Customer Reviews: Logitech Wireless Solar Desktop Keyboard K750 for Mac - Black
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on October 27, 2011
Color: Black|Package Type: Standard Packaging|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
This is probably the best keyboard I have ever owned- and I've owned at least 20 different ones.

Let me run down the list of what makes this keyboard so remarkable.

1. Apple-like attention to detail. From the packaging itself, which is efficient, minimal, printed on plain recycled cardboard, and easy to open. It is easy to open and a delight.

2. This keyboard is beautiful- much better than the very nice keyboards that come with the desktop Macs.

3. The keys are the perfect size: bigger than the thin Apple Chiclet keys which I've never gotten used to as a fast touch typist (80+ wpm) and smaller than full-travel bulky cheap keyboards that come with generic desktops.

4. The keyboard itself is thin, light and beautiful. It is thinner than other wireless keyboards because it has no AAA or AA batteries inside.

5. The solar cells work great, save the environment, and allow for the elegant design.

6. The keyboard does require a USB port for the little wireless thing. One drawback is you "lose" the two USB ports on the Apple wired keyboard.

7. The easy to download App is amazing- it auto installs easily and gives you a visual on your computer screen to show how your batteries are and how many lumens your keyboard is getting.

8. The actual keyboard is EXACTLY laid out like the Mac keyboard- all the function keys work perfectly as designed.

9. Online support is fantastic- simple, clear, and answers all questions.

10. There is a dedicated solar button on the keyboard which you can press to see if you have a decent charge, and if you are getting enough sun.

11. There is absolutely no delay in typing.

12. While Apple gives you a choice: either a wireless keyboard that is truncated and missing the number pad, or a wired full keyboard, this great keyboard offers both at the same time: a full keyboard AND wireless!

This is just a wonderful, high quality product. Don't think of it as a standard Logitech product- this one is one of the best devices I've seen them produce.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon September 17, 2011
I'm very happy with my K750 and recommend it highly.

It works perfectly right out of the box with no software download or installation.

Typing on it is very comfortable, and I can type pretty fast on it. The keyboard layout is very similar to the standard Mac keyboard layout, including Mac-specific keys, but it also has a built-in dedicated number pad.

Build quality is very good. The keyboard is light and very thin, yet feels solid.

If you like your keyboard angled, there are two feet on the bottom of the back of the keyboard which fold out and allow the keyboard to stand at a comfortable angle for typing. The two feet are the only part of this keyboard that doesn't seem real sturdy. But I prefer leaving them folded in, so the keyboard lays perfectly flat.

I really love the solar power feature. On other wireless keyboards, batteries always die at the worst time, when you're in the middle of something important and don't have any spare batteries handy. On the K750, the built-in solar panel keeps the internal battery charged, and doesn't need much light to do so.

The included USB receiver is extremely tiny; it sticks out only a few millimeters. It's Logitech's "unifying" receiver, and can simultaneously connect up to 6 compatible Logitech wireless devices. I have a Logitech wireless mouse and this keyboard, and both work great using the same receiver, so I'm only using one of the two USB ports on my Macbook Air.

You also get a USB extender thingy that's about the size of a flash drive, which I guess you'd use if your USB port is hard to reach. And you get a small microfiber cleaning cloth for wiping the dust off without scratching anything. The packaging is very protective, but also completely recyclable.

The K750 for Mac is fairly new. The K750 for Windows has been out for a while, and is virtually identical to this (same weight, shape, and dimensions), except for the Mac-specific keys. There are over 200 user reviews for the Windows version, and the average rating is 4.5 stars.

One last thing: Logitech makes the K750 for Mac in several different colors, which you might check out before buying this particular color (all silver). There's an all-black one (like the Windows version). And there are several other colors that are mostly white except the top part surrounding the solar panels is a highlight color, there's green, pink, and blue.
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on June 22, 2016
I've been in the lookout for this keyboard for a long time. I loved the idea of it being solar powered and that I had to do nothing for it to be charged. The first keyboard I received didn't work and I was really mad. I decided to chill and talk to Amazon Support and they sent a new one the same day free of charge and it worked great! After a few weeks I received an email saying that if I didn't returned the other keyboard (the one that doesn't work) I was going to get charged another $49.99. I got in contact with Amazon Support and they told me I was going to stop getting these emails. Amazon Support is great. But that would be another story...

Coming back to the keyboard itself, I'm completely in love with it. It works for both Mac and PC (Windows) and what I love the most about the keyboard are of course the solar panels and it's dedicated button to know if the keyboard is charging or not. I also like a ton that it has numbers on top and on the right side of the keyboard. About the look, the looks of this keyboard is great... Clean and minimalistic is one of the top reasons I wanted to get it. The keys feel great and smooth too and it has flip out feet at the bottom of the keyboard if you would like to use it at an angle.

- Clean and minimalistic look
- Thin & light (not heavy)
- Solar panels to charge the keyboard
- Wireless
- It has a dedicated charging button that let's you know if it's charging or not.
- No delay when typing

- Had an issue with the first keyboard not charging but the second one I got works great (Personal experience)

I decided to get this keyboard mainly because of the solar panel charging. I hate depending on wall power to get things started when I can have it for free from the sun. Another reason is that I had a $6 keyboard and I knew I had to replace it for a better one. I liked the clean and minimalistic look that it has so everything about it caught my attention. I would definitely recommend getting this and if you ever have any trouble with your product, contact Amazon Support and I'm sure they'll find a way to help you out.

All opinions on this review about the product are based solely on my own experience with it.
If you have any more questions about this product, please don't hesitate on asking me and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.
I hope you enjoy your purchase!
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on August 2, 2014
First off, the device does NOT connect through your Mac's built in Bluetooth. You have to plug Logitech's receiver / extender (photo: into one USB port. There is no Bluetooth setup through the System Preferences panel on your Mac. It's just plug and play.

Secondly, forget about downloading the "Solar App" from Logitech's website. It's not there after OS5, but it is available in the App Store for free. It's a very nifty and useful utility. The few negative reviews on this product are mostly about short battery life. I'm suspecting these users didn't keep their battery charged and didn't use the Solar App. According to Logitech's website the battery will last a full three months with no charging. I will update this review in a few months and let you know.

Having said all that, after 48 hours I love this keyboard. The only thing I miss is the light in the Caps Lock key. That's a small price too pay for the convenience and savings of not changing batteries on my Apple wireless AND the aftermarket numeric keyboard. It's full sized, but nice and slim with a solid feel. I am very happy with this purchase!

UPDATE - After 6 month - I use this in a moderately lit room, 80 lux or 100 with the sun through a window. My battery is still showing 100% and everything is working well. After a year, it's still performing flawlessly. I bought a Logitech mouse to replace the Apple Bluetooth magic mouse that kept losing the connection. They work fine together on the same dongle .... BUT

The paint has work off three of the keys. "E", "O", and "H". See photograph. Hence the downgrade to 4 stars.
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VINE VOICEon November 6, 2011
Color: Black|Package Type: Standard Packaging|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
The Logitech K750 Wireless Keyboard for Apple computers uses two large solar panels at the top of the keyboard to power the keyboard and recharge an internal battery for times when light may be less than sufficient. I got this keyboard for the same reason you're probably reading this review; I was sick of replacing batteries in my other wireless keyboard.

So how does it work? Surprisingly well! There is a Logitech Solar App in the App store that will show you at a glance how much power you have left in your battery, as well as how much power the keyboard is pulling in from surrounding light. There is also a small button on the keyboard that you can press to see whether or not the keyboard is getting enough light.

I was pleasantly surprised by the look and feel of the Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard. I was expecting something thicker and similar to other Logitech keyboards I've used in the past, but this one is very thin and comfortable to type on. The keys have a nice feel to them, and the layout of the keyboard is exactly what I would have expected from a Mac product.

There are only three things I wish were different about this keyboard:

1. The keyboard requires a USB dongle to work. While the USD dongle is extremely small and unobtrusive, it still requires a USB port. I would have preferred the keyboard to work via Bluetooth. On the up side, the USB dongle uses Logitech's unifying receiver, so if you use a compatible Logitech mouse with this keyboard, you can share the same USB dongle for both, instead of having to use two separate dongles.

2. The legs on the bottom of the keyboard that allow you prop it up at a higher angle seem pretty flimsy. I don't use them because I like the feel of the keyboard when it is flat, but it may prove an issue for those who like the propped-up angle and are heavy typers.

3. There is a power button on the keyboard to turn it on and off. I think it would be nicer to include an internal sensor that powers off the keyboard if it isn't touched for a period of time, and then powers it back on when a key is pressed. There may be such a sensor inside, but I was not able to find any information on it in the included documentation or on Logitech's site, so I'm assuming the keyboard does not have such a sensor. Having said that, I have left the keyboard on in my dark office a few times, but it always worked fine when I came back to use it.

In spite of the three things on my feature wish list, I really like this keyboard and will likely buy one for my office at work as well.
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on March 2, 2012
This Logitech product is well conceived and perfectly executed. The idea of bringing solar power to a wireless device is simply brilliant. From a build quality perspective, it's very thin but feels quite solid. It's beautifully designed and constructed and works well visually alongside your other Apple products.

As others have stated this device doesn't use bluetooth so you'll need a free USB port to plug the receiver into. However, the receiver uses Logitech's "Unifying" technology which basically means you can run up to 6 wireless devices off the same USB receiver (in my case both a Logitech mouse and this keyboard are running off a single receiver taking up one USB port)

My only complaints are that the F4 key doesn't open Launchpad and in fact the graphic printed on the F4 key is still the old Dashboard graphic. (so these keyboards are clearly pre-Lion and have not yet been updated) Additionally, this keyboard has a glossy finish -- even the silver/aluminum model -- so if you buy the silver one, it almost matches your iMac, but not quite. (the iMac's aluminum finish is matte) A black glossy keyboard (also available on Amazon) would actually match the newer iMacs better because they have the black (glossy) border around the screen. These are admittedly small complaints, but I think it's important to note because neither of these discrepancies are made clear from the photos or product description. The product photos actually make the silver version appear to have a matte finish, but it does not.

Installation was fairly easy, however I did have to download the Unifying software to get my iMac to recognize the keyboard. (the keyboard wasn't communicating with the receiver properly until I "paired" them, then everything was fine)

I didn't download or install the "Solar" app, because the button on the top-right of the keyboard will tell you if you're getting enough light when you press it. Pressing the button causes it to flash either a green or red light (happy or sad graphics next to each) depending on whether or not you're getting enough light to power it via solar cells. (green means you're good to go - as you've probably guessed)

I love the idea and highly recommend this product if you're looking for a wireless keyboard.
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on November 9, 2013
If you buy this, this is your future: It'll arrive and you'll think "This is great! It has a great feel, no batteries, seems like Apple quality." Then, fast forward a few months, and you'll be like, "This won't turn on. It doesn't hold a charge long enough to type a sentence, even if I sit it in the window for all afternoon. This is a piece of crap. I wish someone had warned me!!!" Only in your case, this is your warning: Buy this crap and you'll be sorry and if you report to Amazon they'll tell you to talk to the manufacturer, which rates right up there with talking to a rock. Repeat: I will not buy from Logitech, I will not buy from Logitech, I will not...
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on May 27, 2015
I really liked this keyboard until the J-key popped off after 3 months of use. Then I called Logitech support, was promised a new keyboard and , 8 weeks and 5 phone calls later, I still have no keyboard. I would not recommend this product based on the poor customer support. The 2-year warranty is worthless if the company doesn't honor it.
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on November 17, 2015
Decent keyboard until it breaks. I've had two of these now, and have had clients purchase them. They are a nice feeling keyboard, but the build quality is terrible. A full 25% of them have failed.

Logitech has also purposely installed a battery that they don't want you to change. They even put a sticker on it, saying not to replace the battery. Instead, they want you to throw away the entire keyboard. Ridiculous.

On the last one of these that failed I replaced the battery and it was still dead, so I attempted to RMA it with Logitech. It was a total nightmare. The technicians had me do a few procedures to reset the keyboard, all of which failed. At that point in time Logitech quit responding and refused to issue an RMA. The warranty still had 2 years and 8 months left on it.

So what did I do? I opened up a new support ticket for the keyboard, one per day. Eventually I got up to 12 support tickets for the same keyboard. It was kind of fun in a childish sort of way.

On the 12th support ticket they finally issued an RMA and I got a replacement keyboard back FORTY SEVEN days later.

I'm finished with Logitech's garbage products. I've owned a ton of their high end stuff over the years and the support is horrible every time one breaks.

If you want a reliable keyboard the Apple Wireless Keyboards, Microsoft Natural Series, and the DAS Mechanical Keyboards score really high. Another alternative is SaiTek.

Do yourself a favor: pass on Logitech products, and upvote my review so the world can see it.

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VINE VOICEon October 27, 2011
Color: Black|Package Type: Standard Packaging|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Just got this keyboard from UPS.
It plugs right in to my new Mac mini.
No problems setting up.
It comes with 2 USB receivers not shown in the pictures.
The small tiny one is shown, but there's a longer version which has a USB port on the back so you are short on USB real estate, this one compensates.
The key actions are just right. I used to love IBM keyboards for they are so steady and the return actions are so good.
This Logitech keyboard is 100% fine! It types even better than my Mac slim keyboard.
I like the con caved in keys. It positions the fingers just right.
The solar panels (2 on top) are big enough where it picks up lots of lights from my desk lamp.
I wonder if it will work the same at night when I don't have the lamp on all the time.
But the functions and buttons are all Mac!!! It feels just like a "black" Mac keyboard but cheaper.

Buy this and enjoy it!

====== 1 year update review.
It won't turn on anymore. It basically doesn't charge anymore. I am trying to use it under direct sunlight and it's still unable to type anything.
It won't even sync with my mac.
I really enjoyed this while it lasted.
If you buy this, be forewarned, the rechargeable solar battery won't last too long.
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