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on July 8, 2010
Let me start off by saying, I don't like time travel. Karen Marie Moning being a notable exception. However, this book did a lot to make me more open to reading more stories built around men and women zinging through time and space to find their true loves ;-)

I won't replay the book as it's already been done quite well by other reviewers. I thought the opening was choppy and read a bit like "See Jane get lost, see Jane see her likeness in a portrait, see Jane wind up in bed with the hottie whose portrait she just lusted after." However, from the moment Jane a/k/a Ali landed in the MacLeod clan, I was absorbed.

So absorbed, in fact, that I completely did NOT see a particularly entertaining plot twist. Now, I may not be as intelligent as other readers/reviews. I may have been so into the story that the "Ah ha! I know where the author is going with this" just never kicked in. In either case, to be completely shocked by a particular happening in this, one of my favorite genres, is rare. Ms. Mazzuca accomplished it and for that, she has my most sincere thanks!

There was very little stumbling over editing issues. I had only a couple of instances where I had to re-read a couple of phrases when it seemed that the language didn't make sense. I loved the secondary characters and was able to suspend my disbelief enough to thoroughly enjoy Ali's exploits. I very nearly stopped reading during the wedding night scene, but the writer gracefully avoided my defection. I will read this again!
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on March 22, 2011
I almost never read going back in time types of books so this was new for me. I loved the twist and story in itself. I am so glad I listened to the readers that rated this 4 stars or higher I stayed up till 5am to finish it, boy am I sleepy now but it was worth it . This book was great.

However saying that I will admit that it was a bit slow starting for me but well worth getting through those chapters and into the meat of the story. I laughed and cried at times and liked the ending.

Other reviewers had issues with the accuracy of the history and some of the characters.I normally don't comment on other reviewers since everybody has their own opinion and are most definitely entitled to them but I can't help myself in this instance. Yes, those that rated this under 4 stars had legitimate comments but it's a fictional (not true, a fantasy,) historical (not of current times) romance novel not a reference manual. If you nix this read because of their comments it will be a pity. I hope you enjoy it like I did. Not trying to stir up a can of worms just my humble opinion.
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on May 27, 2011
Too many times I start a book and it is slow reading and I stuggle through it for a week or more. Some I give up and never finish. Other books I can't put down and read in two days. This was a 2 day read. Her next book about Aidan I can't wait to get. I hope she continues writing about all her characters. Lord of the Isles did not have page after page of graphic sex which I appreciated. A touch of magic- I loved. Twists in the story, fabulous. Humor--lots!
Just a really good entertaining book.
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on August 29, 2014
A wonderful romance with a touch of fantasy and the beautiful setting of the Highlands.

I really enjoyed the plot; it is full of colorful characters: From Ali & Rory to laird Macdonald all of them the kind of people you will love to read about. I love it when I can relate so much to the characters of a book, that I wish them to be happy as if they were real people.

I do think that the author maybe made the book longer than necessary ( it would had been more exciting, should it have been a BIT shorter ) but still I truly enjoyed the story and would definitely recommend it.
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on April 25, 2014
I began reading this book with great expectations. I do enjoy reading time travel books and have read some really amazing stories from other authors. The characters were very forgettable and the story was not that strong. The romance seemed like it was doomed from the start and I think it should have stayed that way. I felt like I read the similar book before. Ali behaved as a juvenile and rude, but she supposed to be a physician from 21st century. And her language... well...I think other reviewers mentioned that already. Rory's character is a cliche: tall, dark and handsome. Amazingly, everybody accepts that Ali is from future and nobody cares to ask her about it.
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on November 11, 2012
I was given this book from a friend of mine. We exchange books throughout the year ( she lives in AZ and I in AL ) and she sent me this in a little package with some chocolates. I had never heard of the author before and didn't know what the book would be about. She simply left a little note with something like: I know how we love Highlanders and I enjoyed this one, maybe you will too.

So in I dove, reading the first chapter and being hooked. The extra bonus was that it was a time travel and my spirits were lifted higher. Who doesn't love a big, burly, handsome Highlander and a strong headed woman that fall in love? It had the makings of being a wonderful read and it was.

Would I recommend this book to someone else? You bet. Lots of action, romance, humor, and drama rolled into one. If you've never read a time travel romance before, I suggest you give this one a go.

As for me, I'm now starting the second book in the series.
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on October 5, 2011
In Scotland on business, the last place Ali Graham plans to be is in the bed of a Highland laird. A doctor, only she knows the most efficient way to treat an injury he suffered in battle. She has no idea how she got to be where she is--at least, not until the laird's brother tells her. Now all she wants is to find her way back home.

Rory MacLeod is a powerful warrior and respected laird. He is ready to face any threat to his homeland. He cares little whether he lives or dies in battle after the death of his wife. At first glance, he thinks the woman treating him is his Brianna. Like his dead wife, this woman stirs up immense feelings inside him, and he isn't at all certain he is comfortable with it.

Take a Scottish romance, add a little faerie magic and some time travel, and you get a terrific book! This romance has plenty to offer and I loved it! Couldn't stop reading once I started! What a fantastic debut! Very highly recommended!
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on January 8, 2012
I must confess...I thought this book would be too tame. However, I really liked how the author explained how the main character Ali traveled back to 16th century Scotland, and I can well envision what the laird looked like! A good story, good humor, and a happy ending (the things I most like when I read to escape.)
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on December 24, 2013
I have read many time traveler/Scottish romance novels and this one is one of my favorites. I like the concept of the fairy flag and how it all ties in together. Ali is a strong woman and a perfect match for Rory. I enjoyed it and I would say to anyone questioning if they should read it that they should give it a chance.
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on June 30, 2011
This is the first "real" book I've read in a long time! I have been buying Amazaon books for several yrs--and this is my first review bc I couldn't hold my tongue. I would like to encourage this author to write more books bc the talent is amazing. The plot stuck together like glue. I was amazed at the writing skills during the ending of the story because so many "tidbits" throughout the book served as major points to the plot; however, the tidbits were cleverly done in a way that it took me by surprise, and that doesn't happen alot. Each time a little more of the plot was revealed, I remembered each and every step of the way. There are so many books that make you stop and say, "wait a minute, when did that happen...(flip towards the front of the book)oh, I forgot abt that bc I skimmed through the overwhelming six pgs of boring exposition to get to that point..." This is certainly not one of those books. Over the last couple of yrs, I have grown bored with so many novels bc it was too easy to figure out the ending before being halfway finished. The story never lagged and there was never too much exposition. The characters were very much thought out, and I would believe this author to be a perfectionist at detail bc I felt very strong for each character that was presented. I cried, laughed, cried harder, and felt a full array of vengeance and anger for the villains in the book. I do not usually become so tied to characters bc of the amount of books I read, but I was shocked at how strongly I became emotionally connected to them. Being a time-travel novel, I was expecting cliches and a sagging theme, but that was not true. And to make sure that didn't happen, the author teleported the main character to Scotland before the first chapter even ends--leaving little wiggle room for the usual cliches needed for a time-travel character. The subplots were incredible and strongly built upon. They created some of the strongest emotions and each one tied to the ending. This was one of those books that you wished had a sequel for the main characters...
The only thing that caught me by surprise that I found disappointing was when McLeod used the faery flag to send Ali home. I was shocked to find out that it wasn't the real flag. The reasoning: I had believed the real reason the magic didn't "seem" to work was because, being the long-lost dtr of MacDonald, Ali was already home--so when McLeod wished her "home", that's where she went. But that wasn't enough to cause me any grief, bc I know the story of the faery flag and who can and can't use it, and the three times it has been unfurled (according to legend). Very clever how only minor things were twisted to tell this story. This was an amazingly written book and the author definatley has the true talent of fictional writing. And if it helps, I am a major in Creative Writing with a minor in History, which is why I think I became so amazed with this book bc for anyone that has studied writing and history, it takes a lot to make sure that a fictional story doesn't have holes and cause the reader to question alternate courses--like I said, the plot stuck like glue, gorilla glue.
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