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Format: VinylChange
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on February 26, 2001
With control over the release of Hendrix material finally, I thought that the Hendrix family and the record label finally put out a definitive, complete release of the Woodstock performance. But no. What is this? Larry Lee has been edited out of the set--his guitar and vocals are gone, altering and even shortening songs. When will this insanity stop? When will record companies release complete performances and stop editing and fudging with live material like this? How much longer before ANOTHER Woodstock release comes along that includes something omitted here but excludes something included here? Granted, this is much better than earlier incarnations of the release, and what with 2 discs, great pictures and nice liner notes it looks the best, but why oh why are games like this continously played? The sound mix, which many die-hard fans had problems with, seemed fine to me. It's just the practices of the record labels, the producers, and the families and artists themselves (re: the Doors) when it comes to re-releasing material and deifying themselves with sonic trickery that annoys me to no end.
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on November 27, 2010
The marketing text above, which states "expanded, remixed, and remastered" is true... Except it doesn't state, "expanded, remixed, and remastered in 1999".

Yes, folks, Queen Janie is up to her old tricks again, trying to shore up her coffers with some more of your hard-earned loot, by playing the reissue sleight-of-hand. This is the exact same '99 set, which was Janie-marketed back then as a "limited edition", but, bygollygeewow, has amazingly never gone out-of-print. In other words, there was no reason to re-release this, except to Janie-troll for suckers.

The only difference between this new release and the '99 is now it's in a digipak... even the booklet is the same. Both discs obviously have the same IRSC code as the '99, as both iTunes & freedb recognize each as such, and all the track times are identical.

So, if you already own the '99, ain't no reason to buy this again. If you haven't purchased it prior to this, you might want to click on the '99 link above and see if there's a good condition used copy for less money... Why put more money in Janie's pocket?
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on November 30, 2010
Jimi Hendrix's appearance at the 1969 Woodstock festival with his band, Gypsy Sun & Rainbows, was iconic and belongs in every fans collection. However, this is the same mix as the 1999 re-issue. There were six musicians onstage; however, only Jimi hendrix, Mitch Mitchell, and Billy Cox can be heard. Additionally, two songs that were sung by Larry Lee, "Gypsy Woman" and "Mastermind" were left off. It would have been nice if the Hendrix Estate released the ENTIRE set in a mix where Larry Lee, Juma Sultan, and Jerry Velez could be heard. If Jimi Hendrix believed that all the musicians deserved top share the stage with him, then they should be heard. If the product was to be re-released, the estate should have done this - they didn't; so, buy a used version of the 1999 version and save yourself some cash and not reward the Jimi Hendrix Estate or Sony for selling fans the exact same product.
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on February 28, 2003
When Jimi took the stage at Woodstock to play this set, most of the crowd had left (down from 400,000 to 25,000). The farm on which the concert was staged was now a barren wasteland that consisted of any soggy piece of anything the hippies in attendance didn't want to haul back to their current home.
Jimi took this mess and turned it into a living legend. When he took the stage he didn't even get a proper introduction, but undaunted, launched into a powerful reading of "Message to Love" which, for the most part was a preview of the rest of the show.
There were some problems though, neither Jimi nor his closest bandmates, Mitch Mitchell or Billy Cox really liked the expanded format (which not only included Cox on bass and Mitchell on drums, but two percussionists and a rythym guitarist).
This, is only minor problem though, as neither precussionist is audible due to inadequate miking and the sound of Jimi's guitar.
The worst part, though, is definatly the editing of the rythym guitarist Lary Lee's two solo peices, "Gypsy Woman" and another that the name of which escapes me. I mean, neither disc was even 70 minutes, that means that even if the two songs were ten minutes both could have (and should have) been included. I mean they dismised it as filler and admitted to it in the linear notes but what is so hard about putting on two more tracks? I'm not saying that Lee is some guitar god, but he was part of the band, and part of the Woodstock legend too. All hope of the complete preformance isn't lost, however, as you can obtain the full set with no editing (and all of the songs) on the internet.
Over all, great playing, great step up from the previous Woodstock disc, little or no fake cheering, and almost complete. Great buy, no matter what I said.
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on January 15, 2000
This 2 CD set adds previously unreleased versions of 'Message To Love', 'Spanish Castle Magic', 'Lover Man' and 'Foxy Lady' to the preceding single CD release (simply titled 'Woodstock'), but it's still not complete: Larry Lee's vocal performances ('Mastermind' and 'Gypsy Woman') were not included (a quote from the liner notes: 'Some things are meant to be preserved only on bootlegs...'). More annoying is that Larry Lee`s GUITAR is still edited out in some places; this not only shortens 'Red House' by several minutes, it also considerably decreases its impact.
Well, what the heck - you'll probably never find a MORE complete official version of this concert, and the music itself is incredible. The undisputed highlight of the set is the medley Voodoo Child (13 minutes + !) / Star Spangled Banner / Purple Haze / Woodstock Improvisation / Villanova Junction, which took 25 years to be released in its entirety for the first time (...on the aforementioned single CD). That manic final solo of Purple Haze, followed by a stunning 5 minute guitar improvisation (which can almost be seen as a seperate composition - at the 1969 concerts he played it quite often in almost the same manner, for example in the lengthy version of 'Spanish Castle Magic' on the long-deleted 3 CD set 'Anthology'), then suddenly slowing down to a heartbreaking blues performance... It's something that's got to be heard to be believed - an emotionally exhausting tour-de-force. - The four previously unreleased tracks are good enough to make the set interesting to newcomers and long time afficionados alike - and, yes, 'Lover Man' is almost in its original state, at least without the usual cut-outs of non-Hendrix soloing.
'Live at Woodstock' would be an excellent first-pick for future fans; in the continuing absence of the Berkeley and Winterland concerts, this is as close as you can get to a definitive live performance of Jimi Hendrix.
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on October 19, 2002
Few performances have become quite as legendary as Hendrix and the Gypsy Sun and Rainbows on that muddy Monday morning at Woodstock, and rightfully so. Sure there were other great performances at Woodstock (Santana, the Who, Janis Joplin...), but none was more electrifying then the Band of Gypsys, not even the shock that the tens of thousands in attendance would have felt, had the rain hit those wires just right.
Unfortunately the Woodstock concert was never well compiled, appearing in poorly mixed, out of order, sloppy compilations. Even the latest Woodstock disc suffers from editing problems, the well documented almost complete absense of guitarist Larry Lee (though in the times when we hear him, he is a clear talent)percussionist Jerry Velez and Juma Sultan, not to mention it is still out of order.
However, this will only disturb the most ardent of Hendrix fans. The rest of us (most notably those that didn't get to see Woodstock live) are only concerned with getting our Hendrix in extreme doses. And Hendrix delivers, playing with unprecedented soul and fury. From the first note of Message to Love, pop these dics (the first two disc collection of Hendrix's Woodstock performance) in and watch your CD player smoke. The concert hits its peak when Hendrix blazes through a stirring, feedback, guitar pyrotechnic filled, instrumental version of The Star Spangled Banner, (Sure beats the version with lyrics by several football stadiums) which then segues into a stunning Purple Haze. And I haven't mentioned the funk injected into a nearly 14 minute Voodoo Child (Slight Return) or the passion and nervous energy of Fire! Nor have I said anything about all the other wonderful guitar jams.
I would take all day if I were to bring up all the great aspects of the Woodstock show. All I can say is that this is guitar playing at its peak, bar none. No fan of rock deserves to be called a rock fan until they own a Hendrix album. This isn't a bad place to start. Sure many aspects of this show are edited out. But Hendrix is not. And it is Hendrix that makes Live at Woodstock essential to everyone's rock and roll collection!
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on February 24, 2011
Growing up in the early 70's the only songs available from Jimi at Woodstock were 'Star Spangled Banner' followed by 'Purple Haze'. The opinion of myself and most other Hendrix fans was that it was 'not one of his best performances'. Now with the CD (and more importantly the DVD) of the entire performance, along with the story behind his 'new band' rehearsing in a house in Woodstock NY, it is seen and heard in a whole new light.
I have to say that this is one of (if not the best) show ever recorded by Jimi. As well known in his unreleased recordings (and of course the famous 'Band Of Gypsies) This is the REAL Jimi, expressing his own Art without outside interference from the British 'Jimi Hendrix Experience' and the corporation surrounding it, we see and hear what direction Limi was going, and who knows how far he would have taken it if not for his untimely death. Even 'Electric Ladyland' was pointing in a new direction. So, I give this one an excellent review as a 5 star product, and a must have for any die-hard Hendrix fans!
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on March 29, 2010
I agree that this wasn't the best Hendrix band. On some tracks you can hear the bass player struggling to find his place. However! When I heard this as a kid it changed my life. At the end he plays purple haze and that goes into a lot of Phrygian jam stuff. If it had stopped there it was not legendary. But then he goes right into "Villanova Junction" or as I knew as a kid "untitled." It's a minor blues form. This is one of the most beautiful, sensitive things I have ever heard on electric guitar (Santana's "Samba pa ti" and Page's Since I been loving you are great too). His phrasing, ideas, and touch are unmatched. I assumed it was something he made up on the spot but I ran into a rare vinyl called "Nine to the Universe" where he plays something similar. After spending the rest of my life as a musician I still think Hendrix and this track are fantastic. some other hidden gems are "Pali Gap", "Hear my train a coming", "Golden Rose" (which is overlooked because of the fantastic tracks surrounding it)
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on January 7, 2011
Sound Quality - For a live performance from '69 this sounds great. I'm sure the 180g vinyl helps. I have heard some of my friends live audience Hendrix tapes and the quality is horrible.

Album Design - Great artwork, nice photos, good narrative(I didn't realize the band was in transition at this point and there were only 2 rehearsals before Woodstock)

Performance - very good performance for 9AM. nice interpretations of the old songs.

Pressing - nice job on the production. looks like a high quality job. I cleaned them before playing them and picked up no dirt. very clean out of the sleeve.
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on July 12, 1999
This release is missing two of the songs from the original performance at Woodstock, "Gypsy Woman" and "Mastermind." Hendrix only performed these songs at the Woodstock show; therefore, their historic value is impossible to deny. Yet these songs are not on this release!
Additionally, this album does not include some of the other musicians' performances. The guitar of Larry Lee, for example, has been mixed out, along with other percussion and singing.
This release could have been the definitive edition of Jimi Hendrix's legendary performance at Woodstock. Instead, it represents almost nothing beyond the 1994 Alan Douglas :Woodstock release.
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