a few favorites.

Along the way, you may stumble a bit more often than what you're used to, as the LBP games feature multiple planes and floaty physics. Those problems are compounded with the smaller screen size. You'll find yourself getting your Sackfeet stuck in the environment because its harder to discern what's in the foreground and background. Thank goodness that the third plane was dropped.

Of course, the pack-in levels are well-designed and intricate, but what will ultimately determine whether or not this handheld DIY platformer retains its spot on my memory card is the online community. Amateur level designers have been entertaining me on the PS3 since last fall, but here...the jury's still out. All the tools are there, and I've already found winners, but few stand up well to the Cambridge creations. I'm also hoping that we see some of the console DLC that could add even more tools to the box - the paintball gun, water and dozens of new surfaces.

I'm a big fan of the franchise but torn on this particular entry. It's still cute, it's still ingenious and it's still fun, but the magic isn't quite there. The game is absolutely worth it if you don't own a PS3 or just can't get enough of the original (like me), but for everyone else, I suggest saving your money for the Pirates of the Caribbean pack and other add-ons for the big boy version.

--Reviewed by Justin Hemenway
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