Customer Reviews: Logitech M570 Wireless Trackball, Computer Wireless Mouse, Long Range Wireless Mouse
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on December 28, 2014
It's a good option for people with carpal tunnel such as myself and looking for a more ergonomic option. If it had a better angle out-of-the-box I'd give it 5 stars, however with a little propping it can be perfect, see below. Tips:

1. To make it 10x more ergonomic, place a wedge with a 30 degree incline under it to make it the most natural wrist angle and keep you from resting any weight on the nerves in your wrist. Experiment with different angles to find the best for you personally. I trimmed a chunk of stiff foam from some laptop packaging material, see the attached photos. This has been a HUGE benefit for my wrists and in combination with other ergonomic tweaks to my setup and regular stretching and soft tissue work has left me pain-free for some time now.

2. You'll need to clean the dust and lint from the rollers and optical sensor under the ball once a week, it takes seconds but will keep the trackball nice and responsive.
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on October 14, 2010
Having been one of the many old school folks that mourned the loss of Microsoft's Trackball, I can honestly say this is a superior replacement. The day I had to bury my Microsoft Optical was a sad day when it died, but I got many years of use out of it. Up until now, it was the best trackball to date that I've used (and I've used them all), but today I received 2 of the new M570's and replaced my wired TrackMan Wheels.

They are slightly smaller than the TrackMan Wheel, but have a much better ergonomic feel. Unlike the Microsoft five button version where the fifth button was placed on the far right and was a bit akward due to the size of the device, the M570 has it right above the perfectly placed back button. Now that I'm using wireless (I avoided the TrackMan wireless due to the lengthy receiver), I'm even more pleased in the home and office environment.

The other reviews for this product are spot on, but to add a few observations:

There was mention of the actual ball of this device being a bit more resistant than the existing Logitech version, but a quick polish with a cotton cloth is the fix. Combined with the new SetPoint software, this is my new favorite input device.

Range is fairly good for the receiver, I have zero latency connected to a back panel USB port a good 3 feet away.

The other cool thing is that the battery compartment has a storage spot for the receiver similar to newer laptop mouse models. Self contained receiver and 500+ days life on one battery (according to the monitoring tool) is good stuff.

If you are a trackball user, you will be amazed. If you are one of the old school trackball users that see the Opticals on Ebay for hundreds of dollars and wish you had one.. buy this instead. This device is superior.
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This is my first review and it happens to be the first for this excellent trackball. The review is LONG but you can skip to the heading(s) that suit you: Old Users, New Buttons, HTPC, New Users, Wireless and Gaming. Hope it is useful.

This line of trackballs from Logitech is best known for its unique design, employing the thumb for movement and the index/middle finger for clicks. The advantage of this "thumb-ball" design is that former mouse-users do not have to adapt to a different position (thumb for clicking and index/middle finger for moving, as in the case of the Kensington trackballs).

After releasing the renowned TrackMan Wheel Optical (wired), Logitech went further and brought us the wireless version (the TrackMan Wheel Wireless, still available in Amazon). The wireless version suffers from the gigantic size of the receiver, which makes it impractical for laptop/space-constrained computer setups.

After years of protests about the receiver design (see the Logitech forum), Logitech finally decided to upgrade the Trackball and equip it with the unifying receiver. The receiver can connect up to 6 devices at the same time and its miniature size means you can leave it in the USB port of a laptop all the time. Other new features include 2 programmable buttons and a battery indicator to the left of the "left-click" button.

--Old user--
I owned the wired Trackman optical and I felt immediately at home with the M570. There is no noticeable difference in terms of button arrangement and I cannot tell the two by touch alone. The ball was changed to blue, possibly in an attempt to distinguish the M570 from the old Trackman Wheel Wireless.

There is a subtle difference between the balls on the M570 and the wired Trackman. The red ball on my wired Trackman was silky smooth and it feels light when scrolling. On the other hand, the blue ball on the M570 appears to possess a tiny bit of extra resistance (even after cleaning), which does not trouble me at all. The blue ball also seems quieter in use. I do not think old users will be troubled by this minor change, and this extra resistance may also be due to the fact that my unit is brand-new. I will update this review if the touch changes.

--The new buttons--
I switched to the M570 mainly for the 2 new buttons. I can now turn on/off my secondary monitor and move windows between monitors with one click (requires the UltraMon software). The new buttons are protruded distinctively and form a nice curve that fits the index finger. I can rest my index finger comfortably on these buttons and locate the individual button with ease. Both buttons have a definite "click" feel to it when depressed.

You need to download the latest SetPoint AND click the "Check for Update" button to download a 3MB upgrade package before you can customise the buttons. I suppose the bundled CD-ROM contains a version newer than what you can download from the Web, so stick to it for the

Despites its size, the M570 is actually quite light. If you care about the loudness of the click sound, you may be relieved to know that the "Back" button is nearly silent. You can map the Back button to "Left Click" using the SetPoint software and it will be a fine, silent, ergonomic HTPC pointing. Note: the Forward and Middle buttons make loud click noise while the left/right buttons make acceptable click noise.

--New user--
If you have not used a thumb-ball before, you should try it! I cannot praise this design enough ever since I moved to the Trackman. At first I had some problem with its speed but after experimenting with the Speed/Acceleration settings for about 5 minutes I was able to perform the daily tasks with better precision and more speed. The greatest advantage of using a thumb-ball instead of a mouse is that I can move the cursor to another monitor (some 2000 pixels away) with one finger. With a mouse I had to lift up the mouse several times, using a large number of muscles in the process.

The greatest advantage of thumb-ball over mouse is comfort, achieved by ease of moving the cursor. In the case of thumb-balls, only the thumb needs to be moved and the other fingers remain stationery. The smoothness of the ball ensures that your thumb will not be overly exerted. In the case of a mouse however, the fingers need to "grasp" and "move" the mouse and the wrist needs to "rotate" it, causing prolonged stress of all parts of the hand.

The Trackman/M570 design also provides a proper resting place for ALL fingers: the thumb can rest on the ball (note: the ball has enough inertia to hold the thumb so that it won't fall to the bottom), the index to ring fingers rest on the surface while pinky can rest on the small "gap" specially crafted for it.

The thumb-ball also dispenses with mouse pad and requires no extra space for movement. You can place your stationery or a glass of water close to it without fearing them being knocked over. Thumb-ball works miracle in space-constrained offices.

I have used a computer for over 10 years and the Trackman design has provided me the greatest improvement in terms of comfort (the second being the invention of "chiclet" keyboard). I had been advocating its use ever since I got hold of the Trackman wired and I hope you will feel the improvement

Does it make sense to switch from wired to wireless? In my case there is no pressing need for doing so but I do appreciate the space saved by removing the cable. I had to stretch the cable to the fullest when I was using the old Trackman and a lot of things got in its way. Also contrary to popular views I DO move the Trackman/M570 around. This is because I sit on a rotatable chair and my angle to the Trackman changes from time to time. The cable on Trackman caused some trouble when adjusting and with the M570's wireless design this problem is completely gone.

Should you wait for the Bluetooth version? If you have a device that does not support the Unifying Receiver (phone/notebooks that can't spare a USB port), then you have no choice but to wait. Except in such case I do not think a Bluetooth version is needed. I own the Bluetooth keyboard and mouse from Apple and they are nightmares! The connection seems to break at the most inconvenient moment and I had to guess whether it was the battery or the Bluetooth thing. If it does not reconnect automatically I had to launch the Bluetooth configure console with whatever devices that are still working. Try opening the console when your mouse is not functioning (hint: enable mouse keys) and you will see my point. For every space you save with Bluetooth, you are paying with a lot of potential trouble.

Gaming with any kind of trackball is an acquired taste, some say trackballs are imprecise while others claim that they improved after switching to trackball. I have no problem with RTS and FPS games with my old Trackman and I suppose the same is true with the M570, which shares the same design. The wheel gives a DISTINCT touch every time it is rolled, which I think is essential for any serious FPS gamers. There are 3 programmable buttons (two at index finger and one at middle/ring finger). I think the 5-button M570 is currently the best gaming thumb-balls one can buy.
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on October 3, 2011
I loved the wired version of this mouse, it never failed me, but because of how my computer setup is I thought a wireless version would be better. It did bring everything I thought it would and I was quite happy with it, but a few months in the left button started double or triple clicking by itself. This makes selecting files end up opening them, interrupts dragging, selects entire words or paragraphs when trying to position the text cursor, and is a total nightmare in graphic editing and videogames.

When I did a search for the issue, I saw it was common among several mice in the Logitech line. The button itself is the most basic aspect of a mouse and is problem-free on even the cheapest models from most companies. It's shameful that a $50 (most common street price) mouse from a well established company would be so shoddy. Also, for some reason the mouse isn't even designed in a way that you can unscrew it and take it apart to attempt fixing the issue. I need trackball for my setup, and unfortunately no other company has a wireless trackball mouse like this, so my only option is going back to wired.
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on October 7, 2010
I am longtime wireless trackman wheel.(Red Ball) user. My minor complain for it was a "receiver".
In case of travel, to bring trackman and receiver was bulky.
Receiver for the Blue(M570) is very tiny and easy to handle.

Former person reviewed as follows,
"There is a subtle difference between the balls on the M570 and the wired Trackman. The red ball on my wired Trackman was silky smooth and it feels light when scrolling. On the other hand, the blue ball on the M570 appears to possess a tiny bit of extra resistance (even after cleaning), which does not trouble me at all. The blue ball also seems quieter in use. I do not think old users will be troubled by this minor change, and this extra resistance may also be due to the fact that my unit is brand-new. I will update this review if the touch changes. "

My comment is exact same. Blue ball is less silky and less smooth. Feels some weight of resistance.
After cleaning and some hours of usage, changed a little bit but still less smoother than Red.

The difference is not so huge but I definitely prefer smoothness of the red.
Other than that, M570 is very good products.
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on July 19, 2013
With over a thousand reviews for this product, there's little chance that mine will be seen, but I want to confirm that the buttons start failing after a year. I bought this trackball from Amazon 13 months ago and the left mouse button has just started double clicking. I'm not a gamer and I don't eat at the computer so I can only attribute the failure to inferior construction. At this price point, it's a real disappointment. I've been a Logitech customer for years and this may be the last item I use from them.

I'd suggest spending a little more money and finding a company that doesn't overlook systematic quality control problems.
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on December 4, 2010
For anyone who uses a computer of virtually any kind, my highest recommendation is Logitech Trackman m570, the newest thumb controlled trackball. Mice have been the prevalent input device for computers. Now with laptops out-pacing desktops, touchpads are becoming the dominant device. In my opinion we are going from bad (mouse) to worse (touchpad).

I first started using a trackball a year or so after using a mouse (early 90s). Over the years both mice and trackballs kept improving, becoming more comfortable, more accurate, and less error prone. One of the biggest improvements to the mouse was an optical sensor which replaced the ball (yes, mice used to have a ball on the bottom of them). This greatly increased the life from a year or so to several years.

However trackballs continued to improve as well, going from the some-what clumsy finger driven (arcade game style big ball in middle design) to fast and efficient thumb driven. Then getting more and more comfortable and ergonomic, optical, and now laser driven.

Now more then ever before I believe a good quality thumb driven trackball is essential to anyone who uses a computer for more then 20 minutes at a time. With the majority of work being shifted to laptops / notebooks / netbooks this is even more important. The lack of efficiency, ergonomics, comfort and speed of touchpads are self evident. Look at your hand on a touchpad and see if that is a normal position for your hand and fingers to be in. Combine this awkward and dangerous artificial position with longterm use, and besides high probability of strain, productivity efficiency is at a minimum. Since laptops are moved around, and on different surfaces often, a mouse is not always even an improvement (or possible).

Here are some of the strength a trackball provides:
- Small footprint (set it down, that's it, no moving, dragging, or slding required)
- Lap, couch, floor, edge of laptop case, etc. No problem (flat surface or even space is not required)
- Substantially decreased exposure to RSS (Repetitive Strain Syndrome)
+ Only thumb and occasionally fingers move leaving hand, arm, wrist & elbow relaxed
- Relaxed fit, smooth operation, efficient to use
+ from small screens to more then 6 large screens
- Easy to carry, micro leave-in receiver battery lasts over a year
- Can be used for hours without cramping
- Looks and feels amazing

Okay, that list could keep on going, and once you start using a trackball (for more then a week) I'm positive you will wonder how you lived without (and never want to be without it again)! So if you are willing to try and see if it is as great as I am saying it is, then here are two import things to know (What kind to get, and How to make the switch):

1. What kind to get (and what kind not to get) and why.

There are almost as many kinds of trackballs as there are mice. The thumb driven trackballs are the most accurate, easiest to become effeiciant on, and have the best ergonics for prolonged use. There are only two thumb driven trackballs to consider, and Logitech makes them both. They are:
A - The new Logitech Trackball m570
- Portable / mobile use
- Has USB micro leave-in receiver
- Included AA Battery lasts up to 18 months
- Works up to 30 ft away
- Here are the main advantages over the older optical corded one:
+ This one is much more precise
+ Reception is incredible, even on a desktop
+ Accuracy and acceleration is executed perfectly (meaning I can travel long distances faster & when moving slowly it is pixal accurate, both at the same time)
+ The design is more comfortable

B - The older Logitech Trackman (corded version)
- I would only consider this one if money is a HUGE factor!
+ m570 is far superior in every way (movement, accuracy, front & back buttons, etc.).
- Corded for desktop use (no batteries)
- No batteries, no troubleshooting, always works if plugged in
- Costs less
- 4.5 Stars out of 5 from with over 715 reviews!
- After using the above m570 on my desktop for a few days:
+ I no longer recommend this trackball.
+ I leave it here because it is the 2nd best trackball available

2. How to make the switch from a mouse / touchpad successfully

- Plug in new trackball.
- Install the software if you want the advanced acceleration and customizable buttons (the software is not required otherwise)
- Adjust sensitivity as needed. You may be returning to adjust it some more once you use it more.
- VERY IMPORTANT. Unplug your old mouse, and put it in an different room (yes seriously), you will not learn how to use a trackball by using a mouse!

Really that's all it takes. Just start using it. It will seem slow, awkward maybe even a bit frustrating at first. After an hour or so, it should start to feel more natural, and the cursor will start to go where you need it on the first try. After a day or two, you will reach the speed and efficiency you had with a mouse, and would have already passed that of a touch pad. After a week, well, congratulations! Welcome to the world of efficiency like you've never felt before. I have yet to recommend these two trackballs and have someone tell me after a week of use, that they went back to a mouse. I've never had it happen! Once you hit this landmark, you will never want to use a mouse again. Really it's that great of an experience.

However, don't worry, no matter how long you go without using a mouse, if you ever need to use one again (on someone else's computer, for example) you will be just a good as ever. Similar to riding a bike, you will always have the skill and capability to be efficient on a mouse. On that note, I have yet to see anyone that is efficient on a touchpad, and what do the majority of laptop users go with? You guessed it, the touchpad.

For my full review see: "G" "o" "o" "dot" "g" "l" "forward slash" "mIRIo"
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on July 25, 2014
It will wear out and start double clicking and to the best of my knowledge there is no fix. But thats a year away and this is my 3rd one I have bought (home/work). And despite the defect, I haven't found a more comfortable or user friendly one out there.
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on January 6, 2014
I had the same problem with 2 small Logitech laptop mice and I hoped (in vain) this heavier (and more expensive) trackball would be stronger. Pressing the (most used) left button once now often gives double clicks: I want to delete one mail, the trackball deletes 2 or 3. I want to check a radio button, the trackball quickly checks and unchecks it. I close the top window of several stacked full screen windows, the mouse or trackball decides to close 3 (the close buttons being one under the other). I position the cursor in a text (1 click), the trackball selects a word (double click). I am a software tester, during manual (not automated) testing this hardware problem often causes unwanted effects.

When new the trackball was very light to move. I could "throw" the cursor from one side to the other with a quick thumb movement. With time the ball moves more difficult, I cannot throw it anymore. It requires several movements of my thumb to get the cursor over the screen. I have to take out the ball, wrap it with a soft cloth and carefully clean the contact points (support points) inside the housing, and it will be better again, but never like new, and more frequent cleaning is required every time to keep the ball rolling.

It's also more difficult to do precision work with the trackball (selecting text with very small font, working in Photoshop). A mouse is better there.

The only advantage of the trackball is that it puts less strain on my wrist. Until now I don't have thumb problem. So maybe I go for another trackball instead of a mouse, but whatever I choose, it won’t be Logitech.
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TOP 100 REVIEWERon October 26, 2010
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I prefer trackballs to mice and I have been looking for a good wireless trackball as my primary system is a laptop. In the past I had a Logitech TrackMan II, a hideous device that made my hands hurt. Logitech's new M570 trackball is far and away better than that TrackMan II, and I would consider it an excellent device except for one thing.

I have large hands, and as a consequence I need larger pointing devices to fit my hand. The M570 is marginally larger than my standard mouse which gave me pause right off the bat, but my concerns were unfounded. Even though this trackball device is not especially large, it fits my hand comfortably and I can spin the ball with ease without cramping my hands. My finger tips rest on the buttons and my thumb tip rests on the ball, while the fleshy part of my palm is on the desk past the plastic base. Finally, a trackball that fits my hand much like a normal mouse.

I have a marble mouse and while it's a decent trackball-like device, the ball easily drops out when the device is inverted and as a result I have dropped the ball one too many times and chipped it. The M570 holds the ball in place and does not allow it to simply come out without applying deliberate pressure, resulting in less opportunities to either lose or damage the ball.

The ball itself is a pretty shade of blue and, with the exception of the finger holes, looks a lot like a miniature bowling ball.

The M570 has 4 buttons and a scroll wheel that can be pressed for a total of 5 programmable buttons. The one problem with this trackball involves the scroll wheel - there is no horizontal scroll. While this is really just an inconvenience, horizontal scrolling has become very commonplace and that it is not included is a disappointment.

The range on the M570 us excellent. I am able to control the pointer on the screen from a distance of 15' - 20' away without any issues at all (except that it's harder to read the screen). This is very convenient and will be immeasurably helpful for presentations where the desk is a good distance from the computer and control is needed across that distance.

I am very pleased with the Logitech M570 wireless trackball and can heartily recommend it. The one improvement would be horizontal scrolling; otherwise, this trackball is superb.
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