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on February 25, 2012
I bought this to use with my Sony Google TV. The remote that came with the tv works pretty good but I wanted something with a larger keyboard and an easier to use mouse.

This Logitech keyboard works great although getting it to work with the Sony TV was a little tricky. The keyboard includes a small USB receiver. I first plugged the USB receiver into one of the USB slots on the Sony TV and tried to pair the keyboard to the tv. That did not work. Here's the solution I found that did work.

Before using the keyboard with the tv you need to plug the USB receiver into your computer, Mac or PC, and download the install software. The printed directions give you the website address. After you run the software and configure the keyboard to pair with the receiver you can then remove the receiver from the computer's USB input and put it into one of the Sony TVs USB inputs. Turn the keyboard power switch on and it should work.

The usability of the Logitech keyboard is similar to the smaller Sony remote with most of the same functions and buttons. The layout is just different. Takes a little getting used to. The biggest improvement is the larger easier to use keyboard and the mouse pad is a bit more responsive to touch.
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on March 29, 2011
Works perfect out of the box. Ultra thin... ultra light... The perfect size for a coffe table and Logitech quality.

I was very hesitant to purchase it because it lacks F keys and some keys are not mapped (or show a different symbol) that a standard keyboard. I did a lot of comparison, provably over 20 ~ 30 models reviewed before purchase.
I just kept coming back to this one because of size and logitech quality.
(I have over 10 Logitech product thus far more if you count the ones at work).

There are some keys that you will not be able to use for an HTPC, like record, forward and specific keys for the Google Review.
But right out of the box 90% of all keys work as they should with no drivers under Windows 7.

Odd keys are:
* Search (Lupe) is the Windows Key.
* Home key - launches Internet Explorer.
* Back key - previous screen (either IE or Windows Explorer or within context of what you are doing)
* OK/Enter or OK (inside arrows) is Enter.
* FN + Left Mouse click is Right Mouse click... (Wish there was a button for it !)

I could get a key mapper free application available on the web at several locations to actually make use of the few keys that do not work, but I do not need it at this time.

If in doubt go to for some reviews (I did) or to the Logitech forums... there is a lot of infomation there like how to enable the finger tap in the mouse pad (like a laptop) by pressing:
CTRL + SHIFT + FN + Page UP to enable it or CTRL + SHIFT + FN + Page Down to disable it.

You can adjust the mouse speed with the Windows mouse setting and you do not need to load Setpoint Drivers (there are none... doubt they'll ever make some).

Once you get use to the odd keys, you'll just fly around with it.
(I configured all the HTPC shared drives (lots of windows and right clicks) in no time.

Works great for Gaming in most games.

Very happy with purchase.
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on November 8, 2010
Update: Right Click works as long as you hold the FN button. Also Windows 7 interprets the search key as the Windows key. The Play/Stop/Pause key as far as I can tell does the same thing regardless of FN. None of the FN number keys at the top are recongnized either. The back button next to the arrow keys doesn't work. But again without setpoint options I didn't expect them to work. Here's to hopeing logitech will provide that functionality. It is still a great product for an htpc and would definitly recommend it. 5 stars as soon as setpoint works.

Works great with Windows 7 and XBMC. Not sure if the live version of XBMC has drivers for it though. Touchpad works as expected however I cant find the right click =/ As of yet the logitech software doesn't have options to customize the keys but i'm sure that will come. The guide button brings up the windows media center.
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on February 18, 2012
I've just received this product today, so I can't tell about long term durability. I've purchased it for my sony google tv. Initially when I connected the unifying receiver to my google tv, there was no response. Then I called Logitech customer care, and after waiting for 15 minutes I got someone. He asked me a few questions, but failed to give any answer.He told me to contact with Sony customer care. Being disappointed I called sony. I reached them without much delay. The person in customer care told me it should be plug and play and there might be some problem with the keyboard. I was pretty much sure that I am going to return the keyboard.

Then just for checking the keyboard I connected it with my laptop, download the software and it was working fine. I really liked the smoothness of the keys. Then I detached the unifying receiver from my laptop and connect it in my google tv. Oh my god, it started working. I don't know the the technical details, so it seems totally weird to me.

If you are layman like me and want to connect the keyboard with Sony Google tv, I suggest following steps:
1. First connect the keyboard with your PC.
2. Download the software from [ ... ], based on your operating system
3. Install the software and make sure the keyboard working for your PC perfectly.
4. Then detach the small unifying receiver from your PC and attach it to the USB port of your Sony Google TV.

Hope it will work perfectly.
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on July 6, 2011
Almost perfect for HTPC.

- on/off switch on the keyboard. battery saver.
- uses 2 AA batteries. Do not have to worry about built-in rechargable battery fading over time.
- small, elegant, sturdy built.
- trackpad works very well.
- keys have great feel for typing.
- WIRELESS RANGE is excellent. I used the wired extension to place the wireless USB plug on top on my HTPC, facing forward. I sit 20 feet away, and absolutely no problems with the trackpad or any of the keys.

- keys are not backlit
- not specifically made for HTPC. some media keys do not work as they are intended
- no F-keys.
- no dedicated RIGHT mouse button. The Function + left mouse click works fine enough, but still...
- the price. $99 is a little high considering that my entire HTPC built is a shade under $800

** If Logitech ever gets around to making another version of this keyboard specifically for HTPC...with backlit keys, I would definitely buy(again).

Bottom Line: Best HTPC keyboard I've tried: taking into consideration portability, built-quality, functionality, and wireless range.
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on March 2, 2011
I purchased this keyboard to replace my HTPC keyboard that broke. I am NOT using this for the Revue or a Google TV so keep this in mind as you read my review.

As with everything that I personally have ever gotten from Logitech, it feels like a quality build. Keystrokes are smooth and positive. RF receiver is consistent and dropped keystrokes are a rarity if I am within 15 feet of the comp. I send the video in to another room around the corner from the tower and the keyboard still reads REALLY well. I like having two Left clicks. There is one in the top left corner and one under the touchpad. It works well if you are holding the keyboard in both hands and having to manipulate the mouse. The media keys work for most part with Windows Media Center. The keyboard is a little on the small side and takes about two minutes before you will be typing comfortably. It is extremely light and thin. Once you set what you have to set it slides right out of sight.

The lack of a true right click button. Yes I know that you can FN click and it acts like a right click, but that is a pain in the rump. I didnt think I would miss the F1-F12 keys...but I do... a lot. If you are thinking of using this keyboard for your main, think long and hard about if you use those F Keys. If you game, then you probably use them. Just something to think about.

This Logitech keyboard is a thin, light, sleek keyboard that works well as an HTPC keyboard. At the time of this review it is 100 dollars and a little overpriced for an HTPC keyboard but I honestly am not sad that I got it.
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on June 26, 2012
I purchased a Sony Google TV device (blu-ray player type, not a Sony TV) several months ago at Best Buy. It was on a good sale price because they new ones were on sale and the one I got was an open box. The one thing that was a little annoying about it was the little tiny keys on the Sony remote and the 'strange' sensitivity of the 'mouse' portion of the remote.

This Logitech Controller is virtually perfect. The 'mouse pad' portion is far and away superior to the Sony device and the nearly full size keyboard makes using the Chrome browser (our primary use of the device) a real joy. btw... the Google TV device is a great way to enjoy the Amazon prime videos.

Set up was almost a breeze, especially since I had read some of the other reviews that were posted on Amazon. The big thing is to download the Unifying Receiver software to your PC (or Mac), make sure it's paired (the primary function of the software) and then pull the dongle out of your computer and plug it in, turn on the keyboard, and your're good to go.

My next task with it will be figuring out how to configure an on/off key combination so that I don't have to use the Sony controller or the button on the player front...
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on June 21, 2012
Let's just get to the how before I go into how I feel about this product (Logitech Keyboard Controller for Logitech Revue - Product code Y-R0014).

First of all you will need a Logitech Unifying Receiver -little tiny USB dongle-. Mine came with the purchase (via Amazon), but if you need one here is a link to purchase one here on Amazon.

Logitech Unifying receiver for mouse and keyboard

Next, get the Unifying software from Logitech. (link below)


(Ok, it seems that Amazon is blocking out the important (and legit) link to make this product work on Windows or OS X devices. I'll try posting it again, but if it looks like this [...] again. Just know that you can search for -Logitech Unifying Software- and it will show up at the top of the results.)

Then plug in the USB dongle and follow the instructions.

That's it. (Sounds easy, but it took many hours of searching and digging through forums for me to find out how to do this.)

As for why I purchased this keyboard...

Well I just set up an old Mac Mini (with Snow Leopard, but originally came with Tiger) to my TV so I could use it as a makeshift HTPC for now.

I needed a wireless keyboard, but wanted one that had a track pad as well. Also, I was looking for something built for TV surfing (small, compact, with great battery life).

So while searching I remembered that Logitech had abandoned Google TV and thought I could get a decent keyboard at a discount. Thankfully it was about $34 (down from $99) at the time and someone here on the reviews claimed that it worked with Mac OS X so I took a gamble and purchased it.

Thankfully it works.

As far as what works or not I'm not too sure yet (I'll try to follow up with this review when I get a chance). But all I know right now is that I can type and move/click with the track pad.

Anyhow, I hope this helps others out if they decide to purchase this device. :)
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on December 14, 2012
I understood when I bought this that it was not designed for use with a computer, or anything but the google TV. A lot of people buy these for use with their HTPCs or just for the admittedly awesome key-switches and -caps. It has however performed admirably with OS X, Linux and Windows. There are a few considerations for a non-googleTV user:

- The escape key is closer to the home row (good for vim users if you can get used to it)

- No tilde. This is pretty bad for anyone that spends a lot of time in the command line or game consoles.
- No right click. Even as a media center keyboard this is pretty essential.
- No place to store the Universal Receiver in the keyboard. Yeah, I don't love having to tape dongles to the bottom of keyboards.

I suppose if you're buying this for the googleTV you're good to go (despite the all but disappearance of GoogleTV). If you're buying this for the keys, you're in luck: they're the best non-Apple scissor switches I've ever tried. If you're buying it to get a good deal for a media center keyboard, the low price these things are moving at makes them a steal. If you're buying it to be a general purpose keyboard, expect to make some compromises.
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on March 22, 2012
This keyboard has a quality feel. The keys are of the "chiclet" variety and are adequate. It is a decent HTPC keyboard/controller but leaves much to be desired as a general PC keyboard. The issues have already been mentioned by other reviewers. No dedicated right-click button and no function keys F1-F11. Also, no Home, End, Ins (and Del is non-obvious) keys. You think these are no big deal, but then realize how often you use them, e.g., F2 to rename a file. Ugh, this now requires a right-click (with no dedicated right-click button) and selection from the pop-menu. What used to take 1/2 second now takes five.

So my overall take is that as a HTPC keyboard this product is four stars, especially as regards to value at my purchase price of $40. As a PC keyboard, one or two stars.

BTW, discovered that the DEL/<x button will work as the DEL key with the FN + DEL, not SHIFT + DEL as labeling would indicate.

Updated review: Amazon now has available a Logitech wireless keyboard that addresses the issues of the Revue keyboard. I would have purchased this one if had been available at the time.
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