Customer Reviews: Lodge L5HS3 5-Piece Pre-Seasoned Cast-Iron Cookware Set
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on June 27, 2012
To give a little background - I had never cooked with cast iron prior to this set. I grew up with teflon, tried out the "titanium waterless cookware" (which was super expensive) and everything burned. I went back to teflon, but my last set was getting all scratched up and needed replacing so I was looking into other options. I had heard through my best friend who is a nutritionist that cast iron is the healthiest and best, but was intimidated by the maintenance. Long story short, after researching everything I decided for the price it was worth trying (half the cost of a Rachael Ray or Paula Deen teflon set). I'm so glad I did! This really is super easy to maintain, I just wipe with a towel after every use and grease slightly with crisco to restore the sheen and they look brand new! I didn't even have to wash or retreat, as they were non stick right out of the box. I liked that they cook evenly and the only other real "adjustment" I had to make to my cooking style is remembering to wear an oven mit when handling. I'm super pleased with this set and highly recommend it!
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on September 13, 2013
I rarely write reviews even though I buy so much stuff on amazon. This cast iron cook set is absolutely awesome. It is such a good value for the money (don't even talk to me about the $1400 All Clad set I just bought). I bought this for camping but have used it for regular cooking and it works so well. I researched seasoning the iron and decided that I would season with a thin coat of flax seed oil at 500 degrees for an hour. I did this 2 nights in a row and then cooked with them (turn your oven exhaust fan on when seasoning or your smoke detectors will blast away- dont ask me how I know this). One site said do 6 thin coats over 6 days which I may do eventually. Even after 2 thin coats, there was no sticking to chicken curry in the frying pan, and baked banana bread in the dutch oven. I coated a paper towel with oil and left it in the bottom (youtube dutch oven camping trick) and the bread just slid out when turned upside down. The part that did touch the side just wiped off with a paper towel. No washing, no soaking, no scouring needed. The key is keep the iron dry, don't soak it, keep it well oiled after use (I put a little flax seed oil on after each use). Iron is so much healthier than teflon. It's so much cheaper than aluminum/copper/steel. I want to send the All Clad back now..
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on September 15, 2013
Just like everyone else who has used this product, I love it.

You probably already know that Teflon is bad for you and the chemicals seep into your food when you cook on it, so I'm not going to beat that dead horse.

Just a few tips about this stuff...

Yes it comes pre-seasoned, but don't think it's perfect and good to go. You'll still need to season it yourself, spend the extra few days of baking it in the oven and it'll be worth it. Don't get me wrong, the pre-seasoning is great, just not perfect. It'll take many years for you to finally have that perfect seasoned pan.

After you're done cooking, let it sit and naturally cool down (move it to a cool spot on the oven). If you put it in the sink and immediately rinse with water the sudden temperature drop may crack and ruin the cookware.

Always follow the instructions for maintaining the cookware.
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on February 11, 2015
I used to be intimidated by cast iron pans.... I used non-stick for the most part then noticed that none of those pans last very long even if properly cared for. I was pretty diligent to use only plastic on them but inevitably they always got scratched somewhere down the line. It was also not recommended to put them at high temps and if I had a recipe that required both the stove-top and the oven I'd have to change out my pan- very annoying. Buy these and you'll never have to repurchase one again- even if it gets rust! I honestly use at least one of these items a day, for the most part. Very reliable and doesn't get rusty if you look up how to take care of it. I only use a paper towel to clean after use for the most part. For stubborn bits that stick and for fragrant dishes such as fish, stir-fries, etc.- I scrub out the pan using a nylon brush using hot water- NEVER soap! I then dry it, put the pan on the stove to make sure any excess water is removed and then re-season with oil before putting it away. The pan gets exceptionally hot so for the germiphobes out there that insist that soap is the only way to sufficiently clean pots and pans- cookware becomes sterile at 212ºF. Cast iron cookware reaches around 400ºF in 4 minutes on medium heat- more than sufficient. This process only takes a few minutes, often less time than scrubbing out nonstick or stainless cookware. You can also use coarse kosher salt and oil to get stuck on food removed from the pan with a paper towel. It really isn't as high maintenance as you'd think so don't be scared! To prevent food (i.e. eggs) from sticking in the first place- make sure to preheat your skillet for a few minutes to get it scorching hot, add a little bit of butter or oil, and then crack open your eggs. The only times I've had them stick is when I've been too impatient and skipped this step.

The lid that comes from the pan fits on the dutch oven, skillet, and griddle and definitely comes in handy. I thought I would rarely use the griddle- but it turns out to be my most used pan in the kitchen and hardly ever gets put away. Easier to flip in this which is perfect for eggs, pancakes, grilled cheese, etc (I always put the lid on-top of the griddle to fully melt the cheese when making grilled cheese, yum!) I use these babies to make a wide array of foods such as baked goods, pizza, fajitas, fish, frittatas, and mostly everything. This set really changed how I cook and I am better for it!
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on August 29, 2012
When I was young I remember mom always going to that big, square, heavy frying pan for breakfast. I couldn't understand why she was so upset about it when I lost it during a camping trip. Now I know. Real sorry mom.

This is an excellent starter set. So far I've used it for burgers, steaks, eggs, pancakes, pigs-in-a-blanket and now I'm hungry again. If you read a little about cast iron on the Internet you'll learn about all the virtues. This Lodge set has all those virtues and no flaws I can see IF you do a little more seasoning before using the pieces.

All of these pieces come pre-seasoned but don't let that stop you seasoning again. I've seen a couple of reviews that make mention the pieces don't have the non-stick features of cast iron. What I found is by going through the seasoning process before first use and then for the first couple of uses using a little more vegetable oil (I'm using Crisco) then you will have no problems. After each use I clean the pans with fresh water, no soap, put them on a medium burner to dry and add a little more oil. Once properly seasoned at home the cheese stays with the pigs instead of sticking to the pan.

The set is functional and I think beautiful. I would like to see a small sauce pan and a griddle added to the set as I think these are essential. Also, I purchased the cast-iron Dummies book and found it pretty helpful both in how to care for the cast iron as well as how to cook with it. There are plenty of fun recipes to try out. Another thing I did but not sure it was really necessary was, after reading some reviews of pot holders (these things get HOT and stay hot) there was a suggestion pointing me to gloves used by welders. I picked up a set of those (which I'll probably review) and they work fine but maybe they are a bit overkill. I don't know. There are other pot holders from Lodge and other places that might work fine. Just remember - hot. Very hot. And they stay hot. That's actually one of their virtues but be careful.

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on March 26, 2015
Wanted non-toxic pots and was so exited to get them. But it will go rustic after one time of usage, looks ugly and burn all the time. The worse part - you can't return them! Wasted time and money. Don't believe of the good reviews.
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on June 30, 2014
I priced these at a local kitchen supply and they wanted $45 just for ONE pan! Took these car camping. They appear super well made, but they are very heavy. I really only wanted the griddle, large pan and lid, but after lots of research this bundle was the cheapest option and the dutch oven came in handy! The dutch oven lid fits the larger pan and griddle. Its is not flat, so when its on the griddle it has a nice gap so you don't flatten your food. The pan size and griddle were perfect for our old Coleman dual fuel 2 burner stove, though pretty small overall when you are cooking for 5 people like us. They heat quickly and stay hot for a long time after the heat is off. Our Coleman is not very adjustable, so I found myself turning the heat off and watching the food continue to sizzle for several minutes before having to fire up the burner again! I seasoned them before we left for our trip, but still had some minor sticking issues. Foods like bacon, grilled cheese and french toast come out fantastic. Drained the bacon grease best I could then threw in some scrambled eggs (old school!) and came out great with minor sticking. Once again, our main Coleman burner is almost always at medium-high unless the 2nd burner is on, which is lower temp, so those of you that can cook with some better regulated heat probably get better results. Chopped up some potatoes, added vegetable oil and seasoning and threw them in the dutch oven over an open fire. Used a big curved iron rod to hook into the lid to remove it (to check food) and move the pot around to avoid the heat. Came out great! I would use these on a regular stove, especially the griddle, but my wife does not like the weight.
Cons: SHORT handles! Fine for a small propane camp stove, but this makes it hard to use them over an open fire because you have to get pretty close to them to get a grab, and they are usually super hot anyway. HOT HANDLES. Bought the silicon sleeves. They DO NOT fit well and are very loose with lots of gap. They feel like they are going to slip off the handle when you handle them and even with them, you can still feel the heat (almost to the point of discomfort) even when using a rag, gloves or oven mitt. So expect the handles to be hot no matter what.
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on December 21, 2014
I didn't buy the set but I own all five pieces. I bought them individually but if I had known I was going to buy them all eventually I would have picked up the set and saved some money. You can use them on every type of cook surface (even a camp fire) and will last forever if properly cared for. They don't work that great right out of the box; the factory seasoning leaves a bit to be desired and the cooking surfaces are a bit rough. Since I re-season anyway I took the time to smooth the cooking surfaces with 220 than 400 grit sand paper and knock down any rough edges remaining from casting with a file. All pieces work as expected if you know how to cook with cast iron, the griddle is nice but will produce hot spots on smaller burners. The skillets and griddle will fry a burger like you can't believe. The dutch oven deep fry's, bakes, and braises extremely well but stewing and making soup tend to strip the seasoning. The griddle aside from burgers and steaks can do a whole breakfast (for one) on the same vessel; it takes a well seasoned piece to handle eggs without sticking. The 8" skillet makes a nice cornbread pan and the dutch oven lid fits on the 10.25" skillet. If you want to get into cast iron cooking I would recommend this set. The five pieces will cover you for most of your cooking needs.
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on December 25, 2014
I received this item in mid October, gave it as a Christmas gift, opened the box on Christmas and found the handle broken off on the 8 inch skillet.
Caution is to inspect your purchase before giving it as a gift as returnable time is short.
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on December 31, 2012
Been using Lodge cookware for years and now buying it as Christmas gifts. Once you buy it you have it forever as it never wears out and always cooks your food to perfection.
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