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on June 4, 2016
OK, first of all: many of the negative reviews here can be summed up as "I did not read the description carefully and thus I'm mad that the DVDs have only 5.1 audio and no video". It's clearly written on the physical package and in all online descriptions exactly what this box contains, so while I agree that combining the "Video Box" they also came out with, with this one, would have been an amazing value, it is what it is. So, I'll review the actual package rather than wishing that the band, who can put out whatever they want as it's their body of work, not mine, did it this way.

I own the 1970-75 and 1976-82 box sets, as well as the individual "Invisible Touch" remix set. While the Gabriel era box is pretty fantastic, it is a bit too compressed and there are problems with the remix (bits of vocal that are different from the original, and an awful, weak ending to "Supper's Ready" that really ruins the climax). The '76-82 set is worse, as the compression is really noticeable and some CDs sound too shrill. On the new wavey "Abacab", this actually works, as the slamming drums and nasty keys sound good juiced--but not so much on, say, "One for the Vine". Overall, I dig the remixes for the new insights and clarity, but I do feel Nick Davis went overboard on the loudness, sadly.

Not so here on the Live Box! Davis and the band must have taken the criticisms to heart, because the Live albums are not nearly so juiced, and are eminently "crankable". I think that overall they sound great. I'm focusing on stereo, as I have not spent time with the 5.1 mixes yet, and don't really care about that so much (of course, many do, and I'll let them discuss!). Genesis Live (1973) is a revelation. This is my favorite Genesis album of the early era, because of the gritty and exciting live sound. It always sounded good to me but here it is cleaned up and you can hear parts you never could pick out before. My only gripe (a constant one in all the remixes) is that Hackett is lower in the mix, consistently. Man, if I were Steve I'd be pretty pissed at that revisionist history. Still, it's not egregious, and overall the record sounds great--especially Rutherford's Rickenbacker bass, which finally is distinguishable. The "bonus" tracks, from the L.A. Shrine "Lamb" show in '75, previously appeared on the Archive box. They are fine, but really make little sense here. The version of "Supper's Ready" that was on the Dutch "test pressing" of Live back in '73 (you can find it online) really should have been included instead. This is one of the few things on the box where I really do say, "dumb move guys", but I see that they felt including that piece on the Rainbow show was enough (it's not--we must have it all! :)

Live at the Rainbow (1973) is just fantastic, even though the 2000's era Gabriel vocal overdubs on a few tunes are really jarring (this was discussed a long time ago when the Archive box came out--5 tunes appeared on that-- so I won't go into it here). What a great show, and there are extra tunes on the DVD that won't fit on the CD, so you can hear the whole show. No complaints.

Seconds Out (1977) finally has some real low end and power. I like the record but always thought it was a bit subdued both in performance and in sonics, compared to some other 76/77 shows out there on bootleg (look for the 77 Zurich show, an amazing performance that sounds excellent too). I still think it's a bit subdued in the playing, but the sound is now rich and powerful and the bass and drum mix especially is much improved.

Three Sides Live (1982) was a big album for me, as it came out when I was 12 and really getting into the band. It always sounded thin. Not so any more, thank goodness! It really rocks for the first time now. The guitars are now audible, even the rhythm work, and I noticed that some of Tony's keys (like the nasty saw wave in "Abacab") seem to have been recorded in stereo, and now are actually spread over the channels. It is very cool to listen to in headphones. Also a great job on the drums. Chester is now more centered (snare in the middle, toms and cymbals spread out to the sides) most of the time, and when Phil joins in on drums, he is in the right channel and Chester moves over to the left. As a drummer, I was initially disappointed in "Turn it On Again"---when Phil joins in, his snare is clearly audible but Chester's seems turned down. However, in "Abacab"'s jam section, BOTH snares are nice and loud to accentuate the slamming beat. I realized that Davis was actually mixing each song differently to suit the music. It's a detail, I know, but it really adds to the experience. The drums in "Abacab" alone are worth the price of the set to me, just nirvana.

I never owned The Way We Walk (1992), as I was not really into the later albums, so I can't really comment on the difference in the mix. Some have complained about drums but I think they sound great here. I actually am really enjoying this record, as it not only sounds great, but is causing me to re-evaluate late Genesis. Tunes like "Driving the Last Spike" are really like a mix of their pop and prog periods and I think they work great, at least on this live album. I was also surprised to see they did a 20 minute "old prog tune" medley, which is great. The resequencing of the "Long" and "Short" tunes into one double album (with a few bonus tracks) makes a lot more sense and it flows like a great show. To me, it's a cool thing to finally have.

Yeah, it's pricey. Yeah, it's not got everything a "super fan" might ask for. But you don't have to buy it! For those who can afford it and want the new insight these remixes can give, it's highly recommended. (For what it is worth, I bought this just now, in spring of 2016, and there were no glitches on the "Seconds Out" CDs, so Rhino seems to have fixed it by now).
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on June 2, 2016
very upset at the lack of detail explaining that the 3 dvd's in this collection are simply still photo's accompanied by the audio portion. why would anyone want to see a still pic of a band with no actual footage of the material, therefore, buyer beware. this is simply nothing more that a box set of 8 cd's
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on January 15, 2015
Product did NOT represent at all what seemed described in the product description. On the "DVD" disk there is only music with a single static image not live show footage. Waste of money if you ask me.
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on August 4, 2014
One of my all time favorite bands and now I have a better collection of their great live shows
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on May 16, 2014
excellent, the sound 5.1 is perfect, a very good product
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on February 23, 2014
Awesome CD couldn't be happier , very well done recording and exceeded my expectations and would recommend this to any Genesis fan old or new
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on November 16, 2013
It is unforgivable to have all fake DVD's in the box set. Not to mention the empty slot for the "Live Over Europe 2007". I felt cheated.
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on August 10, 2013
One question. Where are the live concert videos? When you advertise a box set that includes 3 DVDs most people would assume that meant live concert videos. What a rip-off.
I only gave it one star because it would not allow me to go lower. Highly disappointed.
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on January 26, 2013
I just received this in the mail a few days ago. I'll try and be brief and give a short list of pros and cons, IMO.


- Having the 1973 Rainbow concert, especially in 5.1 is amazing. There's never really been a great live Peter-era album, and this is tremendous to have. Energy, humor, and great sound.

- Seconds Out sounds terrific. I never had a problem with this album, but it sounds even more clear and more "live" somehow. It feels like the older versions had you sitting in the nosebleeds, and now you're in row 10. Very well done

- All the stereo copies of the albums sound MUCH better than the stereo versions of the 1976-1982 especially. That set contains some of my favorite Genesis records, but they really killed those stereo mixes with a ton of compression. In these, sure there is probably some, but the music is still very dynamic.

- Having a cleaned up Genesis Live is awesome. I remember an old friend playing me this record on vinyl in the 8th grade, and it was so murky sounding to me that I just couldn't get into it. Now I can.


- I understand, in a way, the decision not to include the 5.1 mixes of Three Sides Live and The Way We Walk, but I'm still a little irked by it. I have no intention of ordering The Movie Box, because 1981 is just about the time in the band's history where I become much less interested. I really love all the 5.1 mixes, so I'm bothered that I can't get those last two live albums on DVD here.

- I'm not really sure how bad Peter's vocals on parts of Supper's Ready on the 73 Rainbow Show must have been, but to replace them with mid 90s gruff Peter Gabriel is a) apparent and b) hilarious. There isn't much that old Peter had to overdub, but when it's there, it's silly sounding to me. Just let the thing be a historical document, warts and all. A small issue, but it distracted me for a bit and made the whole live album experience a little less authentic.

- Also, even though there is a space for the 2007 When In Rome CD, I have no interest in that item. I saw that tour and I'm not interested in hearing all my favorite songs tuned down a minor third again.

That's about it. The mixes are great, and those albums presented in 5.1 (the first 3, and the most important IMO) sound killer. Sure, there are no extras/videos/interviews like on the studio album sets, but that wasn't make or break for me. Recommended very much for big fans and collectors.
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on December 26, 2012
This was bought as a christmas present for my brother inlaw by on request of my sister.

She asked me to order it late and I told her that most likely it would not be received in time for christmas

No problem it arrived at least a week before christmas, and about two weeks before expected. Also must say it was in excellent condition and my brother in law was over the moon.

Thank you
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