Customer Reviews: Logitech MOMO Force Feedback Racing Wheel
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on April 20, 2014
You purchased this item on December 6, 2004

Haha.. I just noticed this was in my "to be reviewed" list. Well, It was my first really nice wheel, and I loved it while I had it. I think at the time Richard Burn Rally was what I was playing a lot on PC, and rFactor. Boy was I happy. I've moved on to much better hardware now, but I have fond memories of my first really nice wheel.

I am astounded this is still for sale anywhere. Buy a G27 over this.
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on February 24, 2006
When I first purchased the MOMO wheel from, the AC adapter was defective; screeching noise and caused problems using force feedback. However, I was able to use the wheel w/out the adapter. Don't even try to get help from Logitech for replacing the AC adapter (or any other component) without replacing everything. Logitech's customer support was poor.

However, gave outstanding support by sending me an entire new wheel w/ all accessories for no charge, then after receiving the new wheel, I returned the original one with the defective adapter. I didn't have to spend any time w/out a wheel. The new wheel (and adapter) works great!
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on March 23, 2006
The MOMO Racing wheel has good force feedback effects, much better than previous wheels i've used. It uses gears to create the effects so some rattling is experienced, but not enough to discourage playing. Software is great in assisting with customizing buttons for all types of racing games. Rubber wheel makes it very easy to hold on during intense steering with stick shifter and paddles being great additions. Recommended buy.
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on November 27, 2008
First let me give a little history and equipment list. I've had four Logitech non-force feedback wheels from the late 90s to early 2000s (yellow and black). After going through those I stepped up to the red force feedback (not the MOMO). I enjoyed that and could sense the improvement over the older yellow non-force feedback wheels. Any wheel is better than no wheel.

My system is a Dell XPS 400 with 256mb video ram and 4gig of ram. OS is XP. After those other wheels the red and black force feedback finally burned out so I decided to step up to the newest Logitech - the MOMO Force Feedback. This is the one with the red body and real leather wheel and metal paddles with red and metal foot pedals. This machine was heads and shoulders above the rest and one calibration worked for all games.. The games/sims I do are F12k1 & 2k2, GTR2 and WTCC Race '07 (great game!).

Well my Red MOMO finally burned something out and would no longer do any force feedback and the calibration was all over the place. So after doing a little shopping I've decided on this latest MOMO offering from Logitech. Its cheaper both in price and quality than its Red forerunner however not so much so that its a big deal. Also it secures very well to the desk using a three point system. A plastic center screw is easy to see how that works, but the plastic cover with Logitech written on it must come off so one can adjust the the other two attachment points. DO NOT over tighten any of these posts. When they are all snug they work great together - unless of course you're a gorilla - then you'll have trouble. The paddles are plastic instead of metal but work fine. The calibration out of the box was fine for my WTCC Race 07, but on GTR2 it tends to have a mind of its own. In the Logitech settings I enabled the center spring feature which helped a lot but not entirely. It feels when I get to center that the wheel wants to fall to one side or the other (only in GTR2) and will steer the car off the road by itself - very annoying. In the other game it is fine - smooth progressive and fun! The rubber wheel is fine, unless you're spoiled by the great leather wheel - I'm adjusting quickly. For the price - this is the wheel to get. If you have a deep pocket book then I would be inclined to go with the ridiculously priced top of the line Logitech. What irritates, me is that someone at Logitech figured out they were selling the Red MOMO for too little. So they scaled it back a little quality wise, lowered the price, then put all the great stuff on the new G25 and doubled the price - a clear case of greed and profit margin as far as I'm concerned.

I also wanted to mention that the pedals have better feedback (better springs, i.e. resistance) than the pedals on my Red MOMO! - and of importance, there is a button on the bottom that when pushed, out pops a strip of little gripper cleats, so on a carpet it sticks just fine. If I hadn't discovered this, the pedals would slip quite badly - so press that button and the pedals will stay put. :)

Good luck and enjoy!
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on July 30, 2010
I bought a factory refurbished logitech Momo racing wheel for $68.00 / free shipping on eBay to replace an aging Thrustmaster Force Feedback wheel. Since upgrading to Windows 7 64-bit Professional, I wanted a wheel that had updated drivers. Luckily, Logitech does have 64-bit Windows 7 drivers free for download. All installed flawlessly and so far I've tried the the wheel with Colin McCrae 2005 and an old game called Dethkarz. I'm a little disappointed with the force feedback of the wheel (kind of weak) but that just may be the games' settings, not the wheel itself.

The unit clamps onto the desktop easily and securely with one plastic screw and two L-shaped brackets that are adjusted by removing the top plastic panel on the wheel. I find the game profile software settings a bit confusing so I check the box that allows the individual game to adjust the settings. Who has time to fiddle with setting up profiles only to find they don't work? Maybe it's just me.

Anyway, the biggest hurdles are the dead zone settings for wheel, accelerator and brakes, but once you have that set in the individual game controller options, your logitech wheel is ready to roll. The quality of the wheel and it's responsiveness isn't quite up to Thrustmaster quality, but it's good enough for the casual gamer such as myself. I wouldn't pay more than $80 for this wheel unless it were brand new factory sealed. Buying this refurbished for $68.00 and free shipping on eBay can't be beat.
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on March 5, 2011
I don't know where to begin. The pedals stay in place, and I like the resistance on the brake pedal. Both the paddle and gear shifters are firm and well placed, and the mounting system holds the wheel in place firmly.

I really like the adjustable resistance of the centering mechanism. Microsoft's Sidewinder Force Feedback Wheel had three settings, none of which felt quite right. I'm sure I will get used to the smaller buttons on the wheel, but that is about my only critique of the Logitech MOMO.

I will probably by a few more. At less than $100, this wheel is a fanastic value, especially when compared to the $250+ G27 that replaced it.
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on March 26, 2008
Overall, this is a great wheel, one of the best for the PC without going to the very expensive 900 degree wheels.

Feel - the wheel feel is excellent and durable. This is my second one of these - my last was still in good condition after three years of reasonable use.

Feedback - the Momo has great feedback for most games. I personally wish it were a little stronger, but it is adjustable and feels good - not cheap, weak and 'plastic' like some other wheels out there.

Mounting - The mounting has been good for me - I have mounted on multiple surfaces including two 'race chairs', and never had any issues.

Downsides - The pedal feel is not so good. Also even this new one has the issue of mine from years ago - if you put full pressure down and then some sideways, this 'increases' the output of the pedals, and then you can't get 'full power' again unless you reset your game\wheel\settings. This is a design flaw in that the pedal can actually move sideways a little. I was surprised that this new wheel had the same problem of one a few years old. This can be dealt with though by adjusting your games or just making sure you don't push with side pressure - not a huge issue, just a pain sometimes.

Overall this is a good product, and out of those I have tried, the best in it's price range for actual feel and feedback.
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on October 3, 2014
I picked this up to play Eurotruck simulator 2, I wanted a true force-feedback wheel without spending the $200 required for the g25/g27. I found this used in box for $50 on ebay. So far i am very impressed. Everything feels sturdy, very nice materials for the wheel, and everything works as it should - but that took a little while on windows 8 for me..more on that later. The force feedback is very good. Gravel, road bumps, steering feel and loss of traction are all felt nicely. The feedback can very strong if desired - stronger than you'd ever want. The shifter is nice and feels good, plus the paddle shifters are nice as I use them as turn signals - no issues with them as i've read in other reviews. The pedals are solid too, and stay put on my slick hardwood floors - amazing really. Also the clamp for the wheel is engineered to work on a variety of desks, including mine with an intrusive baffle behind the lip. Very good. All my wires are tucked away nicely and the wheel and pedals are solid, yet still easy to stow away when not in use.

Now, for windows 8, the stock driver won't work - no force-feedback with them. So i went to the logitech site and downloaded the driver - the profile manager - did not recognize the device. An older 64 bit wingman profile manager did recognize and operate the wheel, but kept re-centering mid game and would not show any setup windows in windows 8. finally, I found a solution...

FOR 64 bit WINDOWS 8 using LOGITECH MOMO WHEEL -you must find and download this file - "lgs508_x64.exe". Version 5.08 of the logitech profile manager. I found it on a generic driver website (not logitech) - just google it. It is not intended for windows 8 (the windows 8 version didn't work for me) but this 5.08 version works like a charm. Can set up profiles, no issues in game, and the wheel and feedback feel perfect (can setup as desired of course). I have the wheel setup to where like regular driving, if you "think" your direction, it happens, if you know what i mean- very natural. Again, Use logitech version5.08 drivers for windows 8.

Summary: great wheel, regardless of price. My simulator games feel great and are way more immersive vs the old controller i was using. I've had a thrustmaster ferrari wheel (cant remember model) previously, and i much prefer this wheel. Buy it, unless you need an h-shifter and clutch (would be nice but im not missing it right now)
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on January 15, 2007
So far, the wheel has been exactly what I wanted.

The clamping mechanism is a little overly complex, but

it works well. Too bad it's just not a quick-release set up.

Compatibility, feel, features...all good.

I like the option of paddle or stick shift. (mmm...paddle)

Overall, a nice yet affordable choice for semi-serious race fans.
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on December 26, 2014
I've had my MOMO Racing wheel since 2008 and it still runs like a champ. The only fault I have to it is the Power cable is beginning to wear down to the point the FFB cuts out until I can position the cable properly. This has happened through time and only started this year. The FFB motors are still solid, the buttons have never given me issues. The only reason I'm looking to replace it is because there are better models now available. This is no longer built and hardly available. My target is the G27 which I've understood to be in a class of its own when compared to the old MOMO. I don't suggest using the included software. As long as the axis are reported separately with the pedals, Itll act like a real car. Of course, There is no clutch pedal so in terms of the look and feel, its like driving an automatic. But to drive with it, Its just a manual with auto-clutch, or you can simulate yourself shifting gears without a clutch and blip the throttle while entering corners. Frankly I did the latter because it was just easier than trying to remember the clutch button i could map. Frankly I Won't hardly use the clutch on the G27, But I want the 900 degree steering and a gated shifter. Overall, The MOMO, for the money it was offered for at the time, There is no contest. Top of the line for its price. IF you want better quality, Spend the big bucks, because the MOMO is becoming rare on the market. Get the G27 if you can, odds are it'lll whoop this MOMO easily. but if you're on a budget and you can find a good one that runs well, Its well worth the $100 average price.
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