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VINE VOICEon May 24, 2006
"London" reunites almost the entire cast of "Cellular" (Chris Evans, Jessica Biel, and Jason Statham) as well as Isla Fisher (Wedding Crashers) and Kelli Garner (Thumbsucker) for this underappreciated and, in my opinion, very well done movie. The movie got terrible reviews and was even called "boring" by Richard Roeper. When a film critic calls a movie boring, you know there's something up. I knew I would like this movie, but I saw myself giving it a B- or even a C. Oddly enough, I loved this movie. The movie stars Evans as Syd. Syd is a cokehead who is suffering from the breakup of his girlfriend of two years, London (Biel). They've been broken up for a little over 6 months and Syd has become a sort of empty shell; He frequently dreams about her and such. Then, Syd recieves a phone call and finds out that London is having a going away party...Apparently, she's moving to L.A. to live with her new boyfriend. Shocked by the news, Syd meets up with a guy named Bateman (Statham) who sells him some blow and Syd insists that Bateman tag along with him to the party. When they arrive, Syd and Bateman head up to the bathroom and talk about their problems, God, and love. This is pretty much what 3/4 of the movie is. The other 1/4 of it is the flashbacks Syd has about London and when he finally confronts her at the party. The biggest complaint from critics was the bathroom scene...It was too long and the conversations were dull. Well, if you're going to see it and don't know about the long bathroom sequences...Yes, maybe they are long and dull. If you're going to see and know about these scenes, however, they might not be as bad. I found the scenes to fit perfectly in the movie. The dialogue in the film is really good and has an improvised feel to it. Statham and Evans are great and really get to show off their acting skills. Even Biel is good as London. The end of the movie isn't necessarily what you hope for, but it's realistic and in that sense is perfect. I'm not guaranteeing everyone will like this movie, most people will agree with Ebert & Roeper. I'm not using this review to convince anyone, but am merely sharing my opinions. Hope you like it.



There is sex scenes in the film, but as far as showing Jessica Biel naked; The director teases you. The camera will move upward right as she gets out of bed or the place she's standing will be darkened. So, if you're renting this movie for the sole reason of catching a glimpse of a nude-Jessica Biel. This movie is definitley not for you.
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on July 6, 2006
I enjoyed the hell out of this movie. It was about a guy who was in a relationship with a girl for 2 years and then gets dumped and can't move on. Then she ends up getting ready to move in with her new beau 6 months later, and the entire movie consists of flashbacks of the good and bad of their relationship. It also has some excellent supporting characters with some interesting stories. My favorite is the main character's dealer, who is mentally scarred over losing his wife because of things that are beyond his control.

The movie makes you walk away with several things to think about. First of all, you're not the only one who knows pain, everyone has their own story and your personal hell is no more painful than the next guy's. Secondly, it shows you that whatever you're going through, chances are you're not going through it alone. Sometimes you have to reach out to that other person so that they can hear you say I need you. Or, I love you. And the most important lesson of all is that Life will move on with or without you, and sometimes the best thing you can do for yourself is to just let go.

I loved this movie. I loved everything about it. Watch it. You will too.
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on September 15, 2011
If you had a long term relationship, you are deppressed and there is a chance to see your EX at a party, this is the movie for you so you can learn the mistake that the main character did(Chis Evans).

London(Jessica Biel) is about a girl that is moving out of the country and the whole movie is about her psychotic insecure boyfriend(Chis Evans) who happens to go to her GO AWAY party and spends 90 percent of the movie in the bathroom doing Cocaine like there is no tomorrow because he is so insecure to see her and speak with her after they've broken up months ago.

In the end, they talk but it doesnt have a Walt Disney ending.

What I find funny is that after London and her boyfriend(Chis Evans) talk for a few and agree to take her London(Jessica Biel) to the airport, he is just one of those men that wont TELL her ex how much he loves her and never did. He did up until the very end but it was too late. The guy was such an idiot that could say "I LOVE YOU...DON'T GO AWAY...STAY WITH ME". But unfortunately if insecurity and drugs kick in, theyll be stronger than any inner demons he may have.

I'm not Giacomo Cassanova De Seignalt, but I feel very sorry for men in real life that face these situations and just WONT FACE THE MUSIC and open their heart to someone they really LOVE.

I'll have to give this a 2 because the plot is very slow and you need 2 shots of very STRONG CUBAN COFFEE to keep you AWAKE!
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on August 25, 2007
I first saw this on-line, by rental, and I really liked it. The characters feel real, flawed, and possibly unlikeable. You can't just tell someone "don't see this move," when it desperately depends on the person. Yes, there is sexual explicit dialogue and detailed converations of experiences the characters have had but it has the realism of actual conversations; Yes, the amount of drugs they ingest would make it astronomically impossible for them to still have coherent conversations, but that is the only bold flaw in the film. I love these kind of films--real life situations--"Before Sunrise" and "Before Sunset," which are brilliant films.

In closing, this has flaws but overall makes up for them in the end.
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on December 27, 2012
I liked this mostly unheard of movie. I saw it on cable one night and I was going through a rough break up and this movie is all about that and more. It gets deep into subjects and drug abuse but it hits home on so many more levels just as being a modern human being in relationships and how easily taking one person away can leave you feeling lost when really we came into this world alone and we will leave the same way hopefully in peace.
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on January 25, 2014
Syd (Chris Evans) is obsessive, manipulative and controlling. London (Jessica Biel) wants Syd to be more committed to their relationship. The film takes place six months after their breakup. London's friends are holding a going away party for her and Syd's not invited. Syd decides to crash anyway with his dealer Bateman(Jason Statham) in tow. Once at the party Syd and Bateman spend the majority of the party in the bathroom ingesting cocaine and commiserating about love and sex and psychoanalyzing the rotted carcass of Syd and London's busted union. "London" is a watchable enough film but you get a sense of deja vu that it doesn't really have anything new to say that hasn't been said better before. You also don't get a sense in what London saw in the volatile Syd in the first place. I guess you can watch it for the pretty people and Statham doing a change of pace as an impotent financier who supplements his income by dealing drugs on the side. This isn't a bad film but there's nothing really compelling on hand unless you're a fan of the main stars.
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on December 3, 2014
I'd buy anything Chris Evans is in regardless of how I feel about Jessica's acting abilities. I think this movie is dark and rather cool. A lot of us can relate to being in messed up unhealthy relationships or taking a downward spiral after a bad breakup so this movie takes you on that kind of trip - only darken and worse than most have experienced I hope! Showcases Evan's acting abilities before Puncture proved he was a stellar actor. Worth the watch with some wine. LOL
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon February 7, 2012
A couple days ago, I picked up another deep-discount DVD from the rack at my local Ross Store, You never can tell what you might find and I've discovered some absolutely first rate movies in that rather unusual way. I've discovered some real bombs in that way too. Last night I viewed the "London" DVD, and I really scraped the bottom with this one.

Well, let's see if I can get this all straight. There was London (a young woman, not the city) and a going away party was thrown for her in NYC as she was moving to Los Angeles. All of her hundreds of friends were there. All the women were dazzling but didn't seem to have much to back it up and all the young men were handsome and dashing and spoke the F-bomb dialect of the English language, The young men and women seemed a good match for one another. They movie almost totally ignored the large and boisterous party, however, and was centered in a large rest room where the involved people took in prodigious amounts of a white powder through a little tube stuck in their nostril and drank whisky straight out of the bottle. Did I mention the smoking? Both tobacco and the other kind. Who knows what else was ingested there. Sorry, I'm not up on my drugs. The guys spoke in F-bomb dialect (the F-word used as a noun, verb, adjective and adverb, sometimes all in the same sentence) and when the conversation really got going, they all tried to drown one another out. They spoke in awe of a guy with 10.5 inches and all others seemed to shrink at the mere thought. Philosophy and religion were discussed on the sophomore level and most of the interest seemed to be centered around intoxication. I felt zero empathy for any of the characters. Sorry, if I'm getting all the details screwed up. My eyes were glassed over with boredom for most of the movie and I was intently viewing my watch now then to see when it might all end. Mercifully, the "credits" finally came on the screen.

Amazingly, this epic saga was given 4- and 5-star reviews by some reviewers. It's something I find difficult to fathom. Well, such is life. To each his, or her, own, as they say. To me, it was one of the worst movies I can remember seeing in the last decade. It seemed totally pointless. It was a total waste of money and time. Why would anyone put out such drivel? Well, it must mean there's a market for it. Some people actually liked it.

Oh, here's a final note regarding the music. When I first looked over the DVD case, I noticed that the music was credited to The Crystal Method, one of my favorite electronica acts. Hmmm, I thought, that ought to give it the film an edgy feeling. Well, I was very disappointed. If I had viewed this DVD without knowing about this little fact, I would never have recognized any Crystal Method music during the showing of the film. Why have an act like this on the credits if their music isn't needed? Listen to the Crystal Method sometime if you get the chance. They're really quite good.

Gary Peterson
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VINE VOICEon August 4, 2007
I love finding movies that had I not seen on tv I would know nothing about. This movie is very rich in dialog and its a dialog movie. Its just a glimpse of one couples life in america in our time period. Just like apinting a portrait or snapping a picture, this movie captures a glimpse of our time period and brilliantly. The characters all have dark sides which I personally loved. Lastly I wanna give this movie 5 stars because I wanna balance the overall rating. Great movie.
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I found London to be a fantastic film - gritty, intense, dramatic, and raw. It sort of grabs you by the throat and throttles you every so often, never selling itself out for a single minute. The story doesn't give you what you have come to expect, especially in terms of the ending, and I think that's a very encouraging sign for the future of Hollywood in this new century. London has an inner fire that's almost palpable. It's not a film everyone will enjoy, however. Some viewers (especially older ones, I expect) just won't connect with it, and some will be turned away from the language and drug use it depicts. Other will surely find it mesmerizing, so I say don't be afraid to take a chance with this film.

To be honest, I wasn't sure how I would react to this film. Aside from the almost constant drug use among the characters, it's not exactly easy to get all that excited over a story that takes place, for the most part, inside a bathroom. No plot summary can really describe this film, though, as its heart and soul boils down to emotions and characters. London is all about love and the train wreck of a life it can leave in its wake. Some may not think the film makes a great deal of sense, but when has love ever been about making sense or behaving rationally or living happily ever after? This movie is real to the core.

The centerpiece of the story is Syd (Chris Evans), an emotional mess of a fellow who has a seemingly terminal case of love for his ex-girlfriend London (Jessica Biel). He's just not capable of dealing with his loss, as therapy, cocaine, and booze just aren't doing the trick. When he finds out that London is leaving the country to move in with some guy in L.A. and that he wasn't even invited to her going-away party, he really starts coming unglued. Seeing this as his last chance to talk to London and try to get her back, he decides to show up at the party, anyway. Along the way, he manages to drag Bateman (Jason Statham), his friendly neighborhood coke supplier, along with him. They quickly make their way upstairs to the bathroom, and that is where Syd stays until such time as he can work up the gumption to go down and talk to London. This bathroom, I should mention, is not your conventional bathroom - it's bigger than my first apartment, has plenty of windows with a great view of the city, and seems to be the perfect place for snorting cocaine and seriously hitting the bottle.

As Syd talks (and rants) to Bateman and a couple of female pals over the course of an hour or so, the nature of his relationship with London is revealed, along with some revelations on Bateman's part, as well. The conversation between both of these men is oftentimes rather disgusting, but every part of it demands and deserves your attention. I'm pretty sure Syd had to have been the worst boyfriend ever. He certainly got little sympathy from me, as he's an incredibly needy, jealous, egotistical nuisance who constantly starts arguments over the least little thing - and he can't even bring himself to tell London he loves her. Even putting his obvious drug problem aside, this guy was born with emotional problems. Therefore, I see the film as something of an anti-romance; I certainly wasn't pulling for Syd to win London's heart in the end. Bateman is actually the most compelling character in the film, largely due to a tremendous performance by Jason Statham.

London fully deserves its R rating for gratuitous drug use and strong language. Several of the characters snort cocaine like it's going out of style, but I don't really buy into the notion that the film warns against the allure of such recreational drug use. Obviously, no one wants to be like Syd, but the film certainly doesn't go out of its way to present any negative consequences of drug abuse - I found it pretty ambivalent in this regard, actually.

Basically, what we have here is an uncomfortably honest, edgy, intense film about love and loss and dealing with the emotional trauma these things oftentimes induce. It doesn't march to the drum of conventional Hollywood scripts, it holds nothing back in terms of content, and it eschews anything resembling a storybook ending. To me, it's a truly impressive, relatively undiscovered gem of a motion picture.
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