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147 of 161 people found the following review helpful
on December 16, 2011
It's been a long wait--35 years(!!!) but at long last LOGAN'S RUN: The TV Series (1977-78) is finally available on DVD! Starring Gregory Harrison ("Trapper John, M.D.") as Logan, Heather Menzies ("SSSSSSS") as Jessica, Donald Moffat (John Carpenter's "The Thing") as the android Rem and Randy Powell as Francis. The series was produced by Ivan Goff and Ben Roberts (creators of both "Charlie's Angels" and the short-lived "Time Express") and featured scripts by William F. Nolan, Saul David, Leonard Katzman, D.C. Fontana, David Gerrold (Noah Ward), Shimon Wincelberg, Michael Michaelian & Kathryn Michaelian Powers, John Meredith Lucas, Dennis O'Neil and Harlan Ellison.
1) "LOGAN'S RUN" (90 minute pilot)--Guest Starring Keene Curtis, Morgan Woodward, Michael Beihn ("The Terminator")
2) "THE COLLECTORS"--Guest Starring Linden Chiles, Leslie Parrish, Angela Cartwright ("Lost in Space")
3) "CAPTURE"--Guest Starring Horst Bucholz, Mary Woronov ("Death Race 2000")
4) "THE INNOCENT"--Guest Starring Lisa Eilbacher ("Beverly Hills Cop"), Brian Kerwin
5) "MAN OUT OF TIME"--Guest Starring Paul Shenar ("Scarface"), Mel Ferrer
6) "HALFLIFE"--Guest Starring Len Birman, William Smith ("Hawaii 5-0"), Kim Cattral ("Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country")
7) "CRYPT"--Guest Starring Ellen Weston, Christopher Stone ("Cujo"), Liam Sullivan
8) "FEAR FACTOR"--Guest Starring Jared Martin ("Fantastic Journey"), Ed Nelson ("Peyton Place"), Peter Brandon
9) "JUDAS GOAT"--Guest Starring Nicholas Hammond ("Spider-Man"), Lance LeGault ("Werewolf"), Spencer Milligan ("Land of the Lost"), Morgan Woodward
10) "FUTUREPAST"--Guest Starring Mariette Hartley ("Genesis II")
11) "CAROUSEL"--Guest Starring Melody Anderson ("Flash Gordon"), Morgan Woodward
12) "NIGHT VISITORS"--Guest Starring Barbara Babcock, George Maharis ("Route 66"), Paul Mantee ("Robinson Crusoe on Mars")
13) "TURNABOUT"--Guest Starring Nehemeiah Persoff, Gerald McRaney ("Jericho"), Hari Rhodes ("Conquest of the Planet of the Apes")
14) "STARGATE"--Guest Starring Paul Carr ("Buck Rogers"), Eddie Firestone
It's worth mentioning that there are several other 1970's sci-fi shows that are somewhat similar to LOGAN'S RUN: The TV Series, namely ARK II (1976), STRANGE NEW WORLD - Movie / Unsold Pilot (1975), PLANET OF THE APES: The TV Series (1974) and THE STARLOST (1973) - all of these sci-fi productions are available on DVD and are well-worth adding to your collection.
Click the Order button and buy LOGAN'S RUN: The TV Series today!!!
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52 of 59 people found the following review helpful
VINE VOICEon April 15, 2012
We children of the 70's have it rough when it comes to our favorite shows. The fact is, much of what we grew up watching and loving has not aged well. I literally had not seen an episode of Logan's Run since the show ended in 1978, and was highly skeptical that it would hold up. But I'm surprised and delighted to report that the show hasn't aged poorly at all.

[Minor Spoilers Ahead]

For those who only know the 1976 movie of the same name, you should know that the show DOES change a few things. The pilot, rather than continuing the events of the film, re-imagines them. While I enjoy the pilot, I do feel it rushes things a bit. Logan's decision to rebel, for example, happens about six minutes into the episode. Likewise, the android Rem's decision to join Logan and Jessica feels a bit hurried. Naturally, the restrictions of 1978 television mean the film's more adult themes have been toned down.

The series also benefits from the contributions of veteran science fiction writers and directors, such as D.C. Fontana, Harlan Ellison, and Alexander Singer. Even when the acting isn't always stellar, the scripts are usually well thought-out and original. The special effects and sets (largely matte paintings, but very good ones) are on-par with anything else from the era. The budget was no doubt helped tremendously by re-using costumes and props (as well as a fair amount of effects shots, especially in the pilot) from the film.

As for the DVD set itself, it's the definition of a "bare bones" release. All you get is the episodes, although it does include 3 episodes that were not part of the series' original run. There are English & French subtitles. The picture quality is good for its age, although there does not appear to have been extensive remastering. Film scratches pop up infrequently. The audio is clear if unremarkable. The A/V quality is perfectably acceptable overall, but maybe slightly disappointing for those who have been spoiled by the restoration efforts of shows like the original Star Trek or The Prisoner.

Logan's Run: The Series will probably never be much more than a footnote in the history of sci-fi t.v. But it deserves a second look. Like the best episodes of Star Trek or Stargate SG-1, the shows were often ABOUT something. It's a future that is both frightening and yet often plausible. And isn't that what science fiction is all about?
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39 of 49 people found the following review helpful
on January 11, 2012
Based on the movie of the same name the tv series is finally given a dvd release.God for years we had to put up with those horrible bootleg dvds. Thank Goodness a decent release is on its way. Logan's Run the tv series had many problems but somehow the exploits of Logan, Jessica and Rem has touched are hearts.For those loyal to the series such as me I just plain love the show.Lots of Sci fi gadgets and computers colorful force fields and a solar powered hovercraft discovered by L and J helps them get through the desert with ease.Very colorful sets and costumes enlivens This series too.And many familiar faces Donald Moffat as the ever lovable android Rem steals the show in many scenes. Randy Powell fresh from Dallas tv series as the ever persistent Sandman on the chase of Logan and Jessica.Played by a very young and handsome Gregory Harrison along with fresh faced Heather Menzies (Robert Urich's wife)and her Farrah Fawcett hairdoo.Tons of Guest stars Like Mariette Hartley,Christopher Stone,Spencer Milligan,Kim Cattrall,Ellen Weston,Nicholas Hammand,Linden Chiles,Leslie Parish,Angela Cartwright, Paul Shenar and Melody Anderson to name a few helped breath life into this series.We even get to go back to the City of Domes for a couple of episodes to view more of the perfect life they lead before they turn 30 years old and become runners who don't believe in renewal reject the carousel ceremony ( a computerized ritual that kills those that have just turned thirty).Population control at its cruelest.A total of fourteen episodes were produced with probably some of the most enchanting sci fi in a long time.One deviation from the movies original premise is in the pilot we find out a chosen few of the population known as the elders are aloud to grow old and a six man council run the entire city in secret and only Specially picked Sandman get to join when and an elder dies of old age.Francis is offered this position if he can bring back Logan and Jessica.And the Sandman are equipped with vehicles of their own to chase Logan and Jessica through the desert.
review image review image review image review image review image
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9 of 11 people found the following review helpful
on September 20, 2012
Received new as gift.

Picture quality: average, with artifacts that are not intrusive
Sound quality: nothing spectacular, but not bad
DVD quality: 2 or 3 skips/blackouts, easily fixed by "rewinding" a few seconds.
Extras: non-existent. nada. zilch.

You get 13 episodes (2 of which supposedly didn't air in prime-time). I'm a big fan of 70s/80s sci-fi, and I enjoyed about 1/4 of these episodes.
3 were pretty darn good (#4, #5, and #12), 3 were sort of memorable, and the rest... eh.

The TV series is definitely lighter fare than the movie. No nudity, and other than some mild violence, safe enough for most any age to watch. Not a whole lot of sci-fi, but a lot of wandering around outside (desert, forest, strange places where the interiors all have the same halls, painted and dressed up differently).

Sets and props are cheesy and often recycled, but I did enjoy some of the 70s mod-pod decor. Apparently every computer in the future takes up half a room, and requires a minute-long sequence of random button presses and dial turns to get anything done. Special effects are mostly simple light video effects added on top of the film, and are nothing to write home about. Star Trek TOS did it better, but for the 70s the effects were ok.

The solarcraft is supposedly a hovercraft, but we see its wheels on several occasions. The outfits and accessories are often funny. The weapon-thingie in 1 episode may appear as an alien do-hickey in the very next episode.

There are basically only 3 kinds of stories here. And every episode (except the first one) starts and ends with a shot of the solarcraft that Logan and Jessica ride in. I kept hoping for more originality, but...nope.

Story 1:
Logan and Jessica meet a group of survivors, who often live somepleace with stored food that has survived intact over 200 years. (I laughed every time I saw the same pineapple). Of course, the people usually turn out to be either not-friendly, or downright dangerous. Our 2 heroes escape, usually with the help of android Rem. Of special interest is the 2 or 3 times they actually find a place of refuge with nice or fairly harmless people (and plenty of food and luxury), yet they continue on their quest for "Sanctuary."

Story 2:
Logan and Jessica encounter aliens (most with malicious intent), who have the same exact type of computers that humans do (dials, switches, CRT monitors, and English labels, too). The aliens, despite having traveled many light-years, are no match for the wiles of our heroes, who escape with their optimism intact.

Story 3:
Whilst involved in Story 1 or 2, our heroes are pursued by Sandmen (who also have "hovercraft" with 4 wheels often visible.) Usually Logan or Rem manage to (temporarily) freeze/stun the sandmen with blasters (although Jessica is not always helpless)... and they leave the sandmen's own blasters in their frozen hands, and walk/drive away. I counted at least 12 times they could have taken the weapons from the bad guys. Sheesh, who wrote this stuff?

Worth it for a few pretty ladies baring a leg or well-turned ankle, burly men with mustaches and silly weapons, impressive afros, 70s lounge decor, and several celebs you'll recognize (Kim Cattral, Gerald McCraney, etc.). I tried to get annoyed by the android (Rem), but Donald Moffat did an above-average job with the thin material he was given. You never know what he'll pull out of his tiny toolbelt. He should really trim those eyebrows, though.

Gregory Harrison did a good job as Logan, although he's much too gentle with his enemies. Heather (Jessica) seems at times miscast and naive, and at others intuitive and endearing. All in all, decent casting for the family-oriented series.

If you are a true fan, this series is worth renting or owning. Just be prepared to yawn or fast-foward a few times when you see the same scenes re-used.


One episode is a sort of "whodunit" murder mystery.

In one episode, Logan (with amnesia) and Jessica return to the City of Domes, where Jessica walks through throngs of Sandmen who don't recognize her, the most-wanted female runner ever, though apparently her friends still know her. She also finally changes her hairdo and outfit, and lights up the screen a notch or two.

Logan and Jessica (finally) kiss at least twice, if you make it to the 3rd disc. Once he pats her playfully on the butt. It's all pretty G-rated.

Lisa Eilbacher is really cute in episode #4. Puppy love + telekinesis can be deadly!

Jessica (Heather Menzies) posed nude in the 70s (prior to this series) for a certain magazine. Here she is quite wholesome, though we do get to enjoy her legs in every episode ("If it ever freezes, Jessica, you'll be the first to know," quips Logan, or so I paraphrase).

There is an unexpected episode with... drum roll... ghosts and Satan worshippers, in an old Victorian home.

Rem sort of falls in love with [I can't tell you everything]. Sparks fly.

The movie was better.

Did I mention Lisa Eilbacher was really cute? And Jessica's hairdo makes her look like Farrah Fawcett's little sister.

Those darn blasters, they never run out of power or need recharging.

No one has the palm crystals from the movie.

No cell phones, iPads, or Internet. Seems nuclear war isn't _all_ bad.
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10 of 13 people found the following review helpful
on February 9, 2012
This series is very special to me, as is the music by Laurence Rosenthal which I also have. Sure it is low budget 70s sci-fi but it has a certain charm as REM would say, a characteristic not found in modern sci-fi, kind of romantic in a sense without the unnecessary gore so many modern sci-fi writers use to substitute for a lack of imagination. My husband and I loved watching it again in 2005 when we acquired our bootleg. Now at last we can ditch the poor quality dvd and low-res downloads. Would be nice to have some background info, extra stuff perhaps about the few episodes in the planning that never made it but then perhaps I'm asking too much. At least the completed (originally unaired) episodes will be included. My husband died in 2007 and this series is a reminder of the good times we had together watching our favorite sci-fi. His favorite episodes were Future Past and Man Out of Time. All the episodes differed, aliens, time travel, people found in cryo chambers from the world war, a girl with special powers etc., - all the fun genre rolled into one series that should have made it to two seasons. The Solar vehicle was a great idea, even if it was a bit ugly but the Sandmen groundcars were cool. I wonder why there were no flying pursuit vehicles? Probably budget, but for the low budget this series was made on, it packed a lot of fun and memories. Run Logan, run! Runnerrrrrr!
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22 of 30 people found the following review helpful
on December 28, 2011
If your a Logan's run fan, you will love this TV Series. Sure, its dated but i like the stories and writing. Some of the acting wont win awards but it's just plain special! For the 1970's, some of the special effects were great! Who can beat the hovercraft! I would have like more episodes dealing with the domed city. Most of them are set outside but there are about 3-4 episodes that deal with the domed cities directly.
Rem is awesome(the orignal data) and jessica is a sexy fox! Loved it. Can't wait till it comes out on DVD! I will reserve my copy!
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7 of 9 people found the following review helpful
VINE VOICEon April 13, 2012
I watched this the first (and only) time around in late 1977.

While time hasn't always been kind to this series, it has much to offer the contemporary viewer.

The original source material, the sci-fi novel "Logans Run" by George Clayton Johnson and William F. Nolan was dark and edgy to the point of being unfilmable. Still, after years in development hell Michael Anderson/Fox tried in 1976, and came up with a far more memorable interpretation. If you're part of Generation X, who DIDN'T think of this movie on their 30th birthday? Still, despite some striking imagery, the movie strayed far from its source material.

That trend continued with the short-lived series. Gone are the palm flowers, ultra-violence, the computer, and much of the setting from the film. Such was the necessity for a late 1970s network produced effort. That didn't stop some very interesting stories from the likes of DC Fontana, Harlan Ellison, and even William F. Nolan himself from taking their new take to our TV screens. "Crypt" particularly stands out.

That said, the DVD set is a final, long-awaited addition to the collections of many TV science fiction fans. It certainly has it's drawbacks - while the writing was occasionally strong and the special effects good for it's time, DVD reveals the low-budget nature of the sets (no wonder much of the series seems to be set in Southern California chapparal.) Also, have reasonable expectations - this set appears to have been mastered from syndicated prints, and the age/dirt/grain show. However, it's still quite watchable, and of course, recommended.
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11 of 15 people found the following review helpful
The 70's were a transitional time in science fiction both in theaters and on TV. "Star Wars" had suddenly made Space Operas with strong visual effects big business and, shortly after, Steven Spielberg checked in with his epic "Close Encounters of the Third Kind". While there were still plenty of cheap science fiction movies being produced (and occasionally good ones as well), the genre suddenly had a little bit of respect from mainstream Hollywood.

Original novelist William F. Nolan penned the pilot episode (with changes from the producer of the film "Logan's Run" Saul David and series producer Leondard Katzman)changing elements from the film. Most likely a fair amount of the rewriting was to simplify the plot and reduce the cost of the pilot. Most fans remember the show pretty well so I'm going to skip the synopsis of the plot in favor of reviewing the quality of the presentation. Interestingly, some of the dialogue from the film is carried over to the TV show.

The series looks decent although it could have used restoration. There are occasional scratches, speckles although after the opening sequence the majority of the episodes are dirt free. There's also some evident print damage. The show looks fairly typical for a late 1970's TV series colors aren't exactly bold and skin tones are a bit on the pink side at times. Sharpness varies with close ups being particularly soft (perhaps a combination of the choices of the DP and just the age of the film).

We get subtitles in English and French and the mono soundtrack is clear.

The 14 episodes are spread over three discs and the dual layered DVDs are housed in an Amray case with a cardboard slip case.

While the series could look better on DVD I'm sure many fans will just be happy that the show has finally arrived on DVD. If you'r a fan of the series, I'd pick this up. Some episodes are better than others of course but if you enjoy 70's TV shows, you'll enjoy "Logan's Run". I will admit that I have a nostalgic attachment to the series so keep in mind I have a bias for the show. Having said that the show had some solid episodes and, if given the chance, showed promise.

There aren't any extras and but the series also doesn't require you to jump through a series of previews unlike many DVDs.
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on February 10, 2014
Logan's Run was a show I remember watching as a kid. I even remember seeing the movie at the drive in. It was cool and creepy, and I really loved the concept. When the show came out, it was a no-brainer that I'd be watching it. Yes, it was cheesy in various places, but it was fun to watch. If you're from the upper end of generation X and remember the sci-fi shows the way I do, spend the fifteen bucks; it's worth it for a trip down memory lane.
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8 of 11 people found the following review helpful
on March 25, 2012
I acquired this entire series several years ago from Amazon Unboxed (for PC and portable devices like my Creative Zen) using only my Pepsi Points (we drank a lot of Diet Pepsi!). Now I'm happy to order my own physical copy. Sure it seems dated, and it is obvious that the original production budget was somewhat slim. Still, the action is fun, the range of guest stars is surprising, and the stories are interesting. I appreciate that this series is being produced on DVD since the target audience is no doubt quite small, relatively speaking. Add to this the fact that the language is pure and there is no gore, and you have a series even the little ones can enjoy!
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