Customer Reviews: Logitech Keyboard Folio for iPad mini - Mystic Blue
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on April 25, 2013
I love this case! I bought it to replace the logitech keyboard case for the mini and this has all the same fetures and more! It has the auto on/off when you open and close the case, it covers the back of the ipad, you can still use the ipad to read and fold it over the keyboard. The only downside I can think of it the thickness of the whole thing but I expecte it to be a little bigger since it has a keyboard. It even came fully charged! Bonus! fyi the case a little more than doubles the thickness and weight of the ipad mini.
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on June 12, 2013
So what I considered the big 3 features for a case I was looking for:
1. kb integration without having to continuously add/remove the keyboard or iPad
2. what i call "dual-use" mode where I can either use it like a laptop with a propped up display, or fold it flat for hand held "tablet" style use (say like reading a book or browsing the web or hand-held video viewing)
3. Protective "case" holding all of this together

I scoured through tons of offerings on multiple sites (but of course Amazon always has the MOST selection so I always find what i wnat here - no i do not work or know anybody that works for Amazon). And this really was the only one that did all 3.

I love that i can "laptop" it or "tablet" it and either use the actual keyboard or the virtual keyboard on the iPad Mini itself all eithout ever having to unclip, remove, re-clip, or re-add any component. Once you install the iPada Mini into this folio - you never have to undo anything again. All you do is fold or unfold.

The bluetooth kb conects easily and quickly with a switch with multiple places to let you know what's going on (LED on top/right KB for LED indicator of connection and/or charge, or the side panel where the switch is at where an obvious RED label shows when bluetooth kb is "off"). The literature boasts some really huge/long kb battery life - but it's actually turned out to be true. I haven't charged the kb yet and i've owned this thing for a 1-2 months (I haven't even charged it when unboxing it).

The kb I found is more practical than the other ones offered - yo don't have many missing keys or re-located keys due to the limited space (and yes.. it is a small kb to the tune of - you'll end up typing faster "pecking" than using traditional typing positions and fingers). The only key really that isn't "natural" is the TAB key which is a FN+TAB key hit - but that's the only anamoly from a "normal" keyboard I have found so far. I'm okay with that since I'm used to hitting CTRL-TAB or CMD-TAB all the time to do work.

Due to the iPad mini size and not wanting a honking huge thing to carry around with case, you will also find that using the kb can be slightly challenging due to the "wobble" of the setup while you are typing if the iPad Mini is not on a solid surface (so typing in your lap is a bit challenging almost to the point you want to use the virtual kb again). But this is not a shortcoming of the product, that is going to be something any kb for iPad Mini will run into.

The only thing that really disappointed me (but it was my fault not the manufacturer's) is that I bought this believing it was a zippered folio to offer 100% protection when not in use. It is NOT zippered and so it is open all the way around when not in use. It would be nearly perfect as it can be if it were zippered. The magnets are SUPER strong though so it will hold together when you've "closed it" or locked it into "laptop" position just fine (almost TOO strong.. i started to worry if it was affecting iPad performance or interfering with wireless connections lol... probably not... that probably has to do more with my shall-go-nameless cellular carrier on my iPad Mini).

NOTE: If you have decided or concluded that you want laptop-like keyboard functionality in using your iPad- I strongly recommend that such a need really requires the full iPad footprint and not the iPad Mini. The selections of cases/kb is just much better with the full-sized iPad and the iPad Mini will always have the disadvantage of smaller, scrunchier keyboards, weirdly re-configured keyboards to accomodate the smaller space, and the "laptop wobble" syndrome as you type because there just isn't a large enough sturdy base to keep it steady if it's lying on a softer surface (like your lap).

This is a terrific product - but you wont' end up using the kb as much as you thought you might have - which defeats the purpose to it to begin with. Still.. it's a very NICE option to have for the cases it does help more than it frustrates.
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on May 18, 2013
i recently bought the ultrathin keyboard for the ipad2 so my daughter could do school work. i liked it so much that i bought the ultrathin for the mini. i loved it too. only problem i have with the ultrathin is that they don't protect the ipads. when in use, the ipads are pretty much exposed. i found this out the hard way when my ipad mini unclipped from the keyboard and fell on the tile floor. there is now a small crack on the lower left corner. this of course made me reassess the keyboard. i ended up buying the folio. it protects the ipad mini while in it and works really well, like all of logitech's keybaords tend to do. my only gripe is that the keys seem almost toy like (probably cause they are white and plasticy). i must say that i like the materials of the cover and the rubbery ipad holder is great. it makes inserting and removing the ipad from the cover very easy as opposed to other covers that use very hard and not very flexible plastic.

if you want a keyboard for your ipad but you also want the ipad protected while using said keyboard, this is the way to go.
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on November 11, 2013
I really struggled with what to buy as a keyboard for my iPad Mini. I had a Zaggmate keyboard/case with my original iPad, and liked the convenience of using just the iPad when I was just hanging out playing games or light typing, or throwing it back on the case when I needed to do serious typing. So the thought of a keyboard/case that was somewhat more permanently attached to my iPad mini was initially unappealing. After lots of research and reading pros and cons from other reviews, I decided to go with the Logitech. When I bought it, for some reason the Electric Blue color was considerably cheaper - $61. I like the color, it's very close to "Gator Blue" where I'm a 4th gen alum!

This folio keyboard is wonderful. It was easy to mount the iPad in the case, and as soon as I turned it on and made the iPad discoverable, it paired right away, and in the 1+ months I've used it (a lot), it's never given me any trouble. I hardly ever turn the keyboard off, and yet I've only had to charge it once since it came out of the box. Using it to type is great, there's a magnetic catch that holds the bottom of the screen in place just above the keyboard, and it's very secure. The keyboard is small, but after a few days I adjusted pretty well, I probably can type faster on a full size keyboard, but not by much. My only complaint here is the lack of a dedicated tab key - since many forms use the tab key to move between fields, my left pinkie is trained to go there. Instead, this keyboard makes it an alt on the "Q" key, so I tend to just use the touch screen instead.

If you're doing something that doesn't require the keyboard, you can fold the screen down over it (this works better for me than folding it over backwards, ie with the keyboard facing downward). It's a little bulky to hold this way, but really not bad. Great on an airplane on the seatback table.

When you're done with your iPad, closing the case is very firm and secure feeling. It's a little thicker than I would have liked, about the size of a thin, slightly oversize paperback book. The texture of the case makes it easy to keep a good grip. My wife made me a sleeve for it out of some quilted material and a little piping and Velcro, I slip it in that if I'm throwing it in my backpack.

In closing, I carry my iPad everywhere with me, and I use it constantly, for work and for pleasure. I think the Logitech folio keyboard greatly enhances the usability of my iPad, and it is a well made, highly functional and attractive case. Everywhere I go people ask me about the case, and everyone that looks at it likes it a lot. I think Logitech hit it out of the park with this keyboard/case.
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on July 18, 2013
Tried three different iPad Mini bluetooth keyboards, and this one is the best. Slightly bigger keys, instant bluetooth connection, and solid construction. My only dissatisfaction is the tab key is function-Q, which adds another keystroke to a key I use a lot. But that's better than the other keyboards.
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on July 11, 2013
Update: 9/22/2013
I've been using my keyboard daily for the last two months to take notes and make flash cards for my classes. And boy am I glad I got this keyboard, its been a great help! This is one sturdy keyboard. The only problem I've had so far was a slight sticking of the period key and the left shift key, though it only did this once and hasn't done it again in quite awhile. And it was easily fixable by applying a bit of pressure on the keys to get them unstuck, like with my laptop. This keyboard help turn my ipad mini into quite the mobile study device. I've also taken to hanging a stylus off the keyboard case by looping a hair-tie through the "Logitech" tag. So whenever I need to do a quick drawing, I just unloop it and get down to business.

After handling this keyboard folio for so long, I no longer notice its original bulkiness. It feels just the right size for what I need to do. And the in-built magnets that help turn the ipad mini on and off have also been helpful, I don't think about it often when I'm using my device, but it is awfully efficient for me to not have to do that manually.

The only negative I have is if your screen protecter is a tad off-kilter, the rubber sides that hold the ipad mini in place will slightly raise the screen protecter. Though this is true for every kind of folio that has a tight grip. Next time I change my screen protecter I'll have to snip off some of the side edges to keep this from happening.

Original: 7/11/2013
I just received my keyboard today and I'm typing with it now. It is a step up from the on-screen keyboard on the ipad mini.

I originally thought my fingers wouldn't be able to fit on the keyboard and that I'd have to do the hunt and peck method of typing. But so far my hands rest pretty well on the keyboard and I can type normally. The only keys I have problems with are the "Delete", "Return", and apostrophe key, I either accidentally miss hitting them or I hit them when I don't mean to hit them. But I just need time to get used to them. Actually, as I'm typing this I'm slowly getting used to where those keys are, so I just need to keep typing with the keyboard.

There are some powerful magnets on this case. The magnets that keep the folio closed does a really good job with it. And then there's the magnet that keeps the ipad mini situated atop of the keyboard, its not powerful enough to hold the ipad mini to the keyboard if you hold the entire thing upside down, but if you elevate the keyboard up to get a different angle from the ipad mini screen it'll hold fast.

A major pro of this keyboard, at least for me, is that since the ipad mini is balanced atop the keyboard, I can use the entire setup on either my lap or any other flat surface. There is a bit of wobble effect if the surface I'm using isn't very flat. But its alright, since I've gotten used to the ipad mini wobbling on my lap when I used to type on the on-screen keyboard.

The folio itself is very sturdy as well and I'm just loving the mystic blue color, it's the same color as my other case. This folio is a bit bulky in comparison to my other case, but that's because the keyboard adds to the size so that's expected. You can fold the keyboard beneath the ipad mini though its a bit clunky to hold it like that. Most likely I'll switch between this folio and my previous case whenever I want to type or read.

So far, I am loving this keyboard folio and I'm glad that I bought it. I've been researching ipad mini keyboards for quite awhile but I never really saw anything that would work with me. And this one works just fine for me. I'll update my review if I run into any problems but this keyboard folio seems to be pretty solid.
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on August 31, 2013
This case is really nice, but...... Let me start with the good stuff..
1. Great battery life
2. Great construction
3. Very stable on my lap
4. Keyboard is very usable. Great spacing and feel.
5. Quickly syncs to ipad.
1. Can't use my expensive screen cover. (zagg) It gets forced up on each side of the ipad where the case squeezes onto the iPad.
2. I can't use my expensive skin on the back of my iPad either. (also zagg) The iPad will not fit on the case at all with back skin on.
3. It goes on so snuggly that it has started to chip off the PAINT on the edges on my iPad. Huge bummer. The more I take the case on and off, the worse it gets. Now my perfect iPad is looking very "used".
4. No vertical positions.

I like the case, but I will have to keep looking for another solution that wont damage my iPad.
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on October 24, 2013
When I got an ipad mini for graduate school, I decided I must purchase a corresponding keyboard if I was going to be able to use it (I hate on-screen touch keyboards with a passion). I looked at all my options online and eventually decided on this one, based on the reviews of all the things I'd seen. Things that were really important to me (in no particular order): safety of my ipad mini inside the folio, front and back coverage, bigger keys, decent price (under $100) and a similar keyboard set up to my mac (rather than the types of keyboards phones usually have where things like ! are in the wrong place, as compared to computer keyboards). I wanted to go back and forth between my ipad mini and my mac without feeling like I had to relearn keys.

So from the reviews, it seemed like this was the one to choose. I'm so glad I did! I love this keyboard! I find it generally very easy to type on (with minor exceptions, delineated below), and it is a pretty seamless transition to go back and forth between this keyboard and my mac. I feel like it's sturdy and solid (if slightly bulky). I can't stand it in portrait mode, which isn't really a problem, as I hold it in portrait mode when I'm not using the keyboard, and I never use the keyboard in portrait mode, so it's all good.

I do have a few slight qualms with it, but I think when you try to design a fully functioning keyboard for something the size of an ipad mini, you're going to have some less than idea choices to make. So the things I *don't* like about the set up-- The colon/semicolon and apostrophe/quote keys are half the size of the other keys, so I often over extend my finger and end up doing a hard return when I wanted to hit an apostrophe. Unlike a computer keyboard, where the 1/! key is above and to the left of the Q, on this keyboard, it's above W. Above the Q is a little square box that apparently brings me back to the home screen of my ipad. That's pretty annoying, since I accidentally seem to hit it a lot and I have to re-enter whatever program I was typing in. My only other frustration with the keyboard so far is the "tab" function. I write a lot of papers on my ipad mini, so Tab becomes important. To do tab, you have to hit a function key under shift, and then hit the Q. Instead of making the A key wider to accommodate caps lock, I wish they'd put a tab somewhere in there, and maybe made caps lock active by hitting the shift quick twice (double click) or something. I almost never use caps lock, so I'd rather have tab.
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on July 30, 2013
Bought this gift for my dad for Father's day and it's difficult to type long emails and messages via touchscreen. Compared it with couple other ones out there (Zagg, and other brands on Amazon) and checked them out at Best Buy to be sure. I was going to get a Zagg but after checking it out at Best Buy, I decided to go with Logitech. The keyboard layout on Zagg was a bit awkward and not intuitive like a regular QWERTY keyboard. However, remember that this is for an iPad Mini so either way, the keyboard layout is smaller than desktop keyboards, so it will take time getting used to it before being efficient in typing with it. I own over 6+ Logitech products, mostly mice and keyboards and a web cam, and never had a problem with their quality and build. I figured, I might as well invest in a good product that won't fail vs. spending about the same for a replacement product with cheaper, non-branded quality.
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on July 10, 2013
This case so far (day 3 of ownership) has done everthing that is promised. It has worked so well that i am leaving my laptop at home and taking this to school for taking notes! Very pleased I highly recommend this case!
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