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on March 19, 2008
Ever since I saw and used this device at CES I knew I had to have it.

Well, it just showed up today and while it's not for touchtyping or long emails I am writing this review with it from the couch.

Most of the mini keyboards on the market are still quite large and have terrible ergonomics with some awful excuse for an integrated pointing device. The DiNovo Mini is different. The keyboard is small enough to keep with your remotes without anyone knowing you have an HTPC setup. I'm so tired of having a full size DiNovo Edge with a Gyration Remote Mouse taking up a ton of room. It's great for typing a lot on but there's no where to put it, and it's awkward using a real mouse on the couch or always holding your hands in the air and flicking around to use the Gyration.

The DiNovo has excellent backlighting that only has one flaw. It makes it too hard to see the blue function keys like the ' and " but you can see all the shifted keys easily. It turns on only the trackpad backlighting when using the mouse, probably to save power but you can light up the keyboard by tapping the large function or shift keys.

The buttons are all pretty small and the media (Play,Next,etc) are a little awkward compared to using them on a Harmony remote but it's nice to have everything on one pad and not have to pick up a remote or a keyboard or a mouse to do everything.

You can alt tab, use windows keys, launch media center and 3 programmable buttons.. There's even a CTRL+ALT+DEL FN key. Now that's planning.

One other minor issue is there is no scroll wheel for internet use. it would be nice if holding FN while using the mouse did a scroll, but it just turns the mouse into a up and down, kind of like scroll but you have to hold FN the whole time or keep moving the function switch (for mouse or Dpad) back and forth all the time.

I won't lie, it's just like using a AT&T Tilt or other landscape slider smartphone keyboard. Cramped, pecking or using thumbs and writing this review has gotten to be a pain.

But for opening up your media center files, even full WMP11 or iTunes interface, browsing the web, sending short IM's and emails, and most of what you do on an HTPC it's great.

I will still keep the larger Edge connected for gaming, but the gyration is going in the closet.

I highly recommend it for anyone who wants to use an HTPC in the living room, or actually uses their PS3 as a browser. It is not for desktop PC's at all, you will probably be better served with a much cheaper remote or something like the DiNovo Edge with it's media pad.

The bluetooth range is decent but not like Gyration's 100ft so it's not really a professional presentation tool, but could be used at short (15-20) feet distances reliably. It really does make a nice powerpoint tool since you can draw on slides and have full mouse and keyboard control in presentations while standing up. Just be careful about the range.

Thanks and hope this helps :)
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VINE VOICEon July 15, 2008
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )

1. Light sensing keypad is way-cool.

2. A very simple and easy set-up.

3. Keyboard is responsive and easy to use. Fat fingers wont mind it at all and it's better than using your phone when you text.

4. The rechargeable battery seems to be operating fine and has the regular long life guarantee on it which is better than using a constant stream of disposable batteries.

5. Bluetooth Dongle storage is a plus.

6. A nice device that can and will eventually put all your fancy high-end remotes out to pasture.

7. Overall, a very nice product that delivers exactly what a person is looking for in this kind of product and ahead of the curve.

This is one of Logitech's better hardware offerings as of late.


1. Loses connection frequently causing a lot of frustration and aggravation.

2. Slow response time that makes you ask yourself: `Did it lose its connection again?"

3. Connectivity is bit dodgy, obviously as it's now creeping up as the most reported problem from all the reviews.

4. The cover should flip back and out of the way, as it does get in the way and is annoying.

5. No scroll wheel -- a feature which would've made this really nice.

6. Connectivity is only at about 15-20 feet, so forget trying to cross your large Home Theatre system like I did.

These con's are all acceptable minuses for something this nice and this easy to use. I can't see going without it now.
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on June 24, 2008
It's a nice keyboard when it works but it regularly loses the Bluetooth connection and you need to remove and replace the battery for it to work again. Very annoying and Logitech has no workaround for fixing it. Search the Logitech forums for "mini keyboard loses connection" to see the posts.

Until this problem is fixed, I would not recommend it. Logitech support has not been helpful with this besides saying it is a "known issue".
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on March 3, 2009
I ordered this keyboard, Logitech diNovo Mini, to use with my Mac Mini and Plex software to make a media center. While it is small, it does everything I want as a remote control. It works perfectly via Bluetooth with my Mac Mini in both cursor modes, touch pad or up/down/left/right.
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on March 20, 2008
As you will see from the description, there is no Mac/Apple compatibility. However, this is not entirely true. The keyboard is bluetooth and will certainly pair with your Apple computer. The mouse function and keyboard functions work beautifully. I haven't had a chance to play with it completely but the only thing I have discovered is that the function (open-apple) key doesn't seem to exist. I am sure there is a way to work around this though. The reason I gave it four stars is because the silly cover will not flip under the keyboard, it just makes things annoying, but it's minor.

See it in action on a mac here: [...]
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on March 21, 2008
As someone else said, this DOES work with Macs. I set it up last night on my MacBook Pro (10.5.2) as a bluetooth keyboard and everything seems to work. Key mappings need to be worked on, but the trackpad works very well.
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on May 6, 2012
UPDATE: after 36 months of HEAVY HEAVY use, writing emails, surfing, HTPC... I was sick for a long period of time and the Mini was the only way to get stuff done... it seemed like the keeys were getting a little loose and I broke the charging port (entirely my fault) so I bought a new one, which seems better than the original in key action, had a better battery retention clip and a better range and has a better function when the battery is low on reconnecting. Logitech also recently update setpoint and it seems to track even better even though it was great gefore.

I've been using this product a long time now... many others have detailed what it is and can do.... I'll give the bottom line: after getting acclimated to it and having tried many other solutions over the years... nothing is better for a media PC period....

- the size combined with trackpad placement is perfect.... thumb typing as I'm doing right now goes smoothly and shifting your thumb up to the mouse is very natural. the entire keyboard is exactly the right size for this sort of work

- the function key on both sides is genius.. holding function down enables right click, momentary arrowpad, ctrlaltdel, esc, zoom, special characters, etc. without having to switch the mode switch.. when you utilize this feature a little... this keyboard skyrockets to the top of media center keyboards....

- the trackpad sensitivity is just about right without having to fiddle

- 3 year warranty... I've had a couple of problems over the years which were honestly more my fault that logitechs... but they replaced it lickety split for me with a NEW unit.

- driver update is automatic and I haven't had to touch software the whole time

- the backlighting isn't adjustable and goes out in a couple of seconds so its a little frustrating when pausing during typing they are saving battery of course, but I wish I could set that... this is very minor as you can simply touch the ctrl key or something that doesnt enter a keypress to circumvent

- the first unit I got had the aforementioned connection problems... I switched out and never had a problem since out to about 30 feet, so maybe some early units dropped connections, but they are fixed now.

- as you use it... oil and dirt from your skin will slowly dirty the trackpad and make it SEEM like it is dropping connection by skipping or refusing to move... simply take a cloth with a LITTLE alcohol and wipe GENTLY to clean the surface.. generally keep your hands clean and don't expect to mow down a pound of fries and use this thing flawlessly... my experience is that it NEVER has appeared to drop connection when clean and works as good as the best laptop pads.

- there are no dedicated buttons for some things you might expect like skip fwd and back... but ctrl-F and ctrl-B are conveniently placed so its no problem in reality

- it is SLIGHTLY fragile... meaning if I drop it 4 feet onto tile, there's a possibility the unit halves will unsnap slightly and I have to snap it back together, which is a little worrisome as it takes some muscle to snap closed... twice this has resulted in a non responsive key... I don't know that this is really a con as I'm taking a delicate complex keypad and spiking it on concrete and expecting it to work great, which is sort of unfair to Logitech... if they made it tougher I think the key responsiveness etc would be tougher and would reduce the appeal of the product

- a lot of people have been saying that the logitech mini controller (there are multiple product pages on Amazon, but like here: Logitech Mini Controller for Logitech Revue and Google TV
does everything that the Dinovo Mini does, just with a different receiver... that is completely wrong... you need this product, the DiNovo, to do PC specific controls like zoom web pages etc. that you cannot do on the Mini controller ... on a HTPC to surf and be able to zoom pages so you can read them, the DiNovo Mini is a requirement, don't get cheap and buy the Logitech Mini Controller... you will be really sorry unless you are using Google TV, which really isn't that good anyway ;)

AWESOME product.... enjoy!
review image review image review image review image
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on September 25, 2009
MAC USERS - This works with Macs.

I've been using this for about two months with very minor issues. The first thing I'll say is, you will not be able to type as fast as you would on a Blackberry etc. The keyboard is slightly larger and you have to stretch to get some of the buttons with your thumbs. The mouse works ok, not as well as an actual mouse/touchpad, but it gets the job done. Just don't expect to play any video games or use photoshop with it.

The range is good on the Bluetooth (about 30 feet). I started by using my built in Bluetooth on my Mac Mini but had issues when I had to restart. I went ahead and used the Bluetooth USB dongle instead. That way when it loses the connection I can just hit the reset buttons and I'm back up. Although, it doesn't lose the BT connection all that much. At least not enough to complain about.

It's a great alternative to having a keyboard and mouse in your living room. Just make sure you always put it back in the same spot! I've spent quite a few frustrating moments trying to find the dang thing :)

I gave it four stars mainly because the mouse takes patience to use if you need to accurately hit small buttons or navigate a lot of menus.
Overall - Worth the money and excellent for a home media center.
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on March 21, 2008
I have no doubt that the DiNovo Mini is brilliant with a PC. As soon as it arrived at my office, I had it up and running in XP without any more effort than plugging in the Bluetooth receiver. Mouse control, character entry, menu use, et cetera were all great.

Unfortunately, I bought this for my PS3.

I primarily wanted the DiNovo Mini for PS3 browser use. Browsing with a virtual keyboard is intensely annoying, so a keyboard is the only option for extended use. As a character entry and mouse control device, the Mini works great with the PS3. There are button mappings for the cross and circle buttons, allowing for basic selection and cancellation controls.

Where the Mini fails, however, is that it does not seem to have anything mapped to the triangle, square, and Start controls. Triangle is used to access menus all over the PS3 interface, including the PS3 browser menu. Want to access your bookmarks with the Mini? What you'll need to do is grab a PS3 controller to do it. Want to type in an URL? Pick up a PS3 controller, press Start, and then pick up the Mini and do your typing.

Outside of the browser, the Mini also fails as a Blu-Ray playback controller. To access menus during playback, one must use the square button. Again, not on the Mini so grab a controller to pull up that menu. Want to skip to the next chapter? The controls on the Mini do forward and reverse seek only when used with a PS3. Grab a controller and use L1/R2.

There are so many occasions when you're reaching for a controller that it makes the Mini near useless. For $150, I expected a lot more from a device that has a PS3 mode. I would have been better off buying a cheap little controller mounted keypad.

I think the keyboard itself is fantastic. Great form factor, loved the lighting schemes, and it controls a PC like a champ. But if your intended use is as an input for a PS3, do not buy it unless you're okay juggling both a controller and the Mini.
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on June 1, 2010
Much has been written about this little device in these reviews, so I won't go into too much that has already been covered. However, I think it's important for people to know that it works out-of-the-box with Ubuntu 10.04 and xUbuntu 10.04 (including the trackpad). In fact, I am using it to type this review on my TV, from my couch. Obviously the "Windows" key and the Windows Media Center key have no function in Linux, but that is to be expected.

This is the perfect remote for an HTPC in Ubuntu.
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