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I received a Harmony Ultimate from Logitech because I own several Logitech Harmony One Advanced Universal Remote remotes and have recommended them highly. I was looking forward to the Harmony Ultimate, since I had given an unfavorable review to the Harmony Touch, and I was hoping that the Harmony Ultimate would correct the design deficiencies of the Harmony Touch. It does correct some problems, but it also introduces new ones. Here are some good things and bad things:

Good things:

1) The removal of the number buttons to make the Harmony Ultimate a more convenient size was a good move. The on-screen numbers are easy to find, when they are needed.

2) Overall, the size of the Harmony Ultimate is convenient and comfortable.

3) Most of my settings were successfully imported from one of my Harmony One settings, so that saved me some time during set-up.

4) Having a dedicated button for the DVR and for the four colored buttons is a great addition.

5) The remote comes with a "hub" and a pair of "IR blasters", which one could place in a cabinet to control concealed electronics. That's nice, I suppose.

Unfortunately, there are quite a few things that make the Harmony Ultimate a bad fit for my living room experience.

1) The location of the play-stop-forward-reverse buttons to above the screen makes using the Harmony Ultimate more awkward than using the Harmony One, even though the Harmony One is significantly larger. Using the play-stop-forward-reverse buttons on the Logitech Harmony One Advanced Universal Remote can be done one-handed. On the Harmony Ultimate it requires awkwardly shifting the position of the hand, or using two hands. This is a significant step backward in usability. However, what's worse is....

2) Putting the touch-sensitive screen between the play-stop-forward-reverse buttons and the up-down-left-right buttons is a terrible design. I was constantly hitting the screen when trying to use the play-stop-forward-reverse buttons, causing all sorts of mayhem. This rendered the remote useless.

3) The addition of "favorite channels" is a needless complication. Every DVR has favorite channel lists built in.

4) The Harmony Ultimate itself does not control a Roku box. The remote *only* sends commands to the Roku box through the "IR blaster" widgets. For me, this would require putting the Harmony Ultimate "hub" in my already crowded entertainment cabinet and re-arranging it so that the Roku box can face one of the "IR blasters". Why not just have the remote itself send the commands? That's what the Harmony One does,and it works perfectly. Even the Harmony Touch was able to get this right. This is a bad design.

5) The Harmony Ultimate does not have physical buttons for "skip forward" and "skip backward". To activate those frequently-used commands, you have to hold down the "fast forward" and "rewind" buttons. This is a bad design.

6) There is no obvious way to access the commands for Devices, in order to send a command directly to one of your components. On the Harmony One, the "Devices" button is always easily accessible at the bottom of the screen. On the Harmony Ultimate, the Devices button is hidden in an on-screen sub-menu.

7) After the activities are set up, they are listed on the screen, much like they are on the Harmony One (a great improvement over the Harmony Touch). However, the on-screen button for the bottom-most activity is located *behind* the on-screen "Menu" button for the remote itself (this menu is where the "Devices" menu is hidden). This makes accessing that fourth activity ... difficult.

Conclusion: in a world where the Logitech Harmony One Advanced Universal Remote had never been invented, the Harmony Ultimate would be a nice addition to any living room. However, the Harmony One does exist, and has existed for years. That being the case, there is really no excuse for the flaws in the design of the Harmony Ultimate.

Suggestions for the Harmony Two, or the Harmony Ultimate Plus, or whatever the next version will be called:

1) Put all of the physical buttons, including the play-stop-forward-reverse buttons, below the screen, where the user can reach them with one hand.

2) Have physical buttons for "skip forward" and "skip backward", located beneath the "fast forward" and "rewind" buttons, as the Harmony One currently does.

3) Do not put any physical buttons above the touch-sensitive screen.

4) Eliminate the "Favorites" screen and replace it with a list of the user's "Devices".

Update 2014-02-23: After another reviewer recommended the Logitech Smart Control, I bought one of those to replace a dying Harmony One, and I have been very happy with it.
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on May 13, 2013
So after a few years with the harmony 900...and waiting for an upgraded RF device, I was excited to see the harmony ultimate.

I had already held its non-rf cousin in a retail store and loved the look and feel of the device. Unfortunately, I have a very low key look in my living room and as such, all of my devices are out of line of sight for regular universal remotes.

I'll note a few points about how I feel this thing shines:

1. Appearance/physical. This remote is downright sexy. The touchscreen is bright and responsive. The old harmony 900 required a bit of a "push" on the screen to get things to activate. While I don't believe this remote have a capacitve screen, it certainty feels that way. It's not much different than a smartphone's touch screen to give a better description. The haptic feedback is a welcomed change from the 900. The 900 just had an audible beep. The "swipe" through screens are nice. They function well enough to be useful. If you are used to "feeling" for your buttons, this remote will take some getting used to. You are obligated to look down at the screen to make a selection (changing channels for instance). As I said before, the feel of this thing in hand is just right. It fits perfectly into my hand and feels very comfortable. It's weight feels "just right."

2. Software. I think it is interesting that logitech's newer remotes force you to setup online as opposed to through their own program. I guess this is better cause it doesn't matter what computer you are doing it from. The setup (for me) was a breeze. I was able to transfer all content from my 900 to this remote in a few easy steps. One draw back in this process? I had to start a new "Account" and then migrate in my settings. This was particularly silly because I had to use my auxiliary email address cause my primary one was "already used." I also can't find anywhere on logitech's page to change my email address at this point.

A point of warning to those who have never used a logitech remote...the first time setup can be quite tedious and time consuming. Listen, follow the steps, get your model numbers, and tinker with the system. It takes time. Once it's set, you'll be happy you took the time.

3. RF Functions. absolutely perfect. Nothing much more to say about it.

4. Wifi/Smartphone feature.

this may be my favorite part. Everything I can do with the remote in my hand, I can do on my smartphone! When I had the 900, if the battery died, I didn't have a good way of controlling the entertainment center. Now, whip out the smartphone and go! This may seem redundant to some...but i have an outdoor pool/entertainment area. If i want to control volume/change channels from outside, I love the idea of not having to take my expensive remote outside. Great feature!

Some cons thusfar with my use:

The lack of a "fast foward" and "next chapter/track" button is a feature i miss from the 900. This may not affect everyone, but I liked the extra button. It is the same for "Rewind" and "previous chapter/track"....on the directv DVR, this is the different between flat out rewinding and doing a 5 second rewind. To logitech's credit, the function is still feasible....but it must be done by "long holding" the rewind button. You then feel a haptic feedback and you know there's going to be a 5 second rewind. Listen, this is a small complaint and by no means a deal breaker. This is just something I have to adapt to. (its a give and take...less buttons, sleeker design means less function up front in this case.)

I still don't like the IR blasters that logitech switched to. These are the same that came with the 900. Now, this is an easy fix. I previously had bought IR blasters and a 1/4" to 1/8" adapter and done. I now have regular IR blasters that are smaller and less an eyesore.

Someone pointed out the lack of ability to remove the battery. Honestly? I don't know if this will matter or not. If the battery is good and lasts several years, I'm happy. I do wonder how to hard reset this thing if I ever need to...?

That's all. Bottom line: if you are in the market for a universal remote, need RF functionality, and are patient enough to set this thing up the first go around, you cannot go wrong. I love this thing. In fact, my friend just had some A/V company setup a remote for his home that was a "high end" universal remote with RF features and I have little reserve in saying this thing is prettier, works as good/better, and has more features (iphone/adroid app).

Great remote.
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on August 4, 2013
The Good - Sleek, compact and attractive design, easier to program than previous Harmony remotes, very powerful RF signal reaches longer distance between remote control and hub than it's RF predecessor the Harmony 900.
The Bad - when compared to the Harmony 900 and Harmony One it has very poor backlit hard buttons that are difficult to read in the dark, not as vivid a display, and some hard buttons are slightly out of reach during one-handed use. Much prefer the ergonomics of the Harmony One and Harmony 900 over the Harmony Ultimate. Also the battery is not replaceable.
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I picked this up a week ago with some hesitation to replace my Harmony 900. Not that the 900 is a bad remote by any means, but with the impending arrival of PS4 and my Wii both using Bluetooth, I wanted a solution that was a bit more "all in one" to control everything.
First off, yes, it's damn expensive. I got mine from a guy on Craigslist for significantly less than MSRP. Wanted to get that out the way as to be honest, I cant say I'd buy this at $300, even with it being as good as it is. My current system consists of a 70" sharp LCD, an Onkyo TX NR809 a/v receiver, Nintendo Wii U, Directv Genie box, Gateway mediacenter PC running XBMC off a 6TB NAS, and soon an XBone and PS4 (counting the days down, LOL)

Unpacking and First Impressions:
It comes packaged in a really nice box, looks high end (for $300, it'd better be!)and contains the remote, charger, hub, 2 RF dongles, USB cable and power supplies for both the charger and hub. Pretty straightforward. If you own the 900, it's ground you've traveled before. Hooking everything up in my Av cabinet took less than 10 minutes. The remote itself feels very nice in the hand, lighter than I expected and pretty small overall compared to other remotes with lots of buttons.The new charger is well designed, you simply drop it in the slot. I prefer than to the previous Harmony remotes that lay on a "bed". This new charger takes up far less space and makes charging your remote idiot-proof. the screen, while not cell-phone level is decent enough. I wasn't expecting hi-def, so go figure. on to setup....

I'd heard horror stories about programming this thing especially with the new website vs the old Harmony app,but I will say I was PLEASANTLY surprised at just how easy it was to get up and running. I created a profile at and after logging in, the system asked me if I had a remote I wanted to switch over to the Ultimate. It took all of 5 minutes for the settings to transfer over. I then syync'd the remote (another great feature is wireless sync now! Love that) to the hub and voila, we were ready to go. Also a nice surprise was the ability to FINALLY replace the standard activity icons with your own. My activities actually have activity-specific icons like a Wii U logo for Wii U instead of the generic game logo.
I will point out that I was somewhat annoyed at first because the remote didnt seem to function properly at first until I realized you can assign what functions you assign to the hub vs simple IR. Once I got that figured out (TV running off IR signal, all my other equipment is in a hidden away closet and needs RF)then all was good in my world!

After a week or so of use, some thoughts on my experience:
*Many people are complaining about the lack of hard buttons and the fact that the transport buttons are on the top of the remote. To be honest, I'm loving the ability to "swype" gesture most commonly used functions directly on the touchscreen. double tap to pause my hd-dvr, up swype for volume up, swype left for ffwd, etc. I'm enjoying this far more than hard buttons. It took all of a few minutes to get used to it and it feels natural now.
*It seems more responsive than my Harmony 900. Responds with no hesitation when I press the buttons. My 900 hesitated just a bit especially when running it through the RF to IR hub.
*Almost feels too light. Not saying it's in any way shoddily made, nor do I want a brick, but I was so accustomed to the heft of previous remotes, I guess I'm just surprised.

Overall, I think it's a great remote and definitely a step up from Logitech's previous offerings. As for the $300 price? I'd recommend waiting for it to drop a bit if you already have a good remote (Like I said previously, I picked mine up for $175 on CL), but otherwise, worth every penny. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out on Amazon.
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on June 6, 2014
I purchased the Logitech Harmony Ultimate back in December via another Amazon account. When I first got it I loved the fact that I could get a dozen remotes out of my living room including the bluetooth Roku remote and all of the infrared line-of-sight remotes that required a infrared-to-RF repeater to reach my electronics hidden away in a remote wiring closet.

Within a few hours I had setup all of my devices and stored the remotes in a box in the closet. Everything was great for a few days. Then I started to notice some quirks. The devices were not turning on or off when I expected them to. Volume controls were not working as anticipated. After I got used to the new remote I realized I needed to refine my setup and reprogram some of the device sequences and re-assign buttons.

A week alter and another few hours of updating the remote, testing, updating the remote, testing, things seemed to be working much better. I did not take my old remotes out of their box for almost a month. Then weird things started to happen. I would click the TiVo event on the remote and the Wii U would power on at full volume. I would go to watch the Blu Ray DVD and the TV would not turn on. I checked-and-rechecked the script sequence and it was correct. After hours of research I found a post in the Logitech forums about doing a hard reset of the remote and the hub. It did the trick. Everything started working again. For a while.

Up until last week the remote continued to have these odd quirks. I've been on Logitech support forums, had several email conversations, and have completely reset and re-programmed the remote at least 4 times since December. I've updated firmware, done hard resets, and finally realized that I am just going to have to live with the fact that sometimes the Logitech Harmony Ultimate will "go off the rails" and decide that the Wii U should be on at full volume every n-times I tell it I want to watch something on TiVo. Unfortunately n-times is completely random, or at least appears to be. Maybe it is based on some prime number square root derivative function that is noted in the footnotes of the online documentation.

Note I said "up until last week". That is NOT because the problem has been resolved. Actually, let me rephrase... the problem has not been FIXED though I have "resolved" the problem. Last week I dropped the remote off the arm of the sofa. Well, my $350 remote is now DEAD. After spending a lot of time going through rather useless "did you plug it in" email conversations with Logitech "support" (the script-readers from India) we have finally arrived at the conclusion that "I broke it".

As it turns out it only takes a few, and I literally mean a FEW as in 2 or 3, drops of this remote from counter height (32 inches or less) to render it useless. The screen when full white and is completely unusable. Unfortunately with this remote the screen is a KEY COMPONENT and critical to the usability of the system. Yes some of the hard buttons still function but good luck figuring out which device or activity it is "talking to".

The best part of this, and the big reason for 1 star is that Logitech support is HORRIBLE. There is no easy way to call them. Their email forms for support (warranty support or otherwise) don't work in all browsers. When they do work they put you in a generic email queue with script-readers on the other end. The other big reason for 1-star rating is that LOGITECH WILL NOT REPAIR THIS REMOTE.

That's right...a $350 consumer product WITH NO REPAIR OPTIONS.

Not like anyone EVER drops a remote. I mean, this is my first time I've dropped one myself... but if that does happen you are out a $350 product.

If you are going to buy this ABSOLUTELY get a third-party warranty with damage protection. Pay the extra money. Just be aware that all of those plans (squaretrade, etc.) have a deductible you need to pay, usually $50 or so, for damaged items and that it will be AT LEAST 4 weeks without your device while they work on getting a replacement.

If you don't want to spend $350 PLUS the extra $100+ for the damage-protection extended warranty then look elsewhere. IMO a $350 remote MUST have a viable repair channel.

Sadly I really like Logitech products. I've purchased literally HUNDREDS of Logitech branded products from sound cards to speakers to keyboards and mice for myself and my 20-person office over the years. Logitech keyboards and mice were my corporate standard for the past 8 years. Their keyboard and mice were simply the best available.

Now that I've had to deal with their support and repair process first hand I will have to give serious consideration to using other brands. Especially now that others have figured out how to build quality computer peripherals.

In the meantime I will likely be going with BlueMoo for my remote bluetooth remote control setup. I prefer hard buttons over my tablet or phone but at least I know both those devices have repair options AND the extended warranty with damage protection.

Logitech - you need to step up your game if you are going to enter the high-end consumer products market. This is not a $120 keyboard or $80 mouse!
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on July 11, 2013
I was looking for one remote that would do everything, including make my wife happy, and the Ultimate did not dissapoint. The remote is light and simple to use. The controls are very intuitive and the touch screen easy to navigate. The initial set-up was a breeze. I found a match for every one of my components in their database, including my Apple TV and my 15 year old CD player. In 20 minutes it was set up and working. The activity based menu is intuitive and simple. Want to watch TV? Hit watch TV and the AVR, TV and cable box all power up. The volume buttons control the AVR volume, the picture goes to the TV and the channel changing is on the cable box. Even things like the DVR and channel listing worked flawlessly. Want to listen to iTunes library on Apple TV? Hit Play Apple TV and the cable box powers off, Apple TV powers on and the Apple TV menu appears on the screen. Scroll through the menu and play the music you want through the AVR.

OK, it wasn't without a hitch or two. My AVR has an internet channel with internet radio, Pandora and other options. The scroll buttons didn't work to go through the menu. Also, the buttons that were supposed to change sound mode weren't working. Called customer service. I did have to wait about 10 minutes on hold, but once they were on the line, he walked me through all my issues and got everything resolved. (If the remote doesn't get everything right in the initial setup, it can be "trained" to the commands you want). He even stayed on line and had me go through ALL the functions to make sure everything was working. I also have components in multiple enclosures, so finding the right set up for the harmony hub and RF blasters took a little experimenting, but everything works like a charm now. (Note: the blasters work in an enclosed space with room around the shelves, but if there is a tight fit between the shelves and the enclosure door, the blaster range is limited. Mine controlled all the components till I shut the door, then it only controlled the component on the same shelf.)

Best news of all is my wife no longer complains about multiple remotes or what controls what. She just hits the activity she wants and shes ready to go. In fact, it is very rare that I ever pull out my other remotes. I realize $300+ is as much as some AVR recievers, but if you have a system with a lot of different components, this really makes your life a lot simpler. And, we find ourselves using all the different components a lot more, since we don't have to go digging around for 2 or 3 remotes to change what we're listening to/watching.
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on May 16, 2013
At the end of April I received an promotional email from Logitech indicating if I were one of the first fifty people to respond I would receive a free Harmony Ultimate Remote. I replied right away and sure enough I received the remote. All Logitech asked in return was to use the remote and provide feedback on it. Here are my impressions so far.

The Harmony Ultimate is a new universal remote from Logitech and is a big step forward from the Harmony Touch which was introduced last year. The Ultimate and the Touch share the same body and button layout. What sets the Ultimate a part from Touch for me are the updated menus, the ability to assign multiple commands to the same physical buttons, the mobile apps for ISO and Android OS and the RF functionality with the included Hub.

There are many changes to the menus on the Ultimate which remove some of the major complaints with the menus on the Harmony Touch. One issue with the Touch was the placement of the "Help" button on the top of the touch screen. When using the transport buttons on Harmony Touch my thumb would often touch the Help and it would be launched inadvertently. Another annoyance was that I would have to drill into the menu to bring up the swipe functions. It seems that Logitech has listen to User's recommandations and has designed the new menu on the Harmony Ultimate to be more logical and User friendly. The Swipe function now has its own dedicated arrow which launches the Swipe function by dragging the arrow up from the bottom of the screen with your thumb. The Help function has been moved to the main menu and removes the accidental hijacking of the remote's functions by simply resting your thumb below the transport buttons. The remote also vibrates when one of the soft buttons on the touch screen is selected.

One of the biggest complaints with the Harmony Touch was the limited hard buttons to control the remote. Not having a physical buttons for the skip forward and skip backward functions was for most a deal breaker. All non hard buttons on the Touch were housed with in the remote's touch screen or menu and required the User to divert their eyes from what they were watching and look at the remote to key enter a command. This was fine for all advanced functions that were not needed by the User for general operation. To remedy the lack of hard buttons, Harmony has provided the ability for the User to designate two commands for each hard button. The User can now assign a short tap for one command and a long tap for another for the same button. This new functionality allows the operator to assign a short tap to the" >>" button to control the Skip forward and a long tap for the fast forward operation. This repurposing of the hard buttons expands the hard buttons available for the User to assign and removes the need to divert the eyes from the screen. So now the User has two methods to skip forward and backward; use the swipe on the screen or a set up the dual tap method on the remotes physical buttons. Using either method is very easy and doesn't detract from the User's experience with the Ultimate. It should also be noted that the updated menu and dual button functionality will be available to the Harmony Touch as a firmware update sometime this summer according to Logitech as will the RF functions as well.

The Ultimate also has a mobile app which turns your smart phone into a remote with the included Hub. This is good step forward and is very similar to the Harmony Link that was out a couple of years ago that worked with Smart phones running IOS and Android and also with expanded operations on the IPad. However if you used the Link in combination with the Harmony One for example, the system would be out of synch and would cause chaos with your equipment. The new Harmony Ultimate Hub handles all the work of synching the equipment between the IPhone and the Ultimate remote to ensure smooth operations. I have only used the Iphone and IPad and have yet to try the Android app. There is currently no IPad app, however the IPhone app works on the IPad though it is some what basic compared with the old Harmony Link application that is available for the IPad.

The new RF capabilities really set this remote apart from the other IR remotes that Harmony or other manufacturers have. The ability to have your equipment behind closed cabinet doors or in an AV closet is great. I no longer have to point the remote at the equipment or worry about line of site when executing a command. The Ultimate allows you to make configuration changes on the fly within the remotes own menu. You can also use the web application to make configuration changes to the remote and synch all change whether completed on the remote or the web GUI without connecting the remote to the computer. This is very convenient.

I currently have several Harmony remotes that include the 676, 510, 650, Harmony One, Harmony Link, Harmony Touch and now the Harmony Ultimate. I have always recommended the Harmony line of remotes to my friends and have used the Harmony One as my standard to compare all other remotes to. When the Harmony Touch was introduced last year it had a very good build quality, but there where things that just didn't measure up to the Harmony One. The lack of skip forward and skip backward hard buttons for instance. The awkward touch screen and the somewhat confusing menu made it hard for me to recommend it. The new Ultimate has changed that and I find myself wanting to use it more and more. It is for these reasons that would recommend this remote. The new web application is also much better and allows the User to carry multiple Harmony remotes with in the same User profile.

Hope this is helpfull
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VINE VOICEon September 7, 2013
Style Name: NewVine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
This is the third type of Harmony remote I've owned, I've rarely had any issues with them. I actually find the web-interface to be pretty comprehensive and I've never gotten "stuck" or been unable to ultimately get a device to work. But even with all my Harmony experience and my generally positive impressions of the remote, this thing has really impressed me as a gamer. It's not just that it has stylish little icons for all my current gaming consoles (including Wii U), or that the bluetooth allows me to control both my PS3 and the Wii U (and the Xbox 360 through RF), it's that with just a tiny bit of technical knowledge, you can make this thing control your PC...and therefore Steam. With just a few little adjustments I've got a setup that with one button press, switches my output from my monitor to my TV (I have a 30 foot HDMI cord running), also adjust the audio output from my speakers to my TV, and start-up Steam in Big Picture Mode. If I press "off," everything goes back to the way I had left it. Finally, Steam is a viable replacement for a console in every way.

How do you do it? Well, if you trust the Logitech reps on the forums, they'll swear that this remote can't control a PC. But, as long as your computer has bluetooth, that's untrue. When setting up an activity that includes your PC, simply add a PS3 instead of a PC. When you use the activity the first time, the remote will ask you to pair with the PS3. Instead of pairing with the PS3, pair it with your computer as you would any other device. Then use a piece of freeware called PS3Blumote (and the codes below) to get the PC to think of your Harmony remote as a PS3 controller, and you can map all your buttons from there. Then, with some simple keybinding, you can launch programs/switch outputs, etc. For example, I have an AMD card and Catalyst Control Center allows me to bind a monitor profile to a key combination. So, for video and audio output to my TV, I've mapped Ctrl + Alt + T. Then, I used PS3 Blumote to make a PS3 controller's "triangle button" trigger ctrl + alt + T. Then in the Logitech software, I asked the activity to include a "triangle" button press after switching my TV to the right outputs. And voila. Works like a charm.

This isn't limited to Steam. I can similarly map buttons such that the Harmony can turn on my VPN, adjust the outputs to TV and open up a Netflix app. The possibilities are really endless. I've dedicated most of this review to a feature that isn't even officially supported, but it's easily the most powerful thing this remote does for me. In addition, you can even upload custom icons, so I was able to add a little Steam icon and even a little Dreamcast controller to my activities menu (see uploaded photo). It's the little things that matter.

Great remote for gaming enthusiasts, can't recommend highly enough.

Edit: The vendor and PID for the Harmony Ultimate in PS3Blumote is Product ID: 0xc129 and Vendor ID: 0x046d
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on August 3, 2013
There are plenty of thorough reviews on this remote so I'm not going to bother with getting in depth. I will say that as a replacement for my Harmony 900 which I previously liked a lot (not loved, just liked.. a lot), this is perfect! It's smaller than the 900 and some might be put off by the fact that the numbered buttons are now on the touch screen. To be honest I was not happy about that. But in less than a couple of days of using it I got used to it and this easily beats the 900 hands down. The communication time from remote to IR blaster is significantly improved and it's a delay that's less than a second. For those coming from a 900 it will take a little time to get used to the smaller size and different feel of this remote but I'm sure that after using it for a few days you'll agree that it's a pretty nice unit. I'm very happy with this purchase. Minus .5 stars for the hefty price tag.
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on December 13, 2013
UPDATE 1/8/13 - I have been using the remote constantly for the past few weeks, and am downgrading my rating to 4 stars. The "gestures" needed to really make this unit great, are not reliable. Sometimes it takes 3 presses for the touch pad to recognize your gesture. My iPhone does not have this problem, so Logitech still needs to work on this. I would say that the touch pad recognizes your gesture about 70% of the time. Don't get me wrong, this is still a great remote. If you are still in the days of using 6 remotes to control your home theater system, this unit gets 10 stars. If you are like me, and have been using Harmony remotes for over a decade, this product is still not perfect. However, I could not live without it.

UPDATE 12/15/13 - I was shocked to receive a call from Logitech's Senior Director of Worldwide Marketing and Product Management, Chad Thompson. He read my review and asked if I was using the "gestures". I had tried them for volume and decided it was easier to use the volume button. He told me the remote was designed to use gestures instead of the buttons at the top. Brilliant! I immediately customized the gestures and have been using the remote constantly all week. It is truly fantastic. I am upgrading my review to 5 stars, and I am buying another for my master bedroom.

ORIGINAL REVIEW - I am a long time user of Harmony remotes and currently have 3 in the house. I purchased this one to replace a four year old Harmony 900 that keeps rebooting for no reason. I read all the reviews and really went in with an open mind. When I first received it, I was immediately impressed with how slick it looks and feels. It feels like iPhone quality. Set up was a breeze. All my 900 activities transferred over, I connected the IR emitters to the new HUB and I was up and running. I immediately noticed that the commands operate faster than with the 900, and I really wanted to LOVE this product.

Unfortunately, Harmony designers made a huge mistake. The unit has a curved back with a depression for you fingers to fit in while you hold it in one hand. It is very comfortable until you start to push buttons. It is designed so you can easily press the screen and lower bottons with your thumb........just one BIG problem............the buttons I use most are out of reach at the top. Most of my TV watching uses the DVR and involves constantly pressing the "fast forward" and "play" buttons to skip commercials. These buttons are not only out of reach from your thumb, but if you juggle the unit down further in your hand to push them, the unit feels like it will flip out of your hand when you press that high up on the unit. I really do not understand why they moved these buttons from the position they have always been in on their other remotes. This was a HUGE mistake! If you are a live TV watcher that likes to constantly jump channels, then this is the remote for you.

I have one other criticism. When you put the remote down on a flat surface, you cannot push any buttons. The curved back makes it very unstable. This was also a problem with the 900, but now it is worse. Doesn't anyone else out there eat or drink while watching TV? I need a remote that will sit flat on the table so I can push a button with my pinky while holding a burger with 2 hands. Bottom line.............This remote is far from ULTIMATE.
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