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on August 14, 2005
Please pardon the pun on Eckhart Tolle's initials. I couldn't resist the fact that he has the initials E.T. I think this is an appropriate coincidence considering his approach to "living in the now" is an "alien" concept to most people :)

I originally found out about Eckhart Tolle because of a quote in Rolf Gate's wonderful Book "Meditations From The Mat". I was intrigued and started searching for more about him. Fortunately my library has quite a bit of E.T.'s books and audio so I was able to sample his work. I was blown away!

While I had been introduced to the idea of mindfulness by such wonderful teachers such as Thich Nhat Hanh, Jon Kabot-Zinn and others, Eckhart Tolle has a way of teaching that I can connect with in a more meaningful way. He is non-sectarian and non-dogmatic. He steps on no one's "spiritual toes" and is embracing and respectful of all paths. I feel he can help us see the essence behind all religious teachings, away from the egocentric "us against them" mentality so prevalent by so many so called "religious" folks. His teaching is also not colored by religious rituals or cultural trappings.

This CD set "Living A Life Of Inner Peace" is one that I would highly recommend to those familiar with and those new to Eckhart Tolle's teaching. His wisdom as well as his sense of humor and joy come across in a way that would be impossible to get from his written works (which of course are still indispensible). In fact, I find I enjoy his written works even more because I feel I have a better sense of the character of the author. This can give one a more subtle sense that enhances the meaning of the written words since a speaker's inflections can convey so much that cannot be written in ink.

For someone who is looking for wonderful, life changing teachings from a wonderful spiritual teacher I can't think of someone I would recommend higher than Eckhart Tolle, and this set is a great place to start as well as continue with.

Also I would highly recommend "Practicing The Power Of Now". It is a wonderful distillation of his longer work "The Power Of Now". It can serve as either an introduction to "The Power Of Now" or as a way to help implement the teachings found in that book. Of course the original "The Power Of Now" as well as his follow up book "Stillness Speaks" are highly recommended as well.

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on February 22, 2006
This is the best place to start if you are curious about Tolle. While his books are provocative, interesting, and (if you take the time) enlightening, this particular recording is a very accessible and oftimes entertaining introduction to his thinking. It is a recorded seminar with an audience and his delivery is conversational and sometimes quite funny as well. He comes across as this diminutive Yoda with a German accent but his ideas about consciousness, identity and spirituality are transfixing in a way that makes the catchy soundbites from the Chopra-like self help crowd seem amateurish and commercial by comparison. His thoughts on "presence" and "the NOW" will cause you to rethink your understanding of how we live our lives. You do yourself a big favor by at least exposing yourself to these ideas.
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Just when I thought The Power of Now (the CD set) was the best CD collection in understanding and settling the mind activity, Eckhart Tolle has done even a better job in this presentation this CD, "Living a Life of Inner Peace". The Power of Now, is a more detailed, comprehensive version of understanding the egoic mind. However, it is very hard to stay focus with Eckhart Tolle's words in "The Power of Now" if one just started their path of searching the inner peace inside us. When I first started listening "The Power of Now", I felt that at times I get pulled back to the automatic thought form and I had to repeatedly remind myself to be back to the present moment in listening to Eckhart Tolle's words in The Power of Now. However, Eckhart Tolle's humor got my attention when I listen to the CD, "Living a Life of Inner Peace". His humor also reminds me of the egoic entity inside me is not my inner being. Whenever I am listening to Eckhart Tolle's words in "Living a Life of Inner Peace", I felt the excessive mind-made activity subsides very fast. His words are the reminders of "Stay Present".

It is so easy for us to be lost in thought forms. I found myself in this situation every time I thought I will be forever free from thoughts. I will never say I can forever be free from the egoic thoughts anymore ... because it purely depends on what my choice is for each moment. If my choice for the present moment is to be obsessed with the mind-made sense of self, I will be tortured by the egoic mind. If my choice for the present moment is through acceptance and asking for inner peace, one shall find this moment of peace and joy... It is a life long journey to find peace, yet peace, joy and harmony can only be found in the present moment. Never mind if 2 minutes ago I was grumpy or upset, because I am a human being. However, this current moment offers us an opportunity to choose whether we want to stay grumpy or we want to accept what is ... and thus find peace and harmony within us.

Many of us are on Earth in search of the next set of spiritual teachings to fulfill ourselves. However, what I found to be the most effective way of finding inner peace is through repetition. Eckhart Tolle's books, CDs are one of the many tools and paths out there. I have repeatedly used his work as pointers to help me settle the mind and finding inner peace.
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on March 28, 2005
Eckhart Tolle's astonishing popularity (including this wonderful series, "Living a Life of Inner Peace) as part of a retreat/presentation in front of a live audience firmly establishes with gusto why many true-to-life-seekers are listening, learning, and laughing out loud.

For those of you, who may feel as I do: in that perhaps no one anywhere has ALL THE ANSWERS to humanity's woes and does not presuppose to judge others, or worse, claim to know the mind, heart and soul of God -- it is so refreshing to hear an open-hearted human being challenge set-in-stone belief systems many of us have acquired over time that often do us more harm than good.

So, when nothing else will do for your month, week, day, hour or minute to spare as a result of a continuum of calamities (large or small), thank goodness there is a peaceful spot you can seek as refuge that quite inexplicably lifts one out of the doldrums and encourages us to laugh with each other and at ourselves!
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on July 28, 2006
Love his books, and now I can say, "I've heard his teachings" in person. Yes, you feel like E.Tolle is right there with you. One of Earth's greatest teachers. He has a wonderful gift of being able to reach the western world's hearts with the "Light". You will laugh and cry, and sometimes at the same time. He has such a great sense of humor and a gift to be able to reach the deepest part of your soul with the truth that no one else has been able to reach, so that you can grow beyond your existense and into the "Now". Peace, Ellen
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on November 4, 2006
I found this CD to be Eckhart Tolle's best work. To begin with, his mood is extraordinary during this presentation. He is very inspired, makes a very interesting presentation and sprinkles it with tons of good jokes!
I had both of my daughters stuck in the car for about 5 hours and put this on. Both of them loved it!
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on July 8, 2006
Eckhart Tolle has a simple yet profound message. Be present as the witness of your life. I run this CD as well as others in my car and I'm amazed how his stories and jokes reach me on a deep level. I find his work easy to listen to and very entertaining and yet his message reaches beyond the ordinary mind.
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on January 4, 2007
I have been a zen student for 17 years and I constantly get new insights into life when I listen to these CD's.(In a German accent) Of course then you have more stuff to drop(hee,hee,hee). I love Tolle's sence of humor most of all. Get all his stuff you can't go wrong. We loan it to all our friends. Start a movement for peace in your sphere of influence.
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on January 4, 2007
Eckart Tolle is wonderfully charming and to the point with his examples of living a life of presence moment awareness (or not, as he contrasts what it means to not be in the "Now" as well with examples to which most of us can so readily relate.) I so much enjoy his humor and his gift of delivering his message from a place of profound depth and experience. The message is wonderful and satisfying present-moment reminder food for the soul.
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on March 11, 2008
Living a Life of Inner PeaceThis two CD set of Eckhart Tolle details how by living in the present you get rid of the ghosts of your past and worry about your future. I found this training to be of immense help and have several friends with whom I will share this. The narration is very soft spoken - soothing.
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