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on September 10, 2009
This is a great mouse. One of the best ones I have ever used. Some of the features I really like:
- The (newer) nano receiver, which can stay on the laptop at all times.
- The wireless just works. No pairing issues, no long initial wait when turning on.
- The "anywhere" part which is true! This mouse works on absolutely anything.
- All the buttons you need on a small mouse
- The great dual-mode scroll wheel for step-by-step scrolling or fast flowing scrolling.
- Good ergonomic despite the small size.
- Easy on/off switch at the bottom, which doubles as a protection flap for the sensor.
- Nice pouch.

All of this said, I am instead using a Logitech VX Nano Cordless Laser Mouse for Notebooks (Black).
I don't think one is clearly better than the other. Choosing one vs. the other is a question of personal preference and priorities.

Here are the main differences:
- The VX Nano is quite a bit lighter (by 30-40%) and it makes a noticeable difference. The Anywhere MX is a bit heavier to begin with, but more importantly, it uses AA batteries vs. AAA for the VX Nano. Note that despite the larger batteries (about 2x capacity), The SetPoint software is predicting ~100 days for the Anywhere's AA and ~150 for the VX' AAA, so I guess the new "dark field" laser uses 2-3x more power. I thought of using AA-AAA adapters to keep the weight difference down, but that would drop the battery life to <2 months. For me, that was the biggest deciding factor with the next bullet. UPDATE: I have since discovered that the Anywhere MX can work with a single AA battery, which IMHO keeps the weight more reasonable.
- The VX Nano is quite a bit cheaper. Now that it's not the "best" Logitech laptop mouse, its price has dropped quite a bit. While the Anywhere MX price is pegged close to MSRP, the VX Nano's price is oscillating up to 40% cheaper than the Anywhere MX. That's a big difference.
- The Anywhere MX can be used on any surface. In comparison, the VX Nano can only be used on most surfaces. It's still extremely competent and works on fabric, many shiny surfaces... anything you'll normally find in a home or an office, and is much better than old red LED-based mice. It does not, however, work on transparent surfaces. If that's important, then the Anywhere MX is the only option.
- The VX Nano has the back/forward buttons on the top vs the Anywhere MX on the side for the more traditional thumb access. Advantage Anywhere MX here. Those top buttons on the VX Nano are not great and I think that was one of the main complaints. I am glad Logitech listened.
- The on/off button on the Anywhere MX is easier to use (flap to slide vs. hold for 3 seconds).
- Both mice get a pouch. The VX Nano has a mesh pouch that's a bit baggy. The Anywhere MX has a tight smooth pouch. It's a near tie.
- The VX Nano comes with a USB extension with holder to use with a desktop. The Anywhere MX doesn't. Not a big deal IMHO.
- The Anywhere MX has the new Nano receiver that can support several devices. The VX Nano has the "old" one. They are the same size though and behave identically with a single device. In particular, there is no pairing and initial latency issues as seen on Bluetooth devices.
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Package Type: Standard PackagingVine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I love this thing - it's comfortable, it has the hyper-fast scrolling that I love on my desktop mouse, it does indeed work anywhere, and the plug-and-play unifying receiver (USB stick) is teeny and does not have to be removed to put your laptop in the case. I got it for my work netbook - upon which I have to do a lot of writing.

SIZE/SHAPE: Perfect for me (I am a woman). As a portable it is a bit smaller than a traditional mouse, but that fits me better and my hand does not cramp up using it. It does not have a dramatic ergonomic curve like some bigger mice, but it does have grippy sides and a bit of shaping for your fingers (i.e. it's not just a hard plastic uniform shell).

DARKFIELD "ANYWHERE" TECHNOLOGY: I love this feature - and it's exactly what you need for your laptop... since you never know where you'll be using it and what sort of surface will be available to you. I have tried it on glass, paper, laminate, my couch, an airplane desk, a glossy desk, my leg, etc. It really does work anywhere. Love this. I used to carry a piece of cardboard in my laptop case for places without a good mouse-surface. That's gone.

SCROLLING: It has the hyper-fast scrolling that I have come to love on my desktop mouse (Logitech MK700 wireless keyboard/mouse). This enables me to fly through long PDFs or the like. You can easily (more easily than on my desktop mouse) switch to click scrolling - simply by pushing on the scroll wheel. You can also scroll horizontally (I use this for excel) by pushing the scroll wheel right/left.

BUTTONS: Big, slick, easy to use on/off slide button on the bottom - I use this a lot when carrying my netbook around to different offices (I keep the netbook on but don't want the mouse to accidentally click), so I like how easy this is to do with one finger (unlike some small fussy on/off buttons). Scroll wheel button converts from hyper-fast to click scroll as described above. Button below the scroll wheel brings up a window with thumbnails of all open applications so you can quickly go to where you want - I use this a lot too. And your standard forward/back buttons.

RECEIVER: Teeny. This is the best feature of the mouse. It sticks out maybe 1/4 of an inch when plugged in to the laptop, so you do not need to remove it to fit your laptop in the case or wherever. If you do want to remove it (why?) - there is storage in the mouse itself. It's a 'unifying' receiver capable of managing up to 6 compatible (i.e. Logitech) devices. Like most here, I cannot review this feature as I don't have any other compatible devices, sorry. But I still love that I plugged it in once and have never fussed with it since.

BOTTOM LINE: Small, comfortable, good features on the mouse itself - notably the hyper-fast scroll and the 'anywhere' technology - but the best feature is the tiny receiver that can easily live in your laptop without taking up space. I love this mouse!
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on September 11, 2009
It is great mouse, and I can definitely recommend it if you are looking for new laptop mouse. Here are some more details:
1. Appearance: It is very similar to VX Nano, but has better rubber and color coating.

2. Size: It is a bit larger than VX Nano. (I assume the new laser technology, Dark-Field might be required more space. Another obvious reason is two AA batteries are used rather than AAA batteries which are used in VX Nano. Anyway, this mouse is still small enough to easily carry around.)

3. Left & Right buttons: They are a bit heavier touch than VX Nano. I don't like heavy touch on left & right buttons because it makes my fingers get tired faster. It is my preference, so other people could like a bit heavier touch.

4. Back & Forward buttons: They are a little difficult to click with my thumb (I believe my hand is typical size). They should be located same as VX Nano.

5. Hyper-fast scrolling: I always love this scrolling mechanism since it was introduced, and it is one key reason I prefer Logitech mouse. But, there is one problem that its rubber band around the hyper-fast scrolling can be loosed in some time. After the rubber band is loosed, it makes erratic resistance while it is spinning. I guess it may not be a problem to someone, but to me, it is serious problem because I use it all the time. I think Logitech should do something about the rubber band.

6. Dark-Field Laser tracking: I don't know how much it is more accurate and precise than typical laser tracking, but I can be sure that it can be used almost any surfaces including glass & laminated surface which typical laser or optical mouse wouldn't work. It is truly amazing. You will love this.

7. Carrying Case: It is come with carrying case which seems to look better, but its size is smaller than the carrying case of VX nano. So, it has very tight fit which makes a bit difficult to be zipped. I have switched its carrying case with VX nano carrying case.

8. Battery life: at this point, I cannot say much about it, but assume Anywhere MX consumes a little bit more battery since it uses AA rather than AAA. Plus, the dark-field laser tracking mechanism might be required more power than typical laser tracking.

Last thing is "SetPoint" program which is its driver from Logitech. It gives some options to customize each button, but limitation. I might suggest "uberOptions"([...]) which allows customizing each button any way you want, but use it at own your risk.
review image review image review image
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on July 25, 2012
The biggest fault of this mouse is that after 1-2 years the left button starts to double-click almost every time. Mine did after less than two years and there isn't really a solution to this. I found an application that made this problem a bit less obvious, but ultimately I had to give up. It's a shame, otherwise it would be a 5* product, but I find it unacceptable for such an expensive product to last so little time. This problem is known for a few years and affects most Logitech mice, not only this, but they did nothing to solve it when they released new versions of the products.
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on January 17, 2010
If you use SolidWorks, Pro/E, AutoCAD, or any program that requires a lot of middle mouse button presses, do not buy this mouse. The middle mouse button is a mechanical switch that toggles between microgear (ratcheted) and smooth wheel scrolling. There's a button just behind the wheel that can act as the middle-mouse but good luck getting used to that (and then going back to a normal mouse). It's too bad I had to return this mouse bc otherwise the it seemed solid.

For notebook CAD applications I recommend the Logitech VX Revolution (microgear switch is on underside). For desktop CAD applications I like the older Logitech gaming mice (G5, MX518).
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on September 14, 2009
- Nano transceiver
- Darkfield tracking
- Forward/back buttons on side
- Carrying case included
- Hyper scroll wheel

- Price
- Ergonomics (or lack thereof)
- Hyper scroll wheel (see full review)
- Storage location for nano transceiver

Full Review:
I'm a very picky keyboard/mouse person first off so a 3 rating really is probably more of a 4 but read on and judge for yourself...

Sadly, when I went looking for a mouse for my refreshed company laptop, I could not find something I was comfortable holding on to and had an appropriate set of features: nano transceiver or Bluetooth, small size, forward/backward side buttons, etc. I saw in the store the Anywhere MX and despite the price of $79.99 plus discounts I thought I would give it a try.

From an external point of view it had everything I was hoping for. I opened the box and knew what to expect. The setup was non-existent; everything was plug and play. The size was still a bit larger than I was expecting but it was still compact and usable. Amazingly, thanks to the hyped Darkfield technology, the mouse tracked on my desk and just about anywhere else I put it. The hyper-scroll, which I've used for some time on my G9 on my desktop, made scrolling through pages of text so much easier than a standard mouse wheel. The nano transceiver was one, for the first time ever, I was comfortable putting into a laptop and leaving there.

So why the 3? Well, let's start with the transceiver. Yes, it's small and tiny and is supposed to work with many of Logitech's products but as one reviewer said, that list is only 3 mice and 2 keyboards at the moment. It doesn't make it worthwhile to get the mouse for the unifying part unless you're getting one of the other items first. Moreover, the transceiver - let's say you decide to take it out - has its storage location IN the mouse. You have to take the cover off as if you were getting at the batteries to store the transceiver. It's a rather large annoyance for such a small thing.

Next, the hyper-scroll, while useful and one of my favorite inventions of Logitech from recent memory, has a flaw on this model in that to switch it from free-scroll to notched, you use the scroll wheel as if it were the middle mouse button. This means, for those who are quick to realize, that the middle mouse button feature is gone from this mouse...kinda. Actually, if you don't install the SetPoint software, XP treats the application switch button below the scroll wheel as the middle mouse button so guess it really depends if you're going to use the application switch button and the hyper-scroll wheel together or not.

Moving on, this mouse, while diminutive by design, is very uncomfortable. I knew getting it that it would be similar to another Logitech product on display there and thought that maybe the newer model would fix any design issues from previous ones. Rather, they just took the same outer shell, moved a few buttons around, and repackaged it. For someone with slightly larger hands I can't use this mouse for very long or very seriously without my hand cramping up.

Finally, this mouse has a pretty steep price point as most of Logitech's tech-oriented mice have in the past. I'm not saying $80 isn't worth it but honestly this mouse should probably be half the cost considering what you're getting.

Parting thoughts: Overall, this mouse packs a lot of features into a very small space. The size is perfect for a portable mouse but that's put before comfort which is my biggest gripe with this product. For someone with a smaller hand size, who will be leaving the transceiver plugged in all the time, and who doesn't need the application switch and middle mouse button, this is the perfect portable mouse assuming you have the money to spend on it. For me, I'll be returning the mouse to the store I bought it from and getting another mouse, possibly the Performance MX, instead.
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on October 12, 2014
Truly, I cannot believe that Logitech are still selling this mouse. Like thousands of others have reported, there is a CATASTROPHIC FAILURE in the design which means that after a while they start developing phantom double clicks. Which means that when you click the button, it generates two clicks instead of one. This is a HORRIBLE fault and makes the mouse completely unusable after a short period of time. You may try and ignore it, but believe me it is SO frustrating to use software with a mouse that generates phantom clicks. You will be tearing your hair out in no time. Please bear in mind that most of the "good" reviews of this mouse will have been written by people who haven't had the mouse long, before the double click problem sets in.

I bought this mouse a couple of years ago and it developed the problem after 6 months. Since I couldn't find the receipt and just put it down to bad luck, I bought another one. It too developed the problem, this time after 4 months. So after researching the problem (and finding out that everyone else had the same problem), I discovered a statement from Logitech which gave steps to "fix" the problem (involving taking the batteries out and holding down the buttons for a minute). However, this is only a temporary fix and the problem soon comes back. After a while, the temporary fix stopped working. So this time I took advantage of my warranty and demanded a replacement. I thought that since Logitech were aware of the problem, they would have solved it in their newest production run.

Well, what happened was that due to a customer service error on their part, they ended up sending me TWO brand new MX Anywhere mice. Great! Or not so great...after 6 months, the first one developed the same problem. And now another 6 months later, the SECOND one has developed the same problem as well. So this totals FOUR Logitech Anywhere MX mice in my possession which have developed the phantom click problem. THE ENTIRE PRODUCT LINE IS AT FAULT AND LOGITECH ARE DOING NOTHING TO FIX IT. They figure they'll just keep taking everyone's money and selling a mouse that they KNOW is guaranteed to fail after a short amount of time. The vast majority of people won't even bother using their warranty (or will have lost their receipt), so Logitech aren't worried about having to replace a few.

If you are thinking about buying this mouse, PLEASE take heed of my review and RUN A MILE! Buy ANY mouse except a Logitech one. They used to be a top notch company manufacturing quality computer accessories. However that was many years ago. These days, their products are junk (and they know it!).
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on September 11, 2009
Anywhere Mouse MX - even glass tables! WOW! I have been waiting for a long time for this, how many times you have been at a hotel with a glass table in your room or in the hotel dining room and have to put a piece of paper under your mouse and on the jet plane!!! Many stories I know. This is the answer, "The Anywhere Mouse MX work everywhere mouse" for your laptop.

The Anywhere Mouse MX uses an ambidextrous design that is comfortable for both right and left-handed users. One of my favorite features of the mouse is its scroll wheel The freewheeling scroll wheel isn't new to Logitech, but it is still a great feature that lets you fly through long documents and pages with a flick of your finger rather than lots of clicking and flicking with your finger.
If the freewheel mode isn't accurate enough you can simply press the scroll wheel to move between freewheel and click modes automatically. The mouse will work without drivers installed, but the Logitech software allows you to customize the buttons and accelerate the pointer if you desire.
The scroll wheel is clickable side to side and the mouse has three other buttons including two on the side that default to forward and backwards for web pages and one under the scroll wheel that acts as the middle mouse button. These buttons can be programmed to activate features of Vista like Flip3D if desired.

The big feature of the Anywhere Mouse MX is the Darkfield tracking technology. The Darkfield tech is designed to allow the mouse to track accurately on any surface including clear glass. The only catch for use on glass is that it has to be at least 4mm thick. The mouse tracked very well on all surfaces in my testing.

I could accurately use the mouse on a desktop, a mouse pad, my leg, carpet, paper, wall, a glass table top, and shiny granite counter tops. The mouse is accurate on all surfaces and its tracking ability is top notch. Another cool feature of the mouse is the Logitech Unifying Receiver. The little receiver barely sticks out of the USB port so you don't even have to remove it to pack up your notebook. It will also allow other mice or keyboards to connect to the computer using the same receiver.

Billy Amato (NYC)
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on December 30, 2012
The old version of this mouse is far better than the new version because the older version had dull top surface which meant good grip and non sweaty palm ( if you are heavy user, you know what I mean). The newer version has a shinny top surface which is:
1.fingerprint magnet
2. Slippery and feels cheap
3. If you are heavy user and have sweaty hands often then this would make things worse.

MOST IMPORTANTLY: Watch where you buy from. I bought the item on amazon from seller: TechNGnet

They sent me a newer version of this model. I opened the box without realizing that its the newer model, I contacted them and this is what I got in return from Mr James Young of TechNGnet:

We apologize for any inconvenience. We have sent an updated version as the old model is no longer available. If you are unsatisfied with the product you may return it for a refund.

Please note there is a restocking charge (20% for opened items and 10% for unopened items) and the shipping fee is not refundable.

Now my question to James Young of TechNGnet is:
1. Why In the first place did you sent a newer model ? Why did you not contact me before sending the wrong item to me?
2. To add insult to the injury, I have to shell restocking fees!! and shipping fees.

So BEWARE before buying from TechNGnet.
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on September 5, 2009
This is really a great mouse, the darkfield laser technology works great. I have yet to find surface that it will not track on and properly work. It REALLY does work on clear glass (and all other surfaces I have tried so far). I am often using my laptop in locations where it seems like all the available working surfaces are glass or some other material that doesn't work well with laser mice, and I believe I have found a solution to that with this mouse.
If you are looking for a new laptop mouse (it's would also work great as a desktop mouse, if you don't like the big bulky ones - and prefer something a bit smaller) then I highly suggest you give this one a try, you will not be disappointed.
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