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on November 11, 2005
"Live In Sao Paulo" is Sepultura's fourth release since Derrick Green took over for departed co-founder Max Cavalera, and the group's first live album with Derrick behind the mic. Some fans will never let go of Max and accept Derrick as Sep's new main man, but it would be foolish not to give him a try. His vocal style is unabashedly one dimensional, but he does have a lot of potential, and (as some tracks show) even a little power. And, even though he usually isn't quite as effective as Max, he usually does such a good job at filling in Max's shoes that a newcomer shouldn't be able to tell if it's Derrick or the old guy, on such tracks as "Roots Bloody Roots."

I don't blame Sepultura for not playing a ton of Max-era songs, but, unfortunately, they forgot a few famous songs (i.e. "Kaiowas") that are normally staples of their live show.

Tracks four and five on the first disc (the double bass heavy "Propaganda," and the tribal influenced "Attitude"), are explosive songs, and both sound great, here. For track seven, Derrick announces "We're gonna play something older here," and the band launch into scorching renditions of "Innserself/Beneath The Remains" and "Escape To The Void." "Innerself" is flawed, though, because Derrick tries desperately but fails miserably at keeping up with the super-fast guitars, and he ultimately gets lost in the mix. Fortunately, "Escape To The Void" (and track eleven, "Necromancer") fly by without an audible flaw.

Songs number two and seven on the second disc ("Refuse/Resist" and "Biotech is Godzilla") are from 1993's "Chaos A.D." Derrick can't completely match Max's catchy singing on these songs, but, musically, these songs sound perfect, and just as good as the original/studio versions. Other highlights on the second C.D. include the catchy, churning "Territory," the blistering rendition of "Come Back Alive," and the Sepultura classic "Roots Bloody Roots" (which sounds awesome, here). "Arise/Dead Embryonic Cells" is also almost perfect, but, unfortunately, there is a loud, unexpected, shrieking sound (which might have come from Derrick's microphone) in the middle of the song.

Now, even I'll admit "Live In Sao Paulo" isn't an essential classic like Sepultura's first live album, 2002's "Under A Pale Grey Sky." But it is still a good live set, and well worth putting on your shopping list if you're a Sepultura diehard.

Finally, love him or hate him, I firmly believe that, no matter what record label they're under, Derrick Green is the future of Sepultura, and Sepultura are definitely here to stay.
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on November 9, 2005
Obviously the reviewer ' MeTalHeaD4Ever "DEath" ' didn't listen to these CD's, because he mentions tracks (Spit) that aren't even on this 2CD-set.

What this CD-set displays is a raw and unedited testament of the sheer destruction that Sepultura leaves behind when playing live. The concert consists of 20 songs, picked out of all their albums from 1985 to 2003, plus one intro.

Put this CD in your CD-player and listen to the bone-chilling intro featuring all the intro's of all the albums mixed together. From the childish, primitive, 'evil' voice of Bestial Devastation, to the acoustic intro to Beneath the Remains, to the cricket noise of Roots and the amazing cello/guitar collaboration (Valtio) of Nation. When the intro fades away the audience chants 'Sepultura! Sepultura!' and the mayhem begins.

Relentless drumming, awesome guitar-riffing, vocals that send shivers down your spine.. Most of the older songs are sped up some more, and all are peformed flawlessly.

Some extra's are thrown in in the shape of Alex Camargo from Krisiun singing together with Derrick on Necromancer, Jairo Guedz (original Sepultura guitarist) playing rhythm on the aforementioned track and Troops of Doom, Joao Gordo from RDP 'singing' along on Reza and Biotech is Godzilla.

The only place of rest on this CD is Bullet the Blue Sky, an harshened cover of U2, and a cover of Black Steel in the Hour of Chaos originally by Public Enemy.

While the mix and production may not be perfect, these discs should get in your CD-player, volume on 10, and thrash away!

The peformance is amazingly tight, the audience shouts and songs along, the song choice is excellent, and the guys from Seps clearly enjoy it all!

Get this, and the Double-DVD, and enjoy it until Sepultura come to a town near you - wich is an even better experience than the DVD or CD set!

The waiting is for their next studio album, Dante XXI, next year...
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on July 28, 2006
Upon seeing the track list for Sepultura's Live In Sao Paulo, I was actually surprised upon seeing so many songs from their Max era. I figured that since there were a lot of my favorites that maybe this wouldn't be too bad. I haven't been particularly favorable of Against, Nation, Revolusongs or Roorback, and have given them only 2 or 3 stars. Though I'm surprised that they released the show on CDs and DVDs instead of one jumbo pack, I bought both of them used and for a much cheaper price and for the most part, I was not disappointed. Derrick did a pretty decent job on this recording as did the rest of the band, especially Igor who sadly just recently left the band after releasing Dante XXI. An interesting thing about this concert is how many special guests there are. Gordo sings on Reza and Biotech is Godzilla, original guitarist Jairo T. rejoins the band for Troops of Doom and Necromancer and Krisiun joins Derrick in the growling for Necromancer. In a surprising move, the band also performed their cover of the Public Enemy song Black Steel in the Hour of Chaos and while it is rap with actual music, it actually fits amongst all the Metal in a weird sort of way mostly because it actually has a message unlike the Rap of today. As a whole, this concert is very solid and worth the money. If you hate Derrick to the extent where you don't like anything he's done with Sepultura; then avoid this. If you like a few Sepultura songs with him; get this CD or DVD set, you will not be disappointed. If you are already a big Derrick fan then why don't you have this by now?

Despite this being an awesome concert, it has its share of flaws.

1. Derrick really needs to learn to play guitar. Other than two track from Roorback (Apes of God and Mindwar), only Andreas is playing the guitar. As a result, this takes something away from a handful of tracks; most noticeably Escape to the Void as the beginning solo is missing and just makes the song feel awkward.

2. Speaking of Escape to the Void, why is it that that seems to be the only track from Schizophrenia that the band plays anymore?

3. The volume of Derrick's mic should have been turned up more. This is most noticeable on Necromancer where he competes with Alex Carmargo of Krisiun whose voice is crystal clear and completely buries Derrick.

4. Dead Embryonic Cells should be played in its entirety.

5. The fact that you have to buy this concert twice on CD and DVD, the DVD is the better of the two obviously is a little irritating.

6. The packaging is exactly the same as the DVD only, shrunk into CD form, though that is to be expected.

7. Under a Pale Grey Sky while not an official release, is still easily superior to this.

With the exception of these seven problems, Live in Sao Paulo is an excellent 2 Disc set that most Sepultura fans should enjoy both new and old. And definitely check out the DVD set as well. Hoped this helped.
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on May 6, 2015
This is an excellent concert well worth the 5* stars,however that is the dvd version of it. The cd version is the exact same concert but on cd it has some sort of sound issues,like the levels are off or something. Derrick's voice is a bit mumbly and incoherent at times,but that's only because the songs are being played so fast live & Derrifk is doing his best to keep up and in time with the songs at times. The dvd is a bit better with 5.1 surround sound and the 2nd disc of bonus features. Back to the cd,the same set as the dvd. The cool thing is on the oldschool songs Troops of Doom & Necromancer have the original guitarist Tormentor(who was replaced by Andreas) who gets on stage and plays with Andreas & the band. Derrick plays guitar on Apes of God & Mindwar which are excellent songs. Joao Gordo lends extra vocals on Black Steel in the Hour of Chaos(Public Enemy cover) as well as the song Reza & does a verse or 2 on Biotech is Godzilla. The other standout songs are Innerself/Beneathe the Remains and Arise/Dead Embryonic Cells those are executed very well with just 1 guitar player(Andreas) the songs that kill as well are Sepulnation,executed perfectly Refuse/Resist sounds great with Derrick as does Territory. Roots Bloody Roots sounds just like Max there is no lacking vocally here. Bullet the Blue Sky (U2 cover) sounds a bit forced but good nonetheless. Come Back Alive,Choke & Attitude sound a tad unbalanced with the guitar and vocals(sounds like there even level so you hear a bit of a mashup) where you hear them all collide at the same level. Propaganda and Escape to the Void are excellent. This live cd isn't as great mastering wise as say Under A Pale Grey Sky but that is why i suggest you get this concert on dvd. That way you can see what is going on and have the best sound options,but if you are a collector this is a must have and it is very cheap. I suggest you give it a listen and if you like it get the dvd,it has a 2nd disc with Nomad live and 3 videos plus a backstory as to how the band knows Derrick and chose him as their new frontman. Go get it you will not be disappointed.
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on November 11, 2005
when I first heard about Max's split with Sepultura back in '97 I was stunned and disappointed, and after hearing that they were going to replace him and continue with the Sepultura name, well, I didn't know what to think. my initial reaction to their first album with newcomer Derrick Green "Against" was slightly confused enthusiasm. it took some time, but now I love all the post-Max Sepultura albums. however I know there are plenty of hardcore old-school Sepulfans that are NOT down with the new line-up at all, and I can respect that. their best albums are the ones they did with Max, there's no doubt about that. but one must ponder the age old question: is a band just one person, or the sum of several people? people say it is not Sepultura without Max, but if it were the other way around and the other 3 guys never continued with Sepultura, would Max be able to find 3 new guys and continue with the Sepultura name? would people accept HIS version of the band? there are plenty of old-school Sepulfans that also don't like Soulfly for that matter. nevertheless, even if you don't like the songs from the Derrick Green fronted band, you might still enojoy their new album, Live In Sao Paulo. they offer some pretty decent versions of older Sepulsongs (two-thirds of the set consists of songs from the Max years). however I only have 2 complaints with the album. first, more than half of the songs only feature one guitar (Derrick only plays on a few songs, and guest Jairo plays on some), thus making the older material sound a little weaker than they should. I can live with a Sepultura without Max's voice, but it should at least have 2 guitars going on. if Andreas continues to be the sole guitarist in the band when they perform live, him and Paulo should at least try to figure out a way to construct a fuller, denser sounding guitar/bass arsenal. and second, they tend to rush the pace on some of the performances (which is natural for alot of bands), instead of staying true to the original tempo of the songs. the bottom line is I consider myself a fan of ALL of Sepultura's music, from Morbid Visions all the way up to Roorback. in a perfect world we would still have Max in the band, but no one ever said that life is fair. so with that in mind I embrace the 21st century Sepultura in all it's power & glory. there are rumors that one day Max will reunite with them. well, this will not happen anytime soon. however, I think what would be really cool is if Max reunites with Sepultura on the 10 year anniversary of Dana's death in August of 2006. we can only hope.
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HALL OF FAMEVINE VOICEon January 14, 2006
Max this, Max that. Yes, I miss Max Cavalera too, but even without their former frontman, Sepultura still manages to put on a great show. "Live in São Paulo" finds the legendary Brazilian metalers in front of a roaring crowd performing cuts spanning from their early days to now, and while some of the older tracks don't sound as great with Derrick Green providing the vocals, even the most jaded Sepultura fan will admit that they do admireably here. Classic tracks like "Slave New World", "Necromancer", "Biotech is Godzilla", "Arise", and "Dead Embryonic Cells" are here, as well as cuts from the Derrick Green fronted albums "Against", "Nation", and "Roorback". The band sounds great, and Green sounds good, and the crowd digs it all. And in the end, that's all that really matters. It's not the best live album you'll hear, and it doesn't come close to the awe inspiring Sepultura live album "Under a Pale Grey Sky", but "Live in São Paulo" is still a worthwhile listen for fans of the Brazilian metal pioneers.
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on December 14, 2009
Top notch live performance from version two of Sepultura. The vocals, riffs, solo's and musicianship is amazing and a pleasure to listen to, the set list is great and thanks for such an awesome live album.
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on November 23, 2014
The new singer is very one dimensional, but was born to sing metal. There are a few very good songs on here, and a few totally lame songs. It was worth the 9 bucks I spent though.
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on November 8, 2005
Sepultura has not been the same since Max left the band. They dont have that power with derick green. It is an insult that they still perform some of the lyrics from max like Spit, Bloods bloody roots,etc. Dont buy this album it is better if you get max last performance with sepultura which is call Live under a pale gray sky.
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on November 15, 2005
a friend of mine bought this to check it out... wow was this crap... the guys should just bring Max back.
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