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VINE VOICEon October 13, 2000
I greatly enjoyed reading LIVING FAITH, not only because I have always admired Jimmy Carter as a person, but also because I found that I enjoy his writing style and wanted to hear what he had to say.
Living Faith is mainly about his views on how he lives his life according to his religious beliefs, with many passages about his childhood and adulthood, and of course thoughts on his years in the White House. He also writes about his relationship with his wife Rosalyn and their children, his relationship with his parents, and what he has been doing since he left the White House in 1980.
Although I am not a religious person, I was still able to enjoy this book because it gave me insight to Carter's character - a good hearted person who lives and has lived with good intentions and a purpose to help others. This book is a must-read for any one that is an admirer of Jimmy Carter.
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VINE VOICEon January 19, 2005
Former President Jimmy Carter is a truly outstanding person. He is very devoutly committed to his faith and he uses illustrations from his own life to affirm the faith that guides him.

Carter is indeed a humble peacemaker and this book is a sterling testament to faith, hope and living a good life. It is a book for everybody regardless of faith. It is a book about core values and internal beliefs. It is a book about the power of sharing.
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on May 3, 2005
I really appreciated Carter's description of his personal faith and his attempts to live and practice Christianity in today's world. I think progressive Christians will find this book speaks to them in their attempts to reconcile a very real faith with an outward-looking and inclusive world-view. Being engaged in left-wing causes does NOT require abandoning religious faith, and we need more men and women to assert that there IS a religious left, too. In fact, for many, religious faith is the inspiration that leads us into politics. I can't beileve a man this kind and sincere and gentle was ever president, it seems so bizarre considering today's realities.
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on August 29, 2001
After reading this you will be able see why Carter is renowned as a Sunday School teacher. This work began with material from lessons he has given in his Southern Baptist congregation. He enlivened it with examples from his life and how he has tried to live out the teachings of his faith. The result is a very warm, personal, and powerful biographical account of Christian discipleship in practice. It is not entirely gloss though; he also deals with times in his life when he struggled with his faith, and a few contemporary subjects like the "Jesus seminar" and the fundamentalist takeover of the Southern Baptist Convention.
Good: The stories from his life are inspiring, particularly of his work against racism in the south in the 60s and his current work in mediating international conflicts as part of the Carter Center. I also was touched by the "personal edge" that this book brings. Carter talks openly about his marriage, conflicts with his sons, his career changes, and personal discovery of God's leading for his life. It's powerful.
Bad: Occasionally he gives excessive focus to justifying some of his political situations in the 70s. But this is just a small fault....
Opinion: As someone who can identify both with Carter's political/social views and many of his spiritual understandings, I found it to be wonderful reading. In recent times the Bible has been widely misused by the political right to justify all sorts of heinious public policies, and those of us who differ have often been derided as less than Christian. In this context Carter's book is extremely refreshing. It's by far the most inspiring read of the year. The book is rather pricy, but well worth it in my opinion.
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on December 14, 1999
President Carter gives us a window into his life and family to understand what makes our "born again" President tick. It is not a memoir, but a revelation of what it means to be a faithful Christian and how anyone can emulate Jesus. After all that is what a Christian is supposed to do. Mr. Carter's style is very much like listening to him address us, sometimes he back tracks a little because he want to make a point that we really need to know. For those Christians on the other side of the political fence, it is an understanding of Mr. Carter as a brother in faith and not the political cartoon. We can see how sometimes the office of the Presidency can overwhelm the occupant, and leave us to assume the President is weak. Mr. Carter's witness to Jesus and the message of Peace and Love in his own words and example show tremendous strength of character, and dedication to a living God. This would make an excellent study and discussion book for young adults as well as more "mature" couples. Thank you Mr. Jimmy, especially for reminding us that the little dash in between, is what we have done.
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on January 16, 2000
Tolerance, forgiveness, understanding, and love are all characteristics of a Christian. The literal translation of the word Christian is "Christ-like". Jimmy Carter demonstrates the true meaning of following the example of Christ in his everyday life. Living Faith provides us with a personal example of how our leaders should govern with compassion and love and refraining from passing judgement. Going to church, doesn't make one a Christian. Although Jimmy Carter uses his Christian faith as an example, it doesn't matter, this book is more about doing the right thing and that applies to any religion.
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on June 29, 2003
Former President Jimmy Carter initially intended Living Faith to be a compendium of his Sunday school teachings. However, as he wrote, it became more of an autobiography relating how he grew up and the role of his faith in his private and public lives. The first third of the book depicts his early life in, departure from, and return to rural Georgia, written in a meandering style sprinkled with appropriate Biblical verses. He then goes on to explain his approaches to leadership, justice, peacekeeping, fighting poverty, and civil rights through his faith in God and Jesus Christ and his understanding of the Bible. His philosophy is possibly best summed up by the simple theology of pastor Eloy Cruz (with whom President Carter worked on a missionary trip). "You only have two loves in your life -- for God, and for the person in front of you at any particular time."
I have always respected President Carter and felt that he was misunderstood and should have had more time in office. His work since his presidency with Habitat for Humanity, the Carter Center, his peacekeeping efforts, and his support of fledgling democracies has probably outweighed his actual presidency. Living Faith will help the reader better understand this good, honest man, the likes of which are virtually nonexistent in modern politics.
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Jimmy Carter has written a wonderful memoir using his personal struggles as a way to better live his faith. The life incidents in the book are told so honestly that it is evident that here is a man who is dealing with his own shortcomings, but trying to live his life as he believes Jesus would have him do it. Because of that, Living Faith becomes a wonderful road map for those of us who are also all-too-human but who truly desire to know and do our Heavenly Father's will. I found the observations regarding the early years of his marriage candid and illuminating. The wooden check good for one apology which he made in his wood shop and gave to Rosalyn was a great example of putting your values into action. From this book, we see a man who is inspired by Christ, not shackled by dogma, and who sincerely strives to live the Word and make the world a better place. I recommend this book as one that inspires and stimulates our higher impulses to do good. Don't miss it!
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on May 5, 1998
I do not read many "religious" books. However, I have a great admiration for President Carter because of his many, many selfless good deeds since leaving office. He is, in my opinion, one of the greatest American men of the second half of the twentieth century. What I truly liked about the book was realizing that this man, who I admire, wrestles with the same sort of spiritual/religious demons that I do. And I realized that he does not have any easy answers, but acknowledges that yes indeed life is often hard and there are many, many times when an honest person might be led to question the wisdom or indeed even the existence of God. In an era when there are so many pious, hypocritical political nitwits who cynically manipulate scripture and religion to further their own stupid, hateful prejudices and selfish political ends (and we all know who they are), President Carter's book - and indeed the beautiful example of his life - are incredibly welcome.
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VINE VOICEon April 9, 2002
I doubt that I could be tempted to read a book authored by any political leader of my time -- or any time -- with [as of now] perhaps one exception. As a man of great intellectual curiosity, spiritual insight, and ethical depth, Jimmy Carter is a most uncommon leader; one who continues to make meaningful contributions to the welfare of humanity and who continues to offer thoughts worth considering. In this volume, a spiritual thread binds President Carter's consideration of economic, social, political, humanitarian, scientific, philosophical, religious, and very personal issues.
"No matter what we seek in life, we are more likely to find it if we are not self-centered but concentrate on something or someone outside ourselves."
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