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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I'll be honest. It's hard to even give this product 2.5 stars. But let's start at the beginning.

Opening the box is a simple affair. Two seals on either end of the box and you're in.

Inside the box is the keyboard, a wrist rest, and a wall plug. That's it.

Setting the keyboard up is very easy. If you want to use just the keyboard, you don't need to use the wall plug. But if you want to use the built-in LCD screen, you'll need to have wall-power. Given how tiny the LCD screen is, I'm somewhat surprised Logitech couldn't have gotten the screen to work with USB power. In addition, you can't even use the keyboard backlight without wall power.

Build Quality:

This is where I started to get worried.

First, the keyboard is an all-plastic affair. Not necessarily a terrible thing, but for the price this keyboard costs the cheap feel is incredibly surprising. It weighs less than my Logitech G710+ keyboard which doesn't even have an LCD! The LCD screen is covered in plastic, surrounded by plastic, makes a plastic-y creaking sound when you adjust the angle, and it sits on a plastic bar (colored silver to make you think it's metal or aluminum or something...).

Speaking of disheartening moments, I noticed my LCD had some factory scratches in the plastic coating, and several pieces of factory dust/grime under the plastic, in the LCD, which of course can't be removed.

Moving on to the keys themselves:

The space bar on my particular G19s has quite a bit of wobble to it. Every time I press it (typing this review), it doesn't convey a quality key press. All the keys exhibit this "wobble," but the space bar, being so large, feels the most at risk and disjointed.

The typing experience itself isn't all bad, but isn't great, either. I currently own the Logitech G710+ as well, so I'm able to directly compare the typing experience on that vs the G19s. First, inexplicably, the G19s does not have mechanical keys unlike the G710+, which does. For a quality gaming keyboard with this price-tag, this is unforgivable. With that out of the way, let me state the following:

With the G19s, the ONLY thing you're paying for is that LCD screen. Aside from a few gaming-related keys, the rest of the keyboard is as generic as it comes.

So let's talk about that LCD screen..

Out of the box, you can select gaming profiles with it (be sure to have Logitech's software installed). This was frustrating since you can't scroll through the games list by holding down a button. You have to tap, tap, tap, tap to get through the games. You can also see your CPU usage, or a handy clock, watch videos on it (why?) but only if they're in the required folder, or see a feed from your webcam on it. The webcam feed didn't work very well for me, only refreshing the image it was seeing very infrequently. I was momentarily excited to see YouTube in the apps list for the LCD, but even then - picking a video just gave me the option of opening it in my browser. What's the point, then? Apparently there's a way (with macros) to get YouTube videos to play on the tiny LCD, but I really can't see why you'd bother.

Honestly, I'm a gamer, and unless you really need a clock or your CPU usage open all the time while you're in game, the LCD is pretty useless. In time, there may be decent third-party apps for it that come out for individual games, but I find the likelihood of this to be low given the price-point and how niche this device is. (The G19 keyboard has been around for a while, and there's still hardly any apps for it. I suspect the G19s will suffer the same fate.)

Speaking of quality issues, the LCD has other problems: There are some directional buttons right next to it so you can scroll through the apps list. My buttons require a VERY firm push to work. If you press them, they click but do nothing. If you press them FIRMLY, they click and actually do something.

The keyboard backlight:

My G710+ only has one keyboard backlight color. White. However, it has four brightness levels, and you can even independently change the brightness of the WASD and arrow keys separate to the rest of the keyboard. Excellent design for gaming! The G19s, however, has no such thing. You can change the colors of the keys, - full RGB configuration. However, there's only one brightness level (on or off!), and it's for ALL the keys. More importantly, it's simply not bright enough. I compared my G710+ to the G19s, and the G19s backlight brightness is the same as the G710+ at its LOWEST level. Bear in mind, the G710+ doesn't need any external power, and still is infinitely brighter than the G19s.The reason for this is simple: The G710+ has individual LEDs under each key, and the G19s does not, despite costing more than the G710+ and not having mechanical keys... Why?

Overall, I have to say I'm really frustrated with the Logitech G19s gaming keyboard. It's excruciatingly priced, poorly constructed, with some omissions that gamers really enjoy about the Logitech G710+, and additions that I find it hard to believe many gamers will care about.

Pretty much the only interesting addition to the G19s is the two high-speed powered USB ports on the front of the keyboard so you can connect peripherals. But the list of things I'd rather have on this keyboard is simply huge...

To summarize:

FAR too expensive, under-featured, quality-control issues, no mechanical keys, low backlight brightness, mostly pointless LCD.

2.5 stars out of 5. Not recommended. Get the G710+ instead.
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on February 21, 2014
Verified Purchase
The G19s is one of the better keyboards I have owned in years,


Installation is a basic plug and play, though if you want to change the back lighting or set your keys up for macros or game commands you will need to install the gaming software that Logitech has on there site here:

This program will let you set up the keyboard to your liking and allow you to configure the LCD screen.

Lighting, LCD Screen, App/Applets:

The lighting is nice to have though vary hard to see in the day time or on lower color settings, I have also noticed that the LED's with some of they keys don't light up fully. The colors are nice being able to set it to any color you want. Down fall is the LCD control keys only stay one color.
The LCD looks nice and is not as pixelated as I thought it would be. The screen is nice and colored as stated with a draw back you will need to make sure to adjust it to be able to see it. This dose cause issues if your in a game and have to make adjustments to see it.
The apps it comes with are:
G-Series Profile Selector
Logitech LCD Clock
Logitech LCD Countdown Timer
Logitech LCD Movie Viewer
Logitech LCD Picture Viewer
Logitech LCD RSS Reader
Logitech LCD Video Player (YouTube)
Logitech LCD Webcam Viewer
Logitech Performance Monitor

These apps are helpful but are miss leading like the youtube app it comes with wont let you browse or search for videos you want to see, it just brings up vary old videos or ones that have the most views that are not worth the time. Most of the videos wont load on the screen and asks you to view on site. The Performance Monitor shows the CPU cores and RAM. The clock is basic none digital and can be hard to read at times. The picture viewer works well when set up right. The video how ever dose not work well with the basic formats MP.4, AVI, WMV, Ext.
The Applets I have found do not work when you down load them and you cant find any information on how to get them to work with windows 7. There are a vary few applets for this keyboard which is vary misleading saying there is a ton of them out there and being developed which is not the case. There might have been when the board 1st came out though now days I was only able to find around 20 that are still being updated the rest are too old and out dated to work on win7.


The hand rest it came with is vary flimsy and will break with barely any effort. They board feels cheaply made for what you spend on it. and the volume controls at times wont work with programs that are not windows based.The buttons sometimes will not register the key you hit with out some force to it.
Over all I would say it is worth the money for the down falls if you get it on sell as I did for 139.99 I would also say you need to have a USB 3.0 port for the board to run super smooth, I have tried it with the USB 2.0 and it worked fine with some lag times. With the 3.0 Ports it has no lag time.
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on May 12, 2013
Verified Purchase
Got it in 2 days amazon always awesome.
read directions, downloaded software since it had no disc. used the pictographs provided to guess how to hook it up.
ran software used usb in motherboard and attached power cord.
Logitech software does not see keyboard, the keyboard video screen blinks white light at me, good thing I'm not epileptic.
spent 4 hours loading unloading re-downloading tried everything i could think of.
called Logitech, first tech bails on me after 20 minutes, second one spends 1 hour 20 minutes and yes it does not work.
sent them the receipt now i have to wait for a return packing slip, they say when they get the keyboard back( one week or more?)
it will then take 7-10 I'm assuming working days to process it and then send me another new keyboard.
It was obviously not working at the factory with the wildly flashing screen, yet they send it out for some poor sucker (me) to buy and then from the goodness of their hearts I will receive another chance to get one that works in a month, maybe.
Seriously it was new and i have to wait a month for replacement is just bad customer service.

**edit** raised stars with the second keyboard that works fine
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on May 14, 2013
I purchased this keyboard at I have been using it for around 5 days and so far no dead LED, software error, or anything wrong with it. I have read many review of the original G19 keyboard and I decided to wait for this one. The price compare to this one was holding me back but decided to go ahead and get it.

For those that don't know the differences between the G19 and the G19s is hardly no difference in term of layout, and software/programs. The G19s has a new surface resistance to finger prints, keyboard keys has a coating feels plastic and a little bit rubberized. I have never owned a "premium" priced keyboard. So can't tell much beside the obvious touch feels compare to a generic keyboard. Also if you still own the original G19 keyboard don't bother getting the G19s unless you loved the original but had problems and warranty is over.

The monitor is fairly good however the lack of Apps for it is really hurting it. There are a few games that support it, as well a few programs like Mirilli's Action! software (screen recorder). Guild Wars 2 support it as well (very nice app). I haven't gone all nuts about it yet, but for the stock timer and countdown clock is very handy, having the youtube app is nice, I have seen really cool videos and channels cause of it that I wouldn't have found it without it.

The G keys G1 through G12 are programmable, can change it to load a program, load a website, load web browser, sent a command or text-block with one press. It is more than just a gaming keyboard.
Aside from the 12 G-keys you have 3 modes which give you 12 x 3 = 36 programmable keys which is nuts. On top of that yo have 5 profiles settings as well so your top games and most used desktop apps are easily at a touch of a button.

The main reason I when with the G19s over the original G19 keyboard was, even though I love the look of the keyboard, I was discouraged to get the original do to many issues with users, as in dying within a day or 2 from purchase, LED not working at all or partially, software not recognizing the keyboard, or even the computer after a awakening from sleep mode and the list goes on.
So since I haven't own the original one I thought to might as well spend for the new one, since most of the problem with the old one should be addressed and fixed.

Head up, keyboard is not mechanical, even though I wish it was a cherry MX Brown key switches like the G710/plus.

Anyways, good luck for those that decide to purchase this keyboard. I know I am adoring it and hope it will last me a long time (or until a better version with mechanical keys :P)
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on October 23, 2014
Verified Purchase
I must say I am a little underwhelmed by this keyboard. I really should have done more research before purchasing it, but all the bells and whistles made me make an impulse by.

The good:
-As far as keyboards go, there is a lot to really like. They keys themselves are very responsive.
-It also has a ton of macros which I am sure is appealing to people that play games that would use them all.
-It has a really slick and convenient volume control (a roller, not a button).
-You can switch your profiles using the mini screen, so for instance, if you play an MMO which requires very different styles of plays, you can switch the profile on the fly which swaps your macros over giving you a hysterically large amount of macros to your disposal.
-There is a switch to disable the "Windows" key which has plagued gamers historically (Hitting the windows key accidentally usually tabs you out of focus and throws your game out of whack).
-The keyboard will detect a slew of games on your computer. It can scan on your computer and it will have a profile you can apply... so this feature was kinda neat for me, but those of you with 4TB drives filled with every Steam game under the sun installed, this might be cooler to you. Like for instance, they have one for League of Legends that while you are waiting to queue up, you can be tabbed out doing other things, and the screen will flash when the game starts... and while you are playing it will give you most of your personal statistics so you can see how you are doing. So that's kinda nice.
-The lighting features are nice, but not as customizable as you might hope. Other keyboards can let you independently customize your keyboard, this one only lets you change all the keys the same color.

The bad:
-Placement of the macro keys REALLY stinks. Yes, they are off to the left of the keyboard, and that is pretty standard for keyboards like this... but they are RIGHT NEXT TO THE ESC KEY!!!! In games that require you to hit ESC a lot (which is pretty much all of them because that's how you get out of menus and such)... it will take you a VERY VERY long time to get used to not accidentally hitting one of the two top macro buttons accidentally throwing your game into a tailspin at a crucial moment. I'm very used to the ESC key being the highest most left facing key on the keyboard, but on this keyboard that is no longer true. If this is something that has been ingrained in your mind for the past decade, this will REALLY bother you. Imagine if the "Enter" button was just to the RIGHT of your "Backspace" button... how annoying would that be... if you can imagine that, than you will know where I'm coming from.
-The mini screen is kinda lame.
1. The frame rate on it stinks. The resolution on it is what you would expect for such a tiny screen, but the frame rate is so slow... you would swear it was 3-6 frames per second when you are all used to 30-60.
2. The default apps for it are pretty unimpressive. You get a CPU monitor... a clock... a timer... and a bunch of things that are only neat for about the first day of you using it and you will forget are there after that.
3. The YouTube app is a total troll. You can't search for videos on it!?!?! What were they thinking? How sweet would it be to load up a "How To" video on YouTube when you are playing a game and didn't want to tab out? Help on a quest? A quick tutorial? That would save you from needing a second monitor right? Well, unfortunately, the YouTube app only lets you view categories... like "Most watched, Most Discussed". So unless you want to conveniently watch "Charlie bit my Finger"... the app is pretty much useless.

Overall, I wouldn't recommend this keyboard in its current state especially for the price. There are too many irksome things about it that I will be weary of in future keyboard purchases. Hopefully they will design a better keyboard, but for $200... that will likely be a LONG time from now for me. I hope I will eventually get used to the macros being right next to the ESC key... but that might take months. Until then, Logitech does make good peripherals, so I have high hopes that the keyboard will hold up.

I hope you find this review helpful and if so, please tell me.
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on January 19, 2014
NOTE: This review is originally posted for G19 keyboard, all features highlighted within apply to this keyboard listed. Just think of this as the new and very little improved (how can you improve what's already perfect?) version.

With that said, the motivation I had to draft this beast wall of text comes from the fact that this "vine" reviewer really sounds like he has never played a game in his life. This is after all a gaming keyboard. One of which has served me well for a very long time.

The Logitech g19 is one of the best Keyboard’s I think I’ve ever seen, used, or otherwise heard of. It make me upset to see terrible reviews discussing all the “bad things” about this keyboard comparing it to some sharply inferior $100 piece of garbage. But please, do not confuse this review with the idea that I don’t have budget concerns in mind because I assure you that is incorrect. If money were no issue, I’d probably be typing on the Optimus Maximus ($1600) Keyboard from Even that keyboard probably wouldn’t stack up against the G19.

Let me begin by stating that I have owned the g19 for roughly 3-4 years now. Most keyboards I have owned including Logitech g15, Microsoft side winder, Razer anasai, Razer blackwidow ultimate and many others that my Best Buy carried had all bit the dust or been replaced to do being crap. Mind you, I work there and was restricted to this selection because I had a discount that made them affordable. I am really unsure why anyone would rate G19 so low based on some stupid issue with them not being mechanical keys. There is such a SMALL difference between “key press/button fire” time between mechanical and not keys that really, you’re not going to get an advantage in games. You’re not pro, you’re probably never going to be and many pros don’t even use mechanical keyboards. I’ve seen pros who don’t even use gaming keyboards. So stop buying into reviews stressing the importance of mechanical keys because all they provide is a unique loud clicky noise, cool. Supposedly they’re supposed to last longer yet I’m going on 4 years of intense, careless (I’m pretty rough on my stuff) gaming without them.

One of the huge features on this keyboard is the custom backlighting on the keys. I know this is minute, but it really just gives it that extra touch that hardly any other keyboards offer. For $100+ keyboards, we should really have some ability to customize the looks, no? Most that you’ll see will only offer static colors. I have found in game practicality that also introduces another highly useful, unique feature of this keyboard. Sure it has G keys like many other gaming keyboards for your macros and such. However, the M1, M2, M3 allow you to seamlessly jump between keybind profiles. In a games case, it allows you to jump between classes or specs that most likely or usually have different bindings. I like to set each profile to a different color as a quick, efficient way to remind myself I am in the correct keybind layout. This is INVALUABLE time you could save on the fly when changing stuff around.

Nevertheless, the number one reason why you absolutely need this keyboard over all the rest is in fact the LCD screen. I cannot put words to how awesome this screen really is. People who say it’s useless must either by overly cynical, ignorant, or not a gamer. Even when I’m not gaming the screen has its uses. Ever play a game where you have to use ventrilo or teamspeak and someone is talking and you have no idea who it is? This screen does and will show you without having to minimize. Ever playing a game and want to be able to check the stats in the moment (battlegrounds, kills, headshots, character stats, etc.)? This screen can provide all or most of that for MOST games (the list continues to grow) without the need for you to interrupt game play by opening up or clicking an in game tab. Many games don’t readily provide a way to tell what time it is, the screen does. Ever listening to music while playing games or surfing the web/typing something and not want to have to minimize to change through songs? The onboard buttons allow you to go through different tracks, pause/play/stop, adjust/mute volume and the screen even displays the tracks info (song, artist, album, and live track time).

So overall that, the one thing that really truly does suck about this keyboard is the fact that it does in fact require its own power source. It’s really just annoying to deal with, that’s all. But once you have it plugged in with all the other 3-4 computer components you own, is that really an issue? Traveling with it can be annoying when power ports are limited, meh.
Yes, if you are a gamer, you absolutely need this keyboard overall the rest. If you don’t game a lot, it really is a nice keyboard to have. It’s comfortable, relatively quiet, and error free with typing. Nonetheless, you can probably find one that is a lot cheaper (then again, why are you looking at a “gaming” keyboard)?
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on September 24, 2013
Verified Purchase
There are only 2 things that I would love to change about this keyboard. Mechanical keys and 18 G keys instead of the 12 on the left side. I tried out the Corsair Vengence K95 and loved the the mechanical keys, and the aluminum body. I would have kept that one instead but it didn't have software template support (that I could find) for the hotkeys. The reason this won me was the display and software support.
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Verified Purchase
I used the same generic $10 keyboard from the early 90s until 2011, when I got a no-name back lit keyboard, so I could use the computer in the dark. I am a gamer, but if given the choice, I always play PC games with the 360 controller, or else just the mouse. Paying games with my old keyboards wasn't fun at all, and switching from the 360 version of Dragon Age to the PC version felt awful, simply because it didn't support controllers. So I finally gave in and started looking for a new keyboard to play such games.

The Logitech G19s was one of the first review pages I looked at, and I was amazed at how many people buy $200 products without doing any research. I personally don't care for mechanical keyboards (they're loud and sensitive to spills) but many PC gamers love them (they're more sensitive to press and more durable). This keyboard is NOT mechanical - not an issue to me, though it may matter to you.

Naturally, the first thing anyone is going to notice about this keyboard is the LCD screen. This screen is pretty cool - it can display a clock (most games don't display time in-game) movies (not sure why you'd want to watch movies on your 2-inch screen... but you can) timers, performance monitors, and others. However, each app seems to have it's own shortfalls - the clock is only analog, the performance monitor only displays one overall cpu meter (unless you have exactly 2 cores, and people buying $200 keyboards are going to have at least 4, if not 8) and the movie app doesn't display every type of video file.

One of the first things I did was try out the screen in a game - Civilization 5. While the game ran as normal, the screen displayed information on my in-game cities, information that is buried deeper within the game was now readily available. This made the game-play much more convenient - though I did notice that it hadn't been updated to include Civilization 5's expansion packs. This made me wonder if Logitech EVER updates these apps - so I tried an older game, Dragon Age. Sure enough, the app hadn't been updated since the G15 (the G15's screen was monochrome, and so were its apps).

This next complaint doesn't apply to everyone (I hear Logitech's software has something against AMD drivers?) but every time I try to bring up the software's window from the taskbar, it crashes. This doesn't happen if opened from the start menu or the desktop. Minor, but fairly annoying. You should also disable any apps you don't plan on using (ex: disable the webcam app if you don't have a webcam) because they all use a little memory in the background.

When you actually get it to work, the software allows full customization of the 'G' keys as well as the color and brightness of the keys. I was sick of the red on my old keyboard, so it's cool to use blue one day and green the next. However, the keys aren't very bright - set to '100', it's only just bright enough to be clearly visible. I think it could be brighter than this. However, it is absolutely NOT true that the only settings are 'on' and 'off' as the #1 review claims - you can set it anywhere from '0' to '100'.

On to the keyboard itself - the keys seem to be fingerprint resistant, as well as being more comfortable to press than generic keyboards. The 'media' keys are separate from the normal keys - that means no 'fn' key to mess with. The volume control is a roller, sorta like an extra large mouse wheel - when you scroll it, a volume bar shows up both on your monitor and the keyboard's screen to guide your adjustment. There's also a slider switch that can disable the windows keys, so you don't accidentally press them while in-game. The keyboard also has a pair of USB ports you can plug devices into, so while the keyboard itself takes up a USB port, it creates two. I personally use a USB extension cord so my keyboard can reach across the room, and with the keyboard's own ports, now my mouse and controller can too!

Based on my experiences with this keyboard, I have to say it's a fantastic product bottle-necked by less-than-fantastic software.
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on September 4, 2014
The Logitech Gaming Software is incompatible with Windows Remote Desktop (RDP), but Logitech couldn't be bothered to print this fact on the box. When you connect to a machine running the Logitech Gaming Software, the software will crash on the local system sometimes giving you a "KHAL Process Terminated Unexpectedly" error message, or the LCD and Macros on the keyboard will just stop working completely when you unlock the machine locally. You have to kill the process and re-start it to make the keyboard work again. Logitech knows about this problem and couldn't care less. Here's a direct quote from their so-called "customer support" team:

"We do apologize for what happen but using the Logitech Gaming Software on a computer which is remotely controlled is a setup that is not supported by the Logitech Gaming Software."

You don't need to actually try and use the gaming software to cause the crash - it crashes the instant anyone connects to the machine over RDP.

So, instead of fixing this problem, Logitech just says it's an unsupported scenario. So, technically, Logitech's Gaming Software is incompatible with some standard Windows services including RDP.

This $100+ keyboard apparently comes with free "unsupported scenarios" and software crashes. Thanks, Logitech!
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on September 12, 2014
I love this keyboard but the only thing that makes this not a 5/5 is because of the stupid LCD screen. I bought mine thinking the little screen was cool and might be useful for games... Maybe if it actually worked!! I have no idea what Logitech was thinking when releasing this keyboard with faulty wiring. The screen is so unwilling to do anything you want it to do. The whole time I'm playing a video game that actually has an app for the screen, the stupid thing keeps switching back an fourth so there is no point to the little screen. There is also not a single update or any new apps for the screen too. I was hoping to find a cool like music player app that can visualize something on the little screen, I was wrong. So for anyone thinking about buying this just make sure you know the little screen which makes this keyboard cool does not work and will never work unless you know how to fix the wiring problem internally. Even then the stupid little screen doesn't even have any cool apps and never will unless some Russian programmer decides to release his....
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