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on February 14, 2013
Please do not waste your money on this!! I agree with all the negative reviews. I really believed this could work, but along with many others, the taste is so terrible that I could barely choke it down. The tablets get wet and soggy and chunks break off. I would shutter and shake after swallowing it. I even tried to swallow one whole, only to experience terrible indigestion all day. They claim that there is a free trial, but they do charge you $14.95 to return it as a "restocking fee" after you pay the postage. Their "terms and conditions" dont clearly state that, which I believe is a form of deception. When I called to get my RMA# to return it, the representative there wanted to have me keep it for 1/2 price of what they were due to charge me as a convenience to me so I wouldnt have to send it back. Obviously they dont want it back and would rather get the $30 some dollars and not be bothered to "restock" it. I wish I had read these reviews before trying it; I would have never ordered it. I really hope I am saving someone else from making the same mistake.
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on December 27, 2012
Do not waste your money buying this product. It taste so bad I couldn't drink even a cup. They claim its a 30 day free trial, you will get charged $65.00 within 14 days. Then you will be charged another $14.00 to return it. Don't waste your money!!!!!
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on July 26, 2013
This is a complete scam. I took the $4.95 offer and received the product in aprox 2 wks. Two days later, I noticed a charge of $152.95 on my bank statement. I called the company, LIVESKINNY, to have the amount refunded to my account. They informed me that I had agreed(when?) to receive the shipments and would not be reimbursed the $152.95.
IF, I call them to get a RMA number (?), SEND the shipment back, WHEN they RECEIVE it and PROCESS it, THEN I will be refunded $98.00 of the $152.95.
The first person actually hung up on me when I tried to explain that I did not agree to the shipments. When I called back,the person (Kerry) tells me I can do whatever I want regarding notifiying the BBB, having my attorney contact them, etc.
This is a total scam and I am contacting the BBB.
To add injury to insult, the product did not work, I used it for a week, and lost NO weight! Now I'm afraid to use it, who knows what's iside those capsules?????
I guess I learned a valuable lesson. DO NOT BUY ANYTHING ONLINE THAT HAS TO DO WITH "FREE OFFERS"!!!!!!!!
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on February 1, 2013
The "Free" 30 day trial isn't free. They will charge $65 on their own to your account. I didn't even receive and email notification. I noticed the charge because of my bank. I haven't yet had a chance to cancel the order because I literally found out today and the office doesn't open until 9am.

Aside from the scam aspect of this product, the product itself isn't good. The water bottles are flimsy, the cap doesn't actually fit on the bottle with or without the filter, without the filter the bottle leaks everywhere, and with the filter there is a huge gap between lid and bottle. Then there is the nastiness of the product itself, if you like drinking grainy water, then I guess have at it. But the taste is gross and the texture just shoots it to a whole new level.
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on September 4, 2013
All of the 5 star ratings are FAKE! I, like many others in this review got swindled by their "free trial" just pay $4.95 shipping. 2 weeks later, actually a couple days after I received the product, I received an email from my bank stating that I was overdrawn which puzzled me since I didn't make any recent purchases. I found out that LIVESKINNY deducted $148 from my account! When I called them to find out why, they said that it says in the fine print(terms and conditions) that you have two weeks trial period and then they bill you for the whole shipment. The add stated that all you have to pay is the shipping. This was very misleading as they never point out the fact they will eventually bill you $148. This is the ONLY way they can sell their product which is by "fooling" the customer into the "free trial". The customer service rep was not helpful and very rude and actually had the audacity to tell me that "we receive these complaints all the time and because it says(hidden) in the terms and conditions that we will charge you, we get to keep your money" HOWS THAT FOR CUSTOMER SERVICE? by the way the fat burner will keep you on the toilet all day so try at your own risk. It doesn't even say what's in the product and is NOT approved by the FDA.

DO not buy this product.

They try to counter these bad reviews with fake 5 star ratings for a product that DOES NOT WORK.
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on December 17, 2012
It tastes terrible, and chunks of the tablet break off when you drink the water from the water bottle which makes it tastes worse. I don't know if it works or not, because I couldn't get past the taste.
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on September 4, 2013
I did read some of the reviews that indicated people did experience headaches. I dismissed it since I tend to have headaches quite often and manage it. However, there are several factors that have been quite disturbing:

1) customer service is HORRIBLE. My order never arrived, although they charged me, of course. I called them and after they "researched" my order the rep told me "ooops, it was part of a shipment of many orders that never left the warehouse." She asked me if I wanted it sent. I PAID FOR IT, but they did not bother to fix the problem of sending the orders out and still charged my account. WOW. I asked why customers were not notified once they realized the box of orders were still in the warehouse. Her response was "well, customers normally contact us and then we send it." WOW.

2) I have had more significant headaches since taking this in addition to significant anxiety where I feel like I want to crawl out of my skin. I have been tearful from mid-day on which may be when the supplement is "wearing off." I am closely monitoring these side effects and if it is not better in a few days I am returning this.

I would not recommend the hassle of trying/buying this product. WAY TOO MUCH HASSLE. I haven't noticed any results either.
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on September 27, 2012
I was pumped about this product - it did help me feel full and therefore eat less during a work day, which is the time I tend to eat more. I also feel more hydrated with the way the system is set up. I recommend LiveSkinny's welltrim. The price at Amazon was best for the amount I bought.
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on February 19, 2013
I love Live Skinny. Someone complained that the bottles are flimsy... I think it's because they are BPA free. If you buy any BPA water bottles at the market you will notice they are flimsy as well - but these claim to filter the water, and I thought that was a bonus. Many complain about the taste. I had NO PROBLEMS with gritty texture of water, or bad taste. I think the taste is rather refreshing. At this point you may think I am somehow connected to the company. I can assure you I am not... and the only negative thing I can say is I agree with others about trying to contact them. I wanted to order more filters and more of the tablets. My emails have gone unanswered (I haven't tried calling) - so for this I am disappointed. I am planning on purchasing my African Mango from another source.
P.S. I lost 19# in one month using Live Skinny & avoiding carbs.
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VINE VOICEon July 24, 2013
2 stars for customer service - minus 3 stars for insane fine print.
I would like to give 4 stars for customer service, 0 for terms and special free offers, and No Comment on product because it's not been in my possession long enough to know but other than that - I think everyone needs awareness of fine print.

My apologies for the long post - I don't know if the stuff works or not. But between their ludicrous time frame hidden in their "terms & agreement" and for the price it costs per month ---------- it would have to be instant like liposuction to even consider it.

ok - so I know some are going to say --- you didn't read the fine print. yep, learned my lesson!!!

Product - LiveSkinny Garcinia Cambogia Fat Burn
Ordered 6:30pm July 12, 2013
Never received an email confirmation regarding order, shipment, anything.
Forgot all about it.
Received a box on July 18 - opened it and nothing, no order paper, no information, no directions other than the minute info on bottle - nothing about 10 days to cancel, nothing about that damn "terms and agreement" I apparently checked without reading....NOTHING.

So this is how it went:

So I read the back of the bottle and by Friday, I figure WTH - it cost me $4.95 (s/h) so I'll start it on Monday, July 22nd.

Monday morning I log into my credit card account to check activity (a normal procedure) and what do I see but a charge for $152.95 from LIVESKINNY. Oh yea ---- ONE HUNDRED, FIFTY-TWO DOLLARS & 95 CENTS.
I didn't know whether to s*** or go blind...but I almost had heart failure.

Immediately called my credit card company and said --- there's a pending charge on here and I'm only supposed to pay for shipping!! Then I said, wait, they just did this at 1 a.m. this morning. So I look back and sure enough, on the 12th I was charged the $4.95 --- 10 days later (not even a full 10 days because of the TIME of purchase) I was charged and entered into a 5 month contract...this I find out on the telephone call explained below.

So -- credit company said to call back when the payment is released and they'll dispute it. I then tried to call LIVESKINNY - found it on the web - remember I don't have any paperwork or emails from them. But I find a number and call.

A spicy young man asked me what product and then politely told me that that particular product, with the special, is a 10day trial from time of order and then "YOU AGREED TO THIS LEGAL AND BINDING AGREEMENT"...Well after he said and confirmed THE BEST PART - IT'S TEN DAYS TO CANCEL FROM THE DATE OF ORDER --- (I didn't even have the bottle in my hands until 6 days passed....yep they count weekends!!) -- well after that my ire escalated - I said - look, get me a manager, a supervisor, somebody higher than you that can get this friggin' charge off my card. I'm not paying it..I'll dispute through the cc company. He said "did you READ the terms and agreement" and I said -- APPARENTLY NOT CUZ I WOULD NEVER, EVER SIGN FOR SOMETHING THAT WAS GOING TO COST THIS AMOUNT MONEY. He got cocky (of course since I was irate, it's understandable) but I insisted on someone else getting on the phone.

So a very sweet girl gets on the phone and she's the manager....How are you and what can I do for you today ????

She said - ma'm please calm down, we won't get anywhere like this. SO OK, I shut up. SILENCE - MORE SILENCE. Finally she said, are you there? I said, tell me what you can do. So she came back and said they hadn't shipped this product because, of course, they charged the card in the earliest morning hours of the 10th day and I called within 20 minutes of their opening, so she said she'd cancel it and refund the money without making me go through all the hoops that is normally required.

I took her name, the refund number and wrote it down and confirmed it with her. Oh yes - and I received an email confirmation for the refund from them so they, indeed, have my correct email and just never sent any confirmation of the original order or terms.
Following was an almost civil conversation and I said - I don't know how they can expect a customer to order an item, have it delivered through postal mail, try it and see results in 10 days from the date of purchase - it's ridiculous. I went on to tell her about no email confirmation, no order information included in pkg.
She agreed both situations I just mentioned were valid points and she was going to check into the email and the order missing from the box.

So in the end, the charge is off my card and this particular manager was very understanding and agreeable - but if you're going to try any stuff from this company (or any other) and you're going to opt for one of their "special free products"....OMG - READ THAT LEGAL AND BINDING TERMS OF AGREEMENT!!!!!!!!!

I really think, if I had to fight it, I would have prevailed because technically they didn't wait the 10 days. They charged my card a good 16 hours before the time I purchased it.
So that's my story and it's a lesson for us all - no matter how long, or tiny, or hidden the terms and agreements are, find em, read em, digest em, and then, if you want, agree to them. I just thank God this nightmare ended with rainbows and sunshine cuz I probably would be being prepared for burial after the heart failure brought on my impulse to purchase a FREE product...yeah right.

Again --- My apologies for the long post - I don't know if the stuff works or not. For that price it would have to be instant like liposuction.
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