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202 of 209 people found the following review helpful
on November 25, 2012
I Compared a dozen or so Bluetooth speakers side by side playing music from my phone including the main competitor to the UE Boombox, the Bose Soundlink II. It's important to hear the same sound source when comparing units which is what I did. BTW, the music I like is mostly classic rock, country, and pop.

What I like about the Logitech UE Boombox:
o Sounds great in a big room
o Beautifully constructed
o Portable
o Plenty loud enough to use outdoors or in a large space (only a few Bluetooth speakers are in this league for overall volume)
o Clear highs that don't "beam" as much as many competitors (Try this... step to the side and compare the volume of symbols as you move in front of the unit from say 20 feet away... they are not as directional (more uniform)than they are in the Bose)
o Easily links to my phone (although most speakers I tried were equally easy)

Things I like less about the Logitech UE Boombox:
o There is no battery charge level indicator when it is playing. It's Not a huge deal, but I'd like to know it needs a charge before it goes dead. I leave it on the charger when I'm not using it.

Why did I buy this instead of the Bose Soundlink II?
o Side by side, the Logitech UE Boombox has much clearer high end than the Bose.
o The Bose has a less emphasized mid-bass, (which I prefer) but I found that overall for classic rock tracks (Springsteen, BTO, Boston, etc) the Logitech sounded the best.

Eventually I'll forget what I paid for something, but I'll always remember if it worked as I expected. The Logitech UE will make me forget the $250 price... it is great.
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on March 25, 2013
First a little background on me: I am a professional in the sound reinforcement and audio/video space. I make my living doing this and have been for 20 years. I know how to identify a good sounding speaker.

I have been looking at bluetooth speaker systems for quite some time. I have an original Logitech mm50 portable speaker system from a few years ago that has served its purpose well and needs retired. I originally was thinking of getting the Jawbone JAMBOX or Jawbone BIG JAMBOX. A friend of mine ended up with the Big Jambox and I was less than impressed with the sound. Yes, it may have some nice features, but the main objective should be sound quality. The Jawbone lacked low end bass and had a definite mid range boost that I didn't care for. Once I heard the Logitech UE Boombox, I knew that I had found the speaker I would end up with.

Some reviewers have mentioned that the bass may be too much. This may be true if the boombox is located close to a wall. It ends up coupling with the wall and you get about a 3db boost of low end. If this is the case for you, move the boombox away from the wall and it will sound more natural. Who knows, you may even prefer it that way depending of the music you listen to! Other than that, the mids and high end are detailed. The tweeters are located up as high and wide as they can be behind the metal grill. There is a good sense of stereo separation, even at a distance. This thing will get loud if needed.

Aesthetically, the Logitech UE Boombox is very pleasing. It has a nice heft and solid sense of quality. The aluminum is a premium material. This thing is solid. There is a rubberized coating on the lower part of the case that keeps the speaker planted when pumping out sound. This also means that you can kick it back against something without the bottom sliding out from under it. Not that it really matters, but Logitech has taken a page from the Apple school of packaging. This thing is really nicely boxed up. If attention to detail is an indicator of quality, Logitech has definitely done well. There's even a UE logo cutout of foam under the lid of the box that hardly anyone will ever see. I was duly impressed.

There's a saying when it comes to horsepower in cars that I think holds true for the size of this boombox: There is no replacement for displacement. Size matters when you are trying to create quality sound. This boombox has the size and heft that allows it to create great sound. Don't be fooled by anything small.

This will be the box I grab when working in the garage, camping, tailgating, relaxing on the back porch. It would work well for a home office or kitchen for background music. Time will tell how well the battery holds up, but there is a removable panel on the bottom that should provide access to the battery via a few screws if the battery gives up in a few years.

Happy listening!
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73 of 85 people found the following review helpful
on December 12, 2012
If you haven't noticed before now, you are probably catching on to the fact that many companies are coming out with their own bluetooth/AirPlay enabled speakers. Specifically, the PORTABLE bluetooth speaker market is expanding rapidly. Logitech punched into this segment with a wireless version of the S715i, dubbed the Logitech Wireless Boombox, a while back. However, they are shifting all their portable speaker technology over to their Ultimate Ears brand, and the UE Boombox is the successor to the Wireless Boombox. The hardware is pretty similar: 4 active speakers (2 tweeters, 2 woofers), 4 passive radiators, and a rechargeable battery to keep the party going. This time, however, Logitech (errr...should I say, Ultimate Ears) seems to have done a few things differently. From what I can glean from the specs, the passive radiators are larger on the UE Boombox. Indeed, on AC power AND on battery, the Boombox is punchy, with surprisingly deep and resonant lows. Sound and Vision mentions that the low end can be messy and one-notey at higher volumes. This is entirely accurate. The Boombox offers a more aggressive, ragged sound than its competitors, especially at higher volumes. Distortion doesn't become a problem until about 85% volume, but it's worth noting that Ultimate Ears seems to have aggressively equalized the sound, employing little to no compression circuitry. The result is a boombox that can outboom itself on loud, bass-heavy tracks. If you are scared off by high volume distortion, go with the Bose Soundlink which employs heavy-handed compression to ensure distortion never enters your music. The Boombox, however, offers a more lively sound with more hardware dedicated to bass reproduction and tweeters to balance powerful lows with crisp highs. The A2DP codec makes the higher frequencies sound splashy at times, but the Logitech Boombox offers the strongest, clearest playback on the market at normal volumes, with the option to blast music at the expense of minor distortion when the occasion calls for it. Battery life seems more than adequate so far. Verdict: Buy!
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52 of 61 people found the following review helpful
VINE VOICEon November 14, 2012
Color: Blue, SilverVine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
The Logitech UE Bluetooth Speaker is the 3rd bluetooth speaker that I have owned and by far and away the best of them. It's practically transcendent compared to the others I've had. For starters, it's prettier than the picture really allows. The speaker grills don't come across well in low resolution photos. It also looks like plastic, but it's aluminum and it weights over five pounds. This makes it feel very solid and durable. Just plug it in, charge it, get the bluetooth connected and this thing is capable of shaking your walls. It has awesome, rich sound that will reverberate throughout just about any sized space.

Things I like: Exceptional sound including thundering bass, heavy construction, aluminum materials, can associate multiple devices, standard audio input jack for devices without bluetooth, great battery life especially considering the sound.

I wish it had a battery indicator of some sort. That's about the only thing I can think of that I would have done differently. This thing is great. I like it so much I actually listen to more music now than I did before I owned it.
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27 of 32 people found the following review helpful
on June 12, 2013
When I purchased the Bose Soundlink II, I only had the Big Jambox available to directly compare it to and at the time the UE was only $50 less. Having no need for a speakerphone, the deeper notes that the Soundlink threw out compared to the Big Jambox easily won me over. I have been very satisfied with the Soundlink II around the house and the bass it delivers is truly remarkable for its size, but as the volume and size of area increases the bass decreases leaving me wanting more for outdoor activities. I often find negative user reviews as providing the most valuable insight when deciding on a purchase and the overwhelming majority of those around here complained of too much bass on the UE. That pursuaded me to click the purchase button. The bass range of the frequency spectrum is the hardest for truly portable speakers to crank out and can easily be toned down if desired with an equalizer. There is no way of increasing bass prowess on speakers beyond its engineering limit. Now owning both the Soundlink II and UE Boombox I have had the ability to compare them in a variety of environments and sharing these comparisons will hopefully provide the best insight regarding the UE Boombox.

DESIGN: Here is where the Bose really shines as it comes in a little over half the size of the Boombox, yet still offers great performance. Both are crafted in premium material mostly in metal with the Bose having a nifty little built in grill cover/stand and the UE having some rubber on the sides and sole to help protect it. Tech site reviews credit the Bose as being more well suited for care free travel due to the cover but I disagree as the sides and edge being the most prone to dings are left exposed. However, the diminutive size of the Bose does edge out the UE for ease of travel even though the UE is certainly portable. Aesthetically the winner is purely subjective and both look good, but again I give nod to the Bose. The grille cover on the Soundlink II does an excellent job when folded down as a speaker stand providing good stability, in contrast if trying to set the UE boombox down on a surface like grass you can bet on it tipping over due to its narrow design without a stand to help prop it. The biggest design advantage of the Bose is having a battery indicator, which UE oddly left out. The UE does deserve credit for providing an easily accessible battery compartment.

SOUND: Here is where the UE takes advantage of it extra real estate by adding an additional 2 passive radiators and man does it pay off, particularly at higher volumes. Both units are capable of filling large areas with sound, but only the Boombox is able to do so while retaining its bass. The Soundlink II is praised for its abiliy to max out the volume level without distortion, but it does so by greatly reducing the bass output relative to the other frequencies. I read a couple tech site reviews stating they notice slight distortion out if the UE Boombox when maxing out the volume leading them to the verdict that the Bose is superior. Again I disagree. Never have I noticed distortion out of the Boombox and if a particular song were to cause noticeable distortion, I am quite sure it would still reach a louder distortion free volume with far more boom than the Bose despite the Soundlink II being able to top out without distortion. When it comes to lower to mid volume level the sound quality of both units are on par with eachother, but as the volume increases to accommodate larger areas the little Bose just can not keep up with its larger competitor. Both speakers have been simple to pair. When paired with my iPod Touch The Soundlink II has never cut out although occasionally chops beginnings of songs when moving to the next track. The Boombox ever so seldomly cuts out, but does not suffer from the occasional chopping problem.

The UE Boombox is a fantastic speaker offering full sound with plenty of bass even at higher levels. It really is not possible to have a speaker too bass heavy when you can use an equalizer to tone it down and the woofers and tweeters are easily capable of handling the rest of the range. When this speaker was $250 I would argue it would be the choice for anyone wanting a bluetooth speaker for listening outdoors or large open spaces and suggest Bose for anyone who highly values great performance out of the smallest possible package and intended using in the bathroom, bedside, kitchen... Etc. However, The Boombox is by far the best choice for nearly anyone now as you are receiving superior sound performance for well over $100 less than the Soundlink II while still retaining premium build.

After a couple of weeks I still really enjoy this speaker and find it as my go to speaker over the Bose. However, battery performance is better on the Bose. I have not noticed a big difference as far as hoe long they last, but the Bose's sound unplugged is consistent with the volume generated when plugged in for the entire duration the battery lasts. The UE begins to slowly decrease its volume output after about an hour. It lowers its output slow enough you really don't notice it until plugging it back in, but once you do you realize the significant difference. I find this a little odd with being a lithium battery as one advantage of lithium ion is the power output is supposed to be more uniform than NiMh.

I strongly recommend any who first turns it on and feels the bass is too overpowering to test it out in a large room or outside. The bass is far less noticeable when llistening a few feet away and would leave me wanting more more if any less powerful when played in larger environments.

Now that the price has gone back up closer to retail bringing it within the Soundlinks price range the decision of which one to buy is a bit more difficult. As mentioned before, I would choose the Bose for more smaller environments due to it having a smaller form factor with a listening experience on par with the UE when listening up close and fewer people will find its bass overpowering when near by, but if you want great sound to fill a larger area and retain some lows then the Boombox is a better option.
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VINE VOICEon June 3, 2013
Please excuse my rather dramatic title with the metaphorical reference to gladiatorial battle, but the bluetooth speaker market is truly full of flawed competitors.

I've sound tested dozens and owned quite a few bluetooth speakers. I was starting to believe that bluetooth technology and good sound quality were mutually exclusive terms. The Bose Soundlink has tinny highs and is no where worth its ridiculous price. The Big Jambox is slightly better than the Bose Soundlink, but muddy sounding and left me wanting. The recent Sony incarnations are soooo close to great but have problems successfully reproducing the entire sound spectrum. The JBL models are good, but not very loud, and of all the speakers, JBL probably produce the most neutral sound signature. JBL, known for its concert speakers, surprised me with its low volume. Phillips iterations are okay as well but don't produce a very full sound. It sounds like a portable speaker, and I don't mean that as a compliment.

Then I finally tried the UE Boombox. I was actually hesitant to give this speaker a whirl because of its parent company, Logitech. Logitech is a computer peripheral manufacturer. I guess I didn't think such a company could compete with the other companies in the speaker market. When Logitech bought UE a couple of years back, they did a good job of letting the people at UE do their thing with little intervention. In fact, Logitech infused them with a ton of capital and didn't force feed their brand on UE. Even this speaker, its top-of-the-line bluetooth speaker doesn't even have a Logitech label. I give Logitech a ton of credit for allowing UE to remain an autonomous brand. That being said, Ultimate Ears produces some of the best headphones, especially ear buds, in the business. And thus, I decided to try the UE Boombox. And boy am I glad that I did. When I'm buying a speaker, I do NOT want a speaker phone built in. Because they have to beam the mic and direct the outgoing sound away from said mic, sound dispersion is horrible in such speakers. Such limitations are not conducive to filling outdoor areas. Be it going to the beach, having a bbq, or just chilling under a want your portable speaker to fill an area, not directional. The UE thankfully omits speakerphone capabilities, and thus, is able to push sound 360 degrees.

Finally, let me discuss sound quality. The UE Boombox booms. Its greatest strength is also its greatest weakness. The bass is overpowering, and at times, I wish I could tone the bass down just a tad. The rest of the sound spectrum is solid. The highs are crisp. Much better than its tinny competitors. The mids are rich. Sometimes though, the bass just overwhelms a bit. If I could change one thing, I'd reduce the bass just a tad. But by far, this is the best sounding portable bluetooth speaker in the market. And I'd venture to say this is the loudest portable bluetooth speaker I've heard.

The look is great. It's a tad girly for my taste, but it looks like something an artist would design. The only problem I have with the design is the area between the handle and the speaker. My fat fingers are too fat to wrap the handle. My 2nd knuckles get stuck, which can be painful against the grill. So when I carry it, I have to carry it with just my finger tips.

Even with its overpowering bass and narrow handle slot, this is still the best speaker in a VERY flawed market. I give this fantastic product 5 stars. Not only is it the best sounding speaker, it is also the loudest. If you want to take your music on the road while hanging out with your friends and family in a fun outdoor setting, this speaker is the only one you should consider buying.
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on September 14, 2013
I bought a few different bluetooth speakers and compared them side by side with a few different styles of music. I ended up picking the UE Boombox over the Jawbone and Bose. Thought everything was great with the speaker until I had an outdoor party at the house. After approximately 30 minutes of playtime at a decent volume level the sound dropped off. I tried to raise the volume with no success so I brought the speaker to the house and plugged it in and now the levels are back to where they started. Unplugged the unit and instant drop off of volume again. The speaker was charged overnight so it wasn't like it the batteries were low. Called Logitech and asked if the speaker was designed to do that for saving battery life and they told me the unit was defective. I returned it to Amazon and had them send me a new one, well I charged the unit over night and just tried it out again and the new one is doing the same thing. This totally defeats the purpose of having a wireless unit when you have to keep it plugged in to keep the volume level up. Sadly I just contacted Amazon for a refund on the second one so I guess the search continues for a different speaker. I see from the reviews that a few people have experienced the same thing which is too bad because it is a decent sounding speaker.
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on May 16, 2014
After purchasing a Bose Soundlink Mini, Bose Soundlink III, and the UE boombox. I realized that my final choice was based more on how I was going to use this product and where.

I originally bought a Bose Soundlink Mini because of the amazing reviews.Ultra portable. Great sound. It truly lived up to the hype. The mini is by far the best portable Bluetooth speaker based on sound and design. It literally blows away anything close in size. It doesnt get very loud but it does the job for room about 20x20 for light listening. Amazing bass for such a small speaker and decent highs and could fit in your pocket.(Well almost, as long as you are not wearing skinny jeans) If you dont plan on supplying a large environment or party with music but just good background sound this is a GREAT choice.

I returned the Mini because I wanted a bit more volume, and thought that battery life was a must. So I purchased the Soundlink III. Once again, amazing build and sound for such a small device. It was much louder than the Mini, slightly better bass, but it really lost its full sound when it was at max volume. I really have nothing bad to say about this speaker except for the fact that it was 300$. From research I found that bose changes the sound to limit distortion but thats not really a bad thing. Anyway, when playing around with the two bose products, I realized where I was using the speakers most. Usually in a backyard or larger room and for small amounts of time. I originally bought it to go to the beach and use but as lovely as that sounds. That would only happen a few times a summer. 14 hrs battery life is amazing, but not always necessary. It ended up needing to be more about sound. Thats where the UE BOOMBOX shines.


Before I put this product on a pedestal, keep in mind. Its not big enough to shake and rattle your home. Its not going to deliver super lows. Its not going to hit bass like the Dr Beats portable Box for a portable device. (not the pill, or the pill XL, Im talking about the larger box for 399.99)If you really need that sort of sound, a portable bluetooth speaker is probably not what you are looking for. I have an amazing ORB AUDIO surround sound system with 14 speakers and 2x 400 watt RMS subs. If I need to blast movies and music and get super lows and ultra highs, Ill use that.

Now, with that being said, this product really rocks. I have so far used it in the following applications.

*As computer speakers
*Basic house construction
*Basketball courts to listen and play

This speaker has much better highs than either bose. The volume goes way beyond that of either speaker. The lows hit much better than both combined. Once again, not insane lows, but VERY good for a portable device. its actually too loud for most rooms in a typical home at full volume. When listening to it at 60% volume Its about as loud as the Soundlink III at full volume and still retains the bass needed to complete the sound. It does slightly distort when maxed out, but oddly enough, you only really hear the distortion if you are close to it. Otherwise, it doesn't project the sound distortion. I know many of you will read that and think Im crazy, but its true.

The main concern I had with this purchase at first was the reviews stating that the sound drops off very fast when not plugged in due to the battery. I so far have used this about an hr or more un plugged and it hasn't changed at all. In time if it happens I will update, but for now. Its fine. I have not used it for the full 6 hrs it says, because honestly most people wont need to use it that long anyway! Plus because its as loud as it is, I have been using it for a quick stereo replacement in my bedroom so its always plugged in.

The ability to have 3 users connected at the same time is a great feature. Once the audio is paused or stopped on a device, either of the other two connections are then able to stream music without having to connect to the device.

*Very Loud
*Great Bass at almost all levels except for 100%
*Great Design
*Up to three devices can be connected at the same time. Remembers 8 in total.
*50ft distance is pretty impressive. Noticeably better than the bose speakers.

*maybe battery life, but so far that hasn't been a concern for me.

*Wish they put a 5-6 inch woofer inside. That would drastically enhance the overall sound. The highs and mids are already okay. Introduce a larger woofer and you have an all around incredible product. It would probably require a larger more powerful battery though.

Figure out where you are going to be using this device the most. The price and the quality do not match up. Dont let the low price tag fool you. By far the best portable loud speaker for under 400$. Not as compact as the Bose soundink Mini, which might eventually end up in my arsenal. The UE boombox for the price and sound is a no brainer...

Went camping on Saturday and brought this with me. It lasted 9 hours at a low to medium volume which was still loud enough for the campsite. This device is capable of playing all the frequencies at low volumes so it works out okay. It did die which was unfortunate. This is the only time where the bose soundlink III would have shined. At almost 2.5x the battery life it would have played almost all night. Sound > Battery/Portability > Aesthetics is why i bought this item. If you are a Battery/Portability > Sound > Aesthetics. You will def want the bose soundlink III
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7 of 7 people found the following review helpful
on March 24, 2014
So, this purchase was a true SAGA....I had a Big Jambox and sold it to someone I met in a third-world country which put me in the market for a new bluetooth speaker. I LOVED the Big Jambox so the plan was too to just buy a new one....but I decided to look at other products since it had been nearly two years since my original purchase. I looked at the 'Big Blue' from Brookstone, the Bose Sounlink III, the Big Jambox and finally the Logitech UE. I couldn't decide, literally. So, I purchased the Bose Soundlink III (because the II was discontinued), the Big Jambox and the Logitch UE to compare them all.

Let's first pretend that all of these items cost the same amount for the sake of my rating of them.....and keep in mind that I am NOT a music professional, just an average guy who listens to a lot of music, mostly alternative.

From purely the perspective of sound quality, there is ABSOLUTELY NO comparison, the Logitech UE sounds hands-down better than the other two. It provides plenty of bass almost to the point that at times I feel there is a subwoofer nearby. The sound I get from the Logitech UE sounds pure and it feels complete between the lows, highs and mid (I'm actually listening to it now as I write this review). When you factor in the cost, it's a no-brainer. I paid $320 for the Bose Soundlink, $249 for the Big Jambox and $165 for the Logitech UE.

So, I returned the Bose Soundlink III, I wanted to return the Big Jambox but was past the 15-day return policy date and am enjoying my Logitech UE! I plan on selling the Big Jambox on e-Bay.

My only criticism to it is that it's fairly large and bulky in terms that if I wanted to pack it in my suitcase for a trip, it would take up double the space that the other two would. But from a realistic standpoint, I can count on one hand how many times that scenario has played out in 2 years. If you're picky about sound and less about portability, GET THE LOGITECH UE. It sounds amazing and it does have a nice handle for carrying from spot-to-spot! LOVE IT and would give it 6-stars if I could.
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6 of 6 people found the following review helpful
on June 8, 2014
Boombox is loud and sounds great for about five minutes. The volume then drops off considerable to approximately 50%. I'm not sure if this is a design flaw to save battery or a defect. This only occurs when running off of battery. It's an issue on Logitech site as well. There is a reason this box is selling at such a large discount and has been discontinued by Logitech. 50% volume puts this in comparison w the smaller boxes by beats or Bose. The only reason to buy such a large portable speaker is the volume and this fails to deliver.
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