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44 of 45 people found the following review helpful
VINE VOICEon September 20, 2008
I really wanted to like this product, it has good build quality and nice aesthetics but it suffers from a few design flaws which make it unusable for me.

* Very nice keyboard (I have not been a fan of many recent logitech keyboards but this one felt very nice to me, slightly mushy but with a subtle tactile response. The integrated wrist cushion is very comfortable)

* Extra powered USB Ports (Despite what some reviewers have written, the external power supply is *not* required to use the keyboard, it is only for the powered USB ports)

* Works with 17" laptops

* Compact and easily portable when folded up

* Overall build quality, aesthetics

* Not height adjustable (The height is good on some tables but on my desk the screen stands about 4" above the height of my 24" monitors which is just too high, killing any ergonomic benefits. I returned it and got an XBrand XB-1001 which is adjustable)

* USB cable which connects to the computer is too short, it could barely reach the USB port at the front side of my laptop.

* No integrated audio jacks, front of stand blocks the onboard audio jacks on most laptops which now have the jacks on the front rather than the side, making it impossible to use external speakers.
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25 of 25 people found the following review helpful
on September 22, 2007
The good:
1. Keyboard looks nice, touches nice, and connects without any problem.
2. Stand holds laptop firmly.
3. Saves a lot of room by folding the keyboard back to the base.

The bad:
1. Unit is heavy than some laptops.
2. Just 3 USB ports.
3. Stand angle is not adjustable.
4. Cannot access front part of laptop.
5. Keyboard Hotkeys cannot be customized.

I bought this notebook stand for my 13.3" Sony laptop, which is the same model in Logitech's advertisement. One of my original expectation of buying this stand is to avoid touching the touchpad while typing at the laptop's keyboard, which happens quite often for small size laptop. The first feeling after I got it in my hand is this unit is heavy. Almost twice the weight of my laptop, so you won't want to take it with you when you are travelling. It's made in plastic, but sturdy enough to support most laptops. It also looks very nice. I would say it's a perfect color match for carbon fiber Sony laptop, and Logitech's ad is a good example. Other comments from the internet have mentioned the design prevents user to access front part of the laptop, and that is true. I couldn't use the fingerprint reader on my laptop after putting it on the stand. See Logitech's ad, you will know your finger cannot bend to that angle to reach the reader. If your laptop has card reader, wireless switch or other buttons at the front, then you will have difficulty to reach them. Moreover, you cannot completely close the lid due to this design. The full size keyboard touches good, much better than most laptop keyboard. I feel disappointed because there's no software that allowing me to change the hotkeys. Some of them you'll never use, but you cannot change it. Angle/height is not adjustable, which means the screen height is fixed. It might cause some problem for people with high table. AC adapter is included, so you don't have to worry about USB power as stated in some comments.
Overall, I think this is a good buy if you are just looking for a stand that lifts your laptop's screen and a keyboard that you could use without wire. Despite of the bads I mentioned above, I still like this stand, so I give it five star.
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22 of 23 people found the following review helpful
on January 17, 2008
- Everything is very nice with this set up and I'm 95% pleased. BUT once I set my Gateway laptop in the holder I no longer have access to the microphone/headphone ports in the lower front of my computer! PRETTY DARN FRUSTATING. I thought their would be a hole in that lower front part of the holder/shelf-thing for those ports and no, nothing. ARRGH!!!! $&*#)!!!

So, what did I do? Well, (don't laugh but...) I stacked plastic leggos about 1 1/2 inches stacked (yep the toy) under both lower ends of the laptop - down on the ledge in front - to raise it up...and then proceeded to duct tape the back of the computer to the holder (had to to secure it at that new height. This worked. The ports are now accessable but geez. I spent 100.00 on this set up only to be fiddling with leggos and duct tape?!

The only other thing about the set up that I don't like at all is how incredibly SHORT the A/C cord is. I mean I read how short someone else thought it was in another review - but I thought - no, it couldn't be THAT short - but it IS. Like ONLY 3 feet long! So I (too) had to move my whole computer table right next to the wall jack just to be able to plug it into the wall.

So - althought this is not a portable device actually, it is nice they included the AAA batteries needed to start it up. Amazing they were KIND enough to do THAT but somehow overlooked the no port access and the too short A/C cord problem? I don't get it.

But don't get me wrong. I'm happy with my raised laptop - I was really suffering with upper back pain from slouching at my previous set up. I hope this helps. Already my posture is better. So I'm happy with that - which was my aim in purchasing this. I bought it because if I'd just bought a holder alone, I would have still needed a new keyboard anyway - and I liked that they went together.

SO - only two bad things about this product, but each one is a problem. I solved these problems myself - but wow, for this price there shouldn't be ANY problems! At least none as obvious as these. What happened, did the design team fall asleep at the wheel or something? I will be interested in reading other reviews of this product.

The keyboard - happy with it.
The mouse that doesn't come with it (so be aware of this) that I
bought (also Logitech) is cordless and very nice.

Set up was easy. Good because I'm no techie!

I'd give it a 5 stars - easily - if it weren't for the short A/C cord and the fact that the ports in the front of my laptop would be completely unusable without my own major creativity + duct tape and well, an old set of leggos!

It looks very nice - but too bad my computer is silver and not black. Next time I will buy a black laptop - so my set up can look as cool as it does in the photo of the product. Gee, now, there's a good reason to buy a black one (sarcasm) - wink/smile.

But something tells me no matter what color laptop I buy - they will never stop making fun of my leggos and duct tape. Fortunately I don't care...much. Right now. Today. Okay, not too much. But still...

So I'd say buy this, but know that you will need to buy a longer A/C corn and you will not have access to the front ports of your laptop when it is in use unless you own leggos and duct tape. (eye-rolling).

Thanks for reading my review.
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4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
on February 5, 2008
Logitech Alto Cordless Notebook Stand
My usage for this item is for my Dell Inspiron 1521 with the extended battery so it's heavier than the standard 1521. The stand holds it securely, and without slipping. The keyboard has all needed functions available, and was easy to learn the new configuration of the delete, pg up, etc... keys. No mouse was included so I was able to choose a mouse that more suited my needs as opposed to just some mouse that Logitech might decide I'd want.

I would have given this item 5 stars, except the unit is 2 inches wider than a standard laptop case.
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6 of 7 people found the following review helpful
on November 14, 2007
While expensive, I realized that as much time as I spend typing and interacting with my laptop, this was a worthwhile investment, long term. I wasn't disappointed.

Things potential buyers will want to know up front that are of note but not really a concern: 1) the keys are a little "heavy," but that's compared to my laptop keyboard; and 2) I am still, after a few weeks, getting used to the configuration of the Delete/Home/End/Page Up/Page Down button cluster, which is very unusual ... the placement is very unnatural and not like standard keyboards, but I'm hoping I'll adjust over time.

That said, this really did as promised AND is a great integrated desktop solution for my laptop. No disappointments, and no real negatives, just a little bit of a learning curve.
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3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
on December 15, 2008
I have had my keyboard for a few weeks now, and I love it! I had been hesitant to buy a cordless keyboard for several years now, since the last one I bought (a Kensington) had poor reception and was worse to type on than my laptop! However, I was looking for something that I could bring to school, because my neck and shoulders would hurt after working at the desks there. I liked that the alto closes up so that keys are protected in transport.

The best part is that the keyboard feels great! It is not mushy like my Microsoft keyboard, but it is quieter than my laptop keyboard and just as responsive. The vertical home/end/page up/page down buttons took some getting used to--for a while I kept deleting things when I was looking for another key (no big deal wit Ctrl+Z). And the keyboard rocks a little when the back tilt stand is flipped out. Everything else about the keyboard is perfect.

The keyboard stand is nice, too. I set it up next to my lcd monitor at home, and the position of the dual screens is very usable. I didn't care about the USB ports when I bought this, but they have definitely come in handy. Note that you don't need to plug in the power adapter unless you are using a usb device which draws a particularly large amount of power (eg., portable hard drive). I plug anything that draws power directly into my laptop and then less power-intensive devices into the alto stand. I've never used the power adapter and never had problems.

The main drawback for me is its weight and its closure mechanism. I think that it uses a magnetic closure which is both heavy and not secure (it will stay in place in your bag, but I wouldn't hold it with just the base, or the keyboard would probably fall off). It *just* fits in my largish rolling computer bag, but a smaller bag would not hold it.

* Responsive, comfortable keyboard
* Semi-portable
* Convenient laptop stand
* USB ports

* Weight
* No way to latch it closed
* Nonstandard layout of Home/End/Page Up/Page Down keys
* Non-adjustable stand
* The flip-out feet on the back of my keyboard are not aligned properly, so the keyboard rocks when using that... very annoying, but not a deal-breaker for me.
* No mouse included is okay, but would have been nice to have a track point, touchpad, or trackball on the keyboard.
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3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
on July 30, 2008
Among these customer evaluations there is a thorough informative review by D. Ning (September 22, 2007).

I like the quality of the plastic and the heavy feel does not bother me because I knew this stand was not designed for portability. Having only three USB ports doesn't bother me because port multiplexers are a dime a dozen and there is plenty of space on the platform behind / under the laptop to store things. In an office environment I can set certain less aesthetic items in the space behind/under the laptop.

As someone mentioned the width is unnecessary but not unsightly and one can set a pencil holder on the extra two inches on the right (where there is a connect button to reestablish the wireless keyboard connection, which one rarely has to do).

The wrist rest built into the key board has a nice velvety feel. It gets shiny spots from sweaty / greasy hands but cleans up easily. I'm happy with the keyboard because it doesn't have a cheap feel. I don't use special buttons much, mainly just typing, but I am picky about the keystroke feel and this keyboard feels good. A wireless is keyboard isn't really that big a deal but nice to have. One less irritating tentacle to deal with in life.

I thought sure I had broken the slot that receives the support piece because when I first got it I forced the support piece into the slot. There was a loud crack which sounded like plastic breaking, and only then did I see the release latch in the middle of the front side of the platform. You press this to release the prongs that secure the support piece (when putting in or taking out). But it didn't break the prongs so I'm giving 5 stars in gratitude.

I might give four stars otherwise, mainly because the support strip covers the laptop's front side where there may be input connections. Although I don't have any connections on the front side, the best design would take advantage of the width of the platform to have slots on the support strip so one could slide the laptop's front side connections to line up with the slots. Once could jerry-rig it to work but that would probably take away some of the elegance and simplicity of the unit.
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3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
on May 3, 2008
After getting this contraption in the mail, i could hardly contain my excitement. I have seen this product in a retail store and they were charging over 140 dollars for it (I don't live within the continental United States), so i decided to wait and order this from Amazon instead. Upon set-up, this system more than gracefully supported the heft of my 15.4" wide-screen laptop (I have a Fujitsu-Seimens AmiloPro, whose weight resembles that of a big bag of rocks), and i sat there for five whole minutes just admiring how it changed my computing environment.

I do graphic design, word-processing and programming and this laptop stand literally shifted my world in the right direction. It raised my laptop to the point where i seriously doubted its stability, but once everything was proven secure, i marveled at how comfortable the severe angle was (I didn't know my laptop's screen could bend that far back).

The keyboard is also a magical little thing, apart from the obvious features like it being wireless, the keys are actually solidly made and they handle like a dream. The key's feedback upon pressing is silent and strangely comforting on the joints, especially if you intend to spend hours typing away. There is virtually no delay in terms of the key's translation on the screen. It also has a bar under it (for an angled keyboard) instead of those irritating little feet that collapse when you type too hard. This keyboard is as solid as a rock.

But again, its charm is really from the way they designed the stand to accommodate the best possible viewing angle for your laptops. I felt the difference right out of the box.

Less one star for having too few USB slots at the back (There are 3). One more USB and a 3.5mm jack would be 5 stars for me (since the lip covers my notebook's 3.5mm jack and SD Card slot).
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3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
on February 24, 2008
One of the first questions you need to ask yourself is... are you primarily looking for a notebook docking station (port replicator) or a notebook stand to more comfortably work. While this IS a nice stand and keyboard, a docking station it is not. Yes, you do get 3 USB ports (really 2 additional USB ports since you lost one plugging this guy in).

True the angle of the stand isn't adjustable, but I don't think you would really need or want to adjust it anyway, so I don't see this as a drawback.

For notebooks with front ports it would be a pain because they will become inaccessible without some custom workaround. For anyone that has front loading CD-DVD drives, this would probably turn into a fatal flaw.

I like the keyboard. I prefer the smaller function keys that it has. I tend to dislike keyboards that go overboard with too many keys. I want a clean keyboard, not the command console of the starship Enterprise. The keys on the keyboard are nice. They feel solid, but they are perhaps a smidgen too firm and the key labels are a tad on the small side. The wrist rest has a slightly rubberized coating that I like.

For me, the hugely improved ergonomics more than made up for the steep price tag. I used to always get a sore neck and shoulders from hunching over my notebook. Now I naturally sit more comfortably.

I'm kind of glad that it didn't come with a mouse. I rarely like BOTH the mouse AND the keyboard in combos. I prefer to just use my own mouse.

Overall, I really like this as a notebook stand and keyboard. The package doesn't say anything about being a docking station because it is not one.
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3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
on August 31, 2008
I was looking for a wireless keyboard at the store and ended up picking up this keyboard/notebook stand. It is an awesome product, holding the notebook at a nice angle so you can use it as a monitor. The usb ports were a nice touch, allowing you to plug in things like mice without constantly having to unplug devices from the notebook itself.

The power supply was a bit confusing until you realize there is a plug extender that you need to snap on to convert the plugs to normal standard.

The color is a dark blackish gray which goes with most laptops and hides scratches. I found the keyboard surprisingly soft to the touch and easy to use.

5 stars.
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