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While I am not a huge gamer - unless you want to call "Second Life" or playing various Facebook games a "gamer" - I don't think I qualify. But I have to say. I am a Mac person and although these wireless phones don't come with Mac drivers (I hope they will eventually and have written Logitech asking for a status on this as well as PS3 drivers) I can work the phones at their basic level just fine on my iMac. I don't get button programming but the volume roller knob works and with my iMac watching video and listening to music is fantastic! The sound is crisp and clear and for using on Skype (dorky as it seems) the microphone is wonderful, noise canceling and comfortable.

These headphones remind me of a throwback from the 70's. The big fat headphones with the padded ears and the coiled wires. If you remember how comfortable those used to be, you'll understand what I am talking about. Those were the most comfortable headphones. Along came Sony with their Walkman in the 80's and those tiny headphones with the orange sponge covers ... I remember when these evolved and took over the consumer market. Everything got smaller while giving up the comfort factor. These Logitech G930 gamer headphones reminisce to the great days of listening to music in an easy chair for hours. I watched several episodes of Weeds: Season One while sitting in front of my iMac 21.5" screen. I could control volume easily with the scroll wheel on the side. Getting my iMac to work with the headphones required no CD driver installation -- I just went to my settings and changed the Sound input and output settings. I have use of the buttons as forwarding through tracks, restarting and pausing. No problem whatsoever. Crisp, clear DVD sound and iTunes music sound.

I decided to test the range on this headset (range from me/headset from the wireless adapter and iMac) and was extremely surprised that I could cover every corner of my house with no problem (2300 sq ft). When I stepped outside and shut the door, I lost the signal completely. When I stepped back inside, it came back.

I realize that folks looking at this may be a totally gaming audience. For a PC installation, I am sure that all functionality is available including the buttons and the 7.1 surround sound. I hope that they will consider developing both Mac and PS3 drivers for this headset. I've seen a desire for PS3 drivers for a headphone of this caliber and I hope Logitech sees and responds to that need.

If I get an update from them regarding my request for a status on driver development, I will certainly post it here. As a wireless headset even WITHOUT any CD installation I think they are fantastic and worth the money. I almost considered giving the phones 4 stars but then realized that the platform is really MY issue and has nothing to do with the quality of the device itself. I also almost wondered why Logitech did not include some kind of little plastic stand for them until I realized that the phones lay totally flat. Storing them is easy.

I have to also say that I like the USB wire spool and the ability to use the phones (tethered to the USB of course) while they charge. Ingenious! It's as simple as plugging the USB wireless adapter into the spool and the spool into your computer. Plenty of cable to work with while they charge, Very cool feature.

The phones are comfortable, durable and look like they can stand the long haul and hours of use at a time. Even my Bose® QuietComfort® 15 Acoustic Noise Cancelling® Headphones can't hold a candle to these regarding comfort. These are made to be worn for hours at a time. They definitely help to block ambient noise and are a pleasure to wear and should fit heads and ears of many sizes. I might question youth sizing though and suggest that these be tried on in a store if possible. There are a lot of adjustments that can be made to them but it seems like ages 10-up would be the best fit for these. It's a matter of the length. If there is any question on sizing, I would suggest trying them on if possible.

Fantastic headphones. I'll wait patiently for newer, multi-platform drivers and will report back.

5 Stars for quality in fit, finish and functionality.

UPDATE: News on Mac and PS3 directly from the Logitech engineers:
"We currently don't have plans for releasing Mac software for the G930. Logitech is very aware that the number of Mac gamers is growing and we're taking that into consideration for future development of our products.

It's a "no" on the PS3 also I am afraid. The PS3 does not support USB audio out, and the audio in is looking for a specific VID_PID.

Sorry the news isn't better, but it is what it is!"
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on September 12, 2012
I work from home. I write for a living. I spend ALL day every day at the computer writing -- and my favorite way to relax at home is playing games. While I cringe to admit it, it's fair to say that I might spend more time with these headphones on my head on a given day than I spend with them off. If anybody has stress-tested these's me.

This is my second pair of G930s, and before I bought the G930s, I had the G35s, which are essentially just the wired version.

They aren't without problems. My first pair went into the trash when the plastic fitting at the top of the ear cup on the left side -- into which the metal size adjustment rail is slotted -- simply broke. The plastic had gotten tired with time (and my taking the headphones on and off), and shattered in such a way that it would have been impossible to fix it without a lot of tape. Tape + proximity to my hair = no thanks. Aside from that structural failure, the headphones were fine; they still sounded great, and the mic worked perfectly. (Prior to buying logitech headphones, I had a pair of Razer headphones, and they also broke at the top of the ear cup, so I don't think that this is a problem exclusive to the G930s -- I think anything you take on and off of your head repeatedly, with swiveling plastic parts that can be torqued, is at some risk of breaking eventually.)

This second pair of headphones has lost tension on the microphone arm -- whatever mechanism inside allowed it to have tension to raise and lower in different positions is no longer situated properly, so the mic sags. I've rigged it by tucking a bit of folded paper behind the 'elbow' of the mic where it joins the cup, but needless to say, it isn't ideal. Aside from that, the headphones work properly.

Both headphones have had some weird issues with turning on and off when plugged in. This is an issue mainly when used with windows, as the headphones will automatically turn off after a certain length of time if they receive no incoming sounds (or possibly any input on the mic). When that happens, I find it easiest to unplug the headset, turn it back on, and then plug it back in.

Obviously, I liked these enough to buy a second pair despite the price tag and minor issues. For my purposes, they're a great fit: they're comfortable to wear for long periods of time; they sit comfortably around my ears rather than pressing on them. They're a little bit heavy, but most headphones of this size will have some weight -- and whatever battery these have in them usually gives me eight or more continuous hours of use before I have to plug them in (which isn't a huge inconvenience, because the charging station and cord are fairly lengthy). The 7.1 is really well done, with a what feels to me like an expansive soundstage that's *great* for gaming -- I never have trouble pinpointing where in the 3D space a certain sound is coming from. The mic is good...almost too sensitive, as sometimes the people I'm in vent with will tell me that the sound of my sink running sounds like a garbage disposal! Generally, though, they say the quality of output is clear and solid.

The programmable keys on the side are pretty useful, though I wouldn't mind if the driver software were updated to include other programs like Skype or Mumble.

A few last points: sometimes, USB headphones, particularly surround sound USB headphones, do not get along with certain game titles. There can be weird static, dropped sounds, or other shenanigans, and though this is really rare, it's pretty frustrating if, like me, you rely on the headphones entirely for sound (living as I do in an apartment with neighbors who probably wouldn't appreciate listening to virtual gunfire late in the evening). Occasionally, the driver software will decrease the mic volume on its own, or scroll the headset volume downward, without being told to. Little problems like this are usually easily fixed by unplugging the USB receiver and plugging it back in to refresh the device (and then turning the headset on fresh afterward).

None of these are dealbreakers. I'll admit I've done a little bit of research on other wireless gaming headsets in light of these little nagging issues, but I have yet to find one that offered me the same utility and sound quality as this pair of headphones does. If you're willing to deal with a wired connection, I think there are probably better deals out there...but if you're looking for a set of excellent wireless headphones, I think as of the writing of this review, you can't really do any better than the G930s.
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7 of 7 people found the following review helpful
on January 25, 2015
I am on my second pair of g930s, having completely worn out my first. 2015 will make this 5 years of using these. I am bored and was purchasing some logitech products on here so I thought I would review my trusty headset.

After going through about 7 pairs of logitech internet chat headsets since my first gaming computer I built when I was 13, I thought it was time to upgrade to a wireless. Every single time I would run over those crappy inline audio cords that layer the left and right channels and the microphone in some kind of sick perverted audio sandwich, the soul design it seems is to break the moment it is exposed to oxygen... or the wheel of my chair.

Anyway, as a gamer, the needs of a wireless headset are pretty simple:

* Decent sound quality and loudness
* A microphone on a boom
* Acceptable battery life
* Usable while plugged in

It is very surprising how many wireless headsets can not meet all of these 4 requirements. Logitech had a clear vision when designing it and they hit all the marks, they understood exactly what gamers needed, this is especially true when you see how long the charging cable is. And really, that brings me to my main point: Use this headset long enough and you learn that it is actually a temporarily wired headset, you leave it plugged in all the time, then you realize how bothersome the cord is and you just rip it out of the headset like the badass you are and go about your merry way.

Then 5-10 hours later and the stupid death beep attacks and you desperately try to plug in the charging cable while it's still on your head, of course the superposition properties of USB make this almost impossible. Although when you do get it, you feel like Neo jacking into the matrix; plugging a power cable into something on your head is... weird.

Anyway here is the critical part of my review:

As always, logitech makes that great product you want, but it always seems to be mired with production shortcuts and annoying design decisions.

Cons first:

* The drivers are finicky, the 7.1 binaural isn't bad when everything is working. When people put on my headset for the first time they comment "it is like the sound isn't coming from the headset." HOWEVER many games auto detect your audio and don't let you change it, the fact that the headset drivers report to everything that it is "7.1 surround" is a nightmare. Especially when the drivers aren't detecting 7.1 even when your media is outputting in it, AND when the game doesn't let you change it. Then you are in for a fun time of listening to 8 channels of audio in your right ear and only your right ear (maybe a plus if you only hear out of your right ear).

* Power button should be a switch. 7.1 switch should be power and the button can toggle the 7.1. or better yet, have them both on switches.

* Newer batches of these headsets (ok well my 'new' one is from over a year ago) have issues regulating their voltage. If I leave it charging overnight the battery will overcharge... or something... and my headset will do some kind of death buzz. Once the reaction in the battery calms down it works ok. Sort of like having battery-diabetes.

* Charging and transmitter stand doesn't stay put well when you are using the headset while plugged in. I seem to drop and break my transmitter a lot. I have to order replacements from their website semi-frequently (probably not an issue if you aren't klumsy)

* Drivers and windows have a heck of a time detecting the transmitter sometimes, it can be frustrating.

* Audio is compressed a little, and it doesn't get THAT loud... I give it a pass though

* earpads fall apart after a few years, my girlfriend stripped off all the old vinyl stuff and sewed some cool cloth to the foam (pic included), they got stinky after a while though :(

* Driver issues in general. Sometimes you need to restart a game after switching to surround sound to get it to work right. They really need to improve that whole aspect of this because its main selling points rely heavily on software that often times doesn't deliver.



* Range is really great. I use this thing a lot to listen to pandora or a podcast while I am cleaning and vacuuming.

* I really like the logitech gaming driver thing, lots of nice options for my headset.

* Battery life is really great.

* You can buy replacement parts! The batteries even come with a dinky little screwdriver.

* really blocks out sound well, used it once as ear protection when I rented a nail gun (PROBABLY NOT RECOMMENDED FOR THAT)

* Mic mutes when you swing it up

* So ever play project reality? If not it is a realistic mod for BF2. Anyway I mapped the voice chat to one of the macros on the headset, and in game your character lifts up his hand to his ear when you do voice chat. So I feel really awesome like a secret service agent or something lifting my hand up to send a request to the commander who probably is some 13 year old wondering why his little bird isn't taking off but you have to wait for it to start up because that's how helicopters work in this god this isn't halo


TL;DR:SUMMARY: Well this is perhaps the best option for a wireless gaming headset. It's an old design and logitech seems to have put out some other wired stuff to update all the other proto-plebian-headsets that use this same frame. This headset is peerless, but that's kind of a shame because it doesn't really have any competition, it is the best in a class of one.

If they did a refresh of this, make it pair better, fix the driver and mechanical issues, they would really have a masterpiece on their hands. Maybe go with bluetooth 4.0? Eh? Maybe not...

I don't know what it is with logitech, they seem to design their products a bit more optimistically than they can produce them. I don't mind paying $130 for their headsets, but it should be $100 product with $30 of quality on top. Not $100 product with $30 of gimmicks on top of it, I don't need the gimmicks I recognize you had a clear vision when making this thing. Trust me I am not getting it to turn my voice into a bunny rabbit.

So basically if you want the good aspects of this, you are going to have to learn to live with its idiosyncrasies. And maybe be prepared to return a couple until you get one with a working battery-pancreas (voltage regulator).
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
7 of 7 people found the following review helpful
on November 13, 2014
Note that I am not advocating for ditching Logitech's headphones, just this piece of trash hardware (coming from a Logitech fanboy of the highest caliber (89% of my computer perefs are from Logitech and even some other household tech)).

Let me do the short version first. Save yourself the trouble and get the G430's instead.

Now, if you want to know why this is my suggestion, read on.

Let's do the pros first, it will be a short list:


Wireless, so you can listen to stuff or chat online without having to be at your computer
Comfortable fit and padding to deal with pains that might develop from long-term use
Long battery life
7.1 surround sound

Cons (wall of text incoming):


Strange that this is both a pro and a con yes? Well the wireless component of this hardware has some serious design flaws. First and foremost almost all of the problems come from the wireless receiver. The way that it is made makes it so that occasionally there quality and connection issues. An adventurous YouTuber traced it back to the casing the receiver (known as R herein) uses. The hardware, including being encased in plastic housing, has an anti-static bag around it that interferes with the signal at random times (may have to do with how long it is operated).

This interference shows up as pops and clicks, connection issues between the R and the headset that require you to reset the connection (hold down the power button on the headset for 5 seconds and then use a paper clip to push down a reset button on the R accessible through a hole just under the status light), momentary loss of connection between the R and headset, as well as loud humming or buzzing that either requires a reset as stated above to stop or that goes off on its own after a period of time.

Mic Quality:

The microphone on this headset is locked to 16,000hz. While the idiots at Logitech think this low quality crap rate is just as good as dvd audio we all know better. However there is no way to hack around it, I have thoroughly researched and attempted to do so. It is locked within the driver for the headset. The G430 does not have this bug and yes I consider this to be a bug no matter what excuse Logitech throws at us. Their excuse is that the 7.1 bandwidth over wireless means that the mic has to locked because there is no enough throughput to handle both. However they do not unlock the quality when 7.1 is disabled nor do they do so when you have the headset plugged into the charging base.

Mic Bugs:

There are a bunch of problems with the microphone ranging from bad recording quality (both from the quality setting and from the hardware itself) and from some glitches in the software. Also the mic will turn itself on sometimes after the headset disconnects during a signal disruption even if it is in the mute position. Many people have reported that the microphone's noise canceling feature not working, while I have not had this happen it was quite prevalent and probably tied to a LGS bug that may have been fixed since.

Several major recording programs (Bandicam, Fraps, and Playclaw were used to test) will not record the audio form this headset correctly and in all of my testing the audio file has had data drops causing the file to be up to 13% smaller than the video file.

G Key Bugs:

Related to the software, remapped G Keys to operate as different things in-game or in programs do not work at all. I have done extensive testing and they only function as they are set for default use in media programs. Another bug, maybe related to the software, is that the keys will stop responding at some point (along with the sound wheel) and you will have to turn the unit off and back on to return them to working order.


Finally we come to the biggest POS thing about this headset. The Logitech Gaming Software is full of bugs and will make you want to throw your computer out of a window. In fact it is so bad that the software will cause your headset to not function properly. Several times now the LGS bugging out has caused my headset to stop charging or stop properly connecting to the R. It will also sometimes lock out 7.1 mode by not detecting that the switch has been changed on the headset. The only way to fix that problem is by reinstalling the software after restarting in my experience.

Others have reported that the battery for this unit dies out quickly but replacing it is somewhat easy.

Overall the idea was good but technical, software, and hardware problems plague this headset.
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The manufacturer commented on this review (What's this?)
Hi George,

Thank you for sharing your frank and very detailed feedback with us with regards to the Pros and Cons of the Logitech G930 Headset.

We will be sure to forward your thoughts to the Gaming team here at Logitech for future consideration.

For further information or technical inquiries, feel free to reach us at +1 646-454-3200, or visit our online gaming community at

Logitech Customer Care
7 of 7 people found the following review helpful
on January 19, 2012
I have had this headset for about a year now. I used to own the Medusa 5.1 (independent speakers; unlike this set) and the surround effect was great. Switching between the two headsets made things clear. The Medusa set has serious sound quality issues. The G930 sound quality was much better. MUCH better. My old set had great bass response but the Logitech, I was impressed by the bass response as well for not being discrete. Very full sound.

The cones cover the ears completely. They fit so well, outside sound is almost gone.

Unfortunately, it comes down to practical everyday use. I use my headset daily. The G930 fails every day. When I am in a game, I am being yelled at to turn my mic off and that my mic sucks. Not the words you want to hear after laying down all that cash on a headset. It has to be true when I hear the same complaints over the past year. I used to argue, "but I bought Logitech's best..." nah. Logitech failed on this one. Even while I am playing a game, the audio drops out for 30 seconds at a time. If audio is failing, I can only imagine what the mic is doing.

I own a lot of Logitech products that I love, but this is not one of them. Very unhappy with the money I paid.

Edit: Since I wrote the review, the mic has physically broken. The arm has broken where the bend occurs. I treated this set well and I am not sure how it broke. Other sets I have owned have never broken like this one. I contacted Logitech and they are having me return this to them (they are paying shipping) for an exchange under warranty.
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179 of 238 people found the following review helpful
on January 23, 2011
The g930 is actually an awesome headset. The design is great, listening to music is crisp & clear, wireless is now a luxury I won't be able to live without, and these could very well be the best headphones I've ever had.

However, there is a major problem plaguing this headset, and while it could most likely be fixed with a simple driver update, sadly logitech just doesn't seem to care...

The deal breaker occurs when using the mic, there is a constant buzzing/interference sound. It doesn't matter if it is completely silent when I'm recording, the sound won't go away! Doesn't matter if I'm using the logitech drivers, or windows default drivers, laptop or desktop, doesn't matter if I'm on Win XP machine, or Vista...

If you browse their support forums you will this is a rampant problem with everyone who owns the g930. And you'll also see that support is pretty much non-existent too. Such a shame, I would love them except for this one issue, and these headphones are now going back...
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33 of 42 people found the following review helpful
on February 15, 2012
I've gone through two of these headsets now, and both have broken in the same manner. A small, plastic plate is screwed over the base of the left earpiece. It holds the "joint" of the earpiece to the frame that goes on your head. This plate is easily broken just from sitting the headphones on your desk. The plate cracks and snaps off the screws, leaving the joint open to fall out, making the headset practically useless. I've rigged mine with tape, but it is unreliable.

I won't be buying another one.
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6 of 6 people found the following review helpful
on February 3, 2013
If you are looking for a solid pair of wireless headphones for the pc, then these will fit your needs. But If you are looking for a decent surround sound experience, the G930's completely fail to deliver.

After gaming on a surround sound system, I was blown away with how much was added to my experience. Since my personal setup was not optimal for a speaker system, I opted for a pair of headphones instead. After spending many hours reading reviews, I decided on the G930 both because people said it had good overall sound quality, and for the convenience of wireless.

While the sound quality and convenience of wireless did not disappoint, I can not say the same for surround sound experience. I wasn't expecting the exact same quality as a speaker system, but I was expecting to at least be able to roughly locate from where a sound was emanating. While there is definitely some spatial qualities to the sound, it is murky and ill defined.

In the end, I decided to return these and bought a pair of more expensive Astro A50's. They, despite their own problems, provide the surround sound experience I was looking for. I wouldn't recommend everyone buy them, but if you were wondering if you could get a surround sound experience with headphones, know that you can. Possibly settle for a less expensive wired pair instead.
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12 of 14 people found the following review helpful
on September 3, 2011
I ordered this item via a 3rd party amazon retailer "B&H Photo" and I've had it for about a week now. The sound quality is nice except for the fact that it randomly disconnects every 10-15 minutes regardless of which USB port I plug the dongle into. I have a wireless router about 8 feet away from the dongle with a wall and 4 layers of wood between them. I figured it was wireless interference but I've tried moving the dongle as far away from the router as I can but I cannot get this thing to stop randomly disconnecting.

I expected a lot more from a pair of $170 headphones.

Update: I changed the wireless channel of my router from 6 to 11 and it seems to have fixed the issue so far. Considering how many people have wireless routers and how many of them would know how to do this, I think this was a big oversight by Logitech.
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9 of 10 people found the following review helpful
on July 3, 2013
If you were thinking about buying these, don't. The microphone on my second pair just stopped working, mid-call, after a month. It also takes 2-4 presses of the on button to get it to turn on. My first pair had many issues including a microphone that would not stay up in the mute position and no correlation between the charge status of the headset and the charge status in the software that came with the set. Seems that there is no quality control on these and you might get a pair that works but will probably spend your time sending them back.
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