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VINE VOICEon October 18, 2009
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
With the G330, Logitech delivers a comfortable headset with surprisingly high sound quality. I would definitely recommend this product provided you're willing the spend the cash, which is considerably high for a wired headset.

I suppose I'll discuss the comfort first since that seems to be the major marketing point for this product. This is the first set of behind-the-head headphones I have ever seen that are adjustable. It seems like an obvious addition, but a welcome one. Now even people with bigger heads (like me) can look at "one-size-fits-all" and actually believe it. For me, the major issues effecting these behind-the-ear type headsets is the tightness and sharpness where they hang on your ears. Logitech seems to have nailed down both of those flaws. The tightness is adjustable and the hook around your ear is not even noticeable. All I feel while wearing these is the foam on my ears, which is soft. In addition, the ear pieces pivot slightly to take into account different types of ears. So, without a doubt this is the most comfortable headset (or behind-the-ear headphones) I have ever worn.

Now onto usage. The cord from the headset has a control box to allow for volume control and muting. On the control box is a belt-clip for attaching to clothing. It's light enough that if it's dangling, you probably won't notice it. Down from there on the cord, you'll find a velcro strap for neatly storing the wires -- a nice touch. And finally, the output plugs. These are 2 stereo jacks with embedded, color-coated labels for each to let you know that one is for the headphones and one is for the microphone. With these jacks, you can plug them into your sound card. But, like me, you'll probably want to use the provided USB adapter. The jacks plug into the adapter and then you plug that into a USB port. Windows (I'm using Windows 7 RTM) will immediately recognize this as a sound device, so there must be some kind of sound card type logic within the USB adapter (which is why I suspect the price is so high by the way). By default Windows will make this your default sound device so you will hear all your game audio through the headphones and all the voices through your PC speakers, which is the exact opposite of what I wanted. But with some simple changes to the sound devices in windows, you can swap that around so the game audio goes through your speakers and the voices go through your headset. You will likely also need to configure whatever game software you're using to work that way as well. Both Steam and Games for Windows Live allow you to do this. Just go into settings and select the G330 sound device for voice input and output, then select your audio card for game audio (music and SFX) output.

Now, had the audio configuration never defaulted to the G330 being my default audio device, I might not have had a chance to experience the sound quality that comes out of these bad boys. I have a 5.1 surround sound system, but if I didn't, I would be glad to use these for my main gaming audio device. They really sound tremendous. I was very surprised to hear that kind of quality audio coming from these little headphones. It's a very full sound, and loud without distortion. The microphone is also top quality. I recorded my voice and played it back to hear how it sounded. It was clear and defined -- definitely better than what I'm used to with Xbox Live headsets.

About Xbox Live... my only bad point about these. There is no adapter to turn them into a mono headset for use with Xbox Live. I tried buying a cheap splitter to turn the 2 3.5mm stereo jacks into 1 2.5mm stereo jack, but the adapter was a splitter and ended up combining the signals into a choppy output. So, you definitely need some kind of special adapter. I don't know if Logitech sells it or not.

So, other than that, these are top notch. I definitely recommend. Another fine product by Logitech.
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VINE VOICEon September 27, 2009
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I'm a big gamer, and enjoy voice chatting while playing my games, and sadly, up until this point I've just been using an Xbox 360 headset for everything. Other headsets were either too expensive for what they offered, or were cheap and of terrible quality. This logitech headset is priced reasonably (only ten dollars more than the Xbox 360 headset, by comparison), but offers the a level of quality that I've only seen in headsets offered at triple the price. The microphone quality is amazing (people have actually commented that they can hear me more clearly now), the sound quality is amazing, and the level of comfort is amazing. Sure, it's not the best looking headset ever, but as a gamer it exceeds my expectations in every other category (which are the ones that count).

If you're like me and have been settling with junky headsets for years, do yourself a favor and buy this logitech unit. You won't regret it!
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on October 14, 2009
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I'll dive straight into the pros and cons:


1). Lightweight - nothing like wearing circumaural ("full size") headphones.

2). Comfortable fit - the arm that holds the speakers sits at the back of the head, rather than on top. The arm curves out from the speakers and fits very snugly over your ears, rather like sunglasses and is surprisingly comfortable.

3). You can extend the arm easily to fit larger heads.

4). Noise canceling microphone on a rotating boom - so it can be stashed away to one side when not in use. The boom has a nice smooth action and has a 270 degree range of rotation.

5). A USB adapter - you can plug the set directly into your soundcard audio ports or connect via USB.

6). In-line audio control with microphone mute that has a clip so you can affix the small box to clothing and avoid the wire tangling with your neck.

7). Very simple - just plug it in and your done.

8). Great for LAN parties too, due to it's simplicity and lightweight design.

9). The microphone delivers a crisp reception and appears to discard a fair degree of unwanted background sound.

10). You can wear these over glasses, but they will feel heavier.

11). Good quality sound for the price. These will not deliver the knock-out audio that circumaural 5.1 headphones can, but they are the best sounding behind-the-ear headphones that I have ever used and I have been gaming for over 27 years! They will definitely help my comfort level over long gaming sessions!

12). Great with Skype and an even more justifiable purchase if you want to be hands-free when making calls over the Internet.

13). Good build quality. The set feels solid and doesn't creak or have the feel of cheap plastic.


1). A short audio cable that measures 81 inches. Depending on your motherboard, you need to be able to plug into the front or rear audio ports. I found the length was too short and I had to buy some cable extensions to get the most comfortable length. I suggest you measure out some string to test if 81 inches is OK for your setup.

2). A minor con as this will not affect everyone as it is a preferential matter - there's no adjustable crocodile clip so you can't attach the wire to your collar. The clip for the audio control can serve this purpose, but it's harder to affix than a crocodile clip.

3). The clip is just like the clips on pen lids. It feels pretty solid, but may eventually snap with extensive use. I suggest using such clips carefully and only part them a little to get them to bite onto clothing.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
The Logitech Gaming Headset G330 is a behind-the-ear adjustable headset with rotating ear pads and a swivel microphone. It offers both a USB and a headphone-microphone jack set.

For people who normally use over-the-head headphones, it will take a little getting used to this style. Instead of the band resting on the crown of your head and the headphones sort of "hanging" over your ears, in this case the band goes behind your head for stability and the ear pads have little plastic loops which sort of sit on top of your ears.

The whole setup is in general much lighter than over the head headphones. Usually they press on your ears as a result and hurt after a while.

Logitech did a good job here finding a balance between light and functional. With the adjustable band you can snug it up until it fits closely, but the unit is light enough that you don't feel much pressure. With the gentle swivel on the ear parts, you can angle it so they fit against your ear. I normally wear Bose headphones when I need to use headphones (which isn't often) and these are just as comfortable for me.

I was impressed with the sound quality. My normal desk speakers are Harman / Kardon and the headphones compared well, playing through the highs and lows of a full ranged piece of music. You need that kind of detail when playing many games, to hear the soft approach of footsteps and to appreciate the thundering blast of a missile.

The microphone swivels out of the way when you don't need it, and moves in place when you do. A nice feature.

For whatever odd reason, I couldn't get the USB connector to work in my Dell system. I tried a number of things and it just wouldn't play sound through the headphones. I did get it to work fine when I removed the USB connector part and just plugged the normal headphone and microphone jacks into their respective ports.

Just in case it was my system, I had my boyfriend try it on his laptop where he does his music mixing work. He liked the quality and comfort - but he also had a problem with the USB connector. He had to use the two ports.

Maybe it's just something about our systems, but it was worth noting.

There's a small control box on the cord so you can quickly turn off the microphone without unplugging the unit or going to your computer's settings.

Well recommended for someone looking for a light, behind-the-ear style of headphone system who needs the microphone attachment.
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VINE VOICEon September 19, 2009
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
This headset comes with its very own USB digital to audio converter, giving you the option to use them either with the sound card in your PC or plugged directly into USB. I appreciate this "feature" because not every PC has a sound card, or a sound card that is tolerable. Unfortunately, the processor in the converter seems to be of the cheapest and lowest quality. The sound coming from it is adequate but the run of the mill realtek audio card on my laptop sounds a lot better. Still, it's nice to get a converter.

Logitech advertises these headphones as comfortable. Comfort is a very personal matter. Generally I am most comfortable with standard headphones. But sometimes they hurt the top of my head and sometimes they hug my head too tight. Unfortunately I didn't find these to be that comfortable either because the part of the mechanism that wraps around the ear pushed my glasses into my head. I could see though where these could be very comfortable for someone else.

I don't use the microphone for gaming but I do use it for Skype. These make a decent Skype headphone and are comfortable enough with my glasses off.

These headphones don't come with any special software. The sound stage is just standard cheap headphone soundstage. There is no spatial processing - which I don't care for - which can be useful for gaming. This is called a gaming headset but, other than having a microphone, I don't find anything about them - like clarity of location of sounds - that would make them good for gaming.

My reference headphones for cheap headphones (anything less than $99) is the Koss Porta Pro. The Porta Pro can be bought on sale for $20 fairly often, and one pair I got was Radio Shack rebranded with the same driver and I got them for $10. The bass, soundstage, clarity and treble on the Porta Pros are better than many far more expensive headphones. I compared the G330 sound to the Porta Pro and the Porta Pro had much better treble and bass. The G330 had a decent midrange and adequate bass. The sound clarity of the G330 is pretty good.

Because this headphone comes with a USB adapter, even a cheap one, a microphone, will be acceptably comfortable to most people, and the sound is decent, I think they are worth the price of roughly $40. You can do a lot worse for the price and probably not a lot better in an integrated headset. (Koss porta pro plus a cheap mic would be more value for your money but sometimes, particularly for gaming, an integrated microphone is better).
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on February 11, 2013
The headphones are good while they work. They only last about 9 months. I've gone through 2 sets already. The headphones will eventually break where the head band slides to be bigger or smaller.
review image review image
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on March 26, 2012
Just got these in yesterday and have found that the wires in and around the volume control area are not properly constructed. Loose connections are apparent as sound is cut out from the right speaker intermittently depending on how you move the cable around. Also the Mic arrived DOA, when looking for software/driver at logitech site for this product there was none. Only driver that was found was from windows install which did discover the device.
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VINE VOICEon October 22, 2009
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
As a relatively old school gamer, I'm more into splitscreen offline coop than the crazy kids these days, but even so I nonetheless enjoy the occasional foray into online mayhem. A necessary requirement for such shenanigans is a good, dependable headset -- and the Logitech G330 fits the bill nicely. At first it can be hard to rationalize the purchase when you basically could buy an entire PS3/XBox 360 game for the price, but you quickly come to realize the G330 is a very good value. It is pretty comfortable, has good noise reduction and clarity, and a number of compatibility features (including USB/Mac) that make it quite adaptable. There are some extremely high end headsets that offer a nominal improvement in sound and functionality, but this headset fits right into the meaty part of the curve as far and away the most bang for your buck. It's even fairly robust; mine has been trampled by a toddler twice (truly, there's nothing more pathetic than an aging gamer) and still works perfectly.
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on July 19, 2015
I've had this headset for about 2+ years. I've used it mainly for online gaming and listening to music.

As a gaming headset, it is great. I personally love the behind the neck style so it doesn't mess up my hair :). The sound quality is great for this little thing and the speaker quality is great as well. I do love how you can lower the mic when using and raise it back up when not.

The headset itself is very comfortable; being able to adjust the band up top definitely helps.

Now, I got this headset a few years ago when it was literally half the price it is selling for now on Amazon. Was it definitely worth the price back then? Without a doubt. Is it worth the price now? Well, if you really want a great headset that delivers even after breaking it several places, then .. maybe? I personally wouldn't dish out the $80+ being asked now, but if it was half the price, what I paid for when I originally bought it, I would buy it again.

Now, one thing to keep in mind, and I'm sure it goes for all headsets. They won't last. I have apparently but mine through hell and back, and it shows, as I will attach a picture of what it looks like now. I've had to use superglue on the neck band and tape to hold one broken earpiece on as well as tape to hold both ear covers on since they are so worn that they want to fall off.

Again, great headset, but through lots of use, it will break. I wish it was in the $40 range because then I would definitely buy it again.
review image
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VINE VOICEon September 22, 2009
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I use a headset constantly for gaming - I played World of Warcraft for 3 years and have played Lord of the Rings Online for 2 years. I spend 5 or 6 hours a day at the computer and frequently listen to music.

The Logitech G330 is a comfortable headset. I wear glasses like the first reviewer however I did not find any extra pressure. I did notice the ear pieces cover a little more of my ears than I am used to. As a result they feel a little warm.

My main concern with the Logitech G330 is the volume. I had the headset turned up to the maximum and tested the headset with music played through iTunes, videos on You Tube, and finally with Lord of the Rings Online. In every instance the headset volume was incredibly low. I double checked my audio settings in the Control Panel and verified my volume was set correctly. I also tried different USB ports with no difference in quality.

***UPDATE*** AMAZON: WHY ARE REVIEWERS ALLOWED TO UPDATE EVERYTHING BUT THEIR RATING??? After testing the Logitech I switched back to my gigaware headset and immediately started having driver problems. Even with the latest driver (which was incredibly difficult to find) I continued to have problems. I removed the gigaware headset using the device manager. I plugged the Logitech Headset in and noticed the volume was now at a good level.

So although the Logitech is not quite as comfortable as my other headset, it does work very well and sounds terrific now that the driver conflict is removed.
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