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on March 20, 2008
I have been using Logitech products for many years and have always found them to be of the highest quality and innovation. However, I was somewhat disappointed with MX5500 Desktop. I base this on a direct comparison with the MX5000 Desktop which this product is designed to replace.

The Keyboard: The MX5500 keyboard doesn't really improve on the MX5000 keyboard. The display is smaller and you have to scroll to access some features that are included in the main MX5000 display. The section of the MX5500 that contains the display is raised higher than the MX5000 which makes the keyboard taller. In my case, with the legs extended, the top of the keyboard rubbed against the bottom of my desktop. (My desk has a slide out keyboard platform. I would expect folks with similar arangements or who use keyboard drawers to have the same problem.) In general,the MX5500 keyboard feels lighter and less substantial than the MX5000. I think the silver/blue and black colors of the MX5000 make for a "classier" appearance. I also prefer the detachable wrist rest on the MX5000 (a concern if space is a consideration.) In a nod to the MX5500, I do not miss the touch sentitive keys for Zoom and Volume control on the MX5000.

The Mouse: I absolutely love the scroll wheel on the MX Revolution Mouse! That said, I much prefer the shape of the MX1000 Laser mouse that comes with the MX5000 Desktop. For me, it just feels more comfortable and is less fatiguing to use over extended periods. With the exception of the scroll wheel operation and search button on the MX Revolution, the mice are functionally identical. Additionally, the time between charges is longer with the MX1000 Laser mouse.

The Bluetooth Connection: Much has been written about the issues (drop outs, mouse lag) with the Bluetooth connection on the MX5000 Desktop. These have been corrected with firmware updates and the later releases of the Setpoint software. I fould no such issues with the MX5500 and consider the two equal in this area. Both units use the same BT 2.0 dongle.

In Summary: The MX5500 is a good product. I just don't see it as an advance over the MX5000. I would recommend purchasing the MX5000 while you can - it is less expensive (plus a $40 rebate!), does just about everything the MX5500 does and has a better display. In my case, I returned the MX5500 and ordered another MX5000 to have in case the one I am using breaks (and before they are no longer available). Of course, all opinions are subjective - your mileage may vary.
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on May 19, 2012
I've had 2 MX Revolution mice since they were first introduced. But alas, they stopped making them. I tried others, but nothing beat the MX Rev in my opinion. My one MX Rev was on its last legs. This keyboard combo is way too much money, but I finally bit the bullet.

The new Bluetooth MX Revolution mouse is exactly what I expected. It has exactly same ergonomics and function of the orginal. Even uses the same charger. So...we can give it 5 stars.

The keyboard, while acceptable to most is not my favorite. I have always prefered Logitech Mice, but Microsoft Comfort Curve keyboards. I will be going back to my MS 6000 keyboard and sacrifice another USB port for the separate transmitter.

This Logitech Keyboard has a couple of issues.

1) the LCD display is a totally useless gimick. It is a non-backlit LCD and you you cannot see it unless you have lots of light. All the info on it is also readily available on your why bother. Dump the LCD and reduce the price!
2) When you first start to type on the keyboard, it has a 4-5 second lag. It seems to buffer the key strokes and finally catches up. But, I have never had a KB act this way. Seems like it takes it a while for the BT to register.
3) Keys are smaller than MS Comfort Curves and a little noisier.
Let's give it 3 stars

So, I could average my scores out for 4 stars, right. But then there is the cost. 1 Star for that.
My final score is 3 stars.
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on December 5, 2015
Keyboard pad turns sticky/gummy to the point its unusable!!! Seeking replacement please... Not sure why they would use materials that degrade over time. Other than that, I love the product, but because of this I cannot give it more than 3 stars.

Mouse - Absolutely love the look/feel and features. Any option on the mouse is customize-able. Mouse scrolling can be set to free-scroll or lock-scrolling. Side scroll is convenient as well. Laser has never missed a beat; although if you have a glass surface, keep in mind this will not work. Battery life is exceptional (about a month with moderate use - an hour a day) and the charger not only looks sleek, but takes no time to charge back up (within an hour or less).

I'm going to be honest here. I would say not one flaw. It's perfect!

Keyboard -
Pros: Connectivity of the pair via bluetooth receiver is flawless and works several rooms apart. I use the pair for both my laptop and desktop pc and can easily change music/stations on winamp/pandora/spotify with just a press of the key from any room in the house. As far as options, this keyboard does it all. I love the lightweight feel and ergonomics to it. It allows you to see temperatures as well as FPS and even has a calculator built in if you need to run numbers on the fly. It also has great media control functions and custom buttons you can set.

Cons: and I do mean a serious con would be the padding on the keyboard. It degrades and becomes sticky to the point it's unusable. Also, this keyboard takes 4 AA batteries. It would be absolutely perfect if they could use the same charging technology as in the mouse for the keyboard as well. Some type of dock that looks similar would be ideal. As far as the battery life, I would say it is mediocre. Even with lithium AA batteries from Duracell, I find the keyboard only lasts about a month at best. If you are buying cheap batteries expect 3 weeks. So overall, I feel like there are more cons than pros with this keyboard. I would not buy this version again. It needs some serious issues resolved as far as the padding.

As stated, I hope Logitech will stand behind this product and replace the keyboard or allow for a similar replacement due to the rest becoming absolutely disgusting and sticky over time.
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on June 7, 2011
I only purchased this combo for the mouse. It's so much more convenient to place the mouse in the charging docking station at the end of the day rather than having to plug it into a usb cable like the newer models require. The ease-of-use of the docking station combined with the comfort of this mouse make it a 5-star product to me.

My only flaw is that the keyboard has no numlock key -- so I'm unable to use the numpad for directionals/arrows. For most people, I realize this is not an issue, but there are a few of us out there who prefer to use the numpad arrow keys. I never expected a full size keyboard to be missing one of the most standard keys.

Note: For those of you who had difficulty with the bluetooth keyboard connectivity - did you press the buttons on BOTH the keyboard AND the usb dongle? I almost didn't notice the button on the dongle since most newer Logitech products don't have a button on the usb dongle.
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on March 8, 2015
Worked great for about three years until I bought a new computer with 8.1 O/S and now at least twice a week I have to reboot the computer because the mouse and keyboard hangs up and nothing works. I tried reconnecting and that doesn't work, I also tried pushing the red button on the back of the USB device and that doesn't work either. I'm looking at buying a replacement for this combo but don't know yet which kind to buy. I have an older Logitech wireless keyboard and mouse combo that I've had for seven years and it has never froze up on me.
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on May 19, 2008
This is my third week for using Logitech Cordless Desktop MX5500 Revolution after using the Logitech diNovo Keyboard combo for 3 years. I am impressed how comfortable using the MX5500 keyboard compares to diNovo's. Thin and flat design diNovo keyboard is very stylish, cool and portable but not really practical feeling for daily business use. My decision for purchasing MX5500 combo over Wave set is because I like the idea of little display attached with built-in calculator and did not like the idea of Wave combo comes with compromised mouse. I gave 3 stars for this review in spite of my satisfaction of purchasing this MX5500 combo. The reason 1) is the built-in calculator Logitech named Smart Calculator does not support a Memory +, Memory - function keys on it. I am still believing I should be able to assign those memory functions on somewhere on the keyboard otherwise I will be so disappointed with Logitech who named such simple calculator as "Smart Calculator". So now, I must back to my $6.99 Staple's calculator over this $150 gadget. The reason 2) is I am not really satisfied with a scroll feeling of mouse wheel. Good thing about this mouse is I can switch from rapid scrolling to click-to-click by pressing down the wheel. This is not something I've had on my previous Logitech mouse but somehow the click-to-click wheel feeling is too loose and I see some windows jump up and down before it completely stops when I quickly toss the wheel with finger. This setting should be little stiffer and stable. Otherwise bluetooth connection is very simple and easy and Logitech is always a leading manufacturer of innovative products I can go along with.
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on January 30, 2012
Quite, Soft Keys that make for a great typing experience. Battery Life is great as well. When it comes to wireless keyboard and Mice I think Logitech has the upper hand. Overall they make a great product and back it up with decent support and 3 yr warranty. I agree with most positive reviews that others have written. When it comes to the negatives I also tend to agree, at least in one respect. I experience frequent disconnects like others. I can only wonder if this is a known issue that Logitech might try to resolve in the future. Great Value, but frequent disconnects make this a poor experience overall.
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on December 27, 2012
Works well, but does not work with Linux! . . . . . . . . . . . .It's been quite a while since I bought and reviewed mine, having paid $149 as opposed to the $349 they now want, I do not consider it worth this price. If you want one; I suggest you find it cheaper! One star removed.
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on September 6, 2012
I've been using this Logitech Bluetooth Keyboard & Mouse for several months now. I have it connected to my laptop when I'm using it at home. When the mouse works, it's very good. However, the Bluetooth connection is not consistent, and I constantly need to reconnect the mouse by turning it off and on. This happens at least once a day, sometimes more frequently, and it usually happens while I'm moving the mouse pointer. Once disconnected, the mouse will reconnect if I turn the mouse's power switch off and then on again. However, this is a hassle, and it takes 5-10 seconds for the mouse to be recognized again.

Before using this Logitech mouse, I've been using a Dell Bluetooth Mouse. That mouse didn't have this frequent disconnect problem, and usually lasted several weeks or more between disconnections. I've also had a Lenovo Bluetooth mouse, which disconnected more frequently than the Dell one, but still much less than this Logitech one. In my experience (and most other Bluetooth users' too), Bluetooth mice have a tendency to disconnect, so I don't think Logitech is completely to blame. However, disconnecting on a daily basis (often more than once per day) is unacceptable, especially when other mice can work much better on the same laptop.

Other than the disconnect issue, the mouse is well built, feels comfortable, and the extra buttons work well. The buttons are customizable, but with some limitations (Logitech's SetPoint software gives you a limited list of functions to choose from). The Hyperscroll function works well too, but may take a bit of getting used to. The laser sensor works well on most surfaces (including my desk where my optical mouse didn't work too well). The battery lasts about 2-3 weeks for me, which is adequate, but I would probably prefer user replaceable batteries instead, so I could get longer battery life, and also not have to deal with the extra charger on my desk.

The keyboard does not have the same issue as the mouse, and I haven't experienced any disconnections from the keyboard yet. The keyboard does get a bit laggy when the mouse spontaneously disconnects, but it is resolved when the mouse has been reset. Also, it takes a couple seconds for the keyboard to connect when turning on the laptop. When it gets to the Windows login screen, I can type my password and press enter, but it will take a couple seconds for it to register on the screen (not a big deal though, and I'm sure it's the same for all BT keyboards). The keyboard itself is very easy to type on, and the keys sound like they are slightly dampened, so it isn't very loud. I wouldn't say it's very quiet either, but at least it doesn't make annoying loud clacking sounds. There are many function keys that can be customized, and the LCD calculator function is quite convenient too (you can have the calculator button go to Windows Calculator instead if you don't like the LCD calculator). The media keys also work well. I haven't had to replace the batteries yet, so I can't comment on the battery life.

Overall, this is a good product from Logitech, and since there aren't that many choices for Bluetooth keyboards & mice out there, I decided to keep this set even with the mouse connectivity issues. Some users may not experience the same disconnect issues, and for those users, I'd give the set 5 stars. However, for those that have the disconnect issues, the product is probably only worth 1-2 stars. That is why I gave it an average 3 star rating. If you want a good Bluetooth keyboard & mouse set, and are willing to take a chance with the connection problems, then order this product. Amazon is very good with returns anyway, so if you find that the mouse doesn't work well with your computer, you could always return the product.

-Comfort 8/10
-Functions 9/10
-Keys Quietness 4/10 (0 being makes no sound, and 10 being unbearably loud)
-Connectivity 9/10
-Battery Life 8/10 (estimated)

-Comfort 8/10
-Functions 7/10
-Connectivity 1/10
-Battery Life 5/10
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on June 29, 2015
I've owned this for about 2 years. If my experience is any indication, then that's probably about the lifespan of the keyboard. The mouse is still going strong, however. My space bar has now failed. A keyboard is rather worthless if the space bar only works about 50% of the time. But, that said, I did get two years of relatively heavy use out of it. So, that's something to keep in mind. I would hope a keyboard could last more than 2 years at this price point, however.

Keyboard: I liked it quite it bit until the space bar failed. The design is nice, and it feels pretty easy to use. The wrist rest makes a difference, which I didn't notice until I went back to my old, wired keyboard.

The mouse is an excellent product, and has held up quite well so far. I would actually go so far as to say this would work very well as a gaming mouse! You can program (with a rather easy-to-use interface) all the buttons to different functions, and you can even set up macros on most buttons. The program-ability of the mouse is a nice feature. It was also very responsive. I never noticed any delays or glitches.

Connectivity: This was excellent. I never had any trouble, and I even used it in my living room from time-to-time on a home theater PC. It worked flawlessly at least 15 feet away from the source.

Battery life: a set of batteries lasted about 3-4 months.
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