Customer Reviews: Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard K750
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on April 4, 2011
My biggest concern before buying this keyboard was that it would die too often. Let me first explain how these concerns were put to rest after several months of use. I use this keyboard in a room with a single window that is covered by both blinds and curtains. I also use the keyboard at least 10 feet from the window and the light in the room is off for most of the day. The keyboard gets several hours of use daily and I have never flipped the hardware power switch off. The power level, however, has never dropped below 100%.

Next, the "PerfectStroke key system" and "Incurve Keys" really are comfortable and make typing easier. I particularly like the way the key feels when you press down. You get a very small amount of feedback almost resembling the old IBM keyboards, but without the loud clicking. I agree that it is a bit like tapping on a laptop. The big difference, however, is that the keys on the k750 are much sturdier than those on your usual notebook PC.

As for the connection, I was a bit worried that the new super-small "unifying receiver" would not provide adequate signal. This is incorrect. In fact, this small transponder works much better than Logitech's older stick version. It is on the back of my pc and so has to see through an aluminum computer chassis as well as a wooden desk, about 4 feet total distance. I've never had a problem with the signal on either my mouse or this keyboard.

Finally, the software for the keyboard is pretty much what you'd expect. You press the sunlight button and a dialog pops up on your computer telling you the "LUX" (amount of light) your keyboard is getting and how much battery power is remaining. There is also a function key which you use in combination with the top row of keys to do things like open your internet browser, pause a song, mute/increase/decrease the volume, etc.

One downside, according to my wife, is that it looks like I'm using a giant old-school calculator. I think this is not true at all: the solar panels are a dark red while the keyboard is black. This causes the solar panels to not really be noticeable unless you are looking for them.
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on April 8, 2011
First of all, after using Amazon for more than five years, I have never written a single review for a product. It is simply that nothing that I have previously purchased on Amazon was worthy of taking the time that writing a review requires.

This particular product of Logitech, however, has made an impression that will last for months to come.

The first thing you notice when you receive the item is, well, nothing. The packaging on the outside of the product is exactly what one would expect from Logitech, nicely printed in both color and quality. The genius of the packaging design, however, lies within the box. Logitech has revolutionized how a technological "green" product should be packaged. Where in this case the keyboard is packaged using nearly 100% of cardboard materials. Furthermore, there is not a single piece of paper within the box, as both instructions and manuals are cleverly integrated onto the reverse side of the outer box and the inner carton. This clever method by Logitech has not only reduced the amount of environmental impact through unwanted materials, it has also made me feel less guilty from having the ability to throw the entire packaging into the recycle bin.

The second thing you notice after taking out the keyboard is how incredibly light and thin it is. There are several introductory tags on the keyboard itself that shows its features and one of them kept the battery separate from the circuit. There is also a protective layer on the front side of the keyboard covering the surface, of which I have not yet removed since it does not interrupt the usage of the keyboard itself.

After a simple process of pairing it with my Performance MX's unifying receiver, the driver was installed within seconds and the K750 was ready to go. The keyboard itself includes a unifying receiver and a signal booster, I just did not need them.

The typing itself is a thrill. While feeling like a laptop keyboard, the keys generate enough "bounce" on your fingers that allows the smoothest of input just like a desktop keyboard. I own both the Logitech G11 and Logitech DiNovo Edge (Was nearly $250 when it was purchased), and I can easily say that the K750 beats their "feel" hands down.

I have heard many complaints about Logitech keyboards not being "game ready" because it cannot take more than a certain amount of keys at a single time. Well, in my rudimentary tests it was able to handle up to 6 characters at the same time, where if 8 keys are simultaneously pushed down it will input the first six. I am not sure what the exact problem with the previous keyboards were, but I hope this will at least answer a few questions.

Furthermore, the keyboard prop legs on the N750 is very stable, contrary to that of a previous review. It was able to stand firm on a surface where my DiNovo Edge likes to slide around.

Thin, light, green, great feel, no charging required, numpad and an ingenious Logitech design has combined forces to create arguably the best piece of computer peripheral.

Thank you for taking the time to read this review, as it was nothing less than an amazing experience for me to type up with my new K750.



After almost a year and a half of heavy usage on the K750, I figure it is time to give y'all a progress update.


The battery holds up against the test of time extremely well, never dipping below 80% charge in a well-lit room. In darker rooms, all I have to do is stick it near a window every 2 month or so to return it to full charge. It is no hassle compared to other options out there.

The keyboard's keys still feels as good as the first day I started using it.

Durability of the keyboard is amazing. It's shape had held it's ground through many forms of physical torture.


The keyboard's glossy surface has incurred countless minor scratches during my travels with it. My recommendation is to not remove the protective film that came with the keyboard, or to transport the keyboard in it's original box if you would like to keep it's condition pristine.

The logo on the receiver rubbed off after staying on my laptop for a 6 months or so, but that is understandable on any product.

One of the rubber legs in the bottom left corner fell off after many times of transportation in my backpack. Actually I am surprised that it had not fell of earlier with the way I handled the keyboard. Again, I recommend keeping it in the box when moving it around.


Unfortunately the keyboard refused to pair with a receiver at the 1.5 year mark. It is a strange problem shared by a few buyers, and the solution to the problem varied. Some say to "shake" the keyboard and it will work, some say to remove and reinsert the battery, and etc... Personally, my diagnostics procedures included:

Pairing with another receiver
Reinstalling software
Deleting the driver manually (USBDEVIEW)
Using another computer
Pairing other devices using the same receiver
Reinserting the battery
Shaking the device (See Above)

Nothing worked. The computer simply did not want to see the keyboard.

Therefore, I contacted Logitech Support and asked for a RMA. After a relatively painless process of submitting your information, a replacement was on its way to my doorstep. Strangely, Logitech did not want its broken device back, unlike most other RMAs.

And here is where it gets good:

The replacement K750 is a BRAND NEW RENDITION of the keyboard.

The border of the keyboard as well as the back is no longer white, it is now a metallic black color.

The logo between the solar panels is updated to a newer version, and is slightly bigger.

The keys are slightly louder and lighter on the press. It feels ever-so-slightly looser while does not compromise the feel of quality.

Instead of yellow functional keys, they are now blue. Personally I like the yellow better as it stands out more.

Overall, the new keyboard is significantly lower profile than the version I had, while retaining the functionality and size of the original.

Oh and did I mention it is brand new? I can say without hesitation that Logtech support is one of top-dogs of the industry, next to the likes of Amazon or Apple.

A twist to the story:

Apparently during my RMA process, my old K750 has had some time to think things over and decided to revive itself to fight another day. It is now working perfectly again without any work on my part other than to leave it alone for 2 weeks or so... If you are looking for answers I have none... My best guess is that the keyboard reset itself after not being used for so long, who knows?


The K750 is still the best typing keyboard I have used to-date. Even with minor/major hiccups there is nothing for you to worry about when it comes to Logitech's world class support. After the whole ordeal I ended up with my old K750 working again and a brand new one to boot.

Thank you Logitech. And thank you for reading.
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on May 11, 2011
Let me start by mentioning that I've only been using this keyboard for about 2 days, however I do feel like I can write an informative review based on my experience thus far.

First of all, per usual, the Logitech packaging was very nice. The box contains the keyboard, a soft cloth (for wiping the inevitable fingerprints from the shiny surface of the K750), the USB dongle ("unifying receiver"), and a USB extension stick (to allow easier accessibility to the USB ports on your computer).

After plugging the unifying receiver into my desktop computer, I quickly removed the protective film over the front of the keyboard and flipped the power switch to "on". The keyboard began working instantly (what a nice surprise)! The first thing I did was hop on the internet and point my browser toward the Logitech website to download the Solar App. Although this app isn't a requirement for the keyboard to function fully, it is a nice little added feature. In place of the Solar App, should you decide not to install it, there is a "solar" button which when pushed will light one of two LED's, green or red, to indicate whether the solar panels are receiving sufficient light to maintain a charge. If you do install the Solar App, the "solar" button launches the app on your desktop which has a real-time speedometer style display showing the LUX (amount of light) being collected by the solar panels as well as the current charge percentage of the battery. My office has no windows (*sad face*) and only the fluorescent lighting from above (6 four-foot bulbs total) but the LUX meter is always well into the green.

As far as typing on the K750 goes, I'm pretty happy with the feel so far. Due to some residual muscle memory from my previous keyboard, and the orientation of the "insert", "delete", "home", "end", " pg up", & "pg down" key group, I find myself hitting the wrong button at times. I really like the "chick-let" style and spacing of the keys however this is something that will also take a bit of getting used to. I've always liked the way most lap-top keyboards have felt, and this is quite similar to that.
Physically, the keyboard seems to be well constructed. It's VERY thin, and has a decent heft for its size. There is a certain satisfaction that I get from handling a product with a relatively high perceived density (if that makes any sense at all), and this keyboard has that. The flip-down feet are quite thin, but seem to be reasonably well made... just don't sit or set a book on your keyboard and they should be fine. Contrary to another reviewers comments, the keys do not "click" when they are PRESSED, however when typing fast or tapping the keys, they do make a bit of a "click-like" sound, as do all keyboards that I know of. The matte textured keys look nice against the gloss black surface of the keyboard, but I haven't yet decided how I feel about the white ring around the perimeter of the K750. It might be nice to be able to customize (or at least choose) the color of the surround.

So far, everything has been hunky-dorey, but here is where I tell you why I would like to subtract a half-star if that were possible. The lack of a Caps-Lock, Num-Lock, & Scroll-Lock indicator lights is quite annoying. I realize that power consumption is of great concern with this device, but I believe that these indicators are necessary and could have been worked in, even if they were only momentary indicators when the buttons are pressed. The lack of indicator lights makes it difficult to tell when the caps lock is on (obviously). Under normal circumstances this isn't a HUGE problem, but when you're entering a password where the characters are hidden and you can't tell whether your caps-lock is on, it becomes an irritation. While I have not downloaded it, Logitech does offer their Setpoint software that incorporates an on-screen indicator for the caps-, num-, and scroll-lock buttons in Windows. I did not want to use Logitech's Setpoint software (v6.22) because I already have an earlier version of the software installed and highly customized for my mouse and per Logitech's installation instructions, all settings from previous versions would have been erased upon installation (why Logitech, why?). I found and download a little utility called "Caps Lock" (search el Goog for "caps lock indicator") in place of installing the Setpoint software and this in concert with the "Toggle Keys" feature found under Windows Accessibility Options (which makes your computer beep different tones for on / off when any of the "lock" buttons are pressed) take care of all the caps-lock indication that I need.

Another possible issue is the proximity of the "PC power off" function key to the "volume up" function key. The two functions are directly beside each other, and I can see myself, during the course of a work day, accidentally shutting down my PC instead of turning up my music volume after taking a call. The Setpoint software may allow some customization of the function keys to make this a non-issue, but since I won't install the new Setpoint, I do not know for sure if this is the case.

Last, and definitely least (it's hardly worth mentioning), is that I'd like to have a second "FN" (function) button for my left hand, but that's no big deal.

All-in-all this keyboard is easy to look at, well-built, comfortable to type on, wireless, and green! What more could you really ask for? (Oh yea, a caps lock indicator light!) Anyway, I've always been a big fan of Logitech peripherals, and while they may not have hit a grand slam with this one, I think they at least hit another home run.
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on April 4, 2011
I'm amazed by this keyboard. The main feature is obviously the self-powering aspect of it, and that does impress. The solar panels picks up enough ambient light at night in my office to function flawlessly. The keys have a pleasant tactile feel, and I appreciate the keyboard doesn't have extra buttons littering it for extra features I don't use. It does have an FN (function) key that let's the F1-F12 keys perform additional tasks, such as open the calculator, change the volume, etc. The wireless connectivity is also great. I have the USB sensor thing stuck in the back of my computer which is 4 feet away, and it hasn't given me a single problem. This is replacing a Microsoft Wireless Natural Keyboard, which I replaced mainly because I got tired of how unreliable the wireless reach was and how quickly the batteries died. With the MS keyboard, the wireless receiver had to be about 1.5 foot away, and sometimes that wasn't even enough. I just wish there was an ergonomic version of this keyboard. I have gotten used to the wider hand position of that type of keyboard and find it much more comfortable for all-day typing. But that's not a fault of this keyboard at all. Great job Logitech!
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on April 14, 2011
I was extremely skeptical. I've been typing on this thing for a few days now, and I can't stop--tactile response is superb, the construction is rock solid, it's thin, and the wireless/solar features works as advertised (something I would not have believed if i had not been seeing it with my own eyes). The actual typing on it is much, much better than anticipated. Would put it up against any keyboard I've used.

The glossy surface will collect dust and fingerprints, but i just don't care, and neither should you.

I haven't gotten my logitech nano mouse to work with the unifying receiver...yet. but i think it will.
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Package Type: Standard Packaging|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )|Verified Purchase
Four year update:
I bought another of these keyboards about a year after posting this review. 2 years and 9 months into its 3-year warranty period, one of the two "Shift" key caps came loose from the base, and would not re-seat. One phone call to Logitech customer service followed by an email with a picture of the faulty key resulted in shipment of replacement keyboard --with an additional year of warranty-- at no cost.

Awesome customer service!

This remains my favorite keyboard ever.

Original review follows:

I've been using Logitech wireless keyboards and mice for over 10 years, and have enjoyed a good user experience with them. Because of that history I began using the K750 solar/wireless keyboard with high expectations. The K750 surpassed them from the minute I plugged in its "unifying" transceiver.

Users of recent models of wireless keyboards already enjoyed generous battery life. Even with heavy use, I changed the batteries in the keyboard this one replaced only once or twice a year..hardly an onerous task. But why do that when you can use technology that requires no batteries at all?? Score one for solar!

The transceiver unit (Logitech calls it a "unifying receiver") of the K750 is astonishingly small: about the half the size of a USB connector. It plugs directly into a USB port unobtrusively, or you can use the included extender to add about 1.5 inches of length for easier access at the rear of a desktop I/O USB port cluster.

In addition to operating the keyboard, the unifying receiver will also control "unifying" compatible Logitech mice and number pads. I use mine with a Logitech Wireless Marathon Mouse M705. Having the mouse and keyboard connected via a single USB port freed one up for other use. Score two for opening up a USB port and a transceiver whose footprint ends at the motherboard I/O shield (see customer image showing the footprint of my last wireless transceiver; the reduction in volume is astounding).

The K705 includes a "Solar" awareness application that shows the current charge and light levels in the room. My unit arrived in a 100% charge condition (after at least six days in shipping). Ambient indoor lighting was sufficient to keep the solar cells charging (see screenshots in customer images). Here's the deal with this application: you'll check your charge rate often in the first week or so of use. After that, you'll tire of seeing "100%" indicated, and check it only when your showing off the keyboard to the other geeks in your life. The solar charging technology in this keyboard just works, and it's rock solid.

In addition to standard Function keys, the "F" keys on the K750 have a second "FN" function integrated. These includes launching your browser, launching your email client, zooming on a window, launching the calculator, controlling your media player and speaker volume, and a PC shutdown key. All mapped correctly to the default application for each. Score one for good integration with the operating system.

The keys are quiet and responsive, and there is no lag of any kind in responsiveness. The profile is thin and sleek, but the keyboard is full-sized.

There are wireless keyboards...and there are battery-free wireless keyboards with no consumables and no clutter behind your 'puter.

Simply awesome.

Two small issues which DO NOT detract from the overall excellence of this keyboard:
(1) The default driver doesn't indicate caps lock/numbers lock under Windows 7, and there are no LEDs to indicate this either. After downloading and installing Logitech's "Setpoint" extended utilities set, a rather large on-screen display (and optionally selectable sound) remedies this. The on-screen display could be smaller ---much smaller-- and still be effective.

(2) This keyboard will not work natively with older motherboards that have PS/2 mouse/keyboard connections (even if USB ports are also present). After installing the "Setpoint" utilities, an option to install the PS/2 drivers becomes available.
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on April 2, 2011
I purchased this product because I am using my laptop for my daily workstation and wanted the flexibility and durability of a separate keyboard. My laptop is an ASUS and did not have a docking station available, so a wireless keyboard seemed like a good solution. Also I already use a Logitech M505 wireless mouse with the 'Unifying Receiver' so I was leaning toward a Logitech keyboard which would share my current USB micro-receiver.

My biggest concern prior to purchase was that a thin plastic keyboard would not feel substantial enough. Online photos and videos don't really give you a good feel for the look and feel of the whole device.

Unpacking the product I was pleasantly surprised by the reduced packaging. There is no ubiquitous drivers disk, users guide or warranty insert. The legal and warranty info is printed on the inside surface of the glossy box with a graphic indicating where to cut to unfold and read all the fine print about the device. Inside the glossy box is the protective cardboard box with simple 3-step installation instructions printed on the lid. Every effort was made to reduce packaging and paper products, and make the rest recyclable.

As noted in other reviews, the solar cells recharge a (replaceable) lithium ion cell so you do not need light to operate the keyboard. The cell recharges via natural or artificial light. A button on the keyboard will briefly light up an indicator of whether the keyboard is receiving enough light to run off solar or battery. There is an on-off switch above the keypad, which is the same size as the on-off switch on the bottom of my M505 mouse. I shut them both off when powering down.

The product and packaging provided a 'sustainability' coolness factor which has added value for me personally. The keyboard itself has a nice heft and substantial feel to it.

The keys looks a lot like a laptop keyboard but have a more substantial 'click' to them. Keyboard 'feel' and mechanics can be a very personal choice, so I would not hesitate to test a demo model in a store before ordering online.

The product came with a USB micro-receiver, and a longer USB 'range-extender' which I have not tried. I briefly tested the keyboard from about 15' away form my desk and it seemed to work fine with just the small receiver.

I am planing on leaving this keyboard at my desk, not carrying it around with me. After a few days usage I'm highly pleased with this purchase and have had no problems.
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on April 6, 2011
I am cheap when it comes to computer accessories, and as someone who only needs a keyboard for sitting at his desk sitting less than 2 feet from the monitor, I've always thought wireless keyboards were a waste. The Logitech K750 is excellent, however, and I'm glad I paid the extra money for it (I'm typically a $12 stock keyboard kind of guy).

The solar response/battery life question is a complete non issue. If your room gets any light at all, there's nothing to worry about. I've used the keyboard for over 2 months without a single problem in connectivity or battery life.

The thing I like the most is the quiet and quick response of the keys themselves. It's very much like a Mac keyboard: low profile, soft click, shallow plastic keys. If you like the response of the Mac keyboards you will be thrilled with the K750.

The other requirement I had when selecting a keyboard was dedicated buttons for things like the calculator and music controls. It doesn't have dedicated keys for this, but there's a 'function' key that that lets you access all those things (including volume control and other assignable keys).

This is a top notch keyboard that I would recommend all day long (unless you insist on having an ergonomic board).
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on June 1, 2016
Best keyboard I've ever owned, hands down. And I've been using computer keyboards since 1983. The perfect combination of not too loud, not too quiet so that there is some sense of feedback/tactile feel ... Other keyboards - logitech ones even - take too much effort to make the key engage - even a little bit of extra effort adds up over the course of the days and weeks, and causes strain. This one feels so effortless but still with enough tactile-ness. I hate keyboards that are too quiet and spongy. I hate when they are loud and make clicks. This has the sweet spot. There's been a lot of different attempts to perfect the keyboard over the years, and they finally got it right with this one. I should buy 5 more just to stock up for years, just in case.
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on July 26, 2012
The only problem is (which is my fault) I dropped this and it shattered my left solar panel the first day I got it. The face plate of the keyboard is a glossy plastic but the solar panels underneath are glass, I guess.

Other than than that this is a nicely designed, effecient, and ergonomic keyboard. It's basically perfect. Never having to worry about the battery is a genius idea, even if I never cut it off it will last. Mind you, I use minimal light and lamps in my room, and I have big curtains blocking light from my windows.

To be honest, keyboards and mice do not require much power to run anyways so I don't understand why they all can't be this convienint.

Just please don't drop it like I did. It loses a great deal of it's beautifulness when the solar panel is cracked. The good thing is that every thing still functions as normal.

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