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on November 11, 2013
I have this mouse. I love it. I write this after switching to the G602 from a wired G500. I was worried about the weight, responsiveness and constant battery charging, but Logitech nailed all three.

If you're looking for specs, read the product description and marketing material. This review is purely my experience as an enthusiast user.

- Overview


* World-class battery life (**I've tested 160 hours on a single battery**)
* Wireless works!
* Good build quality
* Textured grip on both sides
* Weight: If you run one battery, lighter than G700s, comparable to Naga Epic / Mamba
* Six thumb buttons, just enough to feel pampered
* No accidental thumb button presses


* Top three thumb buttons are high, slightly reduces control

What I miss from my G500:

* Free-scroll / hyper-scroll
* Lighter weight

- Build

Fine build quality. Textured grip as on other Logitech mice, with a rather short thumb rest. Mouse moves around smoothly on its pads.

Mousewheel is tactile but quiet. I still sometimes run into issues where the trigger-point for the mousewheel click gets off-center, but it eventually jiggers itself back into place. I encounter this with plenty of other mice as well, so this is not an explicit negative. Just like how omitting my beloved free-scroll is not a full negative either.

Wireless works fine, though you may need a line of sight to the receiver. It includes a USB extender.

- Buttons

Love the thumb buttons. They're right above where your thumb rests (easy access, no accidental tripping with a tight grip). The top three buttons are a higher than you'd expect, but I got used to it. The thumb buttons have rather pointy edges that dig in to your fingers and need a reasonable amount of force to press. This actually increases the control you have with your thumb on the buttons.

I like that because I can distinctly feel the buttons and there is no chance of accidental clicking, but it may be uncomfortable for some people or difficult to access/trigger while whipping the mouse around.

Very useful having two sets of three buttons. Mine are set up like this:

Back - Middle Click (open in a new tab) - Forward

Previous Tab - Close Tab (Ctrl-W) - Next tab

As much as I like using Vimium for no-mouse browsing, this allows super-fluid one-handed browsing. I need not explain why this is a benefit. You'll understand when you grow up.

- Battery

Battery life is phenomenal. It lets you run with only one AA battery for reduced weight, which is my preference coming from a wired G500. I got used to the weight, but still run one battery because...

My experience with G602, one plain battery, performance mode, **lasted 45 days**. (It gives you a 5% warning on your computer, and lasted 3 days past that.) Estimating a conservative 25 hours a week, that's **over 160 hours of use off a single battery**.

For comparison:

* Razer Naga Epic: 12h
* Razer Mamba: 16h
* Logitech G700s: 10h
* Logitech G602, one battery, Performance mode: over 160h

You can get much better numbers by inserting two batteries, using a high-capacity Eneloop and switching to endurance mode, but I am perfectly okay switching out a single battery every 1.5 months. When the low battery alert surprises you that your mouse even has a battery that needs swapping, charge time is a non-issue.

A+, would buy again.
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on February 26, 2014
Been using this mouse for awhile now and will compare it to the Logitech MX1100 it replaced...

---First, my stats---
Primary use: Photoshop, video editing, internet, etc... (not a gamer)
Usage: 9 hours a day
Hand size: 7-7/8" base of palm to tip of middle finger, 9-1/2" thumb to pinky stretched
Height: 6'

The MX1100 is one of the very first mice I thought Logitech nailed in terms of comfort (larger/taller mouse than most). I've never had any fatigue or issue with the MX and loved how well my hand conformed to the shape of it. Once I received the G602, I knew it wouldn't be as tall, it has a shorter profile so that you lay your hand flatter instead of cupping it like the MX.

The G602 is good/great in terms of comfort but not as good as the MX which I would consider fantastic. The wing extending on the left side is a good length and my thumb rests very well on it. The texture of the wing is a textured soft-touch material that has some grit to it, some say it's like a sandpaper or rough surface but I don't find that to be the case at all.

Although this mouse is geared towards palm-grippers, I find that claw-gripping it isn't an issue and would be fine for most however I haven't used it in this regard for extended periods of time. I tend to palm-grip my mice but at times will have a hybrid grip between the two and have had no issues or discomfort.

The left/right click buttons are very sensitive compared to the MX1100. It barely takes any force to register a click, took me a little bit to get used to at first (maybe 10 minutes), but have always wanted mice to be this sensitive so this is a big plus for me.

Button placement for everything is near perfect for my hand size (see stats above). I can reach every button with ease along with being able to distinguish each of the 6 thumb buttons. The thumb buttons are stiffer than the typical forward/back buttons of most mice to ensure you don't accidentally press something.

Wish this mouse had the hyper scroll feature at least, but understand why they didn't as it would take sales from their flagship G700s mouse. However, the scroll wheel is fairly decent even though it doesn't have hyper scroll. It will scroll pages based relative to the speed you use, so if you scroll fast it will scroll more of the page but if you go slower it will scroll at a slower rate to give you more finite control. Took a day to get used to compared to using the MX1100, I still find the hyper scroll the superior scroll wheel to use but since this is geared towards gamers, I don't think this is much of an issue.

Tracking has been spot on, haven't had any issues to date. I tend to use the 2500dpi which has been my preference for awhile. If you need more than that you can always increase the setting in your OS to make it more sensitive, I doubt anyone would need to max the dpi and the OS setting and feel they needed more.

One of the biggest issues I had with the MX1100 was that the tracking wasn't precise at times. In photoshop, there were numerous times it would skip pixel increments when trying to drag an object or create something to be a certain pixel amount (ie: make a box 250px, but cursor would go to 251px or 249px and never 250px). The G602 does not have this issue.

The mouse seems to be very high quality as most of the better Logitech mice are. I can imagine over time the rubber palm/grip area will get gunked up from use and will be more of a pain to clean but time will tell. The materials seem to be a step up from the MX1100, but only slightly as the MX was already nice to begin with.

The G602 with both batteries is lighter than the MX1100 and is noticeable. I've always liked heavier mice and even though this is lighter than what I was used to, it still has a nice weight to it. You can always just use one battery to help lighten it if you prefer it to be lighter. Between the two, I prefer the weight of the G602 as it seems perfect.

---Modes/Battery life---
When doing an A/B comparison between performance and endurance mode, there seemed to be slightly better tracking movement in performance mode, but it was so minor that this was the only way for me to notice a difference between the two. This may be more noticeable in games as I'm sure it reduces the polling rate from 500hz to 125hz, I left it on performance.

Battery life is very good and although some people prefer having the ability to connect a usb to charge a mouse so they can continue to use it (like when gaming), I much prefer to swap batteries out (have spare eneloops ready all the time) as it isn't that often you need to.

Overall I think this is a great mouse compared to the MX1100 for what I use it for and want it to do especially considering I don't use it for gaming. There are some little minor things I wish it had like the hyper scroll wheel and to be slightly taller like the MX, but this is a gaming mouse and understand why they didn't go that route.
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on November 20, 2013
I love this mouse. I've had more or less every iteration of Logitech's gaming mice...the G7, the G700, and then the G700s briefly. The G602 is slightly flatter, which I appreciate. The strong curve of the 700 makes it harder to use the mouse "claw" style" more or less have to palm grip it. Since the 602 is flatter it gives you more of an option in terms of how to hold it...which also makes it better for marathon sessions since you can change your hand position to avoid getting tired.

I was a little concerned that there would be button overload along the left side...since this mouse basically does away with anyy buttons on the top or right side (there are buttons on the top but they're all related to DPI changes by default). However, in practice I've found that I even prefer this setup. What it comes down to mostly is I *need* my index finger nearly 100% of the time for the left click, so having alternate buttons for my index finger make it difficult to continue using the left click at the same time. Obviously my thumb has no issues with that. It is easy to distinguish the 6 buttons from one another as well.

The thing that really takes the cake about this mouse is the battery life. Despite being able to charge the g700 of the fly, and use it at the same time, I found that I would often just leave it plugged in because I kept running out of battery at the most inopportune moments (of course). And it happened rather frequently...I'd run out of juice every other day or so. I don't like having to remember to plug it in at the end of a session. Having 250 hours out of a battery (which can also be rechargeable anyway), is WAY better than the 12 hours from the g700.

My last concern was that the lack of DPI (the g700s as slightly better DPI at max settings), but in use, I found I couldnt really tell much of a difference.

Since the G602 is typically cheaper...I'd say it's a hands down better mouse.

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on October 23, 2013
The size fits my hand just right, i also have a G500, G700 and Corsair M90. The G602 and G700 both fits me very well.
Great shape
nice texture
smooth movement
Enough DPI

not rechargeable
only one profile (unless i didn't play with the software enough)
The side keys takes more pressure to click and register compare to the G700

I played Battlefield 3 on endurance mode and performed just fine compare to performance mode.
review image review image review image review image review image review image review image
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on May 3, 2014
UPDATE: Used for about 3 weeks, then the middle click button started acting weird. Amazon has allowed me to return the item, but overall beware, from reading other reviews on here and on the net, the middle click button eventually goes out, and has to be pressed very hard to use, if at all.

UPDATE 2: Received yet another replacement, same thing happened just as I thought. The middle click button worked fine, then weeks later, it becomes intermittent in its clicks. Big waste of time and money having to replace this thing. Finally asked for a full refund.
Amazon has great service, and I haven't had issues with other Logitech mice, just this particular model!

Mouse is very good size, fills up my palm well. The battery life is awesome, won't have to worry that I will run out in the middle of a game.
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on March 23, 2014
I am a long time user of G700 mice for both work and play. The only problem with G700 that I had was short battery life. So when I forgot my G700 at a hotel during business trip, I decided to try G602. I was hoping I am getting a functional equivalent of G700 with longer battery life.
However G602 has a few shortcomings:
- The wheel is ratchet only. No hyperscroll. Probably not important if you just use the mouse for gaming, but a deal breaker for work.
- No tilt on the wheel
- The 2 DPI buttons next to the left mouse button are extremely flimsy and easy to push accidentally. They are also not nearly as easy to differentiate by touch as similar buttons on G700.

So as annoying as having to charge the G700 every other day is, long battery life is not enough to compensate for lost features for me.
However, if you never tried Hyperscroll before and have no idea what it is, if tilt wheel is not important to you, I think this would be a great buy.
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on November 4, 2015
This mouse sort of breaks my heart. The wireless performance, battery life, button placement, and overall design are the best I've used. However, it develops clicking issues very quickly. I had to return my first after just seven months, after the problem had gotten so bad that literally every click reported either a double- or triple-click. Naturally, this also means no click and drag.

After an infuriating and lengthy return process, I did get a replacement under warranty. Now, after just six months, the replacement has the exact same issue. I'm working through the returns process again, but it means using an old, wired mouse for weeks while I jump through Logitech's insulting hoops.

If you only need your mouse to last six months or less, this is the best I've used. It's an excellent design let down by cheap components and quality control, in addition to horrible customer support.
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on November 9, 2013
As a die-hard wired mouse gamer, I was reluctant to get a wireless mouse. My fear was poor range and that dreaded input lag. There is none. I don't mean "barely any", I mean that I cannon tell that it's wireless. The input is just as fast as my wired gaming mice. As for the range, I can use it 6 feet away without any trouble, and if it does get sketchy beyond a certain range, the included USB extension will solve that problem. Now, with a wireless keyboard and this awesome wireless mouse, I can sit on the couch and dominate on BF4 in total comfort without missing any of my shots. The tracking is superb, as it would be with any other optical gaming mouse. Between my G400s and this G602, I now prefer the G602. Pretty much the same superb, smooth, and accurate tracking (I think they use the same sensor). It's comfortable for both "claw" grip and full-on palm grip. Can run on just one battery for a little less weight (it's lightweight with both batteries but I prefer it lighter). This doesn't affect performance, because the batteries are installed in parallel, so 1 battery gives 125 hours of life, and 2 batteries gives you 250 hours. Adjustable DPI setting using the 2 very easy to reach buttons next to the left-click makes it easy to steady my shots or if need-be, crank it up while I'm flying jets. Overall, I'm extremely impressed, and I'm not easy to please when it comes to gaming mice.
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on October 17, 2014
The middle mouse button stopped working after 4 months. I contacted Logitech to make a claim on their 3-year warranty. They had me go through all the troubleshooting steps-- try a different usb port, try a different computer, etc.. After confirming that the button was faulty, they told me it was covered under warranty and will be sending me a new mouse. A few days later, they changed their minds and told me they will send forward my issue to a "product specialist" to validate my receipt. That was 2 weeks ago and I haven't heard from them since. I've sent several additional emails, but they refuse to respond. I'll probably lodge a complaint with Better Business Bureau if this goes on for another week.

I'll avoid Logitech products as much as possible from now on.
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on May 8, 2014
It's not perfect, and I had to add a "pinkie rest" by taping a bit of heavy paper in the appropriate place. It fits a treat.

This device integrates into the Logitech Gaming Software perfectly so that I can actually move key assignments freely between it, my G110 Keyboard, and the G13 Programmable Game Pad. For me that is wonderful. The software is among the most sophisticated of any I have tried.

The mouse replaces a RAT 7 MMO. It is easier to work with, fits very well, has the heft I like for my palm grip, and the maximum report rate (500) is rarely needed. I now have over two months on the original batteries, and they are still at 20%. The 2500 dpi setting is more than I can comfortably use. It took me a few days to get it all set up, but I can game in FPS or Titan Quest IT just as well as with the RAT. The wireless shows no apparent lag, and the transmitter is plugged into the G110 keyboard. It sleeps quickly, and wakes instantly. I thought I'd miss the RAT higher DPI, but I never went over 2400 in any event.

If you have a palm grip the makeshift pinkie rest is the perfect answer. The buttons are positive and easy to tell apart and actuate. I simply raise my thumb knuckle to acuate the bottom row, and lift the thumb to actuate the top with the ball of it.

It's a great mouse, and I have used nearly a dozen others. I have almost 25,000 hours in gaming. Try it, you'll love it.
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