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on April 21, 2006
I own every Slayer cd and I find everyone of them enjoyable. They really dont have a weakness in there career, and even Paul Bostaph was incrediable drummer. This live cd is great sound quailty and very intimate. I love early Slayer because Tom says some pretty funny stuff. So if you like Slayer, get it. If your just a fan of Regin in Blood, skip it.
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on August 1, 1999
This is probably the most ignored and underrated of all the great Slayer releases. I don't understand why because I think it is among their absolute best. The songs sound even more evil and intense live with the band playing over all the chaotic,drunken crowd noise. I will always believe the best Slayer records ,with an exception of Reign in Blood, are Show No Mercy ,Haunting the Chapel,Live Undead ,and Hell Awaits.However,the extremely muddy sound quality of these recordings prevent them from reaching full potential .Still this record represents Slayer in their truest form. I will take this vesion of Slayer any day over weaker "PG-13ish" water-downed records like South of Heaven and Seasons in the Abyss. LIVE UNDEAD SHOWS NO MERCY -the band sounds simply blood-thirsty and so does the crowd...Enjoy!
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New York City. Plenty of rowdy headbanging fans. One of metal's most influential bands while they were approaching their apex. Take all that, shake, stir sparingly, and you get Slayer's "Live Undead". Yes, the production is shoddy, but the atmosphere of the band and fans more than makes up for it. Musically the band is incredibly tight knit; Kerry King and Jeff Hanneman's dual layered double guitar assault is nothing short of amazing, while Dave Lombardo's insane drum assault must be heard to be believed. Also featured on here is a studio recording of "Chemical Warfare" which sounds much cleaner and crisper than the version featured on the "Haunting the Chapel" EP.
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on May 1, 2003
If you're into the early Slayer like Show no mercy, Hell Awaits, Haunting the Chapel and Reing in blood you must have this album. [forget] production and quality for a second and just blast this CD when you need to get out some aggression. Live performances allways get you stoked of course, this one go's past that. Slayer live infront of a routy NYC croud in 1984 is something we will never experiance again so I say get this CD and cherish it! One more important thing about this CD that Amazon seems to have left out. There is a newer (1980's) recording of Chemical Warfare (one of my favs of all time) as the last song, it is Not live and is slightly diffrent then the one on Haunting the Chapel, I would say this Chem warfare ver sounds crisper and clearer. i've had this tape since 1989 and still crank it to this day!
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on February 2, 2000
For die hard slayer fans .This has to be one of the best live cds by anyone band i have heard so far.Almost like your there in person its that great. Excellent live tracks Evil has no boundaries,aggressive perfector,show no mercy,and black magic..Slayer has to be the best metal band of all times.ALL HAIL SLAYER .THEY RULE !
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on July 11, 2002
Everything on this album is raw, crunchy, new (at least back then), and not to mention quite awesome. 23 minutes of pure fun and just plain o' thrasshhh!! Just listen to the live version of 'Captor of Sin', 'Show No Mercy', or 'Black Magic.' While not top-notch on production, the problem is easily solved by just crankin' up your stereo as loud as it can go.
The Band:
Tom, bass and vocals- Tom sounds great live, as always. He's got to have one of the coolest high-pitched screams in the 'biz. His bass is acually pretty present on this album too. He'll make you laugh out loud a few times on this album as well with his little jokes in between songs.
Dave, drums- Dave rips on this album. And I thought he was good on 'RiB'! Just listen to 'Evil Has No Boundaries' or 'Captor of Sin' to see Lombardo's crazy double bass work and booming rolls.
Kerry, lead guitar- Ah, the raw energy that flows through every song through King's guitar. The solos sound absolutely perfect, and the King/Hanneman duo keep it tight as ever. No screw ups on this album, and no overdubs!
Jeff, lead guitar- You know, a lot of people are gonna be angry at me for saying this, but I believe than Jeff is the better guitarist. Don't get me wrong, Kerry is amazing, but I just see that Jeff has written all my favorite Slayer songs, and all my favorite solos. Anywho, Jeff also tears it up on this album, making every 1/4 of this band absolutely perfect.
So why, you ask, do I give this 4/5 stars and not 5? Where's 'Chemical Warfare'?! Argh, I was devastated that they didn't play this, but I got over it. Plus, they got my hopes up with printing the four songs from 'Haunting the Chapel' on the CD, making me think they had included it too. Nope. Those are only minor cons though, and if you're a Slayer fan, you definately gotta check this mofo out.
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on July 21, 2004
This album, recorded live (in the studio?) has the best sound of any Slayer album previous to Reign In Blood. The guitars are full and powerful, the bass is prominent (at least for Slayer) and there's no annoying reverb on the vocals as on Hell Awaits or Show No Mercy. By comparison Hell Awaits and Show No Mercy sound thin.

Very strong performances from all the boys, Toms' voice is especially good, and Jeff and Kerrys' guitars are just f*cking ripping as usual. My only complaints are that the audience is much too high in the mix and can be sometimes annoying and the CD is just too short to get 5 stars. What we need is a remix with the audience silenced during the songs. Also depending on what source you read on the net the show was either recorded live in the studio or at a small club in NY. I don't think it makes a difference as the show is live and very good.
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on June 30, 2006
This live album was released in 1984 straight after the Haunting the Chapel EP. As far as I'm aware, it was released by the label without the band's permission. As the band had only released one full-length album and the aforementioned EP before recording this live album, it's rather hard to justify. Yet this is Slayer we're talking about, so when you look at the 7 tracks included, you realise you're in for a treat. "Black Magic", "Die by the Sword" and "The Antichrist" are all fantastic tracks and there really aren't any fillers to speak of. The performance itself is perfectly acceptable with each track being played as well as, if not better than the original. Tom's vocals sound very similar to the albums also, which displays just how great a vocalist he is.

It's worth noting that this was not recorded in a normal live environment. It's simply a rehearsal which appears to have had a rather vocal mob of fans in attendance. They sound as if they're enjoying themselves, yet I find that I don't really get the feeling of a live set when I listen to this album due to this fact. Also, the actual sound is not really that great. Everything is perfectly audible, yet when compared to the fabulous "Decade of Aggression" double live album that would come out some years later, well...there really is no comparison.

When I take these flaws into account, add the fact that the running time is under 25 minutes and "Chemical Warfare" was not included on the remastered version I have, I'd have to suggest that this is certainly not an essential Slayer release. It's one for completists like myself that figure too much Slayer really isn't enough, particularly material from their prime 80s period. You know if you fall into that category!
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on January 2, 2004
i'v heard that this live show is recorded in a studio also not a real live record..but it still rocks!
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on June 19, 2013
I actually listened to a reviewer that said that this album is only necessary for Slayer's big fans or completists. Boy am I ever glad I stopped heeding that advice and went out and bought this one! Slayer live is even better than Slayer in the studio. Be sure and get this one along with Decade of Aggression.

For those of you who are new to the genre, Heavy Metal is almost like an organized religion. Instead of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost, HM has Black Sabbath, Judas Priest and Slayer. Now, go bow down in front of your stereo speakers and prey!
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