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I thought that Eat Right for Your Type was one of the most helpful self-help health books I had ever read. Live Right for Your Type is much more valuable than that one. If you have read neither, read this one. If you have read and liked Eat Right for Your Type, you will find this book a great improvement on that one.
If your life seems strangely out of kilter and you and your doctors can't quite put your finger on what's wrong, I strongly urge you to read this book. It may well contain important clues for creating more "wellness" for you from the correct application of self-discipline in your eating and activities. The basic weakness of most scientific studies and almost all health books is that they look at average results for the whole population. The studies cited in this book are based on seeing major differences in the body chemistries of people with different blood types. In the same way that you can drown in an average of six inches of water (if that average expresses a range from 10 feet deep to half an inch), the average health advice can make your health worse in some cases.
Eat Right for Your Type was first published in 1996. That pioneering book summarized hundreds of research studies to define healthful eating for people with each different blood type. The underlying mechanism for this relationship is that your blood type influences your body chemistry in ways that create vulnerability or resistance to disease and an efficiently operating body. The four blood types are O, A, B, and AB. Type O people need the most animal protein (especially beef. Type A people need lots of vegetables. Type B people should eat a varied diet. Type AB people should eat smaller, more frequent meals.
Based on that book, many people reported remarkable gains in health, vitality, and weight loss after changing what they eat. In my case, my weight is now 31 pounds less than on my old way of eating (one that my Mother, who has Type A blood, had encouraged all my life -- but I am a Type O person). Many such case histories are reported in Live Right for Your Type.
Live Right for Your Type includes all of the diet information of Eat Right for Your Type, and adds to it insights into personality development, stress management, digestion, disease, and aging. Space does not permit explaining each of these links here, but personality traits are related to different ways that brain chemicals are created and processed by people with different blood types. Type O people, for example, are more easily stimulated into "fight or flight" responses and stay in them longer.
Genetic influences are the beginning of how these factors influence you. Your genes for blood type and other traits come from your parents. From these genes, you get a phenotype (one of the four blood types), a secretion status (whether you secrete antigens into your other bodily fluids or not, as well as into your blood), a Rhesus Factor (positive or negative), and your MN blood type (MM, NN, or MN). All of these concepts are well explained in the appendix of the book. There are also instructions for how you can send away to be tested so you will know what your characteristics are (a total cost of $51.40). In the main body of the book are many explanations of how each of these factors have been associated with the different aspects of life.
The heart of the book though comes in four sections where all of the information about each of the four main blood types is summarized. Yup, there I was in the Type O group with my quick temper, inclination to stay stressed out once stressed, oversensitivity to caffeine and alcohol, impulsiveness to create variety, and blissful reaction to exercise. Dr. D'Adamo definitely had me pegged.
To me the greater insight was when I looked at the type for my wife. I had become concerned about some health vulnerabilities she was experiencing. Yup, there they were. And the things that help her were the items listed. I heaved a big sigh of relief. Whew! It's natural.
If you want to take all of this further, there are instructions in the book for how to get more instructional material and to order special food supplements for each blood type. Normally, I find such offerings offensive. In this case, I had the opposite reaction. I don't know where else to get information that will help me, and I want to know more.
Unlike many books that are based on one study or one hypothesis, this book is built on hundreds of studies. These are cited in the back of the book. Although I did not look any of these up, these seemed to be from reputable sources. There is some speculation in the book. I was fascinated to see that some of the brain chemistry related genes are located next to the blood type genes in DNA. We don't know enough yet to know what that means. It may mean nothing, but it is certainly interesting to think about.
After you have finished following advice in this book and feeling better, I suggest that you think about people you care about who are potentially living and eating in ways that don't match their blood types. Please do share this book with them. You will be giving a very precious gift.
Live more naturally, in keeping with your true physical self!
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on November 8, 2011
I've read reviews both good and bad on the idea of the blood-type diet. I'm not going to get into the theory behind all that for the sake of brevity but will just focus on my experience, which to me is the most important. For a decade I have been concerned with health, diet, fitness, and nutrition. I've practiced regular exercise, cooking for myself the majority of the time, and eating healthy, fresh, and organic foods as often as possible. I ate fresh fruits and vegetables multiple times per day as well. I shop mainly at Whole Foods and farmers markets and when I ate meat, it was the best quality stuff that I could get. I am a male in my mid-thirties and have never been anywhere near over-weight. On the contrary, I am tall and quite thin, but not a rail. I did not start this diet to lose weight and actually losing muscle mass was a concern of mine when starting this diet.

For my entire life I have struggled with drastic swings in energy level and mental clarity (brain-fog) throughout any given day, especially after meals. I had heard positive things about the blood-type diet years ago from a co-worker. One morning, after having plenty of rest for a couple of days, I woke up, yet again, with no energy. I literally said to myself, "There's no good reason for this. I've had enough!" And there and then I decided to give the blood-type diet a try. I decided to go all out for one month and then go from there.

My blood-type is A, so I was quite dismayed when I looked at the A-type diet and saw that at it's strictest adherence level, it's pretty much a vegan diet. My initial reaction was actually one of slight anger, but I would not be swayed and continued on. I am very glad that I did. For years I have limited my consumption of dairy and wheat, because I had some adverse reactions to them- nothing serious, but I noticed that too much wheat made me crash and some dairy gave me lousy gas after eating it. That's not to say that I completely cut them out, but I limited them considerably, and it turns out that my gut feeling was a good one.

In a nutshell, my brain-fog and energy swings are now gone. Turns out that they were my body's way of telling me it didn't like what it was getting (actually, it was my body's reaction to struggling to digest the food that I was eating, which is the main point behind the diet). I thought that these swings were just a part of living, but it turns out that life doesn't have to be that way. I also HAD a problem with over-production of mucous since I was a child, which is genetic, and that too has been remedied. I breath and think much more clearly and consistently. My moods are much more stable and consistent and I deal with stress much more effectively. I wake up in the morning with energy, which was rarely the case before. I feel better than I ever have in my life, and this is helping me to be the best me that I can be on a consistent basis. All this, and I noticed an improvement on day one of the diet and it just kept getting better until it leveled off about two weeks in. I am now in the 7th week and have no plans of going back. I could talk AT LENGTH about the subtleties, but won't go on.

Lastly, I've purchased most of the stuff that Dr. D'Adamo has written. While I would recommend reading everything, I recommend reading this book first along with the pocket-guide for your specific type. It is newer, a bit more fine-tuned, and more pertinent to total life-style, all the while still having plenty of info on diet and nutrition. And contrary to arguments I've read, this book is extremely well researched and has footnotes to medical studies for every suggestion he makes. It is quite in-depth, even more so than "Eat Right For Your Blood Type". As I read, I keep finding explanations for why I've reacted in certain ways to certain foods and activities for my entire life. It's been very nice to have an explanation for so many things.

I am still fine-tuning/personalizing this diet and will be for many, many months to see what level of adherence suits me best. I have been very strict with it thus far and feel INCREDIBLE, but will slowly and methodically try eating some more neutral foods here and there to see how I react to them, as now, when I eat something that "my body doesn't like" I feel it within an hour. What a difference this has made in my quality of life!
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on February 15, 2001
Speaking as a person who has been following the diet as put forth in the author's original, now classic book "Eat Right for Your Type" for over three years, I can tell you unequivocally that this diet has the power to profoundly change your quality of life and health for the better! I originally went on the blood type diet in 1997 because I was morbidly obese and needed to lose weight, but I have stayed on it and will stay on it for life because it has given me very deep health benefits that I never could have predicted or realized without it. The new book "Live Right for Your Type" goes into great detail on how to further refine the diet and exercise plan in order to minimize weaknesses inherent to your blood type and maximize your strengths, resulting in achieving optimal health. It provides greatly expanded food lists that also offer even more further fine-tuning of the diet with secretor/non-secretor lists (read the book to find out what the heck I'm talking about there!!!), which can be an important key in the diet as well. Whether you start out on this journey in order to lose weight, you have a specific chronic problem that you want to try to address through diet (and the book goes into detail on overcoming many health challenges by customizing the diet to treat these, instead of using drugs as orthodox medicine so often resorts to without trying simple dietary means first), or you are healthy and you just want to support your health in the best way possible for a lifetime, I highly recommend this book. I went on the blood type diet to lose weight, which I have, but it has given me so much more-it has helped me overcome previously uncontrollable food cravings, made my menstrual cycles regular and helped alleviate PMS symptoms, helped tremendously with an upper-respiratory problem, given me great energy, and returned my body and mind to a feeling and sense of balance and deep health. And that's just the tip of the iceberg! I can't say enough about this book-do yourself a favor and buy it, read it and put it into practice! You'll never want to look back!
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This book is a welcome addition to the original Eat Right For Your Type (ER4YT.) I am so used to ER4YT method, where you select foods based on your blood type) that it is almost second nature to me.
Now Dr. D'Adamo adds more information about life style, degenerative diseases, more info on minor blood types and secretor versus non-secretor to fine-tune the ER4YT way of eating. This theory has a lot of proponents in Japan (where they have a similar theory that tries to predict actual behavior from blood type.) I don't think blood type is a solid indicator of behavior, but I definitely feel much, much better if I follow these guidelines. And maybe I will avoid some health problems down the road.
It isn't hard to avoid the foods and select from the list of beneficial or neutral foods. Beneficial foods are ones that actively will help your health; neutral foods are ok to eat, but have no special benefits. You can even indulge in the occasional "avoid" food once in a while if you are healthy. If you are ill, however, you can maximize your recovery by sticking to the beneficial and neutral foods. This is not a difficult way of life and this book has done me more good than any other diet or health book I ever read.
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on April 24, 2003
Before reading D'adamo's book, I suffered from being tired and unable to concentrate. After years of feeling this way, I decided to change my diet. I cut out sugar and white flour and only ate whole grains and vegetables like my vegetarian husband. I also created a journal that recorded how I felt after each meal in an effort to weed out foods my body didn't respond well to. I did this for three months and became more and more frustrated. The moment I put food in my mouth, I could count on being tired for the rest of the day.

Then I picked up D'Adamo's book and read it. I found out I was type O blood and began trying his diet--even though I was skeptical. I was shocked at what I discovered! I noticed a difference right away when I severely cut down on grains(wheat entirely) and added fish and red meats to my diet! I noticed that whenever I slipped up and ate wheat or oats, I was tired afterwards. What a discovery!
Months later, I started exercising again and decided to test for myself what kind of exercise made me feel the best. I noticed that, once again, I fit D'Adamo's profile perfectly. I was very impressed and surprised that quick walking on the treadmill for 20 minutes left me feeling tired whereas vigorous excercising on the stairclimber for the same amount of time left me fealing invigorated and energized!
In addition to the above discoveries, I also realized the link between my allergies and grains. I now KNOW that when I pop something in my mouth that is not a vegetable or protein, I am going to sneeze within a couple minutes. My body just doesn't respond as well to the environment if I am not equipping it properly with healthy foods and exercise!
No one believes me when I say his book has credibility because it seems ludicrous that so much importance on diet can be based simply on someones blood type! I agree, it does seem implausible that with all the genetic factors, blood type would play the most predominant role... I truly don't understand how it could even be that simple...maybe there is more to it? But... What I do understand, and can testify to, is that I had felt tired and fatgued and for the first time in YEARS, I felt alive again. No other diet--or doctors pills--made me feel like I do now!
I continue to share with others that his recommendations worked for me in hopes that others who are suffering from illness or poor health will at least TRY it!
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on January 14, 2001
If you follow the guidelines in this book, you will find your life changed for the better! Most people look at a book like this for weight control only. However, this book will not only provide that, if needed, but, more importantly, give you the guidelines to your optimum health.
I have lost weight (55 pounds), following the "Eat Right 4 Your Type" guidelines, and have kept it off for over 2 years. This is without any hunger, calorie counting, fat gram counting, or carbohydrate counting. Just balanced eating of the foods that are good for my particular blood type. This new book, "Live Right 4 Your Type," gives even more in-depth refinement to those food lists.
My greatest benefit, however, has been in the area of my general health. I have been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis since 1986. My neurologist considers me "one of the lucky ones," because my ms has not progressed as fast as most patients he sees. I give much of the credit, to my stability, to following the guidelines put forth by Dr. D'Adamo. Perhaps I would have stabilized anyway?? I don't know for sure, but one thing I do know is that whenever I stray into eating foods that are listed as "avoids" I suffer the effects. For instance, wheat will cause numbness and tingling in my extremities to flare up, along with migraine headaches. This is only one example.
Give the guidelines in this book a chance. You only have your good health to gain!!
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on January 4, 2007
If you haven't already read Dr. A'Damos other books, it's OK. You can start with this one. It has more updated information than "Eat right for your Type". In my opinion, this book is a lifesaver. I not only lost weight effortlessly by eliminating "Avoids" from my diet, but I also required less sleep, and my Cat Allergy became dormant. Since I got lazy, and started eating Foods that I should Avoid... The cat allergy was the first thing to come back. I've put on a few pounds as well, to be truthful. I can tell the world, from personal experience, that if you follow exactly what is contained in this book, there will be tangible benefits.
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VINE VOICEon February 8, 2005
The material contained in this book is simply an extension of the ideas presented in the book, "Eat Right 4 Your Type", by Dr. Peter J. D'Adamo. Once again, Dr. D'Adamo presents his case as to why our individual genetic make up should be taken into account before we decide on which diet to follow. The doctor extends this idea further by making the case that our genetic make up should also determine how we live our life.

The ideas presented here are fascinating to me. I have spent many hours of my adult life in gyms and fitness centers. And like most fitness enthusiasts, I have always strived to attain that lean, muscular physique that some people seem to have been born with. Spending that much time at those places will teach you that not everyone responds to exercise in the same way. Why should everyone respond to diet the same way?

I have always suspected that I am what is known as a "hard gainer". I have trouble attaining lean muscle mass. That could partly be due to the fact that I have blood type AB. Whereas those with the lean, muscular bodies tend to have blood type O. I would give anything to be able to live on a diet of high protein and low carbohydrate. I cannot stand tofu. Nor can I stand most of the foods indicated for my blood type. I cannot help but wish that I had a different genetic makeup. Unfortunately, we cannot change our genes. But, at least, now we can find ways to make sure that our diet and our lifestyle are compatible with our genetic design.

Let me add that I do not follow the diet prescribed for my blood type. Again, because I simply do not like the foods indicated for my type. I will be miserable if I had to make Tofu and snails a part of my diet. I must have beef and chicken. I do like Turkey and Salmon though. But that is about it for meat on my diet list. And I am one of those who will fell unsatisfied unless meat is included with every meal. However, that is not a valid reason to criticize the book. The observations made by Dr. D'Adamo, from the way my body reacts to certain foods to the general personality profile, are accurate. When I read the profile of the typical AB, I cannot help but feel that I am reading about myself.

I highly recommend this book. You may decide not to follow the diet, especially if you are unfortunate enough to be a type AB or A. But atleast you will have additional information to help you make decisions about how to live. This book should simply serve as another source of information for you decide which type of diet and exercise to follow.
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on January 1, 2001
For the past four years, I have been a committed follower of D'Adamo first book, Eat Right 4 Your Type. Following the type O diet has changed my life, as I have lost weight, become more balanced and focused, and have stopped the yoyo dieting that was a constant practice. I am pleased to report that this new work solidifies a lot of the material presented in Eat Right, explores the scientific underpinnings of blood type in fascinating detail and provides much more than a weight loss program... rather a program for lifelong health. As a read, it is very factual yet wonderfully understandable. The sections on blood type genetics, stress and metabolism alone set this book apart as unique. Heartily recommended!
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on April 2, 2003
After reading these bad reviews by people who don't understand why the food lists are one way in Eat Right 4 Your Type and foods are deleted and added to the list in Live Right 4 Your Type, may I just say "DUH". Didn't they read the part in Live Right 4 Your Type where Dr. D'Adamo states that his first book was written in 1998 and since then, technical advances have made more new research available to him so as to be able to refine the food lists for each type? Oh, I guess they skipped that part.
I am following my plan and slowly eliminating the avoid foods and adding more beneficial foods. I've notice the big change in my energy and ability to exercise. I'm happier and look forward to the days now. On a low carb diet I was tired all the time, depressed and had no energy. I find the science fascinating and the bad reviewers should actually try something before they start knocking it. I noticed none of them even bothered to give the plan a chance to see if they felt better or not.
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