Logitech Performance Mouse LX vs MX Revolution I am going to buy one of these mice. I frequently switch between open applications. Looks like the Revolution had a side scroll button for application switching. How is this handled on the LX?

I have large hands....sounds like the LX sits higher? That might be good.

I have read that the fast scrolling feature is switch activated on the LX...vs automatic on the Revolution.

So for me, I would probably get the LX IF I could use a button that would allow me to easily switch between applications, and if the switch activated fast scrolling feature was not a huge downgrade from software based. Thoughts and suggestions? Thanks!
asked by jsbig on March 3, 2010
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The Performance Mouse MX does indeed have application switching on a little button near where your thumb sits. It can also be reassigned to a different function if you like. This mouse is vastly superior to the Revolution, despite what the raving Revolution fanboys are spewing out about SmartSwitch not being in the Performance MX.

My input is, if you have large hands and don't mind spending $80 on a mouse. This is the best one on the market.
Jared Jeffers answered on April 22, 2012
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