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on April 14, 2010
Where other books on "dieting/exercise" will instantaneously delve into the epicentre of their plan this one begins with a mental makeover of sorts. The author attempts to have the reader appreciate one's body more than he/she already does. She advises to look at a selection of nudes (of varying body types) and to perform a weekly exercise ritual in the buff (ie. sleeping and eating etc.) to appreciate the banality of the human body - its curves, shadows, how it simply exists, and all of its functions. Even BDD (body dysmorphic disorder) is addressed. A healthy mindset is promoted from the get go.

Next, there is an optional two-day cleanse then a diet plan for the next six weeks. It is built to total 1.400 calories/day and includes: breakfast, lunch, dinner, and two snacks. The meals are focused around 20 power foods: avocados, beef, bell peppers, berries, black beans, Brussels sprouts, cheese, chicken breast, dried fruit, eggs, flaxseed, hummus, milk, nuts/nut butters, olives/extra-virgin olive oil, salmon, tofu, tuna, whole grains, and yoghurt. The meals include various combinations of the list with the occasional added ingredient. There is also a list of recommended added spices and low-calories condiments like mango salsa. Splurging is allowed once in three weeks (twice over the program). A signature cocktail is also included for going out.

Following food is the section on fitness. The regime consists of two weekly metabolic work-outs and two strength training sessions. There is also an optional "do-anything" day from pilates to gardening. There is a ten minute warm-up before the pages of exercise. The strength training features 15 reps with 4 pound weights and lasts under 30 minutes. Weeks 4-6 the reps drop to 8 but the weights also increase to 8 pounds. The metabolic work-out is also under 30 minutes. It is high intensity interval training, and has one set for weeks 1-3 and another for 4-6. Weights (4 & 8 pounds), an adjustable bench, a barbell, 5 & 10 pound barbell plates, an exercise mat, a jump rope, fitness shoes, and a Swiss ball are necessary for the work-outs.

Finishing touches are the next topic. Body acne, shaving, waxing, and pedicures are covered. There is also a bonus section of sorts that covers weeks 7-9. It speaks of weight maintain with an allowed weekly slip up, has new work outs that follow suit with the previous ones. In that section is also one covering ab workouts that follow the interval training style. A brief inlet about controlling cravings exists immediately after. The last few chapters cover "target zones" for weeks 7-9. The body parts are for breasts, arms, legs/butt and cellulite. The last bit is a warrior work-out. The book says you should lose 1-2 pounds a week with their plan, so if you make it to week 9 you should lose from 9 to 18 pounds.

Personal quip: I being a vegetarian have to alter the dietary plan to suit my needs, so except for some tidbits most of the food is inedible to me. Also, I don't agree with their training methods. In order to cause fat enzymes to begin burning away fat they need stimulation of 30 minutes, thus the work-outs don't sound to be effective for more than fiber type II toning. I would stick to a similar calorie goal 1,400-1,550 (to preserve maximum current muscle while losing weight) but to modify the work-out to 30 minutes strength plus 30 cardio (stationary) 5-6 days a week. The strength should be done first to activate the metabolism resulting in more burn during cardio. Yoghurt is one of the best foods in the plan eating it over 15 weeks caused 22% more fat than the rest without any change in diet (they ate three a day), this is from the CLA. For the mental aspect and general beauty tips it is written better than many other fitness books, but I admire the self-esteem boost not the work-out/diet.
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on April 18, 2010
As a fitness professional, I was SO happy to find that this book addresses components to compliment a good exercise plan! It's a book I would recommend to all of my female clients! Attitude, exercise, nutrition, beauty play an intrinsic role in looking better and feeling more confident.
I specifically love the exercises chosen to be included in the book! They're great ones.

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on January 19, 2011
I'm a stay at home mom of two little ones, ages 5 and 3. I was looking for something to help me get in shape and also gain healthier eating habits. I was convinced enough by previous reviews of this book that it had what I was looking for and boy was I right! While much of the book is geared toward being comfortable in your own body not just physically but mentally I didn't feel I'd learned anything new, however I have pretty good self esteem and never minded my mommy tummy or thick thighs much. So if you're more insecure about your figure be it large or small it has some wonderful thoughts and tips to get you to a healthier self view.
As for the diet portion of the book...I didn't want a "diet" as in, you can't eat these things..... and this book is the complete opposite, it's very positive and encourages you to splurge here and there on tasty things, (this includes cheese! something I could never ever give up entirely) but the meal plans provided also fill you up so you're not left feeling hungry and tempted to eat something you don't need (aka, gold fish crackers, in my case). I have loved every meal I've yet to try, almost a weeks worth at this point. and look forward to trying the other new things. I'm not much of a cook by nature so it's been really fun to have tasty healthy meals and snacks that fill me up and give me energy and did I mention that they are super tasty? My husband has been eating the same foods with me and he's enjoying them as well.
Ok, now to the physical end of it. first off, they start you out with a two day cleanse, I lost two lbs., 1 a day. then you start working out after that. I haven't regularly exercised in quite some time so even the warm up they have you do was hard for me in the beginning but I'm already noticing that my body's adjusting and able to put out more. I have been more sore than I can ever recall being in my entire life but it feels good and I've lost 2 more lbs in 3 days!
the workouts consist of a warm up you do every time and then three different workouts that you rotate through over the coarse of three weeks. after the three weeks you have another three workouts to do for the following three weeks. there are two different strength training workouts and 1 metabolic workout.
I would say the only downside is they want you to join a gym. something I couldn't do, and so I have to make do with alternate styles of some of the exercises they're asking you to do because I don't have the necessary equipment. However there are only maybe 2 or 3 like this and with my husband's help I've figured out how to get the same effect through slightly different means. Most of it is easily done at home. Oh and something I love is you only exercise 4 times a week, and only ever two days in a row.
The book also does an excellent job explaining everything to you, why they're asking you to eat certain foods and what's behind all the exercises and routines and why. Very informative.
I'm sure I'll have more thoughts once I'm finished with the first six weeks but for now that's all.
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on January 31, 2012
Into week 1 of workout (inital review).

I am 5'6", 150lbs (not at all over weight but I NEVER exercise). My goal is to lose a few pounds and tone up.

The 2 day cleanse was very challenging. You are limited to 2 tsp olive oil + balsamic vinegar and herbs. I though I could do chicken and salad greens for lunch/dinner for 2 days but by day 2 I was disgusted by the thought of more plain chicken.

My suggestion is to save half of your snack for dinner (who wants to eat a whole cup of cucumbers anyway?) and vary the protein.
Day 2 I went for salmon and asparagus (and incorporated "bonus" items into my meal; little greek yogurt and dijon).

I did indeed lose 2 lbs just on the cleanse (no exercise). But I was very cranky and kind of weak.

The meal plan is great in my opinion. It incorporated different foods to ensure you get the nutrition you need (and maybe to keep it interesting).

1. It is expensive to buy so many differnt items, esp if you are cooking for one.
2. You need to get creative. There are no recipes. It simply tells you the protein and vegetable to eat for that meal. Having some basic recipes (like vinegrettes or marinades would be a big help).
3. Because there are so many different meals, you grocery list gets large and its difficult to know how much of each item you need each week. It would have been great if there were grocery lists for each week (online to print esp).

Workout A pratically scared me away. For someone who never exercises (and Im not over weight), it was EXTREMLY tough. The "warm up" was a workout for me! I was spent at half the reps the book recommends. So for week one, that was my max. After day 1, my legs were sore. SO SORE. A lot of squats and lounges!!

1. I found myself spending alot of time focusing on how to do the exercise. I would have LOVED a simple DVD with the book that shows you all of the moves (doesnt have to be a full work out DVD).
2. It would have been great if there were online flash card print outs for each week of exercises. Carrying the book around the gym and flipping through the sections was not convenient.

I can see why this plan would work. Its structured and intense. But in my opinion, its not for beginners. This is an intense strength training program for people already in decent physical shape...i.e. people who already workout and are looking to get toned quickly. Personal experience: My rooomate is a runner and consistently goes to the gym. She agreed the workout was intense and herself wasnt able to complete the number of reps suggested in the book.

I'm not sure I will/can continue the exercise program due to its intensity.
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on October 3, 2011
I'm in week 5 on the diet and lost 17lbs! Yes, 17lbs! I followed the diet and on some days added a granola bar or an apple if I was ever left hungry. It's been really hard for me to lose that last bit of weight but this diet made it possible. I didn't follow the workout they provided, but I did a lot of working out on my own. Lots of spinning classes, Zumba, weight lifting etc.. 5-6 days a week at least 1 hour a day. The diet is a freakin miracle and I strongly recommend it to anyone who cannot afford a nutritionist. Yes, you will spend time at the grocery store and money. But in all honesty, it's all worth it. I'd rather pay for good health than a heart surgery bill! Oh yeah, and I no longer suffer digestion issues and irregularity. I'm also glowing and my skin and hair is gorgeous. People ask me what I'm doing, and this is it. It's working! Got 12 lbs more to go and will extend the diet!
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on July 20, 2013
So for starters, I am definitely one of those people who get super excited to start a diet, exercise regime, you name it....and the excitement pretty much wears off by dinner time that first day! So I though, why not get a book for inspiration, try something new! Well, this book was much better than I had anticipated. I appreciated the author taking the time to talk about ones inner beauty and self worth, rather than just jumping into the nitty gritty. People should be reminded that being healthy starts within (definitely one of my flaws when I give up so easily!) The book takes you through each process of its "program" slowly and carefully, explaining everything you will need, and the results you should see, even offering special perks when you ahem' behave! It outlines exercise's, diets (basically a meal is such a harsh word sometimes). All in all I found this book to be more than I had bargained for, and an excellent choice for someone who needs to realize how great they are to begin with, and their full potential when it comes to leading a healthy lifestyle. The only reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 was that I found it extremely hard to follow the meal plans if you are on a budget. Every meal is so different and unique (not that that is necessarily a bad thing), that you have such an array of groceries to buy and a lot of them come from specialty farmers market type stores (aka $$$). But aside from that, I found this book to be empowering and helpful and I would definitely recommend it to someone who is just starting out on the dreaded task of becoming a health queen!!!
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on April 26, 2011
I did not purchase the book on amazon, but I did buy it at Barnes & Noble via internet with a gift card. When I bought it the only option was to get it in hardcover. I suggest you buy the book here on amazon due to it being cheaper. The book itself you don't really NEED it in hardcover.

For approximately two to three years I have been reading Women's Health magazine and while at the bookstore I decided to check out Look Better Naked. I am an active person and living a healthy lifestyle is what I do. So many of what is recommended in the book is pretty helpful, straight forward, and many great tips.

At the beginning the book mentions what it will cover and how you should benefit from it. Then it talks about body image and how you will and should view yourself. The following chapter gives you six ways to feel "sexier" for each week of the program. This includes taking a bath in the nude (obviously), eating dinner in the nude (with another person ex. husband/boyfriend/etc.), sleeping in the nude, getting a massage, getting fitted for sexy lingerie, and taking a nude photo. After that it then brings the diet into the picture. It talks about the top 20 foods you should be eating, which I do agree with all of it and personally eat in my daily life. Gives you flavor boosters for your food and tells you how to make them. The start of the six week diet plan starts with a two day cleanse which isn't as bad as it sounds. Then for about twenty pages or so it sums up what you should be eating. Finally it gets into the good stuff, the work out. These first workouts are simple and easy. After a couple of pages of work outs it gets into the topic of caring for your outer body. Such topics as waxing, ridding pimples and zits, shaving, make-up, nail polish and how to care for your hair. Following these outter body tips. For some odd reason she adds three stories about people who deal with being in the buff. I kind of find them pointless, but those are there as well. Then the rest of the book is works outs. There is also talk of how you should do yoga and many other forms of working out. That is the book in a nutshell.

The book itself has a lot of naked women, lots of side boob, booty, and a random nipple. So that's a heads up for you. I didn't really get the book to feel "sexier", I got the book for the work outs and for the recipes. I did not get a massage in the nude, nor did I eat naked with my fiance, didn't do a nude photo, and I didn't go an get fitted for lingerie. I really liked how it talked about the major and important things you should be eating, the top 20 foods you should be eating and correct and I myself would tell you the same thing. The flavor boosters are helpful and I use them for not just what is mentioned in the book. I didn't prepare the recipes how they should be prepared according to the book, but I put my own healthy twist. Yet I will say the menu is pretty tasty and very satisfying. I didn't really like how she randomly had three different women interviewed about how they work in the nude, but whatever. The tips on how to care for your outer body were pretty helpful. I like doing my own nails to save money and the little step by step guide helped me out to better them. Most important the workouts. The work outs are OKAY, not the best. When I first looked at the book the work outs seemed to be flawless, but now I find them to be boring or not as effective. BUT if you are just starting out or not a full on fitness junkie then go for them. I am not saying they are terrible, just saying I now do much more aggressive work outs. Also would like to add there isn't very many work outs as I thought was in this book.

Overall I am somewhat pleased with my book. I still use the recipes that are in the book to this day along with the sauces. I do occasionally do the work outs in the book as well. The book is cute and is pretty well written. If you wish to start getting into fitness this book is a good start. I suggest that you get the paperback, no need for the hardcover. Plus also you will only get so much use from it after a while so paying less would be a good thing. I am satisfied with it and I suggest it.
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on August 9, 2011
I can honestly say that this book has changed the way I look at food. Since I was 14 years old I struggled with eating disorders and always diet to the extreme without good results other than anemia and constantly fainting. I turned vegetarian for a good cause and all changed. Even though for almost 3 years I kept the same healthy weight, I wanted the way I feel about food and body image change, I really needed to get to the root of my issues, and this book did all that.
The title could be other, but it caught our attention right? And I love the graphics, the magazine feel like pages and the beautiful model, but what is even beautiful is the information inside. Let's go through it:

The diet:
I don't like to call it diet because you won't even feel like you are dieting. You have a 2 day cleanse that you will do before the 6 week plan and I didn't even struggled with that. You get three meals and 2 snacks and YES there are carbs in there! Good carbs, that your system needs!! I lost 5 pounds and less than two weeks with 1 cheating day every week and my skin cleared up. Yes, in two weeks. So you will not only lose weight but your skin and hair will improve as well. She explains everything in the book, how food is connected to every part of your body and how it can improve your overall health. I am a vegetarian and had NO problem switching the foods.

The workout:
Simple and easy, yet you will sweat and see results! I did both the book exercises and the dvd and they are both great! Can't wait to move on to other exercises once the 6 week period ends. Interval training really burns calories!You have to complete 4 30 minute workouts every week, 2 strength and 2 cardio... no biggie!

This was the first diet that I could follow until the end and saw results. Plus, I won't change the way I eat now, because I never felt better. Don't feel bad about cheating, we all need that sometimes, just eat clean the next day, maybe do 1 day cleanse from the diet paln. I really recommend this book to anyone who has struggled with weight because it's not likely that you will fall of the wagon with this yummy plan, plus you only have to work out for 30 minutes 4 days a week.
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on December 18, 2012
I really liked the idea behind this book-looking and feeling like the best version of yourself. I thought they workout plan was very easy to follow, and like that after 6 weeks if you had body area you wanted to concentrate on, the book instructed you how.

Being gluten free, the diets were difficult for me to follow and to be honest, I read them, but didn't use them

After the six weeks, I did feel better about myself- especially my balance. Who knows if I really looked better naked, but I felt better for sure.
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on May 20, 2011
I enjoyed reading 'Look Better Naked' because it was candid, straightforward and touched upon topics I like which included not only a better way of eating, and new exercise ideas, but also about beautifying yourself and changing the way you see your body. I enjoyed the color photos and this may sound funny, I like these types of books to have full color photography in them, sort of similar to being a kid who likes picture books. They are definitely very motivating...I like the meal plans because they are easy to prepare without a lot of fancy or exotic ingredients that may break the bank because they are too expensive...If I didn't like a particular meal, or really liked another, I'd just eat that for a few other words, it's pretty flexible as long as you follow the portion size and type of food eaten, like chicken instead of fish, or an apple instead of a pear, something like that....The workouts are fun and easy (well, once you get the hang of them and know what to do)...after doing strength workout A for weeks 1-3, I was quite sore then next few days...I actually felt it....Overall, it's a great book to have if you want to loose those last 10 or 15 pounds without anything too strict or severe-the 2 day cleanse was already strict enough for me. I also got the DVD along with it for a change of pace from the book. But I'll review that in another post...Great job on both!
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