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on May 20, 2014
Ok, first off, I would like to say that this is an absolutely amazing headset sound wise. The virtual surround sound couldn't be more accurate, and music sounds great to me in it. But, I will go into more detail later on.

I would like to just state up front now though, that if you need to use the microphone on this headset for anything outside of voice chat in games or skype with your friends, look elsewhere, or consider buying a standalone mic. The mic on this headset is understandable, but the quality is terrible, and it will randomly cut your voice off mid sentence due to badly designed background noise removal that you can't turn off.

But, on with my review of this headset. I decided to upgrade from my aging Turtle Beach x32's (Yes, I know that headset is made for the Xbox, but they sell a pc adapter cable, and it worked great for me.) and decided to go with surround sound this time. I bought this headset mostly because it is the only blue headset I have ever seen, and it matches my all blue pc build.

Surround Sound Quality: 5/5
I have tried out Titanfall, Battlefield 4 and Call of Duty Ghosts, and I do definitely feel like I have an advantage over other players. Think of it this way, you are sitting in a small room with two doors. With a stereo headset, you can hear footsteps, and you know somebody is coming, but you don't know which door they will walk through and have a higher chance of dying. With this headset however, in that same situation, you know which direction the footsteps are coming from, and you have a much higher chance of not dying due to that extra bit of knowledge you wouldn't get with a regular headset. The surround quality in this headset is better than my 5.1 surround sound setup in our media room, so this definitely earns a 5/5 in this category.

Sound Quality: 4/5
I am rating the overall sound quality of this headset a 4/5 for one reason. The virtual surround sound in this headset tries to make all sounds "Surround" your head, and in doing so, it makes anything that isn't a game, or music seem like it's being played in a big stone room with all the sound echoing off of the virtual walls the headset seems to create. You do get used to this effect quickly, and I now kind of like the effect, it makes things seem a bit more real I guess, but I'm just throwing this out there for anybody who might care to know about that.

One last thing for this category, I have seen too many people online complaining about the headset glitching out whenever you have something that is surround sound and something in stereo playing at the same time. (it will rapidly swap between stereo and surround sound and produce a lot of static.) I have found a way to fix this. (This is for windows vista and 7.) You simply open your control panel in windows, go to Hardware and Sound, click on the button that says manage audio devices, and in the playback tab, find something labeled with Logitech G430 Gaming Headset, click on it, and then click properties. It should open up a new window, with the tabs General, Levels, Enhancements and Advanced. Go to Enhancements and find the one in the list labeled "Speaker Fill" check the box next to it and click apply. Basically, what that did was tell your computer to turn all stereo sound into surround sound, and that prevents the scenario where the headset could glitch out.

Mic Quality: 2/5
I am giving this a 2/5 for the reasons I told you about above, the mic is understandable, but does not have good quality. If you simply plan to use it for skype calling with your friends, maybe some in game chat, it will be absolutely fine for you then, but, since I'm a youtuber, I have much higher standards for my mic quality. If you plan to use the mic for business, recording yourself singing, recording videos for youtube, or anything where you need to sound good, consider buying a blue snowball mic, or something comparable to it.

Final thoughts:
So, this headset is overall a good headset for the price, good sound quality, good surround sound emulation, and ok mic quality. I personally have a Blue Snowball microphone, so the mic being not so great on the headset is no big deal for me, but it might be for other people.

I hope that this review has helped you to see the ups and downs of this headset, and help you to decide if it's worth your money!
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Mostly everything about them so far is great.

You do have to do some research to fix the overlay of the mic and hearing yourself in the headset and auto adjust that makes your mic volume go wonky if you have any kind of back round sound.

To fix hearing yourself in the headset go to your play back devices - go to the properties on your head set then go to levels and turn the mic sound down to 0 problem fixed!
To fix the back round cancellation of the mic so you come out 'normal' on chat programs
in sounds go to 'recording' go to the properties or your mic and go to Advanced from there change the channel to 1 channel,16 bit, 48000 Hz (DvD Quality)

Hope this fixes these problems for anyone else who is having them
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on February 3, 2014
The only thing I regret about this purchase so far is that I didn't buy the G430 gaming headphones from Amazon. I had a weekend gaming event to attend, and I couldn't wait for the shipping, so I broke down and bought them elsewhere for roughly the same price. I haven't been disappointed so far. This is my second set of Logitech headphones, and this pair has replaced my wireless set which suffered some sort of power surge from my outlet that fried the wireless transmitter.

I hadn't owned a pair of surround sound headphones prior to buying the G430s and it took some time to adjust to the difference in sound quality after converting from stereo only output. What's even better is that the Logitech software makes testing and adjusting your sound levels much easier than trying to mess with equalizers in the Windows menu system. Keep in mind though that in order to enjoy Dolby 7.1, the feature must be enabled through the Logitech software, AND through the sound control panel for Windows 7 and 8.

The only game I have played so far that uses surround is Battlefield 4 on my PC, and the difference from what I was used to is extreme. The directional audio actually made it possible to detect the direction that enemies were coming/shooting from. I won't say it gave me an edge because I'm a horrible player, but it definitely made me feel like I was part of the battle.

This headset should be totally compatible with the Playstation 4 console since it features a USB adapter, and Sony recently released a Dolby 7.1 support patch to enable the use of gaming headphones. I haven't tested it since I'm waiting on a tax refund so I can buy a PS4, but it should still work even though you can't install device drivers on consoles.

The cord length is just right with this headset, and the protective material is thin enough so that winding it up is easy. The only thing I don't like about the cord is that the volume control wheel is rather small, and the mute toggle feels flimsy enough that I'm afraid it will break after repeated use. The clip is not spring loaded either, so it is possible that it may not survive much wear and tear.

The headset offers decent audio range without distortion, but I felt like the low end base could be a bit more punchy. I haven't noticed any high end distortion so far, but I don't know that I would have noticed with all the explosions and whatnot going on in most of the games I play. I haven't listened to any music with these headphones yet either, so I can't really comment on the mid range treble quality thus far.

Logitech makes all of their gaming headphones in this over the ear design which is nice. The foam can put pressure on the sides of your head after a while, but if you experience discomfort, it's probably best to take a break anyway. I also like the fact that the microphone swings up and down so easily with Logitech cans. Some other gaming mics feel flimsy or are too flexible, but these feel firm enough to stay in place when you need them to.

All in all, I would say the G430s are great headphones for their price range. They were being sold side by side where I bought them with a pair of Razer headphones that didn't offer Dolby 7.1, and they were the same price. For me, the choice was easy. I would recommend these to anyone, and I have recommended them to all of my friends.


I have been using these headphones for a few weeks now, and I have a few obervations to add to my review. First off, I can now confirm that these headphones are fully compatible with the Playstation 4 now that the firmware update launched to support Dolby 7.1 headphones. The headset can be used to chat and to receive all audio from the console which is great since I play in my bedroom at night while my children are sleeping across the hall.

One of the drawbacks that I didn't initially discover is that when you are using the microphone to chat, you can't hear your own voice playback through the speakers very well even when the volume is turned up. I haven't played around in the Logitech software suite to adjust this on my PC at all yet, but I know you can't adjust this on the PS4. I guess it's something that I always took for granted with other headphones.

I have also discovered that the simulated surround isn't quite as immersive as I had originally thought. That's not to say it isn't still good. In fact, it still does a much better job of simulating true 3D sound than any stereo headset, but it isn't as good as true surround. All in all, these headphones are still the most comfortable and economical wired headphones I have used so far, and I expect that I will get a ton of use out of them before they wear out.

Still loving the G430s!
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on November 20, 2014
I bought this headset at Best Buy and not Amazon but the product is still the same.

The Logitech G430 headset is a solid piece of gear for PC Gaming. The sound quality, when it was working properly though the awkward and cumbersome Logitech software, was solid if a bit muddled. Mic quality was standard at best and for the price of the headset I was expecting a little bit more.

The biggest let down of these cans is the small plastic that holds the cups in place. After less than 6 months of use the plastic holders have cracked on both sides and are beyond repair to the point that the left ear cup is now dangling and the metal is exposed. I have a large head but taking the headset on and off for only a few months should not cause this kind of damage.

Upon contacting Logtiech to submit a warranty claim they have given me nothing but trouble and excuses simply because I don't have the exact photocopy of my receipt. I admit I should've kept better track of it but the hassle I have been given is unacceptable. They have the gall to tell me to try and contact the store. After 5 and 1/2 months or so of purchases at a busy Best Buy in Las Vegas I sincerely doubt that they would have my receipt on file.

Frustration abound and I'm out $70. I won't be purchasing any Logitech products from now on.
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on December 24, 2013
Due to the overall weight of this headset and shape of the foam on the top it puts pressure on the top of your head. The best fix would be for a wider pad at the top.

Overall sound is great and so are the ear pads. I am just disappointed with the headband design.
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on June 4, 2014
This headset is fantastic. Cool colors, nice fit, great sound seal, and great sound in general. However -- this headset has a noise gate on the mic, which basically means it mutes all sounds under a certain volume making it harder for background noise to travel through the mic. At first glance, that may sound great -- but it causes it to cut of the start of your first words every time since it has to unmute before it can transmit, and it makes it very hard to commentate with this mic.
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on January 8, 2015
These headphones are decent, but I wouldn't pick them up for more than $35.00

Sound Quality - Pretty decent, the surround effects aren't as noticeable as what I was expecting. If you currently only have stereo you will appreciate the rear channel during FPS gaming.

Comfort - For longer gaming sessions I have to adjust them every 45 minutes or so, or else the band across the top starts to knaw at my scalp. The ear pads are large and well designed, I almost don't notice them during use.

Compatibility - My biggest issue with these... despite re installing the drivers they don't seem to work well with Skype and gaming. They also will cut out the audio with some Steam Beta games, but seem to work well with most mainstream games.

Overall they are a decent value option when the price dips. If they start working again with all my games after the next driver update I'll bump up my score a star. Hope this helps!
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Update: 11-20-13

A professional gamer wrote to clarify what the benefit of a headset that's not completely sealed. Here's his comment and my original review follows below.

CS wrote:

"Just wanted to comment that the foam padding that leaks sound is intentional. As someone who uses completely sealed headphones (Ultrasone 780) I can tell you, the last thing you want for gaming is an airtight seal on your ears. You wanna let them breathe if you're going to use the headset a long time. This makes it very comfortable over time and reduces fatigue."

*** original review ***

I'm not a professional gamer but I do like playing games occasionally. This headset is a very, very nice compliment to online gaming.

First, the set comes large, over-the-head, headphone. Large foam cups on the left and right can drop down or swivel to the side at your convenience.

The input jacks--one for the mic and one for the headphone speakers are connected to a usb interface.

Then you have to go to Logitect's site and download the drivers from their support section. We have Windows 8 Pro but the site gives you option going back to XP.

This is a dynamic 7.1 stereo headphone w/ speaker. But, you can adjust the volume, stereo/ surround and EQ settings in the app that's installed.

*** Testing ***

After having a couple of weeks, the padding doesn't feel as secure as when I first tried them on. I only wear them for up to 2 hours at a time, but my guess is, if you're one of these gamers that doesn't leave her/his chair for hours and hours then you may notice that the sound bleeds through the gaps between the beautiful, but relatively thin foam padding and your ears.

If you enjoy the occasional gaming experience, you probably won't notice the difference between this model and a more expensive model.

*** Pro's and Con's ***

+ Lightweight headphone that you hardly notice.
+ Microphone is very strong.
+ Multiple Sound/ EQ settings
+ Price--In the range for what it offers.
+ Buttons are large and easy to access

4 stars!
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on February 9, 2015
OH MY GOD. This headset is the best at its price range. If you're a gamer and you need to be able to place direction of sounds behind or beside you - THIS IS THE PAIR TO GET.

It's not perfect, but the imperfections lie more with the firmware/software than with the hardware.


- It looks extremely cool. I don't like blue. I'm a red/black/orange person, but I had to give this a pass because it just looks so well designed.

- VERY COMFORTABLE. I have no words. The cloth cover of the earpads felt slightly scratchy for the first 5-10 minutes, but then afterwards you forget all about it. The clamp force is just right. The material on the cups feel great. They're very breathable, they don't feel warm or hot, and they won't make your ears sweat. The foam is okay, other much more expensive headsets have softer foams, but it does its job well. No complaints. Not the best, but it's good enough that it won't give you ear or head fatigue.

- very long (like REALLY long), beautifully braided blue cord terminating in 3.5mm jacks (it does come with a USB soundcard for those wondering). The cord is thin and very soft, but feels very premium, high quality and strong. Plus, it comes with a velcro strap that you can use to organize the cord.

- the virtual surround sound delivers on its promise. This will up your game if you're playing a game that supports dolby 7.1 or virtual surround sound. I've been playing various games and the positional/directional sound support is so beautiful and immersive. CAVEAT: you need to install the bloated logitech gaming software + you need to use the included usb sound card for virtual surround sound to work but more on that later

- noise reduction on the mic is great. More expensive headsets have those bendable mics and stuff - this doesn't, and I like it that way. It feels very futuristic and sturdy. I'm always scared those bendable mics would get torn off the headset or something. That's not a concern with this headset. I recorded myself sitting beside an electric fan and when I listened to the recording, I couldn't even hear the fan but my voice was very loud and clear. very happy about this

- comes with 3.5mm analog mic and headset jacks. perfect for when you just need stereo sound and you can't be bothered with USB


- Plastic feels flimsy. It looks nice (with all the matte black and stuff) but as some of the negative reviews have already mentioned, it MIGHT be prone to cracking, especially at the point where the headband connects to the cups.

- WILL NOT WORK ON USB 3.0 port! Believe me, I spent 4 agonizing hours trying to figure out why my mic wouldn't work properly and why the drivers kept crashing my desktop. Logitech tech support on their official forums were no help. They still have no idea how to fix the mic issue as of today Feb 10, 2015. Out of sheer frustration, I finally stumbled on the solution - I decided to try switching my connection from my USB 3.0 port to my USB 2.0 port and it suddenly worked perfectly. It's annoying because a bazillion people are complaining about this mic issue in the logitech forums but their tech support has no idea how to fix it. Turns out, it's probably because people keep plugging this thing in USB 3.0 instead of USB 2.0.

- Logitech Gaming Software. UGGH. What crap. The only reason to install this is if you absolutely need 7.1 virtual surround sound (which was the primary reason I bought this headset) or you need access to equalizer settings (which is unnecessary because the default sound production is so good). It's a pain to find the correct version for your OS, and to find the correct file to download (this is because the logitech support site is so badly designed it's infuriating), it takes A LOT of memory even if it's running the background (like 30-70 MB of memory) and since I configured it to start whenever windows loads, it now takes my desktop an additional 3-5 seconds longer to boot (yes, I timed it).

- USB soundcard that's included: Uggh. You need this as well to be able to get virtual surround sound. It works fine on USB 2.0 but the moment you plug it in USB 3.0, the mic just goes haywire and the drivers will crash your desktop everytime you access the sound options - and yes, this happens even if you update the firmware.


GET THIS HEADSET. It would be a steal at this price if only Logitech would get their act together and update the firmware to work with USB 3.0. Really, don't freakin' plug it in USB 3.0 if you don't want a world of pain and wasted time. Other than that, this headset is near perfect.
review image review image review image
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on December 18, 2014
So far I've had no problems with this head set. The cushions are comfortable and cover my ears well. The band cushions are also comfortable, but unlike the ear cushions they are not replaceable. I'm not sure what the problem is with most people concerning the surround sound. I find that it works really well, you just have to use the USB attachment and have the Logitech Gaming Software installed for it to work. LGS automatically recognizes the device and allows for Volume/Microphone control; Bass/Treble adjustments; and the surround sound mixer. Both ear cups swivel 90 degrees to allow the set to rest comfortably around your neck. On the cord there is also a manual volume control as well as a microphone on and off switch.

The cable can be a bit troublesome due to it's length, but that can be managed with the Velcro tie that is attached to the cable. And if you turn the volume on to the max, and/or have your mic on you may hear a slight hissing sound.

All in all for my purposes, which boil down to gaming and videos, I am happy with this purchase.
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