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VINE VOICEon August 10, 2012
Color: Black|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Let's just say that I have never been a fan of those goofy touch pads on laptops that are supposed to substitute for a mouse. They are a very poor substitute, to say the least. Though I have always struggled with them, I never thought about trying one of these add-on mouses (or is it MICE?!?), until recently. I started to notice others around the office toting them to meetings, and I figured I might as well give it a try. GOOD HEAVENS, WHAT TOOK ME SO LONG?!? I started using this one a few weeks ago, and it goes everywhere with me now.

I cannot think of a single thing about it that I don't like. Here are the things I like most about it:

+ Small, But Not Too Small: At first, I feared it might be too small, but weeks of usage have proven to me that it is just the right size. It's easy to tote around, and it feels good in my hand.

+ Tiny USB Connector: This tiny piece that goes into your USB port is outstanding. I haven't taken it out since the day I put it in, which is the idea. Out of sight, out of mind. Don't worry. It won't fall out or get in your way.

+ Precise Pointing & Scrolling: The performance of this mouse is every bit as good, or better, than any mouse I have ever used.

+ Excellent Ergonomics: I am 6'1" and have fairly large hands. Even so, the mouse seems to fit my hand very well. I especially like the contoured rubber grips on the left and right of the mouse. They are perfect for my thumb and ring finger to hold when I am guiding the mouse. Logitech obviously put a lot of design effort into this mouse.

+ Stylish Design: Why have a boring old mouse when you can add a little flair to your desktop? This unique design is pretty neat, and I have even gotten positive comments from others.

+ Long Battery Life: They claim up 18 months of battery life on this puppy, which is great, since I never remember to turn it off when I shut down. In addition, it takes just 1 AA battery that is simple to change.

If you are considering a wireless mouse, this one is sure to impress!
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on July 27, 2012
Just wanted an inexpensive and pretty simple mouse to use when I need to do things where my laptop touchpad becomes too much work to use.

Plugged the tiny USB dongle into my laptop (Asus N53S Series running Ubuntu 12.04) and it worked immediately.

The options for mouse settings are not extensive under Ubuntu, and the speed of this little mouse may take some getting used to as it zips all around and the scroll wheel speed is pretty darn fast. I'm not sure what clicking the mouse wheel does yet, as there is no setting for it within Ubuntu, it'll probably take a bit of research/experimentation to find out. The side to side wheel clicking works perfect though to go forward back within the browser as well as when navigating the file system. Wasn't a feature I went looking for, but I can see myself getting used to it.

Edit 08/16/12
This mouse just dropped from 5 stars to 2 stars. 2 stars because it was great, while it lasted. Unfortunately after less than a month of ownership and pretty light use, the usb adapter stopped functioning. As much as the device "just worked" when I got it, now it "just doesn't work". The adapter had been plugged in the entire time, no constant unplugging/replugging, no travelling, nothing strenuous to cause its untimely demise.

The "No-Fuss" of my title has now been negated by an hour or two of troubleshooting, following the various support instructions on logitech's site with no luck. No it just remains to see how Logitech handles the issue and how long it takes them to replace the failed adapter.
Edit 09/01/12
Logitech Customer Support was pretty easy to deal with. An email sent with details of the problem and the various troubleshooting steps I'd taken was all that was required for them to accept that the USB adapter was toast and agree to send me a new one. Of course the process still took from 8/16-8/20. On 8/20 I received the email that I'd be getting a new adapter in 7-10 days. 9 Days later I received an email notifying me that it had shipped and giving me a tracking number that now shows estimated delivery for 09/06/12, which will be 17 days after I was told 7-10 days.
Edit 12/27/12
3+ months since dongle was replaced and no problems since. This really is a great inexpensive mouse, just keep in mind there's always the chance you'll get a bad adapter that will be easily, but not quickly replaced by Logitech. Once you have a good adapter though, this mouse will serve you well.
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on October 29, 2013
This mouse could have been good hadn't it been for its extremely bad precision. The accuracy is really bad. I have several M305, M310 models and they are much better in this respect. I am very disappointed.

Pros of this mouse (M325):

1) Fast and Smooth Scrolling
2) Improved battery efficiency
3) Nice smooth glossy finish and attractive design and colors

Cons for this :

1) Horrible accuracy - cursor jumps around
2) Shape is not as snug fitting in hand as M305
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on November 17, 2012
I like the size of this mouse: I have what I would call regular sized hands for a male, and it fits perfectly. i also like the solid feeling and portability (there's storage in the mouse itself for the usb stub).

There are two things I don't like about the mouse: the click is annoyingly loud, but more importantly, the middle button also serves as an up and down scroller and left to right button! So it's way too easy to end up going up and down on a webpage or back or forward in your browser history when all you wanted was to middle-click a link.
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on November 11, 2012
I bought this to replace my older M305 model, which I absolutely love. Also, I have a keyboard that has a unifying usb too, so I wanted to just use one USB port to run them both, instead of two. However, I found that whether or not it was unified with the keyboard, it was absolutely inaccurate!

I compared both my M305 model and this M325 by writing a few sentences in paint, drawing some straight lines, and doing other tasks that I could compare visually. I have submitted a picture of the testing I did to the gallery of this item. I found that I was correct and under the same conditions, the M325 was extremely inaccurate and did just as poorly as a $2 mouse I had bought off of eBay as a backup in case my mice died. I am astonished on how bad this mouse works, and as a photographer that edits photos, I cannot use a product that works this poorly.
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on November 28, 2013
I purchased this mouse to replace a Logitech Anywhere MX Mouse that Logitech sent me about two and a half years ago as a warranty replacement for a Logitech VX Nano I used nonstop to the point that it developed a "phantom clicking" problem. That's when a mouse sends a double-click when you only single click. Over the past few weeks, my Anywhere MX mouse started to develop the phantom clicking issue more and more to the point that it was interfering with my ability to get work done.

I spent several weeks reading reviews on mice on Amazon and other sites. I finally settled on this M325 based on the large number of favorable reviews on Amazon. Within 30 minutes of using this mouse, I was wanting to reach for my old Anywhere MX mouse -- even with its phantom clicking issues. For starters, the M325 I received clearly had a phantom clicking issue out of the box. I experienced a phantom click no fewer than three times within the first hour of taking the M325 out of the box. I used the new USB receiver that came with the mouse -- not any of my other Logitech receivers.

Had the phantom clicking issue been the only issue I had with the mouse, I would just assume I received a bad mouse and send it back to Amazon for a replacement. However, my other big issue with this mouse is the scroll wheel.

Coming from an Anywhere MX mouse, I'm used to being able to easily toggle between very precise, ratcheted, line-by-line scrolling and smooth, "hyper" scrolling by pressing down on the scroll wheel to toggle between the two modes. With the M325, the scroll wheel can be pressed down, as well, but doing so activates a "middle" mouse button. While I was aware that the M325 doesn't have hyper scrolling, I thought it would have a nice middle ground that incorporates both hyper and ratcheted scrolling to some degree. This is not the case.

What this mouse has is neither hyper scrolling nor ratcheted scrolling. I'm not sure what it is. Logitech calls it "Web Scrolling" and that might be about the only thing this mouse can do well -- web scrolling. I do a lot of medical image work and have to scroll line by line through large amounts of images. The scroll wheel on this mouse is nowhere near ratcheted enough to allow me to confidently scroll line-by-line every single time I slowly turn the mouse wheel. Sometimes, it moves by one line, other times it moves two or three lines. The ratchets are nowhere near as clearly defined and "stiff" as they are with my Anywhere MX Nano, if that makes sense. If you need to do any kind of precision, line by line work, this mouse is not for you.

Also, if you constantly deal with large documents and need to "hyper scroll" from top to bottom in a document quickly (as I am very accustomed to doing easily with the Anywhere Mouse MX), this mouse can't do that, either. Clearly, this mouse is designed for the casual home user who mainly goes to web pages and scrolls through e-mail. Anything beyond that and this mouse fails miserably, in my opinion.

I will be returning this mouse to Amazon for a refund. I suspect I'll end up purchasing another Anywhere MX Mouse in the near future since that seems to be the only "professional" mouse Logitech offers that's neither a casual use or gaming mouse.
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on September 23, 2012
This is the first wireless mouse I have ever owned, and I am mostly satisfied with it. For web browsing and general computing, this is fully satisfactory. The mouse itself is comfortable to hold, and everything responds just as it should. The fact that the unifying receiver is so small is super convenient, as I can pack away my laptop without having to disconnect it.

My only complaint is that the scroll wheel, which is very nice for web browsing, is by default WAY too sensitive for gaming. I soon discovered while playing games like HL2 where the scroll wheel is used to switch weapons, I would often times switch weapons without even touching the wheel. Simply jarring the mouse quickly was often enough to trigger the scroll wheel. This essentially ruined my gaming experience, because this completely threw me off during the most intense moments of a game. After toying with some settings, I found out that by turning the scroll wheel sensitivity down all the way, I was able to solve this problem. While it does occasionally happen still, these instances are few and far between. Unfortunately, with the sensitivity turned all the way down, it's not quite as sensitive as I would like it to be while doing other things. I can cope with this limitation, however, to preserve my gaming experience.

Another issue I experienced, which is not the fault of Logitech, as far as I can tell, is a driver conflict that occurred when I first attached the receiver to my computer. I had MotionJoy drivers already on my computer, which is used for the PS3 sixaxis controller. For whatever reason, my computer was attempting to use these drivers instead of the Logitech drivers. I had to totally remove the MotionJoy drivers from my computer before the mouse would work. Thank goodness I found a message board online where someone else had had this same obscure problem.

Overall, I recommend this mouse for everyday computing, but would suggest something else for those who are more gaming-focused. Overall good product.
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on September 1, 2013
I like the shape and design of this mouse, but that is the end. This mouse is problematic in the following ways:

1. Positioning is not accurate. If you want to fast move the mouse to a position in your mind, most likely you will miss it.

2. Moving is not accurate. It is particularly difficult to use this mouse to draw a horizontal line.

3. Double-click problem. Trying double-click 3 times may be you can only get one correct. The other two are treated as single clicks.

I googled these problems online and find it is not an isolated case. I am surprised that Logitech sells these products without careful testing.
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on July 5, 2013
this mouse works great with my laptop, its basically plug and play.. no software to install.
the size form factor fits my hand without being too small.
and it has an on-off button on the bottom to increase the battery life,turning it off when not in use.
it works so well, i might consider one for my desktop.
thanks logitech.

less than 1.5 months later this mouse has become as dead as a real mouse in a mousetrap.
it touts the 18 month battery life, I've changed the batteries twice AND now a third time ; this time its inoperative even with new batteries.
I ALWAYS TURN THE MOUSE OFF when not in use.
I've requested a refund but of course its past 30 days, so maybe I'm SOL.
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on December 20, 2012
I primarily purchased this because of size since I have little hands. On the sides of the mouse, there is rubber for easier grip but everything is glossy. The right and left buttons on top of the mouse used for clicking, is tooo glossy. It causes you to leave sweat marks on it and thus fading the design over a period of time. Not very good for everyday use for me. Even though I prefer Logitech over any other brands, I found the HP one is much better:
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