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on March 29, 2014
What can I say about this movie that hasn't been said, except for my opinions of it. When I was a kid, I hated the part when Farrah was killed. Back then, this was a decent look at what a futuristic society would loo like after some "apocalypse" occurred, and it still has some potential as a model today, with domes and automation keeping air and water clean and humans alive. This was a utopia, and people willingly paid a price to live there, that is, death at 30. Never understood why that was never explained, and as I read somewhere else, the plot holes were left out for time management. Too bad those scenes weren't found or re-added, it would really make a difference in the movie. Anyway, watching this now gives me pause to look back at the history of sci-fi films as I grew up. This, and others like it, were stories of what the Earth might be like after some terrible "apocalypse" that wiped out most of humanity. To my mind, there is also an undercurrent relevant to today: the usurping of free will and individuality by some central controlling agency. In the film, it was software. In today's times, it is our government. The story reveals what just a few people can do, even through the frightening experiences they had. Pity they never really fleshed out the ending much, instead leaving it to imagination. How would so many survive after being "freed", with no knowledge of the outside world... although, I suppose the old man could have taken them to the library and they could have read about growing food, or hunting. In the end, would it have been better to leave them where they were, and how they were? I can't say. Still, it is a refreshing look at how humanity could experience the "world outside", after living their lives in a bubble. If one wanted to take a look at the evolution of this genre, this certainly would be one movie that would have to be included. I would recommend this, and enjoyed the trip down memory lane.
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on March 16, 2008
Don't bother replacing your old DVD copy of Logan's Run for this new one with a modernized (lamer) cover. This is another bad transfer, blurry with all sorts of film abnormalities.

Still gets a 4 because this movie is wonderfully strange and fun.
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on March 29, 2016
On a nostalgic lark we decided to see "Logan's Run" again, and had a great time with it. Younger people would probably find it hopelessly old and out of date, but if they could get over not expecting modern CGI techno wonders, they would enjoy the story. Rebelling against an oppressive status quo - now that should be appealing to everyone with a desire for justice.
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on September 17, 2015
Good sci-fi movie from the seventies. Michael York as logan5 who is cheated out of three years of his life so he can escape the ritualistic massacre one attends on their 30th birthday. His job is to find out where the escapees try to run to. Jenny Agutter is his accomplice a beautiful woman who helps him escape to "sanctuary". True the story is a little flawed since it looks like they are under a polar ice cap then a few days later end up in Washington DC in the future. Also it looks like everyone has a great time in this futuristic shopping mall.until you are 30 of course. But worth a look. so turn your brain off and enjoy.
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on August 28, 2015
wasnt good enough for me to get it on blu-ray but good enough for regualr dvd. i saw this when I was a kid and forgot that there were mad naked chicks in the movie. so i decided to get it just to watch for the nostolgia and 70's women. the concept was funny and was paridied a little when i was growing up. over all it's a good campy flick.
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on July 25, 2015
I remember this being one of the first Sci-Fi movies that I watched as a 9 year old. I actually got to see this in a Drive-In movie on a huge screen at night! I recall it well. During this period of the 1970s, before STAR WARS, we had doom and gloom themes, catastrophe type movies, environmental themed movies with the "animal kingdom gone mad". Logan's Run was a part of it as it posted an apocalyptic world in which "computers" replaced human Governments to control everything, including when one can live and die. In this story, we find a city run by such a central computer and a force of "police" known as Sandman.
If any of the members decided they wanted to live beyond the age of 30, they had to "run" for their very lives at any cost to get away from the sandman and "The Carousel". "Carousel" was created by the central computer to control the human population and so that a number of them couldn't form a rebellion with knowledge of how and why they were there in the first place and possibly want "reform" of their own. But, alas, some humans did escape and formed an outside membership against the Computer and the Sandman control.
When the Computer tasks Logan to find the "missing" sanctuary humans numbering over 1,000 to seek and destroy, Logan finds the real truth behind it all and finds that he himself wants nothing to do with that controlled society. He befriends Jenny, a member that is against the City Computer control and decides to "run" with Logan.
Getting to "Sanctuary" is easier said then done, however. A guardian of sorts awaits unsuspecting "runners" and his name is simply "Box". A metal robot that was supposed to help control the sea greens and fish coming into the City. "They" stopped coming and so "Box" started resorting to freezing the "runners" instead as possible food sources. That's what I got out of it anyway.
So, in turn, he prevented many of the "runners" from getting away completely to the outside world. Well, Logan and Jenny are not going to be frozen, so they put up a fight and Logan starts shooting at everything to get away, the ceiling begins to collapse and "Box's" birds soon become his death as Ice and rock begin to fall.
Once in the outside world, the "REAL WORLD", they find nothing but silence and "hurt" as everything they come into contact with seems to physically hurt them or at least Jenny. They come in to what was Washington, D.C. and find plant life overrunning monuments and buildings.
They have no idea what they were and upon entering a building they discover an old man, (Ustinov) and a bunch of cats, that they have never seen before. A friendship begins with the old man and they want to take him back to the city to prove that the city is wrong and what they are doing is wrong. But, before they can do that, Logan's former Sandman friend comes a calling to tell them to come back and that the real world is all a big lie. A struggle ensues and Logan's friend is killed.
The old man embarks on the trip back to the city with Logan and Jenny to convince the city humans that what they are doing is wrong and they can live to be old.
The entrance back to the city is blocked by a large water system and the old man must wait there while Logan and Jenny go in. They eventually get caught by sandman and Logan is interrogated by the City Central Computer. It's there that Logan fights the computer and it can't handle his answers as the truth. Logan breaks free from his restraints and begins to fire upon his former colleagues and starts to fire upon the computer's "time clocks" as well, shutting them down. Explosions begin to rock the "city" as chaos ensues with people running every which way. Eventually, the city "seals" are broken and allow the remaining humans as well as Logan and Jenny to make it back to the Old Man waiting outside near the water plant. A new life awaits the humans with Logan and Jenny becoming romantically closer, "husband and wife". How they all form a new world would be up to them.
I think the storyline is the main thing here, with limited technology at hand in 1976 to tell a more vivid story, I think they did a decent job for the times.
Remember, there was no such thing as CGI until at least 1985 with a scene in a movie called "The Young Sherlock Holmes" and then "The Abyss" in 1989, which really was breaking the barriers of what CGI could do in the future.
I think the Blu-ray is decent, but could have been better. It seems the special features on it was pulled over from the DVD release. That's okay by me as this could have been "bare bones" release as Warner Brothers tends to do that for some features.
Perhaps in the future us fans that love this movie for what it is will have a more in depth release with all the features that were on the Laserdisc.
A full restoration would be good, too.
Menu is good with easy selections, background music.
Widescreen, 1976, Great Audio!
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on February 6, 2009
Thirty years after reading the book as a teenager, I am now reading it to my kids at night before bed. I remember the book as being pretty cheesy - and now I realize that, although it is a great story, it is VERY poorly written.

It's unusual when a movie is actually better than the book it is based on, but they really "fixed" a lot of the issues that the book has. Ok, the movie isn't perfect. It's campy and somewhat silly, and the production work is so ... 1970's. But the story flows well, much better than the book, and has a completely opposite ending - which is actually a more satisfying resolution to the story.

Don't watch this movie if you're looking for a great piece of art. But if you want good sci-fi story with very pointed social commentary, then you should see it - Logan's Run is a fun, original, and satisfying romp.
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on January 31, 2002
I remember when I wrote an article about the 20th Anniversary of this science fiction classic. Five years later, I still think the movie is a spectacular science fiction, trail blazing adventure. And yet, to this day, it is still my favorite film of all time. People may still stare at me funny when I tell them this, however, it still is my opinion.
MGM's 1976 science fiction classic not only won two Academy Awards, it had also created a huge cult following that still keeps going strong to this day. It has not only withstood the test of time, it still a spectacular film to watch. Sir Michael York, the late Richard Jordan, Jenny Agutter, Peter Ustinov, Farrah Fawcett, and Roscoe Lee Brown did a remarkable job in the roles that they were given. Ustinov should have won the Oscar for his role as the Old Man. The film also had set a pre-Star Wars box office record, a year before that film had been released. Not only is it an awe-inspiring post-apocalyptic science fiction really taps into some serious social commentary and presents the audience a future that could evolve, if the human race continues to wreak havoc on the world. Even in the 23rd Century.
If you are looking for some excitement and entertainment, you need not look any furthur than Logan's Run. It sure beats watching Star Trek, Star Wars, and Babylon 5 any day of the week.
*Special note - the fight scene between Logan and Francis in the remains of Washington D.C. as well as the death of Francis, reflected a unique form of symbolism. Francis tries to kill Logan with a torn up American flag. Logan kills Francis with the flag and its pole. The movie was released in June of 1976 and Sir Michael York is British. Food for thought...
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on July 15, 2003
Logan's Run (1976). Rated "PG". Running Time: 2 hours.
Directed by Michael Anderson. Written by David Zelag Goodman.
One disc: Choice of Full Screen and Widescreen.

Now this is a science-fiction fantasy! However, if you saw this film as a preteen or teenager, we all thought this was what the near future would look like. The futuristic city sets are fantastic. The most memorable scenes of the film are the futuristic city look of transportation was the best and Farrah Fawcett with the running mascara gave us all boys nice dreams.
The cast: Michael York, Richard Jordan, Jenny Agutter, Roscoe Lee Browne, Farrah Fawcett-Majors (She was married to the "Six-Million Dollar Man", Lee Majors at the time), Michael Anderson Jr and Peter Ustinov. Future Olympic Games gymnast, Mitch Gaylord, plays a "Cub" and did stunts.
People here can not live pass the age of 30. They are not allowed to. When signaled or called upon they must enter "Carousel". If they don't and they hide or run, they are called "runners". Those that enter "Carousel" are destroyed, but people are lead to believe, they are "renewed". Logan is forced in a situation before his time, to run as well. He has to find out if there is a way outside the city they are held in.
Great scenes of a nature-taken-over Washington DC.
Look closely, use your "zoom", Peter Ustinov is wearing U.S. Pennies as buttons.
On the DVD, a 9-minute featurette is titled "A Look Into The 23rd Century" and theatrical trailer. A very informative and detailed Audio Commentary by Michael Anderson, Michael York and Bill Thomas. One Disc, Full Screen and Wide-Screen.

Followed by Logan's Run: Complete Series tv series (1977-78) on CBS.
Update: October 13, 2013: Ken Levine is writing a screenplay for a remake for Warner Bros.
April 2015, it was revealed it will have a female lead.
November 2015: Looking for a director. Movie could become a franchise like The Hunger Games. Still no word on when production will begin.

New DVD of Logan's Run: Logan's Run

Books: Logan's Run (1967) by William Nolan & George Clayton Johnson.
Logan's World (Logan Series, Book 2) (1978) by William Nolan.
Logan's Search (Logan Series #3) (October 1980) by William Nolan.
Logan: A Trilogy (November 1992) by William Nolan.
Logan's Return (e-book 2001) by William Nolan.
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VINE VOICEon April 24, 2012
I first saw "Logan's Run" (1976) when I was a hippy in my twenties and thought the film was so mind-boggling, man! I have remembered that movie all these years and was delighted when its title popped up as a movie choice recently. "Logan's Run" was a shocking disappointment, but it does have redeeming features.

First, an overview:

Michael York plays hedonistic Logan, a "Sandman" who puts people to "sleep," or euphenism for regulated, national policeman whose job is to kill "runners." The story takes place way in the future where life is simple except for those who want to live beyond 30. Population is controlled: one death equals one new life.

When a group reaches 30, they become required candidates for "renewing," a process never explained. Basically, they are eliminated in a laser-operated carousel of sorts. They dress in white like Greeks but wear masks reminiscent or prescient of Scream masks. The audience cheers when each one is "renewed" or zapped out of existence.

During one of Logan's routine returns of things taken from runners, one item is an ankh, a symbol for Sanctuary or Afterlife, where runners go. At this point they re-assign him to run so that he can send word to other Sandman to come eliminate those runners. Each person has a crystal inserted in his hand at birth. When that horrible 30 arrive, the crystal turns red. Sandman won't agree unless they give him back the four years he has left before he really becomes 30. He is never guaranteed anything, but he goes.

He takes Jessica with him, a supposed prostitute who just came on the "circuit." but she is reluctant to participate. Later they meet again and their attraction develops. She agrees to help him find Sanctuary only if she can come with him. What they find is so shocking to them--the truth!

Positive aspects:
1. One device Logan carries resembles an iPhone! Most impressive for 1976. Do you think Steve Jobs found his idea there?
2. Other special effects were amazing for the time!
3. The central idea of the story--running to prevent termination
4. By film's end Logan and Jessica have established themselves as Beloved Husband and Beloved Wife, unknown terms or the relationship behind the terms heretofore.

1. Logan and Jessica were gone from the dome for several days. Not once did they eat or complain of hunger.
2. The haircuts, especially Logan's, were ghastly. Logan's hair had huge chunks cut out and was so uneven for a playboy type.
3. Farrah Fawcett's acting (sorry, I mean no disrespect to the dead)
4. Peter Ustinov's acting
5. The Old Man (Mr. Ustinov) had many cats but no containers of food. He seemed to be the only survivor of the outside world, but he had parents. If he had parents, where are other inevitable people? In the outside world, Logan and Jessica found no other people.
6. At the end of their domed world, all these young people have to make their way in this wild, untamed world and seem to have no skills except hedonistic ones.
7. Sandman's friend incredibly tracks them through this new wilderness to try to kill him for running. Talk about your brainwashing!

I stuck it to the end, wanting to know why I liked the movie so much in the first place. I still don't know. But then I was under 30!
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