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on January 18, 2013
If you remember the last Stu Show from December of 2012 when Jerry Beck said that the Sylvester & Friends and the second Daffy Duck Super Stars DVDs were canceled. Well guess what, he lied to us again that looney joker (like what he did in March when he said that the Super Stars DVDs ended but didn't since they've brung out the Porky Pig DVD in November last year). I guess they changed the title of the DVD and renamed it "Sylvester & Hippety Hopper: Marsupial Mayhem" and will contain all 13 Hippety Hopper cartoons and 5 of Sylvester Jr.'s stand alone cartoons (there are 12 in total with the ones featuring Hippety Hopper). Here are the list of shorts it will contain:

Original Opening Titles Remastered - ^
Original Opening Rings Remastered - ^^

*Hop, Look an Listen (1948)^
*Hippety Hopper (1949, previously released on LTGC Vol. 6 as a bonus carton but not remastered)^^
*Pop `im Pop! (1950)^^
*Who's Kitten Who? (1952)
*Hoppy-Go-Lucky (1952)
*Cats Aweigh! (1953)
*Bell Hoppy (1954)^^
*Lighthouse Mouse (1955)
*Too Hop to Handle (1956)
*Slap-Hoppy Mouse (1956)
*Mouse-Taken Identity (1957, previously released on Mouse Chronicles as a bonus carton but not remastered)
*Hoppy Daze (1961)
*Freudy Cat (1964)
*Cat's Paw (1959)
*Fish and Slips (1962)
*Birds of a Father (1961)
*Claws in the Lease (1963)
*Goldimouse and the Three Cats (1960, previously released on LTGC Vol. 5)

Hopefully it will contain more lost original opening and closing titles/rings to these shorts (like Hop, Look an Listen) and remastered improvements on both Hippety Hopper and Mouse-Taken Identity. I hope the second Daffy Duck DVD will be chanced to maybe Bugs & Daffy instead along with some more Super Stars DVDs they should make featuring Speedy Gonzales, the post-1935/pre-1943 black & white Looney Tunes and maybe Yosemite Sam & Elmer Fudd (both in one since they have some more cartoons that are not on DVD yet). And since this doesn't contain any Warner Bros.-Seven Arts. Looney Tunes (unlike the Porky Pig DVD) along with some bad Looney Tunes (unlike the Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote DVD), I give this 5 stars.
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on April 23, 2013
Hey, it's the Looney Tunes DVD that doubles as a drinking game! Take a shot every time you hear the phrase "giant mouse!"

Yes, the latest Looney Tunes Super Stars release, Sylvester & Hippety Hopper: Marsupial Mayhem is just that: every single one of the cartoons Bob McKimson directed featuring either Hippety Hopper or Sylvester Junior. (Along with the one he didn't direct, Friz Freleng's Goldimouse and the Three Cats.) Most of these are centered around the concept of Sylvester and son mistaking the loose baby kangaroo for a giant mouse, a delightfully absurd premise created by writer Warren Foster that called for a lot of creative leeway (for one, joeys don't have round ears). Things play out in such a similar fashion in each cartoon that it's hard to single out any individual one for praise, beyond, "the earliest ones are best."

The restorations on this disc, as they've been for the past year or two of Warner cartoon releases, are a mixed bag. True, they are clearer than any previous home video or television incarnations, but for the most part are a bit dark and grungy, looking as though they could've used a little more time in the studio facilities. The time and money that created the Golden Collection sets of 2003-08 are now nonexistent, so any reasonable facsimile to these cartoons' original IB Technicolor glory is coincidental. One only needs to look at the collection's single double-dip, Goldimouse and the Three Cats (restored for the fifth Golden Collection in 2007), to see the difference. So long as they are uncensored and free of the abhorrent DVNR process (which mistakes animation lines and movement for dirt and literally erases them), though, they get a free pass from me, even if it is disappointing to have to classify the Warner discs by 'A' and 'B' restorations.

So wait, is this still worth buying? Well, of course. Anyone reading this is probably a Warner completist like myself and will buy any unreleased cartoons without hesitation. There are still many genuinely funny moments, and any viewer will get a kick out of Junior's prissy manner and snide comments to his father. They're also a painful example of how high the level of skill was in the era of classic Warner animation. If these cartoons are weak by those standards, what exactly does that say about today's animation?
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on January 16, 2013
As announced at Classic Flix, Looney Tunes Superstars: Sylvester And Hipity Hopper: Marsupial Mayhem, will be published by Warner Brothers on 04-23-2013; the SRP is currently set at $19.98, and contain "all" 13 cartoons (w/Hipity & Sylvester)on one disk, plus another 5 cartoons as an added bonus, with 17 out of 18 cartoons brand new to DVD ! Woowser-riffic, I can't wait to pre-order this one from "ASAP". Remastered & restored...we shall see...yipey-doodle-dandy (suffer'in sucatash)...OHH Father :) :) :)
Have fun in 2013...Folks !!!
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9 of 12 people found the following review helpful
This set requires you to believe that Sylvester has a short-term memory problem. The big joke of the Hippity Hopper series is that Sylvester thinks this baby kangaroo is a big mouse, then he tries to catch him.
These cartoons originally appeared only once every year or two at the movie theaters, rather than back-to-back as presented here. So original audiences most likely would not remember the jokes that get repeated here. Thus watching these in a marathon viewing is not the best way to enjoy these. Take them 2 or 3 at a time.

The series starts out good, but by the 4th cartoon it seems to get routine, but don't worry as Bob McKimson gets back on track quickly. Some entries spoof famous books & movies (Hoppy-Go-Licky), others take on more varied locations (Lighthouse Mouse).

Sylvester's son appears in many of these, wanting to learn from that 'great mouser' his father. At times Junior has the best lines, such as when Sylvester goes flying through a wall and Junior runs up to his back end. Junior stops talking and says "Silly Me, that isn't the talking end". That line always brings a smile.

The Hoppity series ends with FREUDY CAT (1963) in which Sylvester's son takes his dad to a psychiatrist because Sylvester thinks he saw the big mouse again. Sylvester then relates to the psychiatrist all of his adventures with the Big Mouse, using clips from most of the cartoons that we have just seen. Not much reason to watch this one as we have just seen all of these clips. This cartoon also tells us that Sylvester does indeed remember all of his encounters with the Big Mouse.

This set then continues on with other Sylvester & son cartoons now that the psychiatrist has gotten the Big Mouse out of Sylvester's head. CATS PAW (1963) starts this new chapter in Sylvester's life.

Other reviewers have already given title lists, so there is no reason to repeat that information.

It appears that Warner Home Video has abandoned the idea of cropping their post 1954 cartoons to look wide-screen. All cartoons are presented here just as they were produced, FULL FRAME. Nothing will be cropped off.
All of the original first release title sections are here except for the cartoon WHO'S KITTEN WHO?, which has the 'Blue Ribbon' re-issue titles.

The REMASTERING looks very good, sharper than ever before. But when you see the one duplication from the Golden Collections (that was re-mastered for that series) GOLDIMOUSE AND THE THREE CATS, you will notice that these new releases just don't have the vibrant colors as the old Golden Collection remasters.

A better title for this set would have been "SYLVESTER AND SON".
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on July 2, 2013
I love the old Looney Tunes cartoons. They remind me of Saturday mornings when I was a kid! Do the major networks even have a cartoon line-up on Saturday mornings anymore?
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on July 21, 2013
this is how Warner brothers cartoons are suppose to be like. it was very entertaining and amusing all at the same time. my family really enjoyed this
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on February 25, 2014
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on November 9, 2013
I've always loved these! Father and son a real kick! Preferred these to Tweedy and Sylvester, while still enjoying those
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on January 9, 2015
Originally passed on this set since reviews for it were not all that positive. Now that I have it I have to say it is well done. Having the complete set of Hippety Hopper films is just the start. The fact this one also has all the Sylvester, Jr. films is a banus. Yes, some of these overlap but now when I want to sahre some of these titles with friends I know I can find them all on one DVD.
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on June 23, 2013
This video is timeless. Although the cartoons were drawn an era ago, the relationship between father and son remain the same as is depicted by Sylvester and his son in some of these cartoons. The confusion of mistaken identity never fails to make me laugh when Hoppity (the baby kangaroo) is taken for a giant mouse. I loved these cartoons as a kid and every time I watch them, I am transported back to a simpler time when you could actually hear birds singing in the morning rather than police sirens. This is a very good collection and I would recommend it to everyone who is still a child at heart.

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