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on July 26, 2011
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
First, I'm not going to ding this much for being large because you're just not going to get a full size keyboard that's small compared to the iPad itself. I like the feel of the keys given the slim form factor. And the stand is quite clever.

Good things:
- Very nice to type on - not quite as nice as a full height KB, but good tradeoff for thin.
- Uses 4 AAA batteries - I prefer this to worrying about yet another charger. Logitech claims these will last ten months of normal use.
- Paired easily with the iPad.
- Also paired easily with the XOOM (Android device)!
- Works in browsers, where it can be very useful.
- Clever case turns into a stand that can hold the tablet in portrait or landscape mode (normal iPad cases, including Apple's, only do landscape, which can be frustrating when you want to read mags or comics).
- Turns off to save batteries.
- Very nice in apps such as Notepad to have shift-arrow (to select text) and cmd-x (cut) cmd-v (paste) and cmd-c (copy) working.
- Has a Home key where Esc would be that acts like the iPad (or Android) home key. Can even turn it on when it's sleeping. Also a dedicated search key.
- Has Fn keys for media control, volume control, lock.
- Has dedicated (though small) arrow keys in a WASD configuration.

Bad things:
- It's a bit longer than the iPad - I think it's worth it to get a full size keyboard, but it is.
- Power switch is tiny, easy to forget to turn it off. Not a catastrophe, but wastes some power.
- I wasn't able to get the Ctrl key to do anything useful in apps like iSSH or ConnectBot on either iOS or Android. This is bad if, like me, your remote apps need control keys. Expect to do some termcap remapping.
- Occasionally it doesn't want to re-connect - then you need to tell your tablet to unpair and repair.

- You can use the stand in portrait (tablet tall instead of wide) mode! It took me a while to realize this since I'm not used to cases allowing it.
- The connect button is a tiny thing under the keyboard in the upper right. Use it to pair with a new device or...
- If the keyboard doesn't want to re-connect, holding the connect button while trying to do so seems to help.
- fn-6=show/hide on-screen keyboard.

The bottom line - normally a keypad on a tablet is ridiculous (just get a laptop), but if you love your tablet and have the occasional need for a keyboard, you could do worse, and this works with more than just the iPad.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I have been using the Apple Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard for a while now. While I like it, I wanted to try the Logitech alternative. I'm happy to report that the experience has been completely positive for me, and that the Logitech has replaced my Apple keyboard in my travel bag.

The first benefit is that the keys feel more "solid" on the Logitech. It could be because the whole keyboard is a tiny bit thicker, or it might be the material they use for the keys, but to me the Logitech has better play with the keys than the Apple version. I type better with it. The keys are slightly smaller than the Apple keyboard, but they also have a little more space between them, making my style of typing a lot more accurate with my large fingers.

The Logitech keyboard has one less row of keys, thanks to the inclusion of the Function key. That means it's not as "tall" as the Apple, but it is, unfortunately, a little wider than then Apple. This means that with my Targus netbook bag it's a tight fit. It does fit, but it's definitely pressing the sides out a bit.

What really sells me on this keyboard is the power switch to clearly and obviously turn it off, thus keeping batteries well-charged and not triggering functions on the iPad when the keyboard gets bumped. With the Apple keyboard, it shuts off automatically but wakes up when keys are tapped. This meant I had to turn off Bluetooth in my iPad when not using the keyboard; An extra step I can choose to skip now, with the Logitech.

Another big selling point is the case/stand that comes with this keyboard. While my Smart Cover works fine for landscape, it doesn't allow portrait orientation with any sort of slant. The Logitech keyboard cover converts into a sturdy stand that lets me switch to a landscape orientation. This is very handy for editing documents!

Of course, the Bluetooth connection is easy to establish, and the keyboard never misses a stroke. I"m very pleased with the way it functions.

If you're in the market for a Bluetooth keyboard to use with your iPad, and are trying to decide between Apple and Logitech, I would say it comes down to your personal preference. They both have great features and offer quality. However, I think the Logitech has the advantage in feel, extra features, and user-friendliness.

For the price, you can't go wrong.
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on February 25, 2012
I have tried several keyboards designed to be used with the iPad, and I think this one is the holy grail. I travel quite a bit, so I was looking for a keyboard that could be thrown into a bag, and also one that is full-size.

I tried the Zaggmate case and others, but could never get used to the smaller keyboard -- typing on it did not feel natural enough to give me much of a typing speed improvement over the on-screen keyboard. On this one, the keyboard is full size, so typing on it is not awkward. If you use an Apple wireless keyboard at home, it will feel very familiar to you.

The keyboard is sturdy, and the case is very well designed -- it's very clever how it turns into a stand for your ipad. If you use your ipad in a case, there is a little "drawer" on the bottom part of the stand that pulls out to accommodate more depth to your ipad. The case closes with a satisfying magnetic click and feels very sturdy.

The only downside of this keyboard is that it is a bit on the heavier side. It's very sturdily constructed -- not cheap plastic. Everything about it feels well-made. But when I took it out of the box, it felt a bit heavier than I was expecting. I'm happy to make this tradeoff.

The ipad-specific keys are also useful and will take you directly to the home screen or to the search screen if desired. You can also control the ipad's volume and brightness.

And it comes with batteries pre-installed!

After trying several keyboards for the iPad, this is the one I'm keeping. Well done, Logitech.
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VINE VOICEon November 22, 2011
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
The Bluetooth keyboard is great, but not perfect. The best thing about the product - its size - is also its biggest problem. It's a pain sometimes to carry two items instead of just one.

If you know you want a full size keyboard, this one is ideal. It has superb battery life, perfect key spacing, and a really satisfying key action and sound. It has all of the benefits of a product designed for use with the iPad, including lock key and home screen key.

The case is fine, but kind of like a third wheel. I never use it except to protect my keyboard. I use a protective case for my iPad, so it doesn't fit into the keyboard case. If I kept my iPad in a portfolio, the case would make a lot of sense.

The net effect is that I don't bring my keyboard everywhere I take my iPad, because I don't want to carry two devices.

I have a case with an integrated keyboard, but whenever I go to a conference, I inevitably carry this keyboard because it is so much better for taking notes and staying on top of emails than the smaller keyboard is. I go to web-related conferences, and still i ALWAYS get comments on my iPad setup, which includes this keyboard.

If you want a full size, lightweight keyboard, this one is great. If you're not sure, try typing on a smaller one to see if you can deal with it.
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on July 16, 2012
I'm a professional writer who right now has to use a wheelchair. Between keyboard typing and the wheelchair my situation with both carpal tunnel was worsened. It has been an agonizing search to find a solution that would enable me to work productively with little to no pain.

After reading the reviews, I got the Bluetooth Logitech Tablet Keyboard for the iPad.

To do my work, I downloaded the Pages app from Apple. Using the iPad's onscreen keyboard was too hard on my fingers since it has no give. However, the Logitech Tablet Keyboard does have give, and a good feel. So it's pleasant to use. I have no problems with this working in Pages. I also tested it with the new OnLive Desktop for the iPad which comes with Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Using the combination case/stand that comes with the keyboard, enables you to work with the iPad as you would a touchscreen monitor.

One reviewer "dinged" this keyboard because it's slightly longer than the iPad. Well, that's it, it's only slightly longer and the benefit is that the keys are bigger than the standard Apple keyboard.

The keyboard is sturdy and doesn't slide.

The key benefit of this keyboard is mobility. You can leave home and depending on your height and wheelchair, comfortably sit at the smaller tables in Starbucks, Panera Bread, et al, and do your work.

The Mac Pro is where I do most of my writing for both words and music production using the Apple Logic sequencing program. Tonight I set up the Logitech keyboard with the Mac Pro and the Apple Track Pad. This is a very strong combination as I could set up my workflow based on my own ergonomic needs. For music production I still have to supplement the Track Pad with the Apple mouse, but that's the nature of music production and mixing.

I'm happy enough with this setup that it will replace my Apple USB keyboard and the Kinesis Freedom ergonomic USB keyboard I also bought from Amazon.

As comfortable as the Logitech keyboard is to use, I still have to do my shoulder and wrist stretching exercises every so often.

Even so, the Logitech Keyboard for iPad is comfortable to use and has expanded the number of hours I can be productive daily. One further note. If you move the keypad between machines, you'll have to redo the Bluetooth setup which takes less than a minute.
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on March 30, 2012
I went the rounds with Logitech's technical support on this, because I read the review from "Nancy mother of guys," and from "The Savvy Shopper," each of whom said they use this with their iPhones. Nancy was specific that it was an iPhone 4S, which is what I have. I followed all the instructions, and the iPhone detected the keyboard but wouldn't pair with it. A co-worker has an iPad3, and we got the same error. I called technical support, and I was very direct and insistent with them, citing the reviews on Amazon. He said it only works with the iPad2. I made him talk to a supervisor, and he came back confirming that.

Well, not to be easily diverted, I went to the Logitech website, and in their product description for this keyboard, they say, "The keyboard pairs easily with iPad (and even iPhone or iPod touch) over Bluetooth wireless." So I called back to technical support. When I pressed this new tech and quoted their own website to him, he finally got down to the heart of the matter. Their technical support has been instructed that they will only SUPPORT connecting with the iPad or iPad2.

It turns out that I have a defective keyboard. I went to a nearby Verizon store and tried to connect with an iPad2 display model and got the same error. I like the keyboard. I like the feel, the size, the stand. So I'll give them two stars for that, but no more, because of a lousy experience with technical support. I guess I will send the keyboard back for a replacement.

I wish Logitech would get things together with their technical support to fully synchronize with the claims they make for this product on their website. They have a corporate policy that if you have an iPhone or iPad3, you won't get any help from technical support, even though their public statements are that it will work with those devices.
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on July 21, 2011
The keyboard itself is great. The keys have all the right dynamics, size, etc. For those used to laptop keyboards, this one will require zero adjustment. The keyboard is slim, elegant and "pleasant" in a number of ways. It's also a bit less expensive than Apple Wireless keyboard (which to my knowledge does not come with a stand or a carrying case).

I rated convenience with only 3 stars because the keyboard and the case roughly double your total carrying weight as compared to just the iPad itself. It's also definitely makes for bulkier luggage, again, as compared to just the iPad: in its transportable state, the keyboard is a little longer than the iPad and about 1.5 times as thick as the iPad.

I also dinged workmanship, but that's only for the quality of the case/stand. It's somewhat flimsy, especially the part that forms the bottom of the stand, the blue "tongue". It's make of plastic that strikes me as cheap.

Personally, I appreciate that the keyboard uses AAA batteries instead of a built-in rechargeable battery.

I've tried another iPad keyboard solution -- one of those folios with a built-in soft rubber keyboard and it was just unsatisfactory. This one, however, is definitely a keeper.
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on May 7, 2012
Bluetooth keyboards mostly fall into three categories for iPads.

1. Keyboard cases
2. Zagg-type cases
3. Just Bluetooth

Almost every typical keyboard case works and most work well. They offer pretty good protection front and back too. However almost without fail they only allow the iPad to be used in Landscape mode. Also the keys are smaller and usually of a poorer quality than most laptops. If you don't mind that or the extra bulk, get one of these.

The ZAGG-type cases offer good protection for the front of the iPad, but none for the back. These have the same problems as well with relatively small keys. Also keep in mind that with the popularity of the ZAGG/Logitech cases comes the inevitable copies. Many of these are not made from aircraft grade aluminum as the ZAGG cases are so buyer beware.

Typical Bluetooth keyboards offer no protection for your iPad but usually have much better keyboard layouts and can also be easily used (with some compromises depending on key layouts) with other devices and computers. After trying a few different cases including the ZAGG, I decided on the Logitech BT keyboard as shown. The keyboard layout is quite nice with larger keys than you'll get from any other case I saw and the stand allows versatility with both landscape and portrait modes. All the ports are easily gotten to. Some people have complained about the flimsy nature of the stand and I won't disagree, but just be careful with it and you shouldn't have any problems. I've used mine for over 6 months with no issues. It does add some bulk as you need to carry it separately, but I have a small bag that the iPad and this keyboard fits into. The nice thing is if I don't need a keyboard, I just leave it in the bag and use the iPad alone. Also if and when the iPad changes slightly in size, this keyboard still just works since it doesn't matter.

The good: Works well. Easily paired. Well constructed. Nice typing experience
The bad: Somewhat flimsy stand. Can add bulk as compared to an all-in-one case. Not rechargable directly from the keyboard though you could just use rechargable batteries
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on February 18, 2012
Received Keyboard 4 days earlier than promised and it arrived well packed with Free shipping. When I opened the package, I was a bit disappointed that there were NO instructions on how to pair the device with my MacBook Pro. I tried to just wing it going to the Bluetooth setup in the System Preferences. I kept getting a message that the pairing was unsuccessful, so I called the Logitech number that was in the packaging.

I got someone one the phone the first try without any significant waiting (THANK YOU Logitech for available support). When I asked the person helping me if he knew how to get the MacBook Pro and the keyboard linked via Bluetooth, he did not have any information to guide him on his end. He said that if it did not Pair up, I should just send it back to Amazon for a refund or an upgrade to the Solar Powered keyboard for Mac. As an afterthought, he asked me if I had pushed the "Connect" button on the back of the keyboard. I had not. I tried that and on my first try it did not connect even with the Connect button pushed. I thanked him and said goodbye. Then I went back from the initial start point of the Bluetooth pairing and input the 8 digit Pass key with the Logitech keyboard and miraculously the pairing finally worked. I am attaching the sequence of actions that worked for me for others who are trying to use this keyboard with a MacBook Pro.

Pairing the Logitech Keyboard for IPad with a MacBook Pro

Steps needed:

Turn on the MacBook Pro and open the System Preferences menu
Select the Bluetooth Icon from the displayed options.
Turn on Keyboard
Depress the "connect button" on the back of the keyboard (this step is absolutely critical)
Ask the MacBook Pro to find the Bluetooth device.
It will locate the device and display the name on a list of bluetooth devices
Select the Logitech keyboard IPD and hit the "pair"or "Continue" (once it is paired I could not retrace the steps)
The MacBook Pro will give you a set of 8 digits to use as the pass key.
Type those in using the Logitech keyboard (it was not displayed anywhere as I typed it in)
IF you have the "connect" button depressed on the keyboard, the keyboard will pair with the MacBook Pro after these 8 digits are entered.
Note: I had numerous attempts at pairing that failed as it was pretty much of a guessing game without any instructions on doing the Bluetooth pairing of the keyboard with the MacBook Pro.
If the above results in a failure to pair the devices, go back and try again making sure that you push the "connect" button on the back of the keyboard before you input the 8 digit Pass key #.

I hope this makes life easier for others buying this Keyboard to use with a MacBook Pro

The keyboard types smoothly and the function keys work with the blue "fn" button depressed. The function icons are very difficult to read as the medium blue print does not contrast well with the black keys. I took one star off for the lack of instructions, otherwise I think the keyboard will be very functional with my MacBook Pro and if I decide to get an IPad, I expect I will be doubly happy. I like the way the cover that comes with the keyboard protects the keyboard and can double as a stand for an IPad. The stand latch that many have concerns about is fairly sturdy and if you stabilize the two pieces while connecting the brace one side at a time as directed it will probably last a fairly long time.
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on July 9, 2012
I purchased the Logitech Tablet Keyboard for iPad at the end of May, and after only two months the keyboard has become completely unresponsive for no apparent reason. I've replaced the batteries with completely new ones (that I have tested in other devices, so I know they work), and I have restarted my iPad as well as turning the keyboard itself off and back on again as it suggests in the Logitech support forum. The keyboard remains completely unresponsive -- the indicator lights on the upper right side of the keyboard next to the On/Off button do not light up and there is no indication that the keyboard is functional.

Most frustrating of all, this keyboard stopped working just AFTER Amazon's window for item returns. (It may have stopped functioning before then, but I have been on the road for two weeks and only just got home to discover the problem.)

I have contacted Logitech about getting a replacement, but have not heard back from them. I'll update this review if/when I receive a replacement. But I wanted to make everyone aware that, if you purchase this item and it stops working, you may have just wasted $50.
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