Customer Reviews: Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard K760 for Mac/iPad/iPhone
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on July 14, 2012
Let me start by saying that I've used the apple bluetooth keyboard for about three years now, and after much thought, I decided to give this keyboard a shot. The reason for the switch was due to a few annoyances with the Apple bluetooth keyboard. I was considering buying the Logitech K750, but when I heard that a newer model was coming out with some new features I decided to wait for it. Now that I've used it I'm definitely glad I waited. I'll try to break down in detail some of the best features of the keyboard that I find most appealing.

Easy Switching - In a nutshell, you can pair this keyboard to up to three devices at once, and switch between them with the click of a button. I only tested this with my Mac and my iPhone, but it was worked flawlessly so far. There's a bluetooth button on the back of the keyboard that will let you choose which key you want to pair your device with, and once it's paired you can go from typing on a computer to typing on your iPhone in about 7-8 seconds. With the Apple bluetooth keyboard it was a hassle switching between devices since you had to disconnect/reconnect each device if you wanted to switch. I don't really have a reason to use a keyboard with my iPhone and I assume it would be much better with an iPad, but it is pretty neat having the ability to type on it if i wanted.

Design - I was a bit skeptical about switching from Apple hardware to Logitech hardware. Let's be honest, Apple makes very good looking products. The thing that i was most worried about was the fact that this keyboard was plastic. I liked the feel of the aluminum with the Apple keyboard, but after using this keyboard for about a week, I have to say that I don't notice ANY difference in quality. This keyboard is built extremely well and feels very solid as you type. I find the keys to be a bit deeper than on the Apple keyboard, which I really like. The layout is identical to the Apple keyboard, except for a few buttons up top. There is now a mission control and launchpad button, as well as the three bluetooth buttons. Also, the screen brightness is moved to the F6 and F7 keys that were previously black on the Apple keyboard (they are used for the backlit keyboard brightness on most mac laptops).

Solar Charging - I've only used this keyboard for 5-6 days so far, but ever since it was taken out of the packaging and paired up to the Logitech Control Center Software, the charge hasn't dropped below 100%. If you're thinking this keyboard requires direct sunlight to efficiently charge then you're wrong. A small desk lamp or a slightly lit room is enough to keep it charged. My keyboard sits about 15 feet away from a window with closed curtains and it still manages to keep a charge. I would even imagine the backlight from a bright computer/tv screen might even charge the keyboard in a completely dark room. It seems this will solve the battery problem with the Apple keyboard, which was going though about 3 AA batteries a month.

Now for a few negatives about this keyboard. Most of them are small nitpicks, that might not be a problem for most people but they still manage to annoy me.

The first problem that I noticed was that the caps lock light doesn't stay lit when you click it. When you turn caps lock on it will light up for 2 seconds and then turn back off. I've often found myself typing out a sentence or two before realizing it was on the whole time. (I should probably look up more when I type I guess lol).

There is a few workarounds to this problem though. The Logitech Control Center Software has two options for caps lock. You can either have a small icon come up in the menu bar when the caps lock is on, or you can have notifications pop up on the screen, similar to the ones that would come up when you change the volume. I never really look up into the menu bar unless I'm checking the time, and I really don't like the pop up notifications either, so I turned them both off, but I do appreciate the options. I don't know how much the light would drain the battery if it were to stay on, and I assume that's why logitech didn't want it staying on, but oh well. I'll deal with it.

The other problems I noticed was that the mission control and launchpad buttons didn't work out of the box. I was able to add a keyboard shortcut for the mission control key, but I can't pair anything to the launchpad key at all. I looked up the problem on logitech's website, and I still haven't found a solution that worked.

The last thing that annoys me about this keyboard is that there's no previous/next keys. On the Apple keyboard they are on opposite sides of the play/pause button, but on this keyboard they aren't there. I usually listen to music when I type papers and I've grown used to changing songs with those keys. The play/pause button is there, but unfortunately the previous/next keys aren't.

Those are a few minor nitpicks about the keyboard. Nothing too serious, and nothing that would deter me from using it. The pros definitely outweigh the cons.

If you're looking for a keyboard that you would use for a Mac or possibly an iPad then you should definitely consider this keyboard. It offers the most bang for your buck, and is essentially an Apple bluetooth keyboard with more features. I know that people are attracted to the Apple keyboard because of its nice design, but this keyboard is just as beautiful, and I couldn't be happier with it. A very wise buy for sure.


As of January 23rd, 2013, the power in the keyboard has still never dipped below 99%, and I still only have a small lamp and the light from my computer as a light source.

I have also purchased an iPad and an iPad mini, and I find myself switching between these devices quite often. This is where the keyboard really shines since it is super easy to pair and switch between devices. Within 3 seconds the keyboard is paired with the iPad and is ready to type, and with the click of one button, the keyboard can be easily switched back to my Mac.

Overall I am still very happy with my purchase, and still believe that this is the best bluetooth keyboard you can buy, especially if you ever plan on pairing it to multiple devices.
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on July 6, 2012
I have been using this keyboard for about a week, so my impressions are based on that usage.

First, and foremost, the utility of this keyboard is its ability to seamlessly transition between up to three devices, whether it be a computer (Mac) and/or IOS devices like an Ipad and an IPhone. Prior to this keyboard, I used the Apple Bluetooth keyboard for typing on my IOS devices, There are two large drawbacks with the Apple board. First, the thing sucks batteries, and even with rechargeable ones, unless you have a spare set handy, the keyboard stops working in the most inopportune of places. Second, when paired with an IOS device, you have to manually disconnect it in order to use the built in keyboard, then once disconnected, have to reconnect it once more. If you are moving between apps, one of which needs keyboard input and others which do not, this manual coupling and decoupling-at least for me-was sufficient to not use a keyboard at all for input. This device solves that minor dilemma admirably. Once connected, a simple keystroke automatically couples and decouples the keyboard between the three devices paired. A blue light displays which of the three devices one is using, and it seamlessly transitions between devices with no more than a keystroke. For this feature alone the keyboard might be worth the cost. Add in the solar recharging, and it is that much more appealing.

I deducted two stars because the typing dynamics of the keyboard are quite poor. I am a writer so I spend a significant amount of time using the keyboard where feel and touch are important. The keys lack tactile feel, even more so than Apple's keyboard which I already thought was mediocre at best. The keys are quite noisy, and make a loud clacking when typing. They feel loose and insubstantial, and do not fit the fingers well. The advertised concavity of the keys is hardly present, they are nearly flat, and my fingers are constantly slipping off the keys. Compared to the desktop versions of Logitech keyboards which offer a very nice typing experience, this keyboard should have a been a lot better. I do not recommend it for those who type a significant amount of text or need the feel of a better keyboard. The build quality is not up to Apple's keyboard, but it seems reasonably well built. That said, it comes without a case and nothing to protect the solar panel, so expect to see wear from this plastic device it if you're moving around with it.

In the end. the muli-device functionality and solar capabilities are great features. The typing experience, however, leaves a great deal to be desired. This is essentially a somewhat expensive device for sending short emails, texts and tweets.
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on December 2, 2013
Here is a quick video review on the wireless bluetooth logitech K760 solar keyboard. I also do a side by side compare of it to the Apple Wireless bluetooth keyboard also. Overall it is a great keyboard and very similar in weight to the Apple keyboard.
review image review image review image
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on August 12, 2012
For the last few years, I have been using my ever-faithful Apple bluetooth keyboard for my wireless keyboard needs (Laptop, iPad, iPhone, Mac Mini, you name it...). I chose it for the following reasons:

1. It's got a good form factor
2. It is ruggedly built (I have dropped it several times and it has kept ticking without a hitch).
3. Despite it's form factor it has got a full size layout for its keys (sans number pad). Which is always important. I hate feeling cramped while typing.
4. It pairs relatively easily with devices and the Mac-specific hotkeys at the top are quite quite handy (particularly when used with the iPad)
5. It's easy to grab and slide into my bag when I need to just go.

But, that all said, there are a few drawbacks. Small stuff mostly, but chief amongst them is the Apple keyboard's need of batteries to function and it's ability to have it's bluetooth connection turned on by accident (draining the batteries of both your device and the keyboard) if the large button on its side gets touched by a feather.

Both of these issues caused me to reevaluate my selection of a keyboard and at least start to research what is out there nowadays for alternative options. Suffice it to say, I found a lot!

The best options built specifically for the Mac, that weren't built by Apple, seemed to be offered by Logitech. They have a great selection with a lot of options, but in the end I settled on their series of solar powered keyboards. They support all of the current Apple command key shortcuts, have zero need for batteries (fully charged, it can be used for three continuous months in complete darkness) and, in the case of the travel version, they have the ability to hot swap between multiple bluetooth devices. Which is handy if you need to quickly disconnect from one device and quickly pair with another (from an iPad to a desktop, for instance).

Here are the two I went with: For the iPad I went with the Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard K760

And for the Mac Mini I splurged and snagged the full sized Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard K750 for Mac®

They both perform easily as well as their Apple manufactured counterparts and while they don't feel as well built as Apple's aluminum keyboards, they by no means feel cheap in any way.

Function-wise, they both have worked flawlessly. I love that the hotkeys (the "F" keys) that are in the top row of the Apple keyboard, can all be found on the Logitechs (the media-based buttons work even on the iPad!). Also, eco-stance aside, I really love that I don't have to worry about having my rechargeable batteries around and charged up when my keyboard dies. The solar cell at the top, does change the footprint (and the aesthetic if that's important to you) obviously, making the keyboard, in both cases, taller. But the exchange for battery life and the simple convenience of putting it in any kind of light to recharge it, definitely trumps these quibbles for me.

The bluetooth hot swapping on the K760? It works as advertised and is pretty damn amazing! Once paired up (easy to do as well) I was swapping between my iPad, iPhone and Macbook with a simple keystroke. It's fast and way more convenient than I originally anticipated. Definitely not a gimmicky feature! It is the real deal and quite helpful.

One odd difference between the two? The K760 keys are WAY more "clicky" than the K750. So if you are into that, or are obsessive about stealth typing, than you may want to take a note of this. I noticed it right away.

Lastly, the K750 comes with a free app you can snag from the Mac App Store that gives you real time info on your charge and the amount of light/solar energy your keyboard is currently receiving. Pretty neat to bring up and watch, not to mention handy if you need to know how much juice your keyboard currently has left. Again, it's only for K750, but it is well implemented on the Mac.

So if it wasn't clear enough yet, I will come out and say it: I am pretty smitten with these keyboards! I've used the K750 for a month now and the K760 for a little over week. They have not given me one bit of buyer's remorse. Quite the opposite actually. I wish more peripherals were made with this kind of utility and function.

Two thumbs up! Way up! Highly recommended!
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on July 12, 2012
I received this keyboard a couple of days ago, and I'm quite impressed. first of all it connected to my laptop (PC), iPad, and iPhone flawlessly. Second, the speed at which it is able to switch connection from one device to another is very impressive. At the risk of looking like an uber-geek, I now sit at my desk surrounded by screens of various sizes and with one keyboard in the middle. I surprised at how often I switch the keyboard from one device to the next now that I have the option to do so.

THe keyboard itself is quite attractive. At the risk of heresy, i think it's even more attractive than my Apple bluetooth keyboard. The keys are quite large and have great travel. I dont think they feel cheap at all- they just have a lot more travel and feedback than the Apple KB, whcih is more inline with my personal preference.

I also love that I wont have to worry about replacing the batteries every month. That gets really old after awhile- seems to always happen at the worst time. Now if i could only get a wireless solar powered mouse....
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on October 9, 2012
I've paired the Logitech K760 keyboard with a Mac and a PC. This keyboard works fine with Windows 7 (I haven't tried other versions of Windows). As you may know, Macs don't have the Windows-style Delete button, even though they do have a Delete button. On Mac keyboards, the Delete button functions as a PC-style Backspace button. In order to perform the PC-style Delete operation (deleting to the right of the cursor), Macs use Fn+Delete. When you use a Mac-style keyboard with PCs, you have to use Fn+Delete in order to delete characters to the right of the cursor. The Logitech K760 keyboard functions exactly the same way as a standard Mac keyboard in this respect. If you have used Macs for at least a few months, you will actually realize that using the combination of Fn+Delete is a lot faster than trying to locate a dedicated Delete button on your Windows keyboard.

If you want to use the Logitech K760 keyboard with both a Mac and a PC and be able to switch between the two with a push of a button, you may do some more tweaking to the way that certain keys function. One of the major sources of confusion for me is that when using Mac, in order to cut, copy, paste, save, print, etc., you use key combinations starting with Command+<key>, whereas in Windows, these functions are performed with key combinations starting with Control+<key>. When you are using the same keyboard for both OS X and for Windows, you constantly have to struggle with which leading key to press: Command or Control. The only reasonable solution I've found is to re-map the Command key to Control key, and vice versa, which you can do either in OS X or in Windows. Because I am a Mac fan, who is forced to use a PC (along with a Mac) at work, I prefer the way that these key combinations function in OS X. However, I'm sure that Windows fans who are forced to work with OS X prefer these shortcuts starting with Control rather than Command. You can easily swap the Control key with the Command key in OS X (System Preferences -> Keyboard -> Modifier Keys), thus making OS X shortcuts start with Control. Unfortunately, Windows doesn't have the key-swapping feature built in to the GUI of the operating system. I found the SharpKeys utility ([...]) to be an easy way to remap keys in Windows. The Command key on a Mac keyboard has the same code as the Windows key on a PC keyboard. So, in Windows, you would have to map the Control keys (left and right) to the Windows keys (left and right). Then, you can map the Windows keys (left and right) to the Control keys (left and right). This would allow you to use the Command+<key> combinations with Windows when using the Logitech K760 keyboard with Windows. Don't forget that in order to issue Control+Alt+Delete, you would have to do Command+Option(Alt)+Fn+Delete on this keyboard (if you remap the keys), or if you do not remap the keys in windows, the Control+Alt+Delete combination will be Control+Option(Alt)+Fn+Delete.

The Logitech K760 keyboard does not have the End, Home, PgUp or PgDown buttons because it uses a Mac keyboard layout. In OS X, Command+left arrow is similar to Windows End, Command+right arrow is similar to Windows Home; Fn+up arrow moves cursor one computer screen up, and Fn+ down moves the cursor one computer screen down. Unfortunately, in Windows, Control+right arrow moves the cursor only one word to the right, so even though the functionality is similar, it's not exactly the same. If you work with Microsoft Word in Windows, you can set keyboard shortcuts for certain functions and make MS Word use shortcuts similar to the way a text editor (like Pages) behaves in OS X. I was able to copy my MS Word for Mac 2011's "Normal.dotm" template (tweaked to use shortcuts similar to Pages) to my PC and use it with MS Word 2010 for Windows. Most of the shortcuts are now functioning similarly on both platforms when I use MS Word on both my Mac and my PC.

The only thing I really do not like about the Logitech K760 keyboard is how loose the keys feel. I also own a Logitech K750 keyboard (for Windows), and I am convinced the quality of K750 is superior to that of K760 at least vis-a-vis the keys. When I type on the K760, there's a lot of clacking happening. I'm getting used to this, but I don't understand why Logitech could not maintain the quality of the keys when redesigning K750 into K760.

Some may decry the absence of the numeric keypad on this keyboard. Personally, I prefer using the number keys across the top of the keyboard over the number keys on the numeric keypad, so the absence of the numeric keypad is a welcome feature for me because it reduces the footprint of the keyboard.

Another concern is a high price, but Logitech priced this keyboard so high because it's the only solar Bluetooth keyboard on the market that can pair with three computers and switch among the three with a push of a button.
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on July 14, 2012
This keyboard has a good feel and is easy to pair and use with multiple devices. That it's bluetooth instead of something proprietary (which really isn't an option for iPhones/iPads anyway) is great. That it won't ever need batteries or a charger is a huge timesaver. I'm very pleased with this device.
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on July 24, 2012

I tried to edit/update my review on Apple but there wasn't an edit feature.


On the strength of another reviewers words and everyones positive and helpful reviews I RMA'd Apple and had a replacement sent out.
This one does all that its supposed to with reconnection problems on restart, able to use the F-keys as regular F-keys and it remembers that on restart, last one it was losing that and I would have to repair the device THEN redefine the F-keys...major pain!

The keys were very loose in the first keyboard, they clacked VERY badly and you could even hear the loose keys clicking when you shook the keyboard, that is solved!
I gave it 4 stars because the keys are slightly looser than the solid Apple keyboard, but I feel it will be something I can easily get used to.

The last one must have been a lemon...


Thanks Logitech...your still ranked very high with me!

..................OLD REVIEW.............

I was VERY excited when I saw this keyboard, in fact it was just minutes after seeing it that I ordered it.
I had the larger of the Logitech solar keyboards, it was just too big for my liking but I loved the feel and no batteries for life is a great selling point.

So I bought this one straight away.

I like this keyboard but it does not have the same feel as the larger Logitech keyboard had. I would think they would be EXACTLY alike, but there you have it.

Also this one is MUCH noisier to type on. The keys feel a bit mushy compared to my Apple aluminum BT key...compared to the larger solar too.

I like the idea of switching from device to device with the stroke of a key, but I actually use my function keys in my day-to-day workflow and need all of them so I switched the "special Bluetooth" keys back to regular F keys. This can be done by holding the "fn" key down (never known what the heck that was I thought that that was very thoughtfully executed.

Its larger brother also had little kickstand feet on the bottom that you could flip out in order to angle the keyboard at you, not here,so the key angle is at a slightly different grade then I'm used to. I'm sure something I will get used to, but...

If it were a debate in my mind between the two, the Apple aluminum keyboard would win hands down.
But they aren't perfect either. The battery life on the Apple is absolutely horrible. And rechargeables barely get over a 60% battery life registry even if they come right out of the charger.

I'm typing this review on the Logitech and I'm going to keep it for now, but I'm also wondering if it won't wind up on ebay in a month.

Major update!!!

Keyboard is boxed back up and I'm back to my Apple aluminum wired keyboard on my second computer and the mini aluminum BT keyboard on the main computer.

There were a few deal breakers that sorta made the choice easier. But the main glaring one was that upon every restart the keyboard would default back to the state of the first three function keys being Bluetooth 1-2-3 and the keyboard required pairing upon every restart...NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!!!

Besides nothing feels like an Apple keyboard to me anyway.
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on July 8, 2013
I was so looking forward to getting the Logitech Wireless Solar K760 Keyboard. I loved it at first. The idea of never having to replace batteries was such a perk. However, after months and months of use...I find it comes with it's own unique set of problems. It's nicely designed and it's fully loses its connection way too often. And that's a problem. If you return to your computer after 10 minutes of non-use, it will take 20 seconds to reconnect. And that's a huge lag time. Often, it's on...but the keystrokes lag behind so badly that it's useless. I've scrapped using it. It craps out too many times. It's fine for my iPad, but I need a quick, responsive keyboard for my work...and this isn't it. I wish it were.
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on August 1, 2012
After exhaustive research into the best combination of keyboard folio vs. stand alone, I settled on the logitech solar k760 and i'm glad I did. It's lightweight (under one pound; specs on apple site include box/packaging and indicate 2+pounds erroneously), good/easy bluetooth pairing, nearly full size keyboard with good feel. Although it doesn't come with a protective case, it fits nicely into a macbook air 11" cover or similar and this solves the portability/case issue. Folio keyboards and other portables(such as zagg flex) are simply too small. Many reviews suggests it's bulk limits portability; I say not true. Go for it.
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