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on February 3, 2014
The story for this movie, is so brutal and nasty, you definitely should have your parents' permission to watch this film, unless you are an adult. When watching this movie, it is always a good idea to read and study the real story behind the film, so you can come to your own conclusion as the crimes committed in this movie, and previous historical accounts of the real life events. In addition, the actors and actresses in this movie are fantastic, they really know how to make you smile, laugh, and be happy at earlier times in this movie; with a little girl in the film, and the two main actor and actress. The little girl brilliant, and definitely ready for more scary movies. In addition, the acting in this film is excellent, they really know how to make you scared in this movie.
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on January 3, 2014
I got dizzy and almost fell asleep. This movie wasn't bad at all. It was TERRIBLE. I wish it HAD have just been bad! Look . . . If you don't have a budget for a film then wait until Bush leaves office and the economy improves and THEN make a movie. Sheesh!

The best part of this DVD is the cover artwork. No story . . . Bad acting . . . The little girl was the only believable actor . . . Everybody wants to wield a hatchet for some reason . . . And when they do, the victim just sits there offering no resistance, physical or vocal, whatsoever . . . Gary Busy shows up near the end (I guess in order to impress us that there is a "known" actor in this "movie") only for about 3 minutes, looking terrible like he did in his real life mug shot . . . The main character can't take it any more and blows her brains out ( by now I can't take it any more either) . . . The resulting gun blast looks like a glass of grape juice (possibly high quality Welch's) is thrown against the wall . . . A feeble attempt at a "twist" is made at the end as the main character is not REALLY dead ( but I am) and the " feature" is finally and mercifully OVER.

If you think I revealed "spoilers", excuse me while I laugh my guts out! Now THAT's scary!
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on September 29, 2013
Scared the heck out of me! I loved it! The quality of the product was just great! I would recommend this DVD to anyone who is into thrillers or horror movies, without the blood
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on June 23, 2013
The film opens with a history lesson about Lizzie Borden told nicely in poetic form. It then jumps to modern day times where another Lizzie (Amanda Blake) lives with a guy named Jason (Leif Holt) .

Lizzie suffers from hallucinations. She has moved back into her childhood home of which she has no memory. She has frequent nightmares and sees a doctor (Corbin Bernsen) . Her construction worker boyfriend is semi-supportive and not understanding. Soon he suffers from hallucinations too.

The mystery also involves a doll and a sealed trap door under the house. Maggie, a neighbor is introduced late.

The movie, at times is fairly decent while at other times falls flat. The buildup is hit or miss. The ending of the film, i.e. the mystery being solved didn't fit neatly in with everything that was going on. It left holes. The movie continues after it should have ended in order to explain things, but only seems to muddy the waters. Amanda did a good job in her role, Leif had a less convincing part.

PARENAL GUIDE: F-bombs, sex, nudity (Shawna Waldron, Aurora Snow)
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on December 7, 2013
This was one of the worst films I have seen the only good part was when the old man said he thought the women was hot only because she was stupid lmfao
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on October 19, 2013
I really loved this movie. I am a big Horror fan and I would recommend this to any Horror fan out there!!
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on November 15, 2013
I bought this movie on a chance and I never should have. Horrible movie. Plot, story line, acting were just awful. Big waste of time and money.
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on November 9, 2013
Wow this is a great movie a well done movie and is a must see for all Lizzie fans out there
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on September 18, 2013

That's about the only word sufficient to sum up the experience of 2013's LIZZIE. This modern twist on the legend of Lizzie Borden tells the story of Lizzy Allen, a woman haunted by a past she can't remember, who has moved back into her family home after many years away at the behest of her therapist (Corbin Bernsen. Like I'd trust him to tell me what to do, have you seen his resume?) who thinks it might help her to remember her past and, in doing so, move on with her future.

Lizzy, however, is too busy mixing medication with wine and suspecting her boyfriend, Jason, is cheating on her.

The house isn't helping. Even though her past is buried deep in her memory, Lizzie hears things around the house, odd noises, voices. She misses time, she hallucinates. In general, she's just having a terrible time lately.

Things looks up, briefly, when the neighbor, Maggie, starts coming over. The two seem to hit it off well, but then Maggie shows up one day with a strange story. Her real name is Bridgett. She's the maid for Andrew Borden (played with such gusto by Gary Busey) and his wife Abby and daughter Lizzie. Desiring a male heir, Andrew has raped Bridgett, causing his wife Abby to attack him with an ax. They struggle and Andrew takes out his wife with said ax, only to find himself once again at the business end of it when Lizzie gets there and sees what he's done (all of this is played out in ghostly flashback during the film's last 15 minutes and it's the first time in the movie ANYTHING of note happens).

Ever since then, Lizzie's vengeful spirit has haunted the house and its occupants, causing murderous rampages throughout the decades.

That's a major spoiler I didn't bother warning you about because if it keeps you from making the mistake of sitting through this utterly tiresome borefest, then I've done my good deed for the day.

I don't mind a movie that takes liberties with historical events--and this one takes GREAT liberties--as long as the resulting twist is exciting, or even the least bit interesting. But this movie was just frustratingly slow. Scene after scene of Lizzy Allen thinking someone's in the house with her or that Jason is with another woman, or drinking another glass of wine--I'm telling you, if you took a shot every time Lizzy had a new glass of wine, you'd be dead before the credits. She even reached for a glass on the bathroom counter while she was showering. Admitting you have a problem is the first step.

Leif Holt wrote the screenplay (with revisions from Marielle Seastrom), and he also plays Jason, the boyfriend. If he's responsible for the Jared the Cable Guy scene, then kudos to him, that was hilarious, but the maybe acting isn't his gig. Stick to writing--but only if he wrote the Jared scene. Maybe try a whole movie's worth of those scenes. But don't bother anymore with the surrealistic dreamy kind of moody movies, because that stuff's just not working.

David Dunn Jr. directed and while I loved that biographical picture about his dad, UNBREAKABLE, I have to place part of the blame for the dullness of this movie on his shoulders. He's the director. He should know when the movie needs some action. I'm not asking for shootouts or car chases, but, jeez, something other than drinking wine and wandering the house trying to figure out where those noises are coming from.

Amanda Baker (Jolene Crowell of "General Hospital" and Babe Carey of "All My Children") played Lizzy Allen, and for me her performance was back and forth. There were times when she really pulled off the woman with a painful past who is afraid to move on bit, but then there were times I just kept marveling over how many glasses of wine she was drinking as she took the pills her doctor (Corbin Bernsen) specifically told her not to take with alcohol. It's hard to sympathize with a character so obviously intent on their own self destruction.

By the time the hour and twenty-six minutes were up, I had nearly lapsed into a coma in my desk chair from boredom. I wanted so badly to like this movie. I thought the poster looked great, and the Netflix description sounded promising, too. That shows the power of marketing, because this movie wasn't even nearly as interesting as the synopsis made it sound. I'm sure everyone involved had the best of intentions, but this is an obvious early effort from a cast and crew with a passion for the genre, but no knowledge of when to trim back. The overall story needed a serious re-edit and streamlining. It would have cut a chunk of the run time down and left them with a much shorter movie, but I think doing so would have resulted in a much more interesting movie and a much more coherent story.
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on April 21, 2015
Couldn't really understand this movie. I wanted the one where Lizzie Borden, herself, was in it and not just flashbacks. Really didn't think this movie was too good.
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