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on September 19, 2010
Right out of the box and plugged in the unit produced very good sound. At first I thought the kickstand was flimsy and was not supporting the unit well. Another review here helped resolve this by pointing out that it needs to be pushed in harder than one may think, and then it really does lock in.


I find that Logitech iPod speaker systems generally lack some elegance, but S715i looks a lot better than the previous attempts. Those searching for a more elegant system may wish to look at Altec Lansing products, but in my opinion Logitech beats Altec in sound quality. The trayless doc is a good new feature for Logitech.


The unit could have been priced higher and would still attract attention of many - it is really inexpensive for what it does.

Sound quality

The box produces full and clean sound with impressive for the size bass. Logitech "has got it going on" in the base area. On certain tracks the bass may feel a little too pounding. Also, at times I found the mids slightly lacking. Some listeners have compared the sound of this unit to that of Bose. It is a fair comparison. After listening to this Logitech unit for a few days I went to a store to listen to Bose SoundDock Portable, and I could not say that Bose sounded better. Listening in a store, where there is a level of noise, is not the same as at home, so it wasn't a good test.

The two gripes

Another reviewer said this already - why, oh why did Logitech decide that long run time on battery was more important than the sound quality? When unplugged, the sound deteriorates. The base and the fullness go away. It is not just the volume - it feels like the sub-system responsible for the lowest notes shuts down. I can imagine it takes quite a bit of power to drive those notes out of the box, but at least there could be an option to keep the same sound at expense of run time. Make no mistake - it is still better than OK sound, and there is quite a bit of bass left, but it's not quite the same. I like to carry these things from room to room, and I think this is a notable flaw. My second gripe is about remote control lacking full functionality - it is not able to control iPod menus. Logitech already had this in Pure-Fi Anywhere 2, why give it up now?

Bottom line

Very good unit which earned its place on my home office desk. It is bound to surprise some guests with the sound quality for the size and keep me and hopefully other family members good company from time to time. Big compliments to Logitech, this system does represent progress in small-size inexpensive sound systems.
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on December 13, 2010
I bought this recently and since I have encountered difficulty browsing through iPhone/iPod speakers (for iPhone 4) due to limited number of recent reviews, I think I have to write mine.

Before I bought this on Amazon, I went to NYC's Apple Store to hear the sound by myself. I plugged my own iPhone and played a couple of songs. To my surprise, this unit performs better than Kilpsch's iGroove, which is a bit more expensive. Sound quality is more than satisfactory and once the shipment arrives, I turned it on to test its sound to the max. Yes, it was able to rock the whole unit, which is pretty awesome for its slim size.

This unit is ideal for people who'd like to bring their iPhone around since it has an internal rechargeable battery (the sound while it's on battery power is not really awful as described in one of the earlier reviews. Plus, it comes with a bag that enables you to fit its power supply together.

Auxiliary input performs as it should
Remote range is pretty long, don't have to worry much on that one
Eight units of speaker for rich sound production
Dockless system

If you love to have your iPhone 4 case with you while docking it, probably it won't work. I have three cases and all of them couldn't fit on the dock. I'll just remove the case and dock it.

Hope this helps.
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on April 25, 2011
Bought this in December 2010 and have used it at least once per week.

My main function for this is listening to music outdoors (in parks, on the beach, etc.), so I generally only listen to it on battery. I usually listen to a wide assortment of electronic music genres on it.


- The sound quality is excellent for the price and size. The quality on battery is great, plugged-in is even better. Every other portable speaker I've listened to sounds worse.

- The size and weight are perfect; it easily fits into a secondary pocket of my backpack.

- Volume on battery is generally satisfying, even for electronic dance music. It could use slightly more bass, but it has more than enough to make do.


- The battery, for two main reasons:
1. Capacity: I'm lucky to get 4 hours of play from it, and that isn't at maximum volume -- usually 60-75%. Because of complaint #2 (see below), it is impossible to listen at maximum volume until the battery is exhausted.
2. Consistency: During play, the unit may spontaneously turn off at points of high volume in songs. This occurs often when the LED is red, occasionally when the LED is orange, and rarely when the LED is green. My "fix" for this is to turn the unit back on and decrease the volume 1 or 2 notches to continue listening. This results in the quality of the listening experience degrading over time.

- The remote, but I don't use an ipod so it doesn't matter for me.

- The case is cheap and pointless, so I don't use it.

- Placement of AUX and power jacks could be better; they're a little too near the ground when the kickstand is open, and useless when the kickstand is closed.

- Could use slightly more bass when on battery, but that would probably exponentiate both battery issues.

Overall, I'd recommend the unit for most people. The only people who should look elsewhere are those that need usable outdoor volume on battery for more than 4 hours straight. In that case, you should look for something that takes removable rechargeable batteries.
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on May 5, 2012
UPDATE ON 5-6-12: On battery power at full volume and using the 3.5mm Aux Input with my mp3 player set at 1/2 volume, the Logitech S135i would consistently shut itself off after 5 minutes. I called Logitech Customer Support @ 1-646-454-3200. They said they had other reports of the Logitech S135i turning itself after 5 min. on battery power when using Aux Input, except from people using the iPhone, which had no docking port, only a head phone jack. So I figured it must have something to do with the Aux In voltage (sound level/volume input). I tried my mp3 player at max volume and the Logitech S135i didn't shut itself off. I tried the mp3 player at decreasing volume settings until I found the volume setting that caused the Logitech S135i to turn itself off. All testing was done to a maximum time of 1/2 hour, where applicable, as I figured any battery save feature would activate by then. Apparently the Logitech S135i has a sensor to determine that there is no input, based on the Aux In voltage, so that it would turn itself off to save battery power. Turning the Aux In device's volume up and/or the speaker volume down may help with other Logitech iPod speakers having this problem when using battery power and the Aux In. My Cyber Acoustics and Logitech S715i units did not shut themselves off using the Aux In and battery power, at any input volume setting.

I own a Sansa Clip mp3 player and I wanted an amplified, portable speaker with a 3.5mm input, that could use both battery and AC power, so I could listen to music, etc. while in my bedroom going to sleep, working in my shop, for a small gathering out on the patio, while camping, and for any time I didn't want to use headphones. I mainly listen to Classical, '40s Swing, '60s Folk, '70s Rock, and Country music. I also listen to eBooks and quite a bit of other (mainly) voice only recordings, Doreen Virtue and Abraham-Hicks in particular.

After reading many reviews, I bought a Logitech S135i, a Logitech S715i and a Cyber Acoustics Portable Digital Docking Speaker for iPod (Cyber Acoustics CA 461). I figured I'd compare them and keep the one I liked the best, gift my 2nd choice to a friend for their upcoming birthday, and return the 3rd choice.

I bought the Logitech units as reconditioned units from 2 different sellers on eBay, and the Cyber Acoustics unit new from Amazon. I purchased them all online within a few minutes of each other, all with free shipping. The Amazon purchase was (of course) the last to arrive, by 2 days. Still, they all arrived within 7 Business Days of being ordered, not bad for "free shipping."

Keep in mind that the max volume with all 3 units is dependent on how "hot" (high volume level) the music on your player was recorded at. Some songs I used for testing were plenty loud, while others were soft enough that I had to turn the Clip volume up to 3/4 or more. I prefer to not have to turn my Clip up over 1/2 volume, to make it's battery last longer for both run time and # of recharge cycles, since it has a non replaceable rechargeable battery.

My (marginally) first choice is the Logitech S715i. It is the largest, heaviest and most expensive of the three, but has the highest volume (when plugged in to AC, when on battery power there is a DRASTIC drop in volume and bass), and slightly better sound than the Logitech S135i. I do not like the S715i built in rechargeable battery, since if I'm in a no power situation like camping, when the battery runs down I'm out of music. (I have a Solar Charger I can use for my Clip). With 4 AA battery power like the S135i and Cyber Acoustics units, I can take some extra batteries along and keep the music, etc. going. And since I use eneloop rechargeable batteries, the expense of going through several sets of batteries is practically non-existent. A minus is that when on battery power, the S715i has slightly lower volume and lesser sound quality than either the S135i or Cyber Acoustics units, whether they were on AC or battery power. I do not yet know what the actual run time on battery power is for any of these units. Unlike some reviewers of the S715i, I have not had any problem with the unit shutting off after a certain elapsed time when using the Aux Input, using either AC or battery power. Note: None of these units will recharge an iPod, etc. while operating on battery power.

My second (almost first) choice is the Logitech S135i. It has the second highest volume, which is not a whole lot less than the S715i, and its sound quality (with bass boost on for most songs) was not significantly less than the S715i, either. The bass boost feature does boost the bass some, but seems to provide an overall fuller sound more than an actual bass boost only. Even with adjusting the EQ on my Clip some material sounded better with the bass boost on, and some better with it off. The S135i did not decrease in volume when running on batteries. Plus the S135i is about half the size and weight of the S715i, making it much easier to move around, use in a space limited environment, or put in a backpack. And it uses 4 AA batteries (rechargeable AA batteries work fine in this and the Cyber Acoustics unit). AA size batteries also have the advantage of being the worlds most common batteries! Go Green! Use rechargeable batteries, save money and our planet.

My third choice is the Cyber Acoustics unit, which had the lowest volume (slightly less than the S135i) and lowest sound quality (again, just slightly less than the S135i) of the 3 units. I think its sound would be improved by having a switchable Bass Boost feature that works like the S135i bass boost, but it still sounds quite good. It does run on AC or 4 AA batteries, and there is no decrease in volume or sound quality when running on battery power. Plus it comes with an 18" 3.5mm male-to-male audio cable for use with the Aux input, for players having only a headphone jack output, like my Clip. Neither of the Logitech units comes with a cable.

I think all three units are quite easy to use and enjoyable to listen to. If you are in a small to medium size room that is fairly quiet, all 3 have enough volume to fill the room with clear, well balanced sound. In a larger room or noisy environment, the S715i using AC power would be my choice because of its higher volume while still retaining good sound quality. If portability and having no AC power available are going to figure predominantly in your use of these units, I would choose either the Logitech S135i or the Cyber Acoustics unit. They both use 4 AA batteries, and their volume and sound quality are pretty much equal, with the S135i edging out the Cyber Acoustics in terms of volume, sound quality and size. The S135i and Cyber Acoustic units have about the same "footprint" (the S135i is slightly smaller) but the Cyber Acoustic unit is about twice as tall as the S135i.

In conclusion, if I had to pay full retail price and money were a consideration, the Cyber Acoustics unit is the least expensive, and therefore best value for the money given it's portability/versatility and it's sound quality. But all 3 units are a great value for the money and I am quite pleased with them, especially at the reduced price I paid for the reconditioned Logitech units. I won't be returning any of them! I'll use the S715i in my shop and on the patio, where I have access to AC power and the unit's size is not a factor and its higher volume will be a plus. I'll use the S135i in my bedroom on the bed headboard, where its small size will let it fit easily, and also while camping, where its size and 4AA battery power are a plus. I'll gift the Cyber Acoustics unit to my friend, who will probably use it on AC power in the bedroom at night, and around the house on battery power (they also use eneloop rechargeable batteries) during the day.
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on January 27, 2011
OK, this thing gives amazing sound performance for the size and price; AS LONG AS IT'S PLUGGED IN!

It also runs on internal rechargeable batteries, but they apparently aren't up to the power requirements; because the fullness and dimensional presence of the music simply disappears when you pull the plug, along with most of the bass line; this to extend battery run time. What you are left with is about $50...

Clearly Logitech has solved the problem of getting great sound from small units, but they still draw a lot of power to do it; so evidently the wizard electronics are automatically disabled if they can't pull ~20 watts. Just a guess, folks...

That said, I am happy (mostly) to lug along the charger when I move the thing because, plugged in, the sound quality is rich and clean throughout the range, it fills an average room well, and it's small enough to put nearly anywhere.

Other points: The remote is OK, but very small and I keep misplacing it. The kickstand works fine, but you do have to push it firmly into place. If you have a hard case on your iPod you can't use this speaker, but that is true of nearly every dock out there. Just ditch the iPod hard case and get a soft pouch. The Mofi is nice...
Genuine MOFI Fashion Pouch for Apple iPod Touch 4G - RED

The slipcase provided for the speaker itself is mostly junk. Just wrap it with a towel when you pack.

I really like the looks of this thing, no straight lines or square corners, plus it fits easily into a travel bag.
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on September 23, 2010
The packaging for the unit was nice and secure, both from Amazon and Logitech. Included in the box is the unit, AC adaptor, remote and a carrying bag. The carrying bag leaves a bit to be desired, as it is made from the same material as the reusable shopping bags you can buy at most grocery stores. It would be nice to have something a bit more substantial, and possibly even padded. The case would not provide any real protection, and it is only closed with velcro. The AC adaptor is big, as most electronic adaptors are, but at least the prongs fold in for easier storage. The remote on this is TINY, and it uses a huge watch-type battery, which is included. The downside, as others have mentioned, with the remote is that it is so small and there is nowhere on the unit for it to be stored. I could see it getting lost fairly easily. Maybe I will use some peel and stick velcro to attach it to the unit when I am not using it. The unit itself feels substantial and not at all flimsy.

The unit has a cover over the docking port that is released and snapped to the back of the unit for more support when docking your device. The unit stands up on it's own, without the stand, when no music player is docked, but it should be snapped firmly into place when you have your player docked. As others have said, you have to FIRMLY snap the stand back, or it falls over. The first click is not the indicator that it is in place, you have to push harder - I was worried I was going to break it - and then it works perfectly. It is not clear in the directions that the docking cover is also the stand, as the directions are limited, but there isn't much that isn't easy to figure out on your own anyhow. The unit has basic buttons on the front - power and volume, that is it. Everything else needs to be controlled by your iPhone, iPod or the remote.

As far as usage.... Well, I am not sure if it is specific to MY iPhone, but there were some issues with getting the music to play. It seemed the connection when docking wasn't working correctly, and truthfully I don't even know what I did to get it to eventually work. It took a lot of turning the unit on and off, and placing and replacing the phone on the unit, messing with volume, etc. It only wanted to play out of the phone for a good part of the time, there was no sound other times, and sometimes it worked fine. I tried turning the unit on before docking the phone, and turning it on after docking the phone, and neither produced consistent results. Eventually it did work, but every subsequent docking I had to do the same thing, mess around with it. Now, when I tried an actual iPod, it worked right away with no problems at all. Interesting. So, maybe it is something specific to my phone, not all iPhones in general.

As far as sound, of course it sounds better plugged in. The sound is louder and richer when plugged in. While the music is playing, if you have it plugged in and then unplug it to use the rechargeable battery you will notice a significant difference in sound volume and somewhat in quality, too. So, if you are using this somewhere noisy, you would want to plug it in if possible. That said, the sound off the battery is still acceptable, volume and quality wise. When you disconnect your device from the dock, it automatically turns the unit off, a nice feature to save the battery. The unit does not automatically turn on when docking your device, though. The remote works great, with volume, pause, play, skip, power, shuffle and repeat options.

I give it 4 stars based on the issues with the iPhone, and also on the decrease of quality when running off the battery. That said, this is a very nice unit for the price!
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on December 7, 2011
The sound is amazing! I do agree with other reviewers, that it would be nice to have the same sound plugged in, but I really appreciate the extra battery play time.

Now on to the bad;
This is a portable device that comes with a case, why isn't there onboard remote control storage? It would be nice to have a retractable charging cable as well.

My biggest gripe though is for my iPhone to connect, I must take it out of its case. This was almost a deal breaker for me. Logitech please extend the dock connector so that I don't have to take my iPhone out of the case every time I want to use it. All of my other radios work with the case on.

Overall, very pleased with my purchase.
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on November 8, 2011
Works great, I've been using it with the new iPhone 4S and it works perfectly, no problems, sometimes it gives me the "this device is not supported by this iPhone" or something like that, but you just hit 'ok' and it goes away, it charges the phone with no problems, even the remote works with other applications besides the iPod/music player, I've been using it with 'sound cloud', 'audible', 'pandora', etc... I know most of the new speakers support bluetooth connectivity but if you're looking for something to charge your phone, this works great.
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on December 14, 2011
I am a tennis pro and we use a rechargeable sound system on court for our cardio tennis classes. We need something small but powerful. When the one we had finally died I looked all over for a rechargeable replacement. This was one of the only ones I found. The sound is great, plenty loud for everyone to hear--including from a court away. The remote works well and the battery life is about 5 hours when the system is turned all the way up.

The only things I didn't like: no place to store the remote or your ipod--on or in the player (which our last system had). We don't use the carry case, although something better would be nice for us but not necessary.

The volume and sound quality of this system is much better than our last. For the last 3 weeks we've used it on court at full volume for 13 hours each week and have had no problems whatsoever with it.

The only reason I gave it 4 stars is because there is no storage spot for the remote.
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on June 28, 2011
Well based on all these glorious reviews I bit the bullet and ordered one. What I got was ALMOST what I had hoped for.

My previous radios include the imt800 and Harmon Kardon Go Play. Both of which had excellent room filling sound and excellent bass. I realize they cost much more than this so they should perform better, however I feel let down by everyone that both said this player actually did have good bass and room filling sound. (Obviously they have not heard a bose, altec or harmon).

For what you lose in the inferiority of this players sound capabilities, you gain one thing that the previously mentioned products lack. That thing is a rechargeable battery. Having to spend $10 on D batteries with the other players, makes this player almost worth it alone. However if you think you are going to be able to take this to an outdoor party and have people things like "Wow that radio sounds like my home stereo" or "That little radio is amazing" you have been mislead. With either the Harmon or Altec you definitely would but not this peppy little thing.

What you get is great sound quality minus the bass or power of a $300 radio. It doesn't fill the room with sound but if no one is talking it sounds very very good.

If you want a player that can perform on batteries as well as when plugged in with audiophile sound quality you will need to spend much more. However if you want portability, rechargeability and very nice sound; this is the way to go.

When they make a version of this that has twice the wattage and twice the bass I will most definitely buy it, since that is what this item is missing. Honestly, this thing doesn't sound that much better or louder than the x-mini speakers I already have. I guess you get what you pay for though, and this thing performs very well for it's $129 price tag.

It gets an 8 out of 10 with price factored in. Compared to expensive items above it's class I give it a 6.
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