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on November 1, 2010
This is a great mouse for reasons all stated in other reviews. However, some complaints I've seen about this mouse in other websites come from people who have not read the manual and missed some features this mouse offers that address their complaints.

You don't know what to do with the receiver when transporting your laptop?
First, the mouse does have a compartment for the receiver. The receiver is tiny already, so most people will just leave it inserted in their laptops during transport. However if you wish to store it with the mouse, you can do so. It does not require you to take out the batteries themselves to store the receiver, but you do have to take the battery cover off to access the compartment.

The mouse is too heavy for you?
The most awesome and rarely mentioned feature about the mouse is the ability to modify its weight and center of gravity by only using one AA battery instead of two. The reason this is so cool is because it gives you an option to lower the weight of the mouse if you think it is too heavy with 2 batteries (I thought so). You can also to change the way the weight feels in your hand by placing the battery in the slot closest to the center of the mouse or closer to the back of the mouse. Some people prefer the weight of the mouse to be on the back while others prefer it to be more centered. I left mine in the center.

How does it work with just one battery?
If you notice, the two batteries in its compartment are used in parallel (both installed looking the same way), instead of 'in series' like most electronics do (going the opposite way). The mouse works on 1.5 volts instead of 3.0 volts like the usual 2 AA battery equipment would. This is what permits the 3 year battery time. Of course, using one battery means it will probably only last about half the time as using two. I'm not an electrical engineer so I don't have much knowledge regarding the efficiency of using two instead of one battery.

How does this compare to other logitech mice in size and weight?
I use a wired Logitech G9 Laser Mouse for my desktop pc, which weights 122 grams with no additional optional weights inside. I just add 4 grams of weight for my preferences. In comparison the Marathon M705 weighs 88 grams without batteries. With one battery it weighs 112 grams and 136 grams with two. The batteries it comes with weigh 24 grams each (other brands of batteries might have a different weight). So, with two batteries this mouse is heavier than a G9 even though it is slightly shorter lengthwise and slightly thinner as well. The M705 is about 4.5 inches long, 2.8 inches wide, and 1.5 inches tall.

As a G9 user, this was the closest feel I could find in a wireless mouse. All other ones either felt too big forcing you to place your entire palm on them and disallow an optional claw grip or felt not wide enough for my hands. I enjoy the width of the G9, and even though the M705 is not as wide and connecting with as much of my palm as I would want it, it does not make my hand cramp up as most other narrower portable mice and I can use it for games without feeling like I'm using a non-full-featured mouse. It is the perfect blend of portable and full sized featured mouse.

My only gripes:
The DPI on the mouse cannot be modified. This is understandable as it is not a gaming mouse. When compared to the G9, it seems that is it is permanently set at 1000 dpi. Another problem is that it has negative acceleration. This means that when you move it fast from side to side, it registers less movement the faster you move it. This only occurs at high speed movements, such as doing a quick turn on a first person shooter game. Again, I don't detract from the rating of the mouse, because it is not meant for gaming, but I thought I would include this in the review as some people might want this information.

Edit: I'm adding an image of the M705 vs G9 to the product page so you can judge the size difference. I looked for this online but it seems not too many G9 owners have yet bought this mouse since it hasn't been out for very long.
review image review image
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on October 12, 2010
I've used countless mice over the years. I've finally found the perfect mouse and this is it. I have large hands and my thumb has started to hurt a lot because my old mouse is too small and I have had to hold it using a claw grip. I went to Best Buy and tried out the different mice. For me, it came down to the Marathon versus the MX Performance. The Performance is a bit bigger and has a more sculpted area to rest your thumb which is a big plus in my book. It felt very comfortable in my hand. The Marathon is a bit smaller (though it is still quite heavy, which I like) and the thumb rest area is not nearly as pronounced or sculpted as the Performance. On the other hand, the Marathon has a THREE YEAR battery life! The Performance needs to be recharged every 30 days. Having to go through a bunch of batteries (or constantly recharge) is why I have stayed away from wireless mice all these years. But the Marathon took that excuse away.

I couldn't be happier. This is, hands down, the best mouse I have ever used.

It feels well made, not cheap and plasticky. It weighs quite a bit and feels substantial and sturdy.

The wireless reception is flawless. I have my USB receiver plugged into the bottom of a Dell monitor and the mouse is about 5 feet away and on a keyboard tray that is below the desk. The signal has to travel through a notebook computer. No problem. I don't play video games so I'm not that picky about lag, but I don't notice any lag in this mouse for my needs.

The unifying USB receiver is a great idea. I have both a wireless keyboard and a wireless mouse sharing a single unifying USB receiver, which is tiny by the way. That frees up a USB port on my notebook.

The mousewheel is well-made. You can click a button just beneath the wheel to turn on click wheel mode or spin-free mode. The button is easy to access and feels sturdy. The spin-free mode is excellent for zipping though long documents and web pages.

This mouse is a perfect 10 out of 10 in my book. It's the first mouse I can say that about.
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on June 14, 2013
I am now about to throw out my second M705 and have decided to leave a review.

My first M705 - lasted about 8 months until I started getting the horrendous "double-click" issue. The mouse, instead of single clicking, double clicks. Thus for example if I try to pause a video, it clicks once to pause, and then again to resume--thus nothing changes. There is a software published by a 3rd party that corrects the issue, but why do we not have an official logitech solution?

Now then, replacing my M705 was pain free--called Logitech and had a new one sent out the same week.

My second M705 - This one lasted for about 10 months and I am now in the beginning stages of the double click issue again. I mean--come on.

On the mouse itself, it's great--the wheel is awesome and the tracking is fine. Feels comfortable in my hand.

It just won't last past 1 year.
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on August 16, 2012
I've owned about 8-10 Logitech mice over the years, starting with their corded ball mouse, the last one in line being the M705. Well, I can tell you one thing for certain about Logitech - their quality has certainly degraded since the time I first started using them. This one & the 2 prior models before it, all died on me within a 1.5 year period of average use. Each time the problem was the same - the left click button would malfunction first and double click for each single click. This is followed by the right click button which too starts behaving erratically (provided you are still putting up with the left double click nonsense). A quick Google search will reveal that this is a problem that affects all Logitech mice since they all use the same rubbish MORON... sorry, OMRON micro-switches. These switches have a fundamentally flawed design which uses a crappy leaf spring & this is a well documented fact if you care to search around. You can of course take it apart & do a temp fix, but I can assure you the problem will return shortly. Otherwise an excellent mouse... such a terrible shame! My suggestion - look elsewhere (Microsoft would've been my fist choice were it not for their lack of customizable buttons).
PS: Food for thought - is this on purpose (for the obvious reason)???!.
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on September 26, 2014
Sideway sensors is really weird. It took me several weeks, and I am still not used to it.

Now, right after a month, something broke, and two buttons are now rubbing against each other, which makes clicking hard. Downgrading my review to 1 star, and will be asking Logitech for a replacement. This mouse is the WORST Logitech product I've ever used.
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on January 20, 2014
The battery may last for 3years but not your left mouse button. the copper spring inside of the mouse gets flattened out over a period of time(1yr~2yr) and you will end up double clicking on everything when u actually just single clicked.
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on September 15, 2013
This mouse tracks poorly on most surfaces.
I use it with a laptop, if I use the silver painted flat beside the trackpad, the mouse tracks very well. On notebook paper, newspaper, cloth, plastic, etc. it tracks very poorly moving a fraction of the distance intended. You can use it with multiple mouse sweeps, it moves an inch to maybe 1/5 of the way across the screen with each sweep but the amount of movement varies. Used on carpet, it tracks well. I've tried most of the poor tracking fixes I've seen on the Internet including stick on pads on one side to change the angle of the mouse/surface. I didn't have good luck doing this.
I have a number of Logitech mice. All the others work well. This one, though, just doesn't track well on most surfaces.

I did get it fixed though. There are 5 screws that hold the mouse together, one hidden under the large front pad and two hidden under the battery compartment sticker. Remove all 5 and the mouse can be disassembled.

Looking at the assembly, the optical sensor unit, a 1/2" square brown board on the right side of the circuit board was mounted in a tilted position. It appears that the plastic retaining clips force brown board to tilt downward in the front instead of sitting level. If the front plastic clip is disengaged, you can rotate the brown board so it is level when compared to the tilt of the main green circuit board. Once the brown board is leveled, the mouse tracks very well on most surfaces tested.

So... Great mouse, design or manufacture flaw in sensor retaining clip interfering with function. Do it yourselfers will be able to make this mouse function as it should. Others should probably avoid it and go with one of Logitech's other excellent choices.
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on August 29, 2013
I've owned many Logitech Mice over the years, and this is the first time I've been truly dissapointed with one. Aesthetically, I think it's a good looking mouse and it also fits quite comfortably in the palm of the hand. The mouse buttons do feel a bit easy to depress compared to most mice that I've used, but they don't take too terribly long to get used to. What really kills this mouse is the tracking though, and it truly is awful. I'm not exaggerating when I say that it's less precise than any $5 cheap optical mouse and also the ancient 90's PS/2 ball mouses in comparison.

The tracking is quite simply erratic, inconsistent, and incredibly imprecise regardless of O/S or the driver settings. It's just disappointing because I really like everything else about this mouse, but when the same exact movement yields different sensitivity and a different amount of movement of the cursor each time, it makes this mouse essentially unusable. Even with acceleration disabled and various adjustments to the sensitivity, it suffers from the same exact issues. I think it may be a limitation of the low power technology itself, because I've used several other Logitech wireless Mice in the past which do not exhibit this sort of unpredictable behavior. Please do yourself a favor and avoid this mouse at all costs!
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on June 11, 2014
After owning for a few months it does not work properly. Called Logitech for replacement per their warranty. Logitech answer was that Amazon is not an authorized seller so the warranty will not be honored. One of the biggest online stores and they sell many types of LOGITECH? What kind of idiots do they think we are. But something else unless you want to pay this for only a few months use. Logitech needs to answer this or we as consumers need to quit purchasing
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on September 7, 2015
I've been using this mouse daily for school purposes for over a week and it has worked without a hitch. I enjoy the slightly elongated left end for my pointer finger and the overall shape of the mouse. The size and weight are totally in line with what you would expect, until you add the batteries. I didn't realize how heavy the mouse would be with the batteries. That's the only reason I didn't give the mouse a 5.
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