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Intimacy: AMAZINGLY GOOD for a historical book
Enjoyment: GOOD

Before I start this review let me point out that the title seem a bit misleading in certain ways, so if your expecting a mythological romance read, this book isn't it. There are no Demons of any sort in the book. It was still a very good read. The book also contains graphic sexual acts and language

Lady Jessaline Nolan against her father's wishes did not want to marry Timon, who the father has arranged for her to marry. The day of her marriage Jess yells to her mother that she would rather marry a Demon of Dunmore than the man her father has chosen. Lord Llewelyn hears her out burst and comes to her rescue by marrying Jessaline in exchange for any and all sexual things he wants from her, on the spot Jess agrees. ( sounds degrading, but it's not). While Jess and Llewelyn is off to his castle Jess's father tries everything to get his daughter back. Jess doesn't want to go back because her father abuses her and this is the course of action she must take.

I loved this story. There is one thing I love more than a free book and it's a free book that's good. What I really liked about this book is the story started right away, no unnecessary intro and no unnecessary words. Even though it dived right into the story, you still understood what's taking place. Through out the book we got to know Jess and Llewelyn and it was good reading their chemistry as the story plays out. It wasn't just the sexual things they did but it was the book as a whole that was pleasing to read. We got to meet the brothers, Allard and Graham whose stories will be coming out next as this is book 1. The brothers surely had me entertain as well in the book. They brought good chemistry to the story. Of course the ending of the book was really interesting and leaves room for me wanting more. The end of the book leaves a sneak peek for what the next book is about.
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on May 12, 2008
Four generations ago the Lords of Dunmore (commonly referred to as the Demons of Dunmore) were banished from the church. Since then no male Dunmore has married. Llewellyn and his brothers are the last in line with title to the Dunmore lands and they revel in their freedom.
On a ride into town Llewellyn hears a woman screaming that she would rather marry a demon of Dunmore that the man her father has chosen for her. Llewellyn, curious and looking for a challange, enters the church where the 2 women are and offers the beautiful young woman an explicit proposition. He whispers in her ear exactly what he wants her to do sexually with his body. As Jessaline looks into this mans eyes she makes him swear to never beat her, then gives her consent.
Llewellyn turns to the priest and demands he perform the wedding ceremony immediately (because both Jessalin and Llewellyn know that her father could appear at any moment). Once the ceremony is completed Llewellyn whisked Jessaline away on his horse.
Upon arriving at Dunmore keep Jesseline is horrified at the pigstye Llewellyn and his brothers have been living in and is determined to at least clean the bedroom before her new husband consummates his wedding vows. Unbeknownst to Jessaline, Llewellyn has no intention of taking her maidenhead for he fully intends to have the marriage annuled as soon as he can assure her safety from her cruel family. But there are many other enticing ways they can enjoy each other sexually and each encounter cracks Llewellyn's controll a little at a time, because Jessaline is learning a few tricks of her own. Can Llewellyn keep Jessaline safe from her family and then just walk away? Can Jessaline seduce Llewellyn into consummating the marriage? Or will her psychopathic father tear them apart forever? Read this book and find out how this all plays out.

If I had one word to descript this book it would be "decadent". I found the story interesting and Llewellyn and Jessaline really heated the pages (my favorite scene was in the saloon). I found this to be a highly erotic read with a great romance built in. I highly recommend this book and I will be checking out more books from this author.
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on August 6, 2011
Lady Jessaline Nolan has lived a horrible life at the hands of her father, the Lord of the House of Nolan. Jessaline lives like a prisoner in her home, and is beaten or whipped at any display of defiance. In a final display of his control of Jessaline, Lord Nolan has arranged her marriage to the bastard son of a Catholic Bishop. However much Jessaline may want to leave her father's home, her betrothed is not a better option. He has shown himself to be equally as cruel as Lord Nolan and he will be able to hurt her in more ways than beating.

Jessaline refuses to marry Timon, and swears that she will marry a Demon of Dunmore before becoming Timon's wife. As it happens, Lord Llewellyn Dunmore himself is witness to her vow and decides to hold her to it. Jess is immediately attracted to Llew, but his reputation as a demon doesn't make him a much better alternative than her betrothed. She agrees to marry him only after he promises never to beat her or physically harm her. That alone makes him her best option.

Llew comes from a long line of bastards. For many generations, the men in his family have refused to marry, even though they have fathered many sons. Rather than take a wife, these men have always chosen a life of drinking and whoring instead. Llew is the first man in his family to wed, and now he is saddled with a complete stranger who isn't even his type. In spite of the many reasons he should not be with Jess, he finds himself uncontrollably attracted to her. Will the attraction between Jess and Llew grow into a real and lasting love?

While Jess's father and fiance scheme to steal her back by any means necessary, there are magical beings from the fairy relm working behind the scenes to protect the couple. The fairy are not known to the humans, but their influence cannot be denied.

Make no mistake about it, this book is not for the prudish reader. The sex scenes are frequent and highly detailed. However, the sexual encounters occur only within monogamous, consenting relationships. These scenes are not one-dimensional; they are intertwined with romance, passion, and love. If I'm going to really enjoy an erotic novel, these are key points for me.

Something else that is crucial to me in an erotic novel is that the story and characters are of the same quality that I would expect in any other novel. This book met all of my expectations in that regard. Jessaline's character is smart, brave, and determined. Llew is a sexy bad boy who is being transformed by his love for his wife. Reformed bad boys are my favorite heroes in love stories, and Llew was no exception.

The only part of the story that I thought was a little weak was the ending. It wraps up really quickly and there is no epilogue, so I finished the book feeling like I got robbed of my happily ever after. I also wished for a little injection of humor in parts of the story, particularly from Llew's two brothers. Lastly, even though the fairy involvement is scattered throughout the story, I would have loved to read more about these characters and their world.

Recommended for fans of historical and/or paranormal erotica.
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on July 19, 2011
I completed a rough estimate of the explicit scenes and discovered
they make up about 83% of this story. Which wouldn't be horrible if they
added to the plot. The book itself is actually very good, especially close to the end.
However, at one point I found myself just skipping through page after page so
I could get back to the main story line. My other issue with
this book is its claim to be a historical romance. It has NO
historical accuracy to speak of. This should be classified as
fantasy, sexually explicit fantasy. Some readers may really enjoy
this book. I was just frustrated by the blatant historical inaccuracies
and the repeated disruption of a decent story with gratuitous sex.
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This romance is very explicit. Some of which was very good and some that I felt was over the top for the timeframe of the book. I enjoyed the characterization and the interplay between the two protagonists. I thought that the voyeristic scenes were a bit much. I also felt that the good fairies/witches, although cute, really didn't add anything to the story. It struck me as a weak attempt to allow the book to be classified in the burgeoning category of paranormal romance.
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on April 13, 2015
I expected more fantasy than I got. It read like a normal romance book, with every now and then an appearance from what I’m guessing are Fae or Godmother types. These aren’t really explained well, what they are or anything. And ‘Lord Demon’ isn’t a demon at all.

For all that, I did enjoy it. I liked how spirited Jessaline was, and how she seemed to stay true to character. Llewellen and his brothers were fun to read about, and fairly well fleshed out for a romance book. There are a number of fairly explicit sex scenes in the book. So if that bothers you, you’ll want to skip reading this book.

As it’s the first in a series, I’m kind of curious about what the other books will be about. And if they will have more of the fantasy that was missing from this book. There were a number of amusing bits in this book, from the three Fae who watch over Jess, to Jess herself.

If you like romance, and want a fun read that you can lose yourself in, I would recommend this book.

3.5 Stars

(cross-posted to my blog)
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on July 17, 2011
Lady Jessamine is ready to marry anyone but her intended, even Llew, the older of three bastards sons, known as the Demons of Dunmore. Jess and Llew strike a deal : he will not beat her or treat her cruelly and she will do anything he requires in bed.

There is a plot, but a very thin one. The numerous and graphic sex scene overtake what little story there is. Faery characters intervene but not much is known about them or their mission. The fantasy elements are really severely lacking for this genre. I could sense a better novel under all the going-ons in the bedroom. Too bad the author chose to showcase sex instead of her characters or story-line.

Still, if you're looking for erotica and you're into voyeurism, this is for you.
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on July 2, 2011
I picked up this book thinking it was a mythological/lore type of romance book. The book does speak of demons but they're not really demons. There are 3 witches that are on a mission to help bring Jess and Llew together, but they are such a minor part of the book, yet still provides some interest. Other than that it really is just a plain romance book. It was still good anyways. I was a little shocked at the lewd sex scenes at first, but that was because they were completely unexpected on my part. They do add to the book though. There is a long excerpt for the next book at the end, so this is a fairly short read. I did enjoy the book even though it was not what I expected.
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VINE VOICEon January 29, 2009
Jessaline Nolan has spent most of her life fighting her father and suffering the consequences. When she vows that she would rather marry a `demon' from Dunmore rather than the man her father is forcing her to marry, her wish comes true in the form of Lord Llewellyn Dunmore. Instantly attracted to and promising to be a good wife, particularly in the bedroom, Jessaline has no idea how much Llewellyn will come to mean to her, especially when their marriage is threatened by outside forces.

Llewellyn Dunmore has spent his life watching his father go from woman to woman. He knows no different and so he puts his knowledge to use by seducing anything in skirts. He is happy and content to love women and leave them until he comes face to face with a red haired beauty vowing she would rather marry a Dunmore than the man handpicked by her father. Vowing to not disappoint the lady, Llew marries her, but not before exacting a promise from her giving him full control of their nocturnal activities. Llewellyn has no idea that he has just found the one woman to sooth the demon.

Lord Demon's Delight was in essence a delight to read. I loved the premise and especially how the two characters met. I found myself laughing at the antics of Llew's brothers, mostly because they couldn't understand how Llewellyn could succumb so easily to one woman. Add three crabby and mischievous fairy godmothers and my reading was filled with love and laughter. I found Jessaline to be Llew's perfect mate. Innocent but fiery, she threw this tough man for a loop and I loved watching her ensnare him completely.

Lord Demon's Delight is the first book I have ever read by Gia Dawn and it won't be the last. I am officially hooked on the Demons of Dunmore series, and I can't wait for the next installment. Lucky for me, I only have to wait a couple more months until the second book releases called, Lady Strumpet.

Natalie S.
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on July 20, 2011
I like a good steamy read, but this one went beyond romance and solidly into the arena of erotic romance. The first half of the book is pretty much sex scenes, and the weak plot doesn't really deliver until the middle of the book. It's certainly titillating, but as I like my books with more plot, this wasn't really the read for me.
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